Not My Turn

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You come back after a bad day, me back after a good day, and my cheerfulness just annoying you. But you are horny too; it’s two days away from your period, and you want that release.

You pour yourself a drink, and tell me to go prepare myself. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I want to please you, so I go strip and shower and douche, shave my legs, brush my teeth, wanting to be ready for whatever you have in mind.

‘Wear a thong’ you shout from the other room. I smile, hopeful. You walk in, drink in hand.

‘Go stand there, hands on your head. I need to shower. Close your eyes too.’

I stand in darkness, listening to drawers and cupboards, then the shower. It takes a while. When I open them, you are in casual black, dressed for playing at home. You don’t look annoyed anymore, just concentrated. You tell me I’m a pretty sight, come up and kiss me hard, thoroughly. Then you tell me that tonight I am not allowed to come, whatever you do to me. Or get me to do to myself, you say as an afterthought. You tell me to turn around. Laid out are the plug and cock, your harness, some lube, the vibrator, your favourite clamps and chain.

The idea of not being allowed to come, of knowing I will have no release, turns me on, as you know it will. You have trained me well. You tell me that you are going to fuck me, front and rear, then have me pleasure you. But that tonight you want to test my resolve as well. In between time, you’ll be using the vibe on me, and I have güvenilir bahis to tell you when I am about to come, so you can stop. If I don’t tell you, or I come, or you think I’m telling you too early, I’ll be banished from the room and you’ll just finish on your own. You can see in my eyes how much I hate that idea, the idea of hearing you come but not being part of it.

‘Right, tits first, that always put me in a better mood. Keep your hands where they are, stick out that chest, spread those legs.’ My breasts are still bruised from last weekend, but at least my nipples have recovered. You start lightly. Some kissing, your thumbs across the nubs. But inevitably, you move on. Hard full hand squeezes, watching my face. Then the nipples. The usual twists, interspersed with pincer holds, thirty, forty seconds at a time. I’ve told you how much they hurt and heighten, and you’ve remembered. You exert more pressure, watching my face. When you have me holding my breath every time you turn them, you put the clamps on, the chain swinging and pulling.

‘Let’s see if you are wet yet’, as you move the thong to one side. I could have told you I was wet from when you started talking, but I was supposed to be silent. You rummage in my cunt briefly, just enough to tell me you’re there.

‘Warming up nicely’, you say. The vibe gets turned on, a low setting, run briefly across the front of my pants.

‘A taster’, you say; ‘I do like working around your thong, knowing it must be uncomfortable türkçe bahis for you. And now it’s time for me to fill that empty butt of yours.’

I know how you want to put it in when it’s not about my pleasure, but just about you wanting to remind me this too is yours. Bend over, hold my ankles, my tits and the chain hanging down, wait for the lube and the invasion. I’m not as open as you’d like, so you slap my buttocks, hard enough to make standing still difficult; as I move my feet around, you tell me it’s my own fault. Now the plug slides in. Your hand brushes my cunt, then the vibrator again. A higher setting this time, I stay bent, very aware of the sight I am offering you, waiting for the build up. When I ask you to stop, you tell me I’m cheating, giving myself to big a safety margin. You are right. I am so afraid of coming, I don’t wait to feel that flush spreading. You tell me that was my one chance. Next time, I’m out the door.

With the plug deep inside me, I move carefully to strap on your harness, to place your cock inside. You tell me to kneel, so you can fuck my face. It’s not something I find easy yet, but I know how much it pleases you to see my head going up and down your shaft, so I try. By now, I am acutely aware my cunt is soaking through my aroused you are becoming. You tell me it’s enough, and I need to present. You decide I should be on my back, so you can see my face. On my back, hands holding my legs spread, butt stuffed. For a minute or two, you sit güvenilir bahis siteleri astride my rib cage, pushing my tits together as you fuck in between them, then in my mouth again. You tell me how much you enjoy that sight, but I really need to practice more, be able to accommodate you better. Then you move down my body, your cock tapping out its domination on my skin. You hold your beautiful cock, push my thong aside, rub little circles round the outside of my cunt. ‘The vibe again’, you say; ‘ I want you completely aroused when I fuck you properly’. The vibrator, on the highest setting, and within 30 seconds I am gasping for you to stop. You are smiling now. You ease in, rest, wait, let me feel it inside, then start moving. My Lady know me well. The arousal means this is almost unbearable. After what feels an age, when my whole being has dwindled down to where you are inside me, you thrust deep inside, stay still, and hand me the vibrator.

‘Last time. Three minutes. You can stop you like feeling my nipples, knowing how sore you’ve made them. Once they are coated, you want my tongue, slowly. I do go slow, but you are so ready it only takes a couple of minutes. You grab my head, tell me to give you the dildo, fuck yourself till you’re finished, my face inches away, wanting to touch, resigned to watching.

A deep sigh, then: ‘Go clean up’. By the time I am done, you are fast asleep. I lie down next to you, knowing it’ll take my body a while to calm down so I can sleep too, jangling all over but knowing I have been good today. Briefly, very briefly, I think about touching myself, but that isn’t what you wanted, so I don’t. Besides, I know my Lady is good to me, and it’ll be my turn again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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