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Miss Oatlash sat back from her desk with a sigh, put her feet up and smiled. For the first time in weeks, there were no boxes in the corner, no stacks of files on her credenza, no piles of papers on her desk. It had taken coming in on a Saturday, when there was nobody around to distract her, but her office was clean. She thought about lighting a victory cigarette, but she was afraid it might set off a smoke alarm. The last thing she needed was the fire department disturbing her revery. She planned to just sit a while and admire her clear workspace. She looked for a moment at her tanned, bare legs, propped on her desk. Nice gams for an old broad , she thought. She had worn cut-offs and a tank top, since there was no one in the building. The white of her breasts showed through the armholes of the shirt, as did her hairy armpits. She would never have revealed so much of herself to her co-workers, but she knew it was going to be hot work. As it was, she had worked up a sweat. If she had been in her usual business suit, she would have been drenched.

But no sooner had she kicked her shoes off, than there was a clatter and a man came through her office door with a ladder. He was so intent on what he was doing, he did not notice her sitting there. She had time to look him over before she spoke. He was very tall and broad shouldered. Like her, he wore a tank-top and cut-offs. They were very short, and showed off his muscular thighs. He had a red beard and a shaved head, but his most striking feature was his eyes; bright blue and alive with wit. She felt herself grow warm between her legs. She cleared her throat and he turned.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said. “They told me nobody would be here. I’m here to change the light socket.”

“That’s all right,” she said, as she noticed him notice her legs. “Go right ahead. I’ll just answer some emails.”

“I will need to turn off the lights, but you should be able to see all right.” He smiled at her and turned to his work. He set up his ladder and climbed to the top. He wore a tool belt around his slim waist and the tools banged against his firm ass as he climbed. Miss Oatlash pretended to work as she watched.

After a few minutes, he growled in frustration and spoke to her.

“Excuse me, Miss?”


“I’m sorry to be a bother, but I can’t really see what I’m doing here. Would you mind holding a flashlight for me? It will only take a minute or two.”

“I’d be happy to.”

She got up and crossed around her desk. He saw her magnificent breasts bobbing under her loose shirt and tried not to let her see his interest. She came close to the ladder. Her face was at the level of his knees. He handed her down a light and pointed to where he needed it shone.

“Right here. It’ll just take a minute.”

“No hurry. I really wasn’t busy.”

When she looked up to shine the light, she was in no hurry at tuzla escort all. His shorts had loose leg holes, and she could see right up them. He was not wearing any underwear and she could see his balls plain as day. Big balls, with just a few red hairs. His cock hung down beside them, so close to the edge of his shorts that the head almost poked out. If he knew he was so exposed, he did not let on. He went about his work as she stared with lust at his healthy package. She found it hard to keep the light on the socket because she could not tear her eyes away from that beautiful cock.

Suddenly, he reached to his belt for a screwdriver and the ladder shifted. Instinctively, she reached up to steady him. Her hand gripped his thigh. She took in a little breath as she felt his hard muscle.

“Thanks,” he said distractedly, as he went about his work. She did not take her hand away. He did not complain. She felt wicked and bold. She slid her hand up slowly – ever so slowly toward his ass. If he noticed, he said nothing. She slid her hand around to the inside of his thigh, enjoying the feel of his corded sinews. Still he said nothing, just went about his work, but she could see that his cock was stirring. She began to stroke his thigh, sliding her hand up closer and closer to his big balls. She could feel the wispy hairs tickle her knuckles. His cock continued to grow, until the head of it was visible an inch or two below his shorts. She tore her eyes away from it and looked up towards his face. He was looking down at her, his blue eyes awash with lust.

“All finished?” she asked.

“A couple of minutes ago, but you seemed to be enjoying yourself.” He smiled a wicked smile.

“Oh, you little Mutt,” she said.

She slipped her hand up into his pants and grabbed his cock. It was hard and thick, very thick. Her fingertips barely met around it. He turned his back to the ladder and began to come down. When his crotch was level with her face she said,”Stop.” He did.

She reached up and unhooked his tool belt. It fell to the floor with a clatter. She tugged aside his shorts and his cock sprang free, jutting out to her, its head purpled with desire. She gave it a little kiss, right on the tip, and he groaned. She began to kiss and lick it, her hand cupping his balls. She ran her tongue from the base of it to its tip, then took him into her hot mouth. She had to strain to fit her lips around his girth. He gripped the ladder with both hands and his thighs shuddered. She began to suck him, sliding him in and out of her mouth, a little at first, then deeper and deeper until her nose was pressed against his belly. She could feel him at the back of her throat. She slipped her hands up the back of his shorts and gripped his bare ass, digging her nails in. He gasped, then moaned. He began to thrust his shaft between her lips, fucking her eager mouth.

Her pussy grew sopping wet. tuzla escort bayan She felt his body begin to quiver. He was going to cum. She stepped back and admired his proud pole. She gave him a wicked leer and stepped over to her clean desk. She unhooked her shorts and dropped them to the floor. She was not wearing any underwear either. He stared with unabashed lust at her furry bush. Her tangle of black curls covered her lower belly and crept down her thighs. A trail of hairs climbed up her flat stomach to her deep naval. She sat on her desk and lay back. She pulled her legs up and planted her heels on the desk. Her hairy cunt spread itself to him. He virtually dove off the ladder and between her legs.

He gripped her thighs in his calloussed hands and plunged his face into the wet mess of her, drinking her woman’s juices until they ran down his chin. He licked her expertly, teasing and tasting her clit, exploring the deepest parts of her with his long tongue. She felt a climax build within her and she threw her legs over his shoulders and dug her sharp heels into his back. He ignored the pain and nuzzled her clit as his tongue dove deep. She came hard and flooded his mouth with her gush. He drank up every drop. Then he rose up.

He began to rub his rock-hard cock between her pussy lips, jabbing it into her clit. She moaned with pleasure and gasped, “Oh fuck me! Fuck me like an animal, you Mutt!”

He did not have to be asked twice. He plunged his cock into her to its base, driving it harder and harder into her wet cunt. He pounded her, his balls slapping against her ass. Over and over she came, digging her fingers into his strong arms. Just when she thought she could take no more, he slowed and stopped thrusting. She looked at him with sadness and surprise.

“I have to stop. I’m going to cum,” he said.

“Do you want to cum in me?”

“Oh, Goddess. Yes!”

“Then fuck my ass.”

He looked hesitant. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.

“I’ll tell you if you hurt me, Mutt. Fuck my ass. Hard.”

He grinned at her and pulled out of her aching cunt. He knelt before her and pushed her legs back with a strong, firm grip. She was spread wide, her cute, pink bunghole open to him. He began to lick and tease it, flicking his strong tongue over it, pressing it to the tight opening. He was driving her wild. Her pussy juices began to flow and they mingled with the saliva he was spreading on her bung. He began to force his tongue into her, relishing the tangy taste. He pushed his long tongue deeper and deeper, spreading her hole. She opened to him like a flower greeting the dawn. He rose up and gripped his fat cock in his rough hand. He rubbed the big head of it in the juicy mess between her legs, then pressed it to her bung and began to push it in. She gasped, instinctively tightening, then relaxed.

He forced the big head of his cock in, slow escort tuzla inch by slow inch. She growled and sucked in air. He held his cock inside her for a moment and then began to thrust. First half, then most, then all the way. He rammed his fat meat into her tight ass and she screamed like a cat. He began to fuck her ass, hard and deep. Over and over he plunged its full length into her. She dug her claws into her desk blotter as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. He pounded her ass, all worries of hurting her gone. Her cum gushed from her, drenching his balls. She was close to begging him to stop when he reached down and jammed his thumb into her cunt. His palm rubbed against her clit as he ran his thumb in and out of her. The sensation of her ass and pussy being filled at the same time was more than she could stand. Her back arched and she let out a howl. Her cum sprayed out from around his thumb, spattering his belly. The room was filed with the scent of her. Over and over she came, until she fell back against the hard desktop and cried, “Enough! Stop!”

But he was too far gone. He rammed his cock into her, his ass clenched and he sounded a loud growl. He threw his head back, clenched his jaw and shot load after load of hot jism into her battered bung. Then his body seemed to collapse like a puppet with its strings cut. He fell forward, crushing her under his broad chest. For a moment they were both afraid to move. She could feel his shaft growing soft within her. Her bunghole tightened around it. After a minute he began to pull out. It wasn’t easy. She gripped him like a fist. Finally, the head of his cock came lose from her bung with an audible pop.

He dropped to his knees again, his head on her belly. She stroked his bald pate as the trickle of his cum ran from her bunghole. It tickled, and she squirmed. He looked up at her and smiled. Then he dropped his face between her legs again and began to lick up every drop.

When he had licked her clean, she grasped his face in her hands and pulled him to her. She covered his mouth with hot kisses, her tongue exploring his mouth, relishing the taste of his own cum in his mouth.

After a time, they unwrapped their arms from each other and she dressed. He gathered his tools and strapped on his belt. He seemed unsure what to do.

“Go ahead,” she said. “I’m sure you have work to do. But I can call you if I need any more work done, right Mutt?”

He smiled. “You can call me anytime.”

“Say please,” she said.


“Please, Miss oatlash,” she corrected.

“Please, Miss oatlash.”

“You did, Mutt. And you will again.”

He gathered his ladder and left. She sat back at her desk and put her feet up again. Both her holes ached. She was going to be sore for a couple of days. She smiled at the thought. She wondered how she was going to explain the stains on her blotter. She lit a cigarette, sucked in a lungful of smoke and blew it out towards the ceiling. Then she remembered the smoke alarms.

“Fuck the fire department,” she said aloud. Then she smiled.

“Hmmmm. There’s a thought.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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