My Old Job

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When I was 20 and going to college in New York City, I needed to find a night job so my days were free for classes. While perusing the classifieds, I came across an ad that read “The Dungeon-Mistresses Wanted.” That’s interesting, I thought, much better than office assistant! I scribbled down the phone number and address and left for class. That night I headed down to the East Village. The address led me to an ordinary brownstone. I met and interviewed with the head mistress, an average-looking woman of about 50. She asked me a few questions about sexuality and preferences, surveyed my face and body and hired me on the spot.

Since I’m a tall sexy blonde with big tits, a firm ass, long legs, and full lips, I quickly accumulated many regular customers. In the standard 4-inch heels we all wore, I was easily 6 feet tall. I towered over many of the little weasly businessmen, and of course, they LOVED it! I’ve had my exquisitely arched feet worshipped, I’ve used men as ashtrays, I’ve played a nurse, a mean mommy, a schoolteacher, a policewoman-whatever the client wanted. However, my FAVORITE client was a WOMAN.

She was the CEO of a huge clothing company. After being the boss and being dominant all day, she needed to submit to me. She requested of the head mistress that I be in full dom gear. I had my long blonde hair wildly teased, blood-red lips, and heavy black liner. I wore a black vinyl corset which whittled my 28-inch waist down to 24-inches, a matching thong, black fishnets, and patent leather platform stilettos. She also requested that I be topless, so my big, firm tits bulged out of the top of the corset. When she meekly entered my chamber, I was standing there with a bullwhip in my hand.

“How DARE you enter my chamber without knocking?” I demanded.

“I-I-I’m sorry my mistress,” she weakly apologized. casino şirketleri The game has begun.

She was dressed in a black Armani pantsuit and sensible shoes (typical). She was in her mid-30’s, average build, medium-length brown hair, blue eyes-nothing spectacular and definitely NOT my type. I ordered her to undress and to my surprise, she had a decent little body under that suit. She was wearing a very demure peach lace bra and panty set. For some reason, she turned me on. She wasn’t voluptuous at all, which I love, but there was something about her. I sat down and had her kneel before me. I let her lick my shoes. I then allowed her to remove my shoes and suck my toes. MMM, it felt so good! She moved up my thighs, licking me through my fishnets, she got me very wet. She begged to lick my pussy through the vinyl, I told her she could, then berated her for not doing it right.

“You deserve 10 lashes for not knowing how to please your mistress!”

I stood her up and bent her over a steel stand used just for this purpose. I took off her little peach panties and proceeded to whip her.

“Harder!” she screamed.

By the time I was done with her, her ass was the color of a fire truck. I then lovingly caressed her sweet bottom and rubbed some Vitamin E on her emerging bruises.

She then begged me to let her worship my tits. Now, ordinarily, this was out of the question. I’ve NEVER let a client get that intimate with me, but this bitch was turning me on! I told her she could worship my tits, but she would have to remove her bra and put on nipple clips. I told her I would yank on the chain if she displeased me. Of course, she agreed. She removed her bra and exposed a decent pair of 34Bs. Her nipples were like little pencil erasers. I reached over and twisted them before I clipped casino firmaları them, she let out a low moan.

“Please let me worship your beautiful breasts, mistress…” she pleaded.

I allowed her to suck and caress my nipples and breasts. I was in heaven. She had a very talented tongue. Every so often I would notice her reach down between her legs to touch her throbbing wet pussy. Whenever I saw her do this, I would yank on her nipple chain.

“You’re supposed to be pleasing ME, not yourself you little cunt!”

“Yes, mistress, forgive me.”

As she was sucking and fondling my breasts, I reached over to my table and got my riding crop. I bent forward so my tits fell deeper into her mouth and ran the riding crop inside the crack of her ass. She shivered with pleasure. I then pulled her off me and as she kneeled before me, I ran it across her dripping pussy a few times. She was grinding against it. I put the riding crop in front of her face and demanded she clean it. She licked it dry.

She then asked me for 2 things. 1. Fuck her with a strap-on and 2.Permission to eat my pussy. Now, let me explain. Technically, we weren’t allowed this much contact. The strap-on was OK, but her eating me…well, kinda not allowed. But, this was kind of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” dungeon. As long as the client and mistress consented, it was OK. She offered me $300 extra for these services (that’s tax-free money that I didn’t have to share with the head mistress because she knew nothing of the transaction). Of course, I agreed. She requested she get fucked first because she wanted me to get nice and sweaty. I stepped into this 9-inch bright purple strap-on that she picked out. I made her kneel to suck my “cock.” She was good at giving head. She took almost the whole 9-inches down her throat. I then forced her güvenilir casino on the bed and spread her swollen, glistening lips wide. I lubed up my “cock” and rammed it into her waiting pussy. She was squirming in ecstasy, moaning like crazy, our tits were rubbing together, our hips were gyrating.

“Please, mistress, fuck me from behind,” she begged.

I bent her over the same steel stand I had whipped her on, and began to fuck her doggy-style. I pulled her hair, I squeezed her tits, I fingered her clit while I fucked her. “I’m going to cum!” she howled, as I rammed her even harder. I wanted her to really feel me tear her apart. I really got off on the fact that a “lowly” college student like myself was fucking the head of a major corporation. I almost came myself! I then felt her thighs shake, and I heard her make a low, guttural sound. Her whole body went limp as she came. I slowly slipped my “cock” out and demanded she lick it clean. She did.

“It’s MY turn now, bitch!”

“Yes, mistress, whatever you say.”

I sat on my chair and demanded she remove my stockings and panties, but put my shoes back on. She did everything I asked her. I spread my long legs wide-putting them both over the arms of the chair. She kneeled before me and breathed in.

“You smell so good, mistress. May I pleasure you?”

“Yes you may, slave.”

She proceeded to spread my lips and eat my pussy like I’ve never been eaten before. She knew how to nibble my clit, she knew how to suck my lips, she knew how to penetrate me with her tongue-she must have had A LOT of practice! I quickly came in her mouth while pushing her face deep into my cunt. She licked me all up, then licked her lips. As I was still sitting there, too weak to move, I watched her dress, clean her face with a handi-wipe, run a brush through her hair and reapply lipstick. I stood up, she shook my hand and said,

“Thank you ever so much. That was truly an enjoyable experience.”

Every time she came in after that, she requested me. She was a VERY satisfied customer!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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