Never trust a Babysitter!!

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Something woke me, and I wasn’t sure what. Maybe my parents were home? Or maybe it was my new babysitter getting up to go to the kitchen. Looking over to my bedside table, I flicked my lamp on to shoot a glance at the time. It was half past 2 in the morning, and I had to be up early. Turning the light back off, I lay down, covering my face with my duvet. It was pretty cold tonight. It was then that I heard a creaking noise coming from just outside my bedroom door. At first I thought I had imagined it, but then I heard it again and again. Suddenly my bedroom door slowly pushed open, and from the light of the hallway I could see that it was my babysitter creeping in, and he closed the door behind him. I didn’t move or speak, because I was trying hard to comprehend what I had just saw, when I felt my bed dip down at the end. I was sure that I was still sleeping and this was all a dream. But it couldn’t be, could it? I was defiantly awake, and now I was frightened. Why was my babysitter in my room this early in the morning? He should be asleep, and so should I be at this hour. Maybe he got lost and ended up in the wrong room, but my thoughts were cut short when he spoke.
“Do you know that you masturbate in your sleep? I think it’s sweet. You’re not too loud, I like that…”
I froze fast. Did he really just say that? And even if I did masturbate in my sleep, how would he know? This is only his first time babysitting me, unless… unless he had been listening at my door all night since I fell asleep hours ago?
I didn’t speak, just waited for him to speak again, when he moved closer. I felt his hand touch my leg over the duvet, and then quickly he slunk his hand under the covers touching my bare leg, slowly stroking my ankle, upwardly kneading my skin toward my thigh, when I pulled away fast. What was he doing?
“Don’t bahis firmaları try to move. You won’t get away from me little girl.”
My heart leapt into my throat and I can honestly say that I have never felt fear strike me before like the words he just said to me. Carrying on, he tentatively felt my thigh, and then traced the line edging my underwear, before pulling them to one side, and before I could stop him, he inserted what I assume was a finger, deep inside me. I jumped up, trying to get away, but his finger remained wriggling inside me, while with his other hand, he used to push me back down to the bed.
“Don’t fucking move.”
His orders were clear and sharp, and I started to whimper with tears coming to my eyes. It was the strangest feeling; I felt his fingers move inside me, invading my private world. Suddenly, my body didn’t feel like mine. It felt like I was drifting away from this situation, but I was still fully aware of what was happening to me. With his fingers still firmly inserted, he scrambled to push the duvet completely off the bed, where it revealed me naked in the half moon light. Shooting a quick glance at my attacker, I saw that he was naked too; I didn’t even notice him taking his clothes off. This was happening all too fast for me to comprehend now.
In and out his fingers were moving, when he stopped, and grabbed my ankles, pulling me further down the bed, more towards him. I couldn’t move, I was too scared, so I let him do it. I let him get on his elbows to support himself, and I allowed him to shove his studded tongue deep into my fanny. The sensation had me shaking, but I hated him doing this to me. I felt tears fall down my cheeks, and this feeling was too much to bear. He was darting his tongue into me and circling my clit, them moving down to my ass, licking and sucking at my hole kaçak iddaa down there, making me almost be sick.
His hand started to touch my boob, and then soon, both his hands were fondling my small breasts. I struggled slightly, but he dug his teeth into the side of my fanny, making me squirm and be quiet immediately. Still crying, I covered my own mouth, trying to drown out the crying. I didn’t want to annoy him anymore.
He carried on touching my boobs and licking my fanny for at least another ten minutes, before stopping and wiping his face with his forearm.
Tilting himself up above me, he grabbed his hard dick and began rubbing all over my face with the end of it. I gagged, and turned my head, but he was too strong and he pulled me back straight away. Holding onto my chin, he manoeuvred himself into my mouth, filling me right to the back of my throat so that I couldn’t breathe, or even cough. He pumped himself in and out of my mouth, grazing my teeth and I could feel the tip of him rushing in past my tonsils and out again past my lips. He held my head in place as he carried on mouth fucking me for a few minutes, then pulled out fast as if he were about to go over the edge, which he obviously didn’t want. He wanted to finish off inside of me, I knew it.
“Listen little girl I’m gunner fuck you so hard. If you’re a good quiet girl, I’ll be quick. If you make one fucking sound though, I’ll ram my dick straight up your little ass, and I’ll make sure it fucking hurts, got it?!”
I couldn’t do anything except nod. I don’t even know what I was thinking at that point.
Looking down, He was holding onto himself, rubbing himself against the slit of my privates. Holding my underwear to one side, he made way for his big dick to fit inside me. I’m not sure that it would, but I bet he was going to try. I tensed myself up, kaçak bahis but nothing was going to stop him. Still rubbing the head of his dick against my clit, I covered my mouth once again. Then, suddenly, he moved inside me, slowly and I felt every inch of him fill me completely. It was so painful; it felt as though he was stretching me as he tore through my innocence. Trying ever so hard to be still and quiet, he rocked his hips into me and then back out again, repeating this again and again, slowly, but gaining speed. I swear I could feel him reaching right inside me and messing with my stomach, because I was going to be sick, but I held it back as best I could. Pain was peaking now, and I accidently let a slight moan escape from my voice box, and he stopped sharp, half inside me. Bearing down on me, he pulled himself out and aligned his dick with my arse hole.
“I told you to be fucking quiet, and you didn’t listen…”
I squirmed and fought with him to move away from me, but he was too strong and he pushed me back down flat on the bed, then before I could retaliate, he pushed the end of himself into my arse, making me scream out, but his hands were soon over my mouth silencing me. His face met with mine, and I could feel his breath hitching and his throat growling as he pushed his way into me from my second hole. My cries for him to stop were being muffled by his big hand almost covering my whole face. I tried to bite his fingers, but I was weak and I just ended up lying there, allowing him to rape me from behind. The bed was violently shaking, as he tore into me again and again, he was kissing my throat, nipping at my neck and using his free hand to pull and tug at my nipples, trying to excite me, but it just wasn’t working. My lower abdomen felt like it was going to give up and die on me, I was in so much pain beyond belief as he violently rammed into my arse faster and faster, moaning and sucking my at my chest, when he eventually slowed, stilled, and finally stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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