Older can be better

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Older can be better

Most of this story is true. It’s up to you to decide how much is and isn’t. I’ll give you a hint – most of it is, even the names.

Several months ago I made a new friend. I answered an adult ad from a woman and it turned out that she was sex dating a guy not too far from me and they had decided that they would again enjoy inviting a second man to join them. Her name was Annette. She told me to e-mail her friend John and set it up with him. I did and we set a get together up for the next weekend. He had a great place outside of town on several acres so you had all the privacy you could want, even if you wanted to run around nude and fuck in the back yard you could do it. It turned out to be a great evening with fun had by all. This story is mostly true but not completely.


My name is Paul and I am a 63 yo white male. I am 6 ft. tall and weigh about 200. I am a pretty average guy. Getting gray, a little bit of a middle aged belly but not bad. I am hung about average at 6-1/2″ and I pump for about 5 minutes before shooting my wad. John turned out to be 66 and was about 5’10” and slim. I was impressed that he was about 9 inches or more and probably well over 2 inches across, rock hard and stood out like a porn star. Annette was a pleasant surprise. She was 46. She may not have been beautiful but was still in very good shape with a flat tummy and firm tits that were more than a hand full. She had a body that almost every man and many women would love to get into bed with. It turned out that she liked it in all three holes and was game for any combination.

Annette was in a robe that was very loosely tied and John had a towel around his hips when I arrived. After introductions he told me that there was another robe in his bathroom for me. I went and changed into it and came back to the living room. John got up to get us all drinks and Annette come over and gave me a big kiss while letting her robe come open. Annette was 46 but still had a great body and a fantastic rack with nipples that stood out at least an three quarters of an inch. I cupped her tits in my hands and massaged them giving güvenilir bahis us both pleasure. She reached inside my robe and squeezed my cock, which was already almost completely hard. John came back with the drinks. “I see that you two are getting to know each other. That’s great.” We sat beck down and sipped at our drinks while we got to know a little more about each other. Then John suggested that we should go into his bedroom.

His room was big with a king sized bed. We all stripped and got on the bed. Annette told us to get side by side on our knees. John’s cock stood out like an oak baseball bat and I felt a little shy as I compared our cocks. Annette got down in front of us and started sucking our cocks. First one then the other and back again. John told me that they had done the threesome one time before but that Annette had gotten very turned off when he had fucked her ass and then wanted to put his cock straight into her mouth. Then she got on her back and John got between her legs and started eating her. Her moans loudly let us know how much she enjoyed this. I stayed on my knees next to her head as she continued to suck my cock. I was about to come so I told John that we should switch. I ate her out for several minutes till she had a strong climax. Then John moved so he was laying on his back. Annette got on top startling him and sat on his cock sinking fully onto his big hard shaft. She leaned forward and put her tits on his chest and stuck her ass up in the air. Annette looked back at me and said, “won’t you join us?” I got between all of the legs and lined my cock up with her ass hole and leaned forward. I found that her hole was already loosened up and wet. I assumed that he had already fucked her there before I arrived. I slid in easily but she said how great it felt. After a couple of minutes we all got a good rythm going and Annette was getting the double fucking she wanted. After about maybe three minutes I shoved deeply into her ass and unloaded my cum into her. A few more pumps and I started to go soft. I pulled out and replaced my cock with three fingers and finger fucked her ass for another several minutes. John was still pumping hard and deep into her cunt. I went into the bathroom and because türkçe bahis of what John had said earlier I jumped into the shower and washed my private parts very well. When I came out Annette smiled and said thanks. I got back next to her head and she happily sucked my soft cock. It usually takes me about 15 minutes to get hard again at my present age. After all of this John finally came in her and she had another orgasm as he did. This guy was a real stud.

We all got up and John got another round of drinks. We put on our robes and went out onto the deck. There were deer feeding in the yard below us. They were a little skittish if we would move but we stayed pretty still and spoke softly while we watched them. They gradually moved off and we lost sight of them in the woods as it became dark. We casually chatted for a couple of minutes. By now we were out of our robes. It had become a warm starry night with a gentle breeze. I looked over and saw that John was fully hard and standing straight out already as he sat in his chair. Annette noticed it also and got up and sat on the deck in front of him and started feasting on his meat again. I moved over next to them and she had me hard again after just a few sucks with her talented mouth. Annette got up and climbed up into John’s lap facing away from him and slid his telephone pole into her cunt. It was hard for them to move but he managed to fuck into her a little. Annette pulled her legs up and apart and almost tipped themselves over. I had a great view of her wide-open pussy with his huge manhood fucking into it. I watched for a minute and then slipped between their legs and positioned myself so I could lick her while he fucked her. I licked, sucked and bit her large clit and she screamed through a long hard orgasm. Oh yes! Eat me ! Fuck me ! Yessssss ! When she settled back down she suggested we go back to the bed.

This time John was on his back and Annette positioned herself above him and lowered her ass hole down onto his cock. She bounced up and down on his shaft for a minute and told him how much she loved his giant cock in all of her holes, especially her ass. Then she leaned back on his chest, presenting her pussy for me to enter. I got between them and guided güvenilir bahis siteleri my cock into her waiting opening. John held still, buried deeply up her ass while I fucked into her pussy. A constant stream of happy sounds were coming from her. Soon John also started to move and we fucked her together. I lasted longer this time and after I came in her and pulled out she took my hand and pulled me to her face and sucked me clean. John was still fucking deep into her ass from below her but I was done. I moved over to a chair and watched. John rolled her over without ever coming out and fucked ass deep and hard for about another 10 minutes. I was amazed. Annette was having so many small orgasms not that it seemed like one long one. Finally John tensed and drove as deeply up her ass as he coon and unloaded in her bowels. They lay there for a minute while they got their breath back. Then we all went into the large shower and washed all of the sweet and come off of each other. Annette got down and sucked each of our cocks as the water ran over us but neither of us got hard again. I asked her if I could give her a golden shower. I said I had never done it and would like to try it once. Annette said as long as I did not piss on her face, it would be OK. We both gave her a spraying fom the shoulders down. She rubbed our pee over her tits and pussy and then we got cleaned up again. It was a fun and interesting thing to do but I if I nevr do it again I won’t be disappointed.

We went back into the living room with our robes back on. As Annette was spending the weekend they had another drink but I was driving home so I didn’t. We talked for a few minutes and talked about how much we enjoyed the evening an about doing it again. Then I left with happy memories. I sent an e-mail when I got home saying what I good night it had been. I kept in touch with John but just before we were going to get together for round two, John wrote that Annette had gotten too serious and wanted to move in with him full time so her had broken it off with her. He was sad because she was such a great fuck but with his huge, long lasting equipment he knew that sex was easy to get. He told me that the next babe he had that liked threesomes he would get in touch with me. That was a couple weeks ago and I am really looking forward to the next time I get to share a pussy and other holes with him even if I am not the man he is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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