Myra and Kylie

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It had been a long day at the office, and Kylie was ready to go home and rest; she had been running around all day, and was exhausted.

Her ears perked when she heard the creaking of the door behind her open; another worker had been fired.

“Kylie! Please step into my office!” her boss, Myra, barked. This wasn’t good; any time someone was called into Myra’s office, it was bad.

“Yes ma’am.” Kylie mumbled as she tood and entered the office, Myra closing the door behind her.

“sit.” Myra demanded as she stood over Kylie, her arms crossed and eyes narrowed.

As her command was carried out, Myra circled Kylie, criticising every detail of the woman with her eyes.

“You are to stay after, once every one else has left” the lady stated, then dismissed Kylie.

This had never happened before. No one had ever been asked to stay after, ever. Maybe Myra had heard about Kylie’s infatuation with her, and she wanted a special firing. A million scenario’s swarmed Kylie’s mind as she tried to grasp the situation, and find out just what would happen, before it did.

Kylie sat quietly and watched everything going on around her until finally, the last light went out, and she heard the door close and latch shut as it was locked. She had tears in her eyes as she waited, ready for the terrible news.

Suddenly, the movement of Myra’s shape in the shadows caught her attention. It had been slow, yet seemingly deliberate.

Kylie stood at attention as Myra’s figure approached her from the front of the room, across the entire area.

“Y-you wanted to speak with me?” Kylie’s shaky voice blurted out.

Myra put her finger to Kylie’s lips, her soft whisper catching Kylie’s breath, “I don’t believe words are necessary.” and she moved her hand from Kylie’s lips, along her cheek and down to her chin, pulling on it gently toward her dark office.

Kylie couldn’t see, but her irrational fear left her the moment she felt Myra’s hot breath on her mouth, just casino oyna before she felt the woman’s lips press against hers, and her hand go ’round to her back as the other closed the door.

Kylie was just a wee bit confused, for Myra had never shown any signs of liking her, or even just being gay of any type. She could, however, feel her hormones taking over as her hands began to travel Myra’s body rather rapidly, her head spinning, and her mind reeling.

Before she knew what was happening, Kylie found Myra’s hands slowly moving her shirt, pushing it upward as her cold hands seemingly searched every inch of Kylie’s hot skin, and she cried out in when the sudden change in temperature touched her.

Myra let out a soft, quiet moan as she felt Kylie’s hands approaching her breasts, and she smiled, using one of her hands to guide the girl’s, her very own hands reaching the breasts of the other’s, and playfully teasing the sensitive skin with her thumb through the bra. She smiled as she heard a low moan escape the precious lips of the younger, and she brought their lips together again, kissing her rather sweetly, then more passionately, her body suddenly hot with need for this lady, and her hands pushed the shirt they were toying with over Kylie’s head.

Kylie gasped as she felt her shirt lifting, and then again as it was thrown off, and suddenly her hormones, and all of her bottled up feelings came pouring out, and she pushed her hands up under Myra’s shirt, removing her bra, and pulling her shirt just over her head in one swift movement.

Before she even knew what she was doing, Myra pushed Kylie back into the wall, her hand and fingers frantically running up and down Kylie’s bare chest and stomach, her tongue already inside of the other’s mouth, her other hand holding Kylie’s arms up.

Kylie squealed quietly as she felt her back hit the wall, and her body being touched as none had ever touched her before. Her body trembled, for she had never been like this before, and though canlı casino her mind reeled, she kissed back just as passionately, and nearly sloppily. She found herself removing Myra’s shirt, as well, and then sucking along her neck softly, relishing in Myra’s soft moans. She had a strange urge to turn that quite moan into a scream, and she bit into the flesh before her rather hard.

Myra shrieked as she felt the teeth of the younger girl dig into her neck, and she could feel herself escalating as she began to rub the breasts at her hand rather vigorously, her other hand joining just moments later. As her hands pulled off the bra from the back, Myra pulled Kylie off of the wall, pushing her with some force onto the cleared desk.

Kylie was not expecting to be laid down, but she followed suit obediently, and leaned up, pulling Myra’s head down to her own as she kissed forcefully, her hands creeping toward the button on Myra’s jeans.

Myra could feel Kylie’s hands searching, and she quickly climbed on top of her, straddling her lap as she leaned down, a smirk on her face, and sucked rather generously on each of the younger girl’s nipples, her hands searching the pants for the zip.

Kylie smiled into Myra’s head, her nimble fingers pulling down Myra’s already open jeans. She quickly brought her hands back up to the breasts of the woman, fondling them teasingly at first, and then more roughly.

Myra could feel the pressure building inside of her, and she shoved the pants down, breaking the zip as she did so, and began grinding on the other, her need only growing with the extra contact.

Kylie found herself sharing Myra’s need, and moaning slightly as she felt the barely-clothed hips of hers being pressed against by similarly-covered hips. Her mind had been lost long before, and her fingers began tracing the vagina above her, her moans becoming grunts of animal need.

Myra couldn’t help herself, she pushed her fingers into Kylie’s panties, brushing along her clit and kaçak casino then down to her lips, pulling at them a little, and briskly poking inside, to feel her wetness, before returning to rub the clit again.

Myra moaned somewhat loudly as she felt her clit touched, and she quickly turned the tables, pushing Myra off, and down onto the floor, laying on top of her and pulling off the panties she was wearing as need gnawed at her body. She found herself teasingly licking the beautiful clit in front of her within moments, and then more hungrily.

Myra was shocked, but it soon faded as she began to moan rather loudly as she could the small, warm mouth upon her dripping vagina. She hadn’t been prepared for Kylie to take over, but she found that she–and her vagina– rather enjoyed sharing the control.

Kylie smiled at Myra’s obvious pleasure, and she began sucking at the woman’s clit, her teeth biting rather hard as she slipped a finger inside of Myra, pumping it in and out.

Myra could feel herself begin to throb with pleasure, and tighten around Kylie’s fingers, and she cried out, nearly yelling.

Kylie smiled and, upon hearing the cry from Myra, rode out her orgasm, smiling in triumph and delight as Myra screamed in pleasure just toward the end.

Just as Myra finished, she turned over, feeling the mouth and fingers leave her body as she climbed down and pushed three of her fingers inside of the already-tight vagina of Kylie’s, pumping harder and more roughly than she had originally planned, and she licked and bit, sucking on occasion at it, just waiting for the orgasmic screech that was sure to come. And come it did, many minutes later, awarding Myra’s hard work, and Kylie’s had previously been awarded.

They were nearly out of breath from their activities, and far too lazy to dress and return home, but they laid for several minutes before Myra stood and picked Kylie up, carrying her hot body to the doors that led onto the balcony, the nippy-cold air feeling wonderful against their hot bodies as she stood, Kylie in front of her against the fence.

Neither felt any need to speak, but the unspoken message was clear; they had both enjoyed this meeting.

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