My Roommate, Lauren

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My roommate, Lauren, is very sexy. Every guy on campus wants her! But she doesn’t want a guy. Lauren is one if the few gold star lesbians at the State University of New York. She has short, layered blonde hair, grey eyes, and when she’s wearing a tight T-shirt, perfect, large tits. I have wanted her since we started sharing a dorm, but she has never really paid much attention to me. We hung out some, but usually with friends. One night, while Lauren was out, I invited my girlfriend, Hanna for a good fucking. While she was screaming with delight from me fucking her ass, Lauren barged in, looking panicked. As she looked at me and Hanna frozen in a sexy position, a sly smile came to her perfect, red, full lips. “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought someone was dying in here. I see it is only my roommate engaging in sexual relations with my best friend. Carry on.” Oh, and she’s also kind of a geek. She left the room, being careful to shut the door. “Aaron! I thought you said she was gone!” Hanna scolded. “Holy Shit, I thought so too. She left three minutes ago!”

“That bitch!”

“Whoa there!”

“Now YOUR defending HER?!”

“Calm down, Hanna.”

“No! maltepe escort I’m tired of people telling me to calm down! We are over, Aaron!”

She picked up her bright blue lingerie, flipped her long, brown hair and left. NAKED.

By then I had my white undershirt and black boxers on. “Hanna, wait!”

Behind me sounded a cute giggle. I turned around and Lauren was sitting on the couch, watching the whole scene. “Aaron? May I ask you something?”

“You just did,” I replied. She glared at me. God, even her glare is sexy.

“Why are you chasing after a girl have no feelings for?”

I started to panicking. How’d she know!! My mind screamed. “How do you know what I’m feeling?” She giggled. “Anyone could tell by looking in your eyes.”


That night I laid in bed replaying all our little talks. I had felt something during those, but I wasn’t so sure she had. What I did not know was that Lauren was lying in her bed thinking the same thing. When she thought I was sleeping (I was on my phone but I turned it off when I heard footsteps), she ran her hands through my hair. mecidiyeköy escort She leaned over and kissed me, parting my “limp” lips with her tongue working in, tracing my teeth and kind of…how to put this… Tasting? Licking? my tongue. One of her hands fell to my hip, the other began slowly pulling down my covers. She then broke the kiss and began slowly pulling down my boxers to reveal my hairy, 6 inch dick. She kind of moaned, then caught herself. Then I couldn’t tell what she was doing, then suddenly her hands were guiding my cock to her mouth where she wrapped her tongue around the cockhead. I couldn’t take it. I finally cummed. But she sucked down every bit. Then she pulled up my boxers and the covers, kissing me goodnight.

The next morning she was cooking a breakfast of blueberry muffins and bacon. “Wow! Your lessons from the food network finally paid off!” I remarked. “Oh shut the fuck up. They could be disgusting.” She showed no signs of what had happened the night before, so I decided to fight dirty. I offered to empty the dishwasher, bending over real low to grab plates, displaying my perfect nişantaşı escort ass (don’t mean to brag, but I know perfect when I see it).

I could see her biting on her lip, her hand twitching a little. I “tripped” spilling my chocolate milk on her vagina area. I tried to help by pressing paper towels to her clothed pussy, but she pushed me away. I decided to give up and jog to class. That night she came in my room again. This time, when she kissed me, I grabbed her hips, pulled her on top of me, and kissed back hard. She pushed away. “Shawn, were you awake last night?”

“Yeah, now let me fuck you.”

“Okay,” she replied.

I tore off her neon pink lingerie, literally ripping the fabric, revealing her extremely large boobs and perfect pink pussy. I licked and nibbled her nipples until her vagina started leaking onto my cock, then put my cock up to her pussy. “Lor, it might not fit…”



And I did. I cummed inside her and she cummed onto my dick.

She ended up leaving me for Hanna, my ex and getting married to Hanna. So I soon became gay, had sexual relations with my father, brother and best friend (Seeing After Lauren, chapters one, two and three) until finally marrying my sexy art teacher, Quinn Harlton.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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