My Turn

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John’s so good to me and gives me so much pleasure. What can I do for him? That lady in the porno video I saw took the guy’s penis in her mouth, and he seemed to like it a lot. I don’t remember exactly what she did with it, but I guess I could try.

I joined John on the couch, and we shared a sweet kiss and I told him I loved him. I shared some of his Grand Marnier and tried to decide how to say what I wanted to ask him. When I finally tried, it didn’t come out too well.

I said, ‘Darling, I’ve ….. well .. you know, done it, and you haven’t ……’

‘Diane, what the hell are you talking about.’

‘Oh, you know …. ahhh … well, ….. orgasms.’

He laughed and said, ‘You’re concerned because I haven’t had an orgasm, right?’

‘Well, yeah, I guess so. When are we going to …. you know ….. do it?’

‘Do you mean sexual intercourse, Honey?’

For some reason, John saying ‘sexual intercourse’ gave me a terrible case of the giggles, and I totally lost any pretense of being sophisticated. When I finally got control of myself I said, ‘Yes, when are we going to do that?’ When I said ‘that’, I was thinking ‘sexual intercourse’ and it threw me into another fit of giggles which turned into uncontrollable laughter. What a child he must think I am! Am I going to turn into a giggling idiot every time I think or hear those two words? That thought just made it worse, and I had tears streaming down my face by the time I regained control.

When I was more or less back to normal, John said, ‘If you’re going to have a laughing fit every time you hear the words ‘sexual intercourse’, we may never get around to it.’ With that we both broke down in laughter, and John decided it might be best if he went outside to smoke a cigarette and give me time to settle down. He left me sitting there, laughing. After I got control of myself and wiped away the tears, I followed him outside. The night was warm and nice. I held his arm as he strolled around the patio smoking. He held me and kissed me, again poking me in the stomach. I decided that it was time for me to do something about that bulge that had been poking me every time we kissed.

I said, ‘John, Darling, I’d like to give you the kind of pleasure you give me when you ….. um ….. kiss my pussy. I also really want to see how you ….. how ……. well….. how you work, ummmm …. down there. Could I… ahhhh … like … Oh, you know ……. ahhh …… use my … ummm….. mouth … on you?’

‘Would you like to suck my cock, Honey.’

I was glad it was dark, because I could feel myself blush as I said, ‘Well ….. ummmm …. I uhhhh ….. yeah. Can I?’

He kissed me and whispered, ‘I think that would be a lovely thing for you to do. Let’s go inside.’

Whew! It worked, it’s okay. I guess I didn’t say it very well, but I didn’t know how. John understood what I was talking about, though. Maybe the guy’s penis in the lady’s mouth is something people do all the time. I’m glad I’m getting a chance to try it. I hope I can do it right. I really want to do something to please him. I’m anxious to find out how his penis works, too. I hope it doesn’t get so big that I can’t get it into my mouth.

We went in, and John took a pillow from the couch and laid it down in front of his big chair. He sat down in the chair, parted his legs, and told me to kneel down in front of him, between his knees. The pillow was to protect my knees from the carpet. I was feeling very warm, I think from blushing, so I took off the robe and kneeled down between his legs wearing nothing but my nightie. He scooted down in the chair so his bottom was near the front edge, untied his robe, and parted it. There was the man I loved, naked in front of me, inviting me to do whatever I wanted with him.

I wish I knew what to do. He’s so good at giving me pleasure and I’m at a loss. When in doubt, ask. I asked him what I should do, and he suggested I start by taking his penis in my hand and stroking it up and down. I did that, and it started to grow. Boy, did it ever grow! The next thing I knew it was so big my fingers and thumb couldn’t touch around it. I whispered that he would have to tell me what to do and if I was doing it right. I want to make it feel good for him, and I sure don’t want to hurt him or anything.

He said that what I was doing was very nice, but he thought my lips and tongue might feel even better. I held the base in my hand and started kissing around the tip. As I explored, he would told me when I found a spot that was casino şirketleri particularly sensitive and felt especially good when I licked or kissed it. He said most of the good feelings came from the head of his penis and just below it, especially on the side facing me. I licked that spot a few times like it was an ice cream cone, and he really loved that. It didn’t take much exploring to get a pretty good idea of the best places to lick and kiss to give him pleasure. When his penis got really hard and big, the skin on the head was silky smooth and very warm. While I was kissing and licking him, he told me what happened inside his penis to make it grow and get hard, and how good it felt to have an erection. He said it was happiest when it was in a warm, moist place. I asked him if I could take it in my mouth, and he whispered that he would love to have me do that.

I put the tip between my lips and just slid my lips down it, opening my mouth as I went. When I had the whole head in my mouth, my jaws were really wide open, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I slid my mouth further down until I had a real mouthful, then let it slide out until just the tip was between my lips. I looked up at John questioningly, and he responded by putting his hand on the back of my head and gently pushing me down until I again had a mouthful of penis. I was amazed how hot it was. I noticed that I was in the perfect position to have that especially sensitive spot slide over my tongue as I went up and down on him with my mouth. He released my head, and I thought I had the idea, so I began sliding my mouth up and down. When I saw the women in that porno movie do this, I thought it was dirty and gross. This isn’t, though, it’s loving, and I like doing it. It’s fun. Not the laughing kind of fun, though, but serious fun. I love feeling him respond to me and tell me how good I’m making him feel. I hope I’m doing it right. I sure must be doing something right, he’s as hard as a board. When I do something he really, really likes his penis throbs and sort of jerks.

I would start with about half the head in my mouth and slide down until I just couldn’t fit anymore in. I tried to keep my lips sealed around it all the time and not scrape him with my teeth. Then I would slide up and repeat the process. The tip went clear back to my throat, but it didn’t gag me. It just wouldn’t go any farther. John seemed to like what I was doing, because he kind of moaned and whispered, ‘Oh, Baby, that’s good.’ He told me once to watch my teeth, so I was very careful about that. I kept my mouth open far enough so that only my lips touched him. I was really enjoying it, too. How wonderful to give pleasure to the one you love. Now I understand why he likes to kiss my pussy.

I had to stop for a minute to rest my jaws and swallow all the saliva. He said it was a good thing I stopped, because I was about to make him come. I said, ‘Do you mean have an orgasm?’ He said ‘orgasm’, ‘climax’, and ‘come’ were synonyms. I decided I liked ‘come’ and ‘climax’, and that ‘orgasm’ was a really great word. I don’t know why, I just liked the sound of it in my mind. When I thought about what happened to me when John licked my button, ‘climax’ seemed to be the perfect word to describe it.

While I was resting my jaws, I was kissing and licking around the head of his penis, and he seemed to really like that. I asked him what he liked best, and he said there was nothing better than feeling my lips slide up and down as I took him in and out of my mouth. He told me I could use a little suction while I did that. I took the tip back between my lips and noticed that a fluid was starting to flow from the little hole. It had no taste and was extremely slippery. I took my mouth away and used my hand to squeeze and milk him. He was so hard I couldn’t squeeze much, but I did see some of the clear fluid flow out of the little slit. I licked it off the head before it ran down and took it into my mouth with my tongue. No taste, thicker than my saliva, and really slippery. I didn’t know anything could be so slippery.

I slid my mouth back down as far as I could and found that the slippery stuff felt very nice as lubrication between my lips and his penis. I held him deep in my mouth, sucked until I could feel my cheeks suck in, and I could feel his penis jerk and throb. John was making Mmmmmm sounds, and I figured that meant I was doing okay, so I kept it up until my jaws needed another rest. By that time the slippery stuff was flowing continuously and seemed to be getting thicker. casino firmaları I found that I couldn’t swallow with my mouth wide open, and between my saliva and John’s slippery stuff I had a lot to swallow while I rested my jaws. Maybe if I practice I can go longer before my jaws get tired. I was worried about one thing, though, and I decided I had better ask.

When I took him out of my mouth, I had to wipe away a string of slippery stuff that drooped from my lower lip to the tip of his penis, then I said, ‘John, Darling, when you have your climax, isn’t that when the sperms and stuff come out?’

‘Yes, Honey,’ he said, ‘it’s called ejaculation, and semen comes out. The sperm are a part of the semen, and I feel like I have a very large amount stored up. Why, does that bother you?’

‘Well, no,’ I whispered, feeling myself blush, ‘but in that porno movie I watched, the guys always did it all over the lady’s face. Do we have to do that? I think it’s kind of gross.’

John laughed and said, ‘That’s only in the movies, Honey. In real life a penis greatly prefers to come in a nice warm mouth.’

I was very relieved to hear that. I asked, ‘If you … you know, like ……. do it …… ah ….. ejaculate ………well ……. while it’s in my mouth, then ……. um …. well …. um …… what happens to it?’

He smiled and said, ‘I believe the polite thing is for the lady to swallow it.’

I said, ‘Oh, okay.’ Swallow it. Well, okay, I’ll try. So far there isn’t much taste. I hope there isn’t too much to swallow. Sure, why not? I don’t know what else I would do with it. I’m not going to spit it out. I guess my stomach will think all those little sperms are a snack.

I asked, ‘Can you have a climax pretty soon? I’d really like you to have one, and I want to feel the … um … semen come out. My jaws are getting kind of tired and sore.’

‘Honey,’ he said, ‘All you have to do it to continue what you were doing and you’ll get your wish.’

I milked him with my hand again, and watched a big stream of fluid came out of the little slit. As I was leaning forward to suck it up, I could see that it wasn’t totally clear anymore. It had become a little cloudy. I’ll ask about that later. Right now I want to give John his climax. I wonder how much comes out of him? I think I’m about to find out. I got him back into my mouth and started going up and down on it like before, and I sucked my cheeks in, trying to make it even better for him. Better for me, too, because my jaws were really getting tired. I had heard some girls in the dorm talk about a ‘blowjob’, so I took it out of my mouth and asked him when and how I was supposed to blow. He just laughed and pulled my mouth back down over him. I guess there’s no blowing. I wonder why they call it that.

When I only had the head in my mouth, I slid my tongue back and forth on the sensitive area just under the head. I wouldn’t have believed it possible, but he got even bigger and harder; hard as a board. It was sort of like warm wood that was thinly upholstered in satin. The stuff was really flowing out of him, and it had become thick and sticky rather than thin and slippery. It had been tasteless at first but now had become just faintly salty. Not bad tasting, just unusual. Something I’d never tasted before. Sort of like egg white. John’s penis was really throbbing and jerking, and I could feel a big vein swelling on the side. He told me to suck a little harder, so I did, and also tried to increase the pressure of my lips and tongue on him without scraping with my teeth.

Finally, about the time I thought I was going to have to rest my jaws again, he said, ‘Ohhhh, Baby, I’m going to come. Don’t stop now.’ I started bobbing my head up and down faster, licking, and sucking harder. Suddenly it swelled up to a size I could hardly get my lips around, John moaned, and I felt a huge throb followed by a warm flood in my mouth. I was at the top of my stroke with only the head in my mouth when that first gusher came, and when I slid down there didn’t seem to be room in my mouth for both that swollen penis and all that semen. I don’t know how much there’s going to be, but I think I’d better swallow in a hurry to make room for more. Since I couldn’t swallow with my mouth wide open, I quickly removed my mouth from his penis, closed it, and gulped down a big swallow. I didn’t know about the timing of the gushers, though, and while I was swallowing John was spurting. I had my eyes closed so I didn’t see it, but I felt a wet, warm splash against the side güvenilir casino of my forehead, beside my left eye, and on my cheek and chin. Mainly all over the left side of my face. I knew what had happened, so I got that thing back in my mouth before I caught another gusher in the face. Remembering my own climaxes, I think I would have died if John had stopped licking my button before I was finished. I thought he was probably the same way, so I bobbed, sucked, and licked for all I was worth to give the man I loved the best climax possible. I guess he was really full,because he just kept on gushering. I learned to pause for just a moment with only the tip between my lips and have a quick swallow before opening wide and plunging as much as I could of him back into my mouth for another gusher. He was moaning and groaning with what I assumed was pleasure, and the flow gradually diminished until there was just a trickle.

He finally began to shrink between my lips until he was only about half as big as when his climax started. Wow, that was intense! It must be sort of like what I feel when I go over. He told me to stop what I was doing, and I was glad to be able to close my mouth and relax my jaws. I swallowed three or four times, but the inside of my mouth was still coated with very sticky stuff. I could feel it on my tongue, lips, and between my teeth. The taste of the semen wasn’t up there with Heath bars and blueberry pie on my list of favorites, but I didn’t mind the taste or feel. Considering where it came from and what a good time I had getting it, I decided I liked John’s semen a lot, but I wished I had something I could use to wipe it off my face and chin before it dripped onto my nightie or the pillow I was kneeling on.

John told me to stay where I was, and he got up and went into the kitchen. I heard the water running, and he came back with two towels, one damp with warm water. He sat back down and started wiping my face with the wet towel and drying it with the other one. He said he thought I hadn’t wanted him to come in my face, like they did in the porno videos. I giggled and told him that it had kind of gotten away from me for a second, but that I didn’t mind, although I would have definitely preferred to have kept it in my mouth. I apologized for not keeping him in my mouth, and he said he didn’t mind a bit, and he thought that watching me get squirted with his come was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen.

He gave me the towel, and I dried my face. I was pretty proud of myself for what I had just done, and I asked, ‘John, Darling, did I do it okay? Did I make you have a good climax? If you would really like to do it that way, it’s okay to do it all over my face. I’m washable.’

He smiled, stroked my cheek with his fingers, and said, ‘Honey, that was one of the the most wonderful things I have ever experienced. I think you have a natural talent, and with a little practice you might be a world-class cocksucker. And I would much rather come in your mouth than all over your face. Let’s leave that for the porno movies.’

John could be very crude sometimes. Funny but crude. I went into a fit of giggles. I bet that with a little more experience I can do it even better. Well, I did suck his …….. um ….. cock, so I guess that makes me a coksucker. I want to become a perfect cocksucker for him. Maybe I can learn to swallow with my mouth wide open. It isn’t just him giving and me receiving anymore. This is the way it should be.

I crawled up into John’s lap, and as he started to kiss me I remembered the inside of my mouth was still coated with semen. I pulled back, but he kissed me anyway. Then he gave me a sip of his Grand Marnier to kind of wash it down. My lips left a white smear on the rim of the glass, and I really couldn’t sip enough of that strong stuff to wash very much down.

John finally suggested we go to bed. As we went down the hall together, I suddenly realized how exhaused I was, physically and emotionally. It had been a very long, eventful, and wonderful day. I was very happy that I had given John a good climax, but I was also very tired. I brushed my teeth and rinsed the semen coating out of my mouth, and John got me into his pajama top. The only thing I remember after that is being kissed and snuggling in John’s arms in that big warm bed, feeling pretty pleased with myself for giving John’s penis a nice sucking.. I may have been sort of messy, but I was proud of the way I had given my man pleasure and swallowed his semen. I’m sure John told me he loved me and kissed me goodnight, but I don’t actually remember it.

Thank you for reading. Feedback always welcome. Votes, too.
Everyone in the story eighteen or older, of course.

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