Ode to Red Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Author’s note: This series is classified as lesbian sex, because the focus is the female protagonist’s relationship with another female. There are some heterosexual components to the story, but I hope you’ll let that slide. For this mini-series, I was inspired to go for a drunk dream-like narrative. Enjoy!


I’m alone in a new city, stranded because my plane couldn’t leave. Facebook tells me she lives her now. It’s late, but I text her, asking if she has a couch I can crash on.

It’s been three years since I met her at the house party. I try not to dwell on that memory. But yea, that was hot. We hung out a bunch until graduation, but always as a group. Nothing more…

She pins a location downtown, a nightclub. The text says, “Let’s dance. Couch is yours after.” I take the subway. After two transfers, I make it to the club. My clothes smell like public transport. The bouncer lets me in on the condition that I change.

It’s good I had extra stuff. The crop top and mini shorts replace my traveling clothes in the tiny club bathroom. I get the once over when I come out and they let me stay.

I walk through the crows, wondering if I’ll recognize her. Then I see her. Her hair is shorter now, but still red and curly. She’s sandwiched between a guy and a girl, dancing. Their hands are all over her. Am I jealous? Sure, maybe…

I go over to them. She slips out from between them to hug me. I almost go in for a kiss. She smiles teasingly at me with dilated pupils.

I dance alongside them for a few minutes. Nobody likes a fourth wheel. I go to the bar and grab a drink. It’s sweet and sticky, but at least it’s cold. The club is too hot with bodies.

I bump into a girl. Her smile is open and attractive. She gestures towards the balcony and mimes smoking. I follow her. The breeze outside makes us both happier.

She güvenilir bahis smokes as I sit next to her. When she says something, I have to lean in to hear her. Music is loud, even outside. Her breath tickles my ear.

Then I lean in and kiss her. Her tongue is cold inside my mouth. It dances with mine for a minute. She asks for my number and gets it after another kiss.

Once we’re back inside, I lose sight of her. But no matter… My red is where I left her – same guy, different girl. I replace the girl easily. Now she’s backing me, my hands on her waist.

She turns around to tell me the guy’s name. I nod politely. He’s gorgeous, out of my league and not the reason I’m there.

The three of us dance for a few hours. I drink a bit more in between songs. After last call, we grab an Uber and go to her place. I quickly use the bathroom. It’s more to change into fresh panties than anything else.

When I come out, she’s sitting on the double bed with him, waiting. Waiting for me…

I join them, but now I’m hesitating. Smiling quietly, she rolls a joint. We pass it around. In our native language, she tells me to relax. The guy has no clue what we’re saying, but he laughs.

We undress each other. He watches us, occasionally touches our shoulders or hair. Maybe to make sure we’re really there.

I’m down to my underwear. She’s naked. He finishes smoking and gives both of us a kiss. We help him out of his shirt and jeans. His dick is hard.

He lays her down and tops her. She tosses him a condom. He’s too high to get mad. We watch him put it on.

I’m sitting by her head. She looks up at me as he enters her. I lean down to kiss her. Her breasts are under my hands. She feels warm and smooth to touch. Her moans make my lips vibrate.

His grunts break our kiss. He starts fucking her faster türkçe bahis and comes in a few minutes. She hasn’t come, not by far. He slowly pulls out and walks to the bathroom.

We stare at his ass as he walks away like a… “You just fucked a duck!” I exclaim when I figure out which animal he walks like. It’s funnier in English. We both burst into laughter.

Then she’s insistent. She pulls me on top of her. Talk about a power bottom… I kiss my way down her body. Her legs spread for me. She’s gaping a bit. I don’t think he fucked her all that long. Anyway, I’m not there to judge.

My tongue is on her. She holds onto my hair. I hear her gasps. The plastic taste of the condom is replaced with her taste. I rub my nose on her clit. She opens wider for me. My tongue dives further in. Now she’s ticklish. In between the moaning and the laughing, she comes.

Now I’m in unfamiliar territory. Last time we hooked up, this is where things ended. At that party, we went back to dancing after her orgasm. I should have been pushier back then. I am now.

I kiss my way back up her body and find her lips. She licks herself off of me. She still has the tongue piercing. I want to know how it feels.

I take her hands and put them on my waist. She tugs my panties down with help. Her touch is gentle. It’s not enough for me.

I move up and sit on her face. She chuckles against my pussy. It makes my clit ring vibrate. I’m wet. Her eyes are on mine as her tongue darts out and flicks the ring. I move my hips along her face.

When she starts licking inside my walls, I feel the cold nudge. I hold onto the headboard and move myself up and down on her tongue.

After a few minutes, she pulls me down on her. Then she tackles me. I end up on my back, head hanging from the foot of the bed. She continues to eat me out. Every time our piercings güvenilir bahis siteleri clash, I’m one step closer to an orgasm.

My eyes are closed. She’s so good with her mouth. I can’t imagine what she might do to me with her hands. Before I can find out, the guy waddles back into the room. She looks at me. I shake my head no.

I think she tells him to sit on the chair. It’s understood we don’t mind an audience. She reverts back to our native language. Her voice is lower and sultry as she tells me to close my eyes again.

I bite my lower lip. She kisses my lips and I feel her fingers enter me. I moan into her mouth.

Her piercing stabs my tongue the way her fingers are fucking me. All I can do is hope she keeps going. It’s hard for me to come sometimes, no matter how wet I am. Just when I’m about to lose my concentration, he says, “Yes baby, fuck that slut!” I’m surprised it turns me on more.

I feel her move down between my legs. Her fingers don’t stop their assault. Then I feel the metals cling again. Once, twice… After the third clash, her mouth envelopes my clit. The orgasm ripples through me. I can feel her fingers as I clench around them.

I’m spent, too sensitive to touch. She’s amused by my exhaustion. I turn my head to look at the guy. He’s hard.

She looks at both of us and says, “Again?” He’s clearly up for it. He joins us back on the bed. But I feel deflated.

My head pounds as I sit up. I can’t focus. I shake my head no and grab my panties from the floor.

They start making out. In between kisses, she tells me where the blankets are. I close the door behind me and sleep on the couch.

In the morning, I wake up to find her alone in the kitchen. She makes me breakfast. He’s long gone. I want to ask if she had a good time, but I don’t end up asking. We drink tea together, decaf.

She gives me a kiss before I leave for the airport. She tastes sweet. I smile when she says I’m always welcome to crash on her couch.

Once more, I have no clue it’ll be years before I make her come again…

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