My Sister and Me Ch. 02

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Julie was up and dressed by the time the alarm went off. I could hear her hair dryer going and was slightly releaved not to have to face her before getting the cobwebs out of my head. I wondered how this was going to play out. Before I could set some order to it all she came out of the bathroom.

“Good morning sleepy head,” she said. “I called flight service and they predict a nice ride home.”

“I didn’t think you remembered about flight service.” It was something I taught her a long time ago.

“Yeah well, with the pilot out like a light I figured someone had to step up.” She smiled and I could see no sign of what happened between us last night.

I got up and took a shower, dressed and packed my bags with very little talking between us other than breakfast choices and how long it would take to get home.

Just as predicted the flight home was very pleasant. Julie and I talked about the scenery and what we had planned for the week, but still no mention of last night. I was beginning to guess that what we did was a one time thing and since Julie seemed to want it behind us I would respect her decision and let it go.

We landed back home a few hours after takeoff. Julie threw our bags in my car while I gassed up the plane and pushed it into the hanger. When all was secure I joined her in the car.

“Tommy,” she said, “I want to thank you for a really great time.”

“Oh, don’t mention it. It was fun having you along.”

“No, really, you took care of me when I most needed someone and I want you to know I appreciate it.”

I shrugged. “Well, you are very welcome.”

Julie looked at me and smiled. “So, tell me, what did you do to my ex?”

I grinned back at her. “I merely explained that it was a rude thing he did by posting that video and that he should remove it.”

“Oh yeah, right. And how did you explain that to him?”

I looked out the window for a moment. “You remember that guy in college who started following you home at night?”

“How could I forget? You broke his arm.”

Oh shit! You broke his arm? Tommy, you broke my ex-husband’s arm?”

“Well, I had to make a point and besides, he brought two of his goofy friends with him so I guess you could say it was self defense.”

Now here’s the weird part. As I was explaining to Julie what had happened I notice her nipples were protruding through her blouse. It wasn’t cold in the car and she was wearing a bra so something had gotten her motor running.

The conversation ended, just as we pulled up in font of her house, by her telling me to stop hurting people who hurt her .

I grabbed Julie’s bags and followed her to the door. Once inside I set her bags down and gave her a hug. It was a brotherly hug which she returned with a sisterly hug back.

Even though the hugs were innocent I still felt a stirring in my pants and I knew I’d better leave. What happened with Julie and me was a one time thing and I didn’t want her to think our relationship had changed, even if I knew in my heart-of-hearts that things were different know.

“I guess I’ll talk to you this week,” I said as I back toward the door.

“Are you in a hurry or something? Sit down, relax, take the load şişhane escort off.” She smiled and gave me a playful shove onto the sofa. She went to the kitchen and came back with a beer.

“Here, have a beer. I’m going to change into something more comfortable. I’ll be right back.”

With that she left me, the beer and my growing hard-on on the sofa.

I tried to get the image of Julie, sitting across from me jerking off while I did the same, out of my mind. I tried to wipe out the mental picture of my sperm splattering onto her chest and pussy. I guess I didn’t try hard enough because the more I tried to forget, the more I remembered. I was sitting there sipping the beer with a full blown erection that anyone would notice with no trouble.

A few minutes passed and then Julie came out dressed in what she had described as, “something more comfortable”. She was stark naked.

I managed to swallow the beer in my mouth without spitting it on the floor, but just barely.

Julie walked across the living room, spread her legs and climbed into my lap straddling the hard on under my jeans with her naked pussy. She pressed her tits into my chest and took my head in both her hands. She kissed me on the mouth. When I say she kissed me I don’t mean that sister brother thing we had done many times before. I mean she kissed me full bore with her tongue snaking around the inside of my mouth entwining with mine. At the same time she rubbed her pussy back and forth on my cloth encased boner.

Julie pulled her mouth away and leaned back so we could look directly at each other.

“Are we ready to fuck yet?” she cooed.

I didn’t seem to be able to speak so instead I took both of her tits in my hands and pushing her nipples together sucked both of them into my mouth. She threw her head back and moaned, “Oh yeah, Tommy, suck my tits.”

She didn’t have to ask. I was doing it anyway. I sucked her nipples together, then one at a time and then together again, but I wanted more. I released those beautiful globes and to her dismay I stood lifting her up with me. I carried her across the living room to the big stuffed chair she used when she watched TV and set her down. Without asking I spread her legs and slid down to her wet and steaming pussy. I was like a starving man at a dinner feast.

Julie knew what was coming and placed her hands behind my head. I looked up at her and she pulled me forward a tiny bit as if to say, go ahead.

I gave her a puzzled look and shrugged as if I didn’t understand.

Julie knew I was jacking with her. She held my head tighter and said, “Eat my pussy till I cum!”

I laughed. I had wanted her to tell me what she wanted and she did, leaving no mistake about it. I dove in.

Julie’s pussy had the most exquisite aroma I had ever encountered in a woman. I don’t know if it was perfume or a natural scent, but it was intoxicating.

Very slowly I spread my sister’s pussy lips and licked along the inside of each making sure I didn’t touch her clit. I licked up and down between her inner and outer lips enjoying the taste and smell of her sex. For her part she shook and shuttered each time my tongue stroked her cunt while şişli anal yapan escort always trying to force her clit into my mouth. I continued to work up and down never touching her hard little button.

When Julie had managed to get my entire face wet with her juices I decided it was time. Without warning I slid upward and took her love button into my mouth.

Julie let out a guttural moan that ended as a scream. She forced her clit into my mouth the way a guy forces his cock into a cunt and began fucking her hard little nub in and out.

I could tell she was on the edge and I wasn’t going to tease her anymore. She needed this I was going to give it to her.

My beautiful, naked, older sister was fucking my mouth with her clit as if it was a dick when she suddenly wrapped her legs tightly around my head and screamed. She never said, “I cumming”, or gave any verbal indications that she was in the throes of her orgasm, but I didn’t need her to say anything for me to know what was happening. She was cumming with everything she had.

With my head securely lodged between Julie’s legs I reached down and cupped her ass cheeks in my hands helping to keep her clit in my mouth by lifting her up as she came.

Working my tongue around I was able to get under her clit and exert pressure from underneath. Just as I felt Julie begin to relax the slightest bit I pressed my tongue from underneath and she locked her legs back tightly around my head. It was at this point I felt her pussy ejaculate just as I had seen it do the night before. She came with such force that for a moment I though I would drown. But I didn’t drown; I held on and sucked her wetness into my mouth.

Finally, after the longest time, Julie opened her legs and pushed me away.

“No more. Oh fuck! No more. I feel like I’m going to pass out,” she said through gasps and chokes trying to get her breath. She looked down at me and burst out laughing.

“You look like you fell into bathtub,” she said.


“You’re soaked.”

I looked up at Julie and reveled in her beauty. Her hair was a tangle mess, her big breasts hung limply, one to each side of her chest and her mouth was cover in saliva. And at that moment she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I slid up and kissed her ruby lips softly. There was no tongue, only a soft and tender kiss.

Julie wasted no time in removing my shirt and pants. When she had me naked she looked down at my hard cock and pushed me into the chair where she had been sitting. It was wet.

Julie dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hand. She held it so delicately, like fragile piece of fine pastry and licked from the bottom up so gently with her tongue that I felt I would cum right then.

In my life I had fucked many women and in truth that is mostly what I did; just fuck them. There was never a connection other then to have raw animal sex and then get out fast.

With Julie, my sister, my own flesh and blood there was something I never experienced before. That’s not to say what we were doing wasn’t raw sex, because it was. But there was something else between us. I think it was history. We had a şişli bdsm escort history that went back as far as I could remember. We had a foundation and I believe that is what made what we were doing so erotic.

Julie continued to lick the sides of my cock up and down while gently fondling my balls. Occasionally she would slid down and take one in her mouth for moment. As I got harder she let her mouth slip over the head of my prick and take the full length into her mouth for one or two strokes, then go back to licking the outside.

As much as I wanted to fill her mouth with my hot cum I wanted to be inside her pussy more.

Reluctantly, I lifted Julie’s head from my cock. She looked confused and tried to go back down. I stopped her, stood up and taking her hand led her to her bedroom.

I laid Julie on her bed and crawled between her legs. No words were exchanged. There was no need. She open her legs and I slipped inside. She wrapped her legs around me and we began the age old art of love making.

As my cock slipped into my sister’s wet pussy she whispered in my ear, “fuck me like you mean it. Fuck me like a horny whore.” And so I did as she asked.

I began to send my rigid cock into my sister’s pussy with every bit of force I had. Our crotches slammed together making a smacking sound each time I buried myself into her warm body. We were making love and fucking like animals at the same time.

Each time my balls slapped Julie’s ass she squeezed her legs tightly. Each time I withdrew she relaxed enough to let my cock back out of her then tightened her legs pulling me back inside.

We were rapidly reaching our crescendo when Julie announced what she wanted me to do.

“I want us to cum together,” she said. “But when we start to cum I want you to pull out and jerk off all over me. I want to feel your hot cum on my tits and pussy while I beat myself off.”

That was all I needed. “I’m ready,” I shouted.

“Yes, yes. Do it,” she screamed.

I gave two more hard strokes into her pussy then pulled out and began to jerk-off.

Julie opened her legs, pushed both of her hands to her pussy so that she got the index finger of each hand on each side of her clit before slamming her legs shut.

Watching Julie pump her pussy was more than I could take. Cum began to shoot out of me in wild streams of white rope. Hot cum went onto my sister’s tits and stomach. I shot another stream and it landed on her face. I forced myself to aim at her pussy for the next few shots.

While I was drenching my sister in cum she was staring wide eyed at my prick and jerking her clit to as many contractions as I had streams of cum. I could see the wetness on her hands just before I dumped cum on her fingers.

A final half-hearted spurt dribble out of my cock as Julie opened her legs and shot one stream of her female juice in the air. It landed on her belly. I fell forward onto her.

Fucking my sister was the best sex I had ever, or could ever have. I wasn’t going to let her go.

We must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew there was a knock on the door.

I had already rolled off my sister and she sat upright.

“Julie, it’s me,” a familiar voice called out. “I need to talk to you babe. Open up.”

There was terror in Julie’s eyes as she looked at me. The terror in her eyes was not because of the voice on the other side of the door. It was because of the rage she saw in my eyes. I stood up…

To be continued. What do you want to see happen here?

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