My Sexual Education at Home Ch. 03

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Over the next few days, I just could not get that last session of sex with Gary off my mind. I never dreamed that people would fuck other people’s asses, or that it would feel so damned good to be fucked up the ass. That fantastic feeling coupled with the fact that Gary and I cared so much for each other now, made it even more fantastic! I was going to have to see if he was doing that with any other girls. So I decided that I should find out about any girl friends he might have. He went out a lot, but he never brought one home or talked about one at home. Then I hit upon an idea that just might get me more that I had originally thought. I would tell Gary that I understood that he would want a girlfriend and all that and that I did not want to be possessive or anything. So if he wanted to bring a girl to out house to have sex with her, I would sure help him by making it a safe place to be.

Well, a couple of nights later, I went down to his room with a homework problem and he worked it out for me and then said he was going out for a little while. (This was my chance!) I said “Gary, you know that I care a lot about you and we have had some fantastic times together, but I know you must have a girlfriend out there somewhere, Right?”

He said “Well, yeah and what’s your point sis?”

I continued, “I am not at all possessive of you and I want you to know that I am not jealous. So if you want to do something with your girl friend, I mean have some fun with her, you can bring her here and I promise I will not disturb you. You won’t even know I’m in the house, OK? It will be just between us. I swear!”

He came over and hugged me and said “You are just fantastic as a sister, you know that? I’m horny as hell, and I want to do Maryanne tonight. She’s been hinting at me to do her, so I’ll see you in a little while, OK? Love ya sis!”

I went back upstairs and was almost finished with my homework when I heard Gary come back in. He came up to my room and brought his friend with him and introduced her to me and said to her “This is my little Sis, şişli üniversiteli escort but she is really cool. You’ll like her when you get to know her.” We exchanged nice words and then they went down to Gary’s room. She was very pretty and had big tits and a nicely rounded ass. I’ll bet she is a doll when she is naked. Maybe I’ll look later. I waited about a half hour and sneaked down the stairs to see if Gary’s door was open. It wasn’t. I was disappointed! I wanted to se him fucking someone else. So I went back upstairs and shortly I heard them in the living room and went out to join them.

I went to the kitchen and got me a glass of lemonade and went in and sat down across from them and we chatted for a while. Then it was getting close to time for Mom and Dad to come home, so they left. I went downstairs to see if she had left any wet spots in his bed. The bed was made up! Damn. So I went back up to the living room and waited for Mom and Dad and watched the end of some sci-fi movie. After they came in, I went to bed. I took a washcloth with me just in case I got to feeling horny tonight!

Just as I was about to go to sleep, I heard Mom moaning and I listened to see if it was pain or joy, but I couldn’t tell. So I sneaked down the hall and their bedroom door was cracked just a little and there was only a night light on in the room. But I could see Mom really well, and she was sitting on top of Dad’s cock and she was wearing him out!!! From the length of the strokes she was taking up and down on him, he has a good long cock too! I watched till she had an orgasm and then I started to go to bed but I heard Dad ask her if she still needed some more good fucking and she told him that yes she did! So I stayed to watch. She got on her hands and knees and Dad got up behind her and I could see the outline of his cock and it was a very long and big one. As he shoved that thing in her pussy from behind, my Mom groaned “Oh fuck yeah honey fuck me till I can’t walk, I need it baby!”

I couldn’t believe taksim anal yapan escort I heard my Mom say that! But as I watched, suddenly I realized that I had juices running down my legs and my panties were soaked. So I stood there in the hall and put my hand inside my panties and fingered my pussy till I had a good orgasm too.

I ran back to my room and jumped in bed because I didn’t know if I had groaned out loud or not. Mom came in my room in just a few minutes and sat down on the side of my bed. I was lying on my back and only covered up to my waist. Mom gently lifted my covers up off me while I “Slept” and lightly touched my panties in front.

She whispered “Honey I know you are awake, and your panties are wet so you were watching me and Johnny, weren’t you?”

I opened my eyes and looked at her and said “Mom I’m really, really sorry, yes I watched and I got so hot I wet my panties. I’m sorry Mom. I won’t do it again, I promise!”

Mom laid the covers back to my feet and let her hand slide down between my legs and then up against my pussy. She said “Does that feel good sweety? Could Mom make you feel better tonight? Can I do something to make it better for you baby?”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing my Mom say these things. She was offering to finger me, I think! But I was so hot I said “Oh Mom I am so hot, I need to cum so bad! I know you don’t want me to do any sex but I am so hot mom!”

She smiled and said ” Honey let’s just get these panties off and see what we can do about cooling you off.” She helped slide my panties down and off my feet and then she started with one, then two fingers and was doing me so good. I was moaning and humping her hand and was just trying really hard to hurry up and cum cause I needed that release so bad!!!

“Johnny? Johnny.. My little girl needs an orgasm, can you help me with it please?” Mom said to her husband, my step-dad who was down the hall. But In my state of riding that edge of the orgasm, I didn’t care what made me cum, taksim bdsm escort as long as I got to cum.

Then I felt a mouth and tongue on my pussy and I looked to see if it was Johnny, but it was MOM and she was eating my pussy!! “Oh my god my Mom is eating my pussy!” And I exploded! I yelled and screamed and humped as hard as I could and I came for what seemed like an hour!!! Fuck that was good!! When I had finally finished cumming, I looked up at Mom and said “Mom. my god that was so fucking fantastic! That was fucking incredible!!” Then Johnny said “Did someone call for me dear?”

Mom said “Yes honey, my baby here was watching us and got so horny she creamed her panties and needed a good orgasm so I licked her hot little pussy till she had one. You want to give her another one?”

“Sure” he said, “I’ve thought that she has a fine little ass anyway and I’d love to lick on it a little while. What say baby, you get up on all fours and let daddy lick that old cum out of you?”

I almost jumped up to my knees and bent over and said “Lick away dad, suck me dry, damn it all I need to cum about 2 gallons!!!”

Well, Johnny wasted no time at all getting his mouth on my pussy and started sucking as hard as he could! And then he was tonguing my pussy and then Mom reached under me and found my slit and started rubbing it and then Dad was trying to get his tongue in my asshole! Oh shit that felt so good. And in just a minute of pushing on it, my asshole opened up and his tongue slid right in and he started wiggling it and I exploded again. I know I screamed loud enough to be heard out in the street, and my body would not stop moving! It had a mind of it’s own and it was going to fuck my mom’s hand and my dad’s face till it was satisfied!! Mom used her other hand and was massaging my tits. I was having orgasms so fast I couldn’t count them! Wow, who ever would have dreamed of something like this happening to them? I reached up and got my arms around my Mom’s neck and pulled her to me and kissed her lips and told her how very much I loved her.

Then I did Johnny the same way, except that we did a tongue dance together till Mom made us stop by saying “Come on now you two, she has got to get some sleep for school tomorrow!”

Then I just laid down and in seconds I was asleep. Totally satisfied and totally exhausted from cumming so hard and so many times!!

End of Chapter 3

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