Never Too Old

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When Ashley and Penny walked out of Ashley’s deluxe, two bedroom apartment in the Accommodation Sydney Centre on Oxford Street across from Hyde Park to take a short taxi ride to the East End, a light, late spring breeze caressed their cheeks and tousled their hair slightly as it came off the water from the harbour. It was a glorious day. The sun was shining. The sky was azure blue dotted with puffy, white cumulus clouds blown by a zephyr wind. It was a good day for walking, but their intended destination was a little too far to be walking in high heels.

Earlier that day Ashley had called Penny to invite her out to lunch. She told her she had something to discuss that she thought might interest her. The two had met when Penny came into the fashionable, lingerie Sexual Attractions Boutique at the Mall in city centre where Ashley was the Manager of the all-female staff, and it was she who personally helped Penny choose her ensemble. It was standard practice for the salesperson to accompany the customer into one of the large, beautiful-decor dressing rooms to help with the fitting to note any changes needed to make the lingerie ensemble fit the customer just the way it should to accentuate her body to the best advantage of her figure.

Being Manager, Ashley seldom, if ever, did the fittings herself; however, there was an immediate, mutual attraction between her and Penny that she didn’t want to pass up. While the two were in the dressing room, their physical attraction for one another and closeness was palpable. Both felt an almost instant rush of sexual pleasure for the other, and within that short span of time the urge to make love was intense. However, it was store policy there would be no personal advances with a customer even if the desire was there between them. To do so, if caught, meant immediate dismissal to protect the good name and reputation of the boutique. This included Ashley even though she was the Manager. Therefore, since they had conveyed such strong feelings for each other, Ashley came up with an idea that would allow them to be together in a more agreeable location. She invited Penny to go with her to a monthly lingerie party that she and a few of her lady friends had the last Friday of every month.

At first Penny wasn’t sure what she should do or what her husband would say when she told him since there were no kept secrets between her and Mark. He knew about Penny’s being bi-curious and allowed her the freedom to pursue her inner feelings if it made her happy and satisfied, and yet she still felt uncertain and unsure of herself. However, having been attracted to Ashley from the moment she saw her coming towards her when she entered the boutique, Penny accepted Ashley’s gracious invitation to accompany her to the lingerie party. Little did she know, however, she would be introduced to the lesbian lifestyle, and she and Ashley would become a couple that very night.

Thus, when Ashley called Penny to invite her to join her for lunch, she excitedly agreed to meet Ashley at her apartment.

“Ah, isn’t it a fine day, Penny?” Ashley sighed her contentment with the beautiful spring weather they were having in Sydney that day.

“Yes, a very fine day, and it’s even better since we are together,” said Penny.

Ashley had called ahead for a taxi, so it was waiting outside her apartment building where the doorman was standing by the taxi with the door opened.

Ashley let Penny go first and then slid in beside her, the doorman closing the taxi door after both were inside. Before the door was closed completely, Ashley looked up at him and said very politely, “Thanks, Roger. I’ll take care of you upon our return.”

Roger tipped his hat politely and nodded knowingly and said, “Why thank you, Miss Claremont. You are always most gracious and kind.”

Penny slid closer to Ashley and took her hand as the taxi pulled away from the curb.

“Where to, Miss?” the cabbie asked.

“To the East Side at 263 Victoria Street in Darlinghurst. The restaurant Sel Et Poivre, Ashley replied.

“I am so glad we’re together, Ashley,” said Penny as she leaned over and brushed Ashley’s cheek with her lips and whispered so the cabbie couldn’t hear. “I often ask myself if it was fate that brought us together or just plain chance.”

Ashley answered, “I think it was fate, Penny.”

“Yes, I agree. Our meeting one another not only introduced me to a bi-sexual lifestyle, but it brought us together in a love relationship, a relationship I can’t think of not being in for whatever reasons. I don’t think things like this happen just by chance or fate.”

Ashley turned Penny’s head so she could look into her eyes and, said, “Yes, I guess you are right, Penny. A love such as ours could not happen just by chance. We accept the gift and enjoy being with one another as we are today.”

Just as Ashley answered Penny’s poignant question about their relationship, the cabbie said, Gaziantep Anal Escort “Here we are ladies. 263 Victoria Street at the restaurant Sal Et Poyvree.”

Not to embarrass him, Ashley stifled a laugh at the cabbie’s pronunciation of the restaurant’s name, but then he was pure Aussie and not French.

The cabbie got out on his side and came around to open the door for Ashley and Penny. He didn’t do this often, but for two beautiful ladies such as Ashley and Penny he made an exception.

Ashley thanked him and handed him the fare plus a five-pound note. Being so successful in her work, she enjoyed being generous with others. It seemed the right thing to do.

“Thank ya, Miss, and giday to ya both,” the cabbie responded most appreciatively.

The East Side of Sydney in Darlinghurst where the restaurant is located was the heart of the gay and lesbian community where there are hotels such as the famous Wattle Hotel at 64 Darlinghurst Road at Kings Cross, shops and boutiques, restaurants and such where they are accepted and can feel comfortable, but the main area where most things happened was the corner of Oxford and Palmer Streets. This was the Mecca for both gays and lesbians alike.

This being the case, Ashley came there quite often to enjoy the gay community and feel free to be herself as an avowed lesbian.

“I am going to have to bring you here sometime so you can enjoy this special place for gays and lesbians and introduce you to some of my girlfriends. Even though Ashley and Penny were a couple, they had no qualms about either of them hooking up with another woman for a one night loving experience. They were that secure in their relationship.

“I’d love that, Ashley,” Penny said, beaming with delight at the very prospect of being within the gay community where she could meet many lesbians and bi-curious women.

The restaurant Sol Et Pouvre was well known for its fine French cuisine and excellent wines. Ashley thought it would be a good, quiet place for Penny and her to have lunch as well as for her to share with Penny a request she had received from a well-known and respected elderly woman by the name of Lady Rose. She was in many ways known as The Madam of the East Side. There most likely wasn’t a lesbian or gay in the community who didn’t know about Lady Rose. After all, she had lived in the Darlinghurst area all her life of seventy years.

Lady Rose was also, since she became aware of her sexual orientation, an avowed lesbian, never having any relationships with a man, young or old.

Ashley opened the door of the restaurant to allow Penny to enter. A very friendly, good-looking woman greeted them, asking if there would be only the two or would others be joining them.

“There are just the two of us,” Ashley answered.

The woman smiled at Ashley and Penny as she saw how beautiful they were and said, “Follow me then. I’ll put you in a secluded corner so you’ll have privacy and not be bothered by any noise.”

Ashley returned her smile, answering and suspecting she knew they were a couple, “Why thank you. That is very thoughtful. We do have things to discuss, and a quiet place will be most appreciated.”

“I thought so,” she replied as she led the way to a table in a far corner. “Is this satisfactory?”

“Yes, it is very satisfactory,” answered Ashley as she helped Penny into her seat and then went around the table to sit opposite her.

The greeter looked intently at both Ashley and Penny because since the two came into the restaurant, she knew they were a couple but wondered which of them was the wife since both were so beautiful and well built.

Ashley and Penny would be considered “lipstick lesbians” by many not in the lesbian community.

However, when she saw Ashley help Penny into her seat, she knew Penny was the wife.

It was this way due to the fact that Ashley had been a lesbian all her adult life since she was in her late teens while Penny was bi-curious and married, just beginning to learn about a lesbian lifestyle.

“May I get you something to drink before I send your server?” the woman asked.

Ashley looked up at her and replied, “Why, yes, bring us a carafe of your best Chardonnay please.”

“Very good,” the woman answered and turned to get the wine.

When the server came to take their order, Ashley looked across the table at Penny and asked, “Shall I order for the two of us, Penny?”

“Yes. Please do. You know more about French food than I do, so I’ll be pleased with whatever you order,” answered Penny.

Ashley, having read the menu, looked up at their server and chose their lunch.

“We’ll have your Blue Swimmer Crab Bisque, a green salad with balsamic vinegar, and French bread. No butter. After dinner we’ll have coffee with brandy and Kahlu’a in it.”

“How does that sound to you, Penny?”

“Sounds delicious. Something lite but filling.”

Ashley and Penny ate their lunch while exchanging general conversation, but when they had eaten, their table was cleared, and their goblets filled with more wine, Ashley thought it was a good time to broach the subject for which she had invited Penny to have lunch with her. She knew it was something delicate in nature, but the object of their discussion she could not pass up.

“Penny, have you ever heard about an elderly woman named Lady Rose who has lived in the Darlinghurst area for seventy years? Her father left her two department stores in the city. She was just in her early twenties when he died, and thus she became a very wealthy woman who has never had to work a day in her life. She lives in the very large Victorian mansion in the wealthy community of Piper Point that overlooks the harbour. Around the well-groomed grounds of a large, green, manicured lawn filled with trees and flowers, especially roses, is a black, metal fence with two large gates at the entranceway that has a lion head handle on each. It is beautiful outside and exquisite inside. I know since I’ve been Lady Rose’s guest on many occasions for several reasons.

“It is on her behalf I invited you to lunch and for what I am about to share with you. I told you Lady Rose is seventy years old, although she doesn’t look her age. Her youthful looks and small, shapely figure leads one to believe she is in her fifties.

“Anyway, Lady Rose rang me up two weeks ago and asked me to come to her home so we could discuss something that was too personal to talk over the phone.”

Penny listened intently as Ashley continued, curious about where this was going.

Ashley had a slight smile on her face as she continued.

“To be honest, one rarely refuses Lady Rose since she is so loved and respected within the gay and lesbian community, and since she rang me’ up, I thought it must be important, so I told her I would come.”

Ashley paused momentarily but long enough for Penny to ask, “Well? Why did she want to see you?”

“I hesitated, Penny, because Lady Rose wanted me to go see her to talk about you,” Ashley said.

“Me? What would Lady Rose want to know about me?” Penny asked inquisitively, a flush covering her cheeks.

“You know since having Crystal take your photos for the well known woman’s lingerie magazine Feline that suggests that a woman in sexy lingerie is cat-like, lithe-bodied, and stealthy, you have become somewhat of a celebrity, not only in Australia but anywhere in the world where the magazine is available which is just about everywhere.”

Feeling self-conscious and somewhat embarrassed, Penny was caught off guard by what Ashley had just said about her and didn’t know what to say, but finally she answered, “Yes, Ashley, I know this celebrity status that for the present surrounds me, and I do receive fan mail through the magazine offices, but I try not to let it go to my head.”

“Well, Lady Rose is one of those ladies and one of your ardent fans. Having looked at your photos of you wearing such sexy and suggestive lingerie, and the fact she is an avowed lesbian, she most certainly is interested in meeting you. She also has a proposition she wants me to share with you,” Ashley said.

“And just what is Lady Rose’s proposition?” inquired Penny with curiosity.

“Lady Rose would like to invite a few of her close and dear friends to her house for a lingerie party, and she would like you to model some of the lingerie if that’s agreeable with you?” Ashley answered. “There would be a mix of both old and young.”

Penny was deep in thought when Ashley broke the silence. “To tell you the truth, Penny, doing this makes me feel as if I’m your pimp, hiring you out for other women’s enjoyment, but the offer she made me was too good to pass up…for both of us.”

“Okay, and just what is this offer that is too good to pass up?” asked Penny.

“Lady Rose is willing to pay each of us 10,000 pounds, mine for getting you to her house to be a model and you for modeling the sexy lingerie.

“Oh, my, that is tempting,” Penny answered in astonishment.

See what I mean when I said the offer is too good to pass up for either one of us, but I’ll understand if you don’t want to do it,” Ashley said.

Penny once more was deep in thought as she let the offer run through her mind, searching for an answer. She enjoyed modeling sexy lingerie and having herself photographed, and she remembered the first lingerie party Ashley had taken her to and how that party turned into a sexual orgy that she totally enjoyed.

“So why not this?” she asked herself. “And 10,000 pounds is tempting.”

Penny looked across the table and saw Ashley looking at her, anxiously waiting for her answer. Penny said, “I agree with you, Ashley. The offer is too tempting to pass up, so I’ll do it.”

Ashley smiled, relief showing on her face, but she knew there was another side to this invitation, one to which Penny might not agree.”

“Penny, I do have to tell you the rest, and of this I’m not sure what your answer will be,” Ashley said apologetically.

Now Penny had a puzzled look on her face while she tried to think what more could there be.

“Lady Rose told me she would like to have another woman, a younger one, come to model lingerie with you,” Ashley said.

“Well, I don’t know of anyone else,” said Penny.

“Yes and No, Penny,” said Ashley. “Do you remember our having talked about your younger sister Marina while we ate our lunch? How she, like you although married, has been curious about the bi-sexual lifestyle. That she has urges about making love with another woman.”

“Yes, my sister who is nine years my junior, making her twenty-eight, has been curious about the bi-sexual lifestyle. But why do you mention my sister?” asked Penny.

“You told me how beautiful and well built she was, having a pretty face and big breasts like you. While you were talking about Marina and how ‘stacked’ she is, I thought why not your sister if you could get her to agree to be the other model. Of course, it’s her decision, but you did say how she envied your having made it to the pages of such a popular lingerie magazine as Feline and becoming a celebrity in the fashion world. Correct me if I’m wrong?”

“No, Ashley, you’re not wrong. That is exactly what I told you about Marina, and I think she’d make a great model,” Penny assured Ashley. “Besides, I think she would be thrilled to come to Lady Rose’s magnificent home and meet a celebrity in her own right.”

Ashley cleared her throat before she asked the next question, one that she really wasn’t sure how Ashley would even respond, but she had to ask since it, too, was a part of Lady Rose’s requests.

“There is yet one more thing, Penny, one of which I’m really not sure,” Ashley said somewhat sheepishly.

Penny reached across the table and took Ashley’s hand into hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. She then bent across the table as she brought Ashley’s hand to her mouth and kissed her palm gently, licking it softly as she let it go.

“Ashley, you ought to know by now you can ask me anything. Don’t you?” Penny asked reassuringly.

Ashley looked relieved as she spoke the question. “If this lingerie party should—and I most assuredly think it will—become a sex orgy as we experienced in my friend’s home, would Marina be willing to become involved in it? I don’t know if she is as bi-curious as you are and has the freedom to experience the lifestyle as you do.”

Again Penny was caught speechless since she never imagined their conversation was going to lead to this, having both her and her sister as models of the lingerie and possibly having both her and her sister involved in a sex orgy. This would take some thinking.

“Ashley….you know somewhat about my feelings on this matter. I am open-minded and sexually adventurous. That is the very thing that led me into being bi-curious and willing to follow my sexual feelings and desires into female relationships. This bi-curiosity led me to you, and now we are a couple, living and loving within the confines of our lives.

As for my sister Marina I can’t speak, as you well know, but I’ll discuss this with her and let you know. And then you can let Lady Rose know,” said Penny.

With a sigh of relief Ashley said, “Whew, I’m so glad that’s over. I have to tell you I was so nervous to bring up the subject with you, Marina being family. But, when you discuss this with your sister there is one thing more you might tell her. Lady Rose told me that if you could find a younger woman to model with you—and I think she’ll be more than delighted if your sister is the one to accept her offer—she would give her 5,000 pounds.”

“My, I know Marina would love that,” Penny said enthusiastically.

“I’m glad that is all settled then. I can now stop these butterflies flitting around in my stomach,’ Ashley laughed. “Let’s order our coffees now, and then we can call for a taxi to take us back to my apartment, and you and I can spend the rest of the afternoon in each other’s arms making love. How does that sound?”

“That sounds absolutely wonderful, Ashley. I was hoping you would ask, especially since during our conversation about lingerie parties, modeling lingerie, and having another woman to be with me—and I hope it is my sister since to be truthful even though I’ve seen my sister naked before, I never thought of having sex with her, the thought of this being incest–adds a bit of sexual excitement to what most likely will end in a sex orgy and has made me very wet between my legs,” Penny confessed.

Ashley sighed and said, “Me, too. I’ve been so wet, and my clit is just tingling with sexual excitement. I certainly do need your hands, tongue, and mouth help me have my orgasm, and I’ll be more than happy to return in kind.”

After they returned to Ashley’s apartment, they shared love in the afternoon, both finding sexual fulfillment in one another’s arms.

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