My Neighbors’ Daughter

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Casey Johnson, my neighbors’ 18 year old daughter, is one of the sweetest and prettiest girls I know, with long, light brown hair, green eyes and a smooth and creamy complexion. Fashion designers might consider her to be overweight, with her large breasts and ass and sexily rounded belly, but I and most men consider her figure to be close to perfect. She is highly intelligent too, an honors student at the local high school, with some of the top colleges in the country offering her scholarships.

Pete and Wendy, her parents, are aware of what a prize she is, so they take good care of her and protect her from the many boys who have, for the last six years or more, wanted to cop her cherry. I consider it my duty, as a good neighbor, to aid them in this endeavor and, every time they are called out of town on business, their lovely daughter stays in my spare room, where I can continue their vigilance.

At least, her clothing does. Casey sleeps in my bed, but before either of us actually drifts off to dreamland, we spend a great deal of time with me eating her delectable pussy and fucking her gorgeous ass. We both derive tremendous sexual pleasure, and her hymen is still intact, therefore satisfying the wants and needs of Casey, her parents and me.

The most recent time was last Saturday morning, when her parents had to fly to a meeting with executives of the company that buys most of the animated short films they produce. They knew they could count on me, and were both quite grateful for my neighborliness. Needless to say, Casey and I were both extremely glad of the opportunity their absence would present. It had been a long time since they had been out of town overnight, and her soapy fingers plunging in and out of her ass while she showered had not been even close to enough for the powerful orgasms Casey loves so much, even when she was simultaneously fondling her clit.

“George, I really appreciate your looking after our daughter while we’re out of town,” Pete told me as I shook his hand and prepared to leave him and his wife at the airport.

Wendy echoed the sentiments as I hugged her, and they kissed their lovely daughter and told her to be good. I expected that was exactly what she would be and, as I broke all the speed limits driving to my house with Casey, I anticipated that day would be one of the best sexual encounters she and I had ever had.

“George, can we stop at one of these motels,” she asked. “I am really horny.”

“We’ll be home in about ten minutes, and I don’t like the idea of somebody seeing us together in a place like that. They might get the right idea.”

“Okay, I guess you’re right.”

After agreeing, she grinned lewdly at me and surveyed the traffic around us. I drive a large pickup truck, which is taller than the surrounding automobiles, meaning nobody driving by, except in a larger truck, would be able to look through her window and see what she was doing below the bottom edge of the window. Casey was aware of this, so she hitched her skirt up around her waist and peeled off her wet panties, letting the aroma of her dripping pussy fill the interior of the truck cab. This is the strongest aphrodisiac in the world, at least to me, and I stomped even harder on the gas pedal.

None too soon, in my opinion and hers, I pulled up in my driveway, beside the side door to my house. Casey had her door open before I even came to a full stop, and was in such a hurry she was standing on the porch, holding her panties and her purse in one hand and shifting her weight from one foot to the other by the time I turned off the ignition. I was in a hurry too, for the fun that awaited us, so I unlocked the back door; we crowded into the kitchen and hurried from there to my bedroom, which would be her bedroom too for the weekend.

Expecting Casey to be joining me there as soon as we returned from dropping off her parents, I had made the bed with just a clean bottom sheet. She had scuffed out of her sneakers at the kitchen door and stripped off her blouse and bra along the way, so she was standing by my bed wearing nothing but her skirt by the time I reached that goal. Before I could remove my clothing, she was naked and lying in the center of the bed with one pillow under her head and another beside her, ready to be slipped under her ass when our sexual escapade reached that point. I didn’t take any longer than I had to in stripping off my clothing and joining her, equally naked, in the middle of the bed. As I usually do, I started by cupping one succulent breast and licking the nipple, which was already erect.

However, the young lady had other, more urgent needs. “I love it when you lick my titties like that, but my pussy really needs your tongue.” Besides what she said aloud, Casey emphasized her wants by pushing on my shoulders until my face was moving in the direction she wanted it to go, especially my mouth.

Always eager to do what one of my lady friends asks, within reason, I slid off the bed and got back on at the foot, to approach her on my knees. Casey smiled, raised her ass bursa escort off the mattress and handed me the pillow so I could slide it under her. With her pussy properly elevated, she raised her legs and I ducked under them so she could rest them on my shoulders. After wrapping my arms around her thighs and leaning forward, my face was inches from her lovely pussy. The fragrance was just as delightful as ever, and I knew her nectar would taste even better than it smelled.

Not wanting her parents to know how much she loves her sexual activities with me, and wanting them to consider her to be their innocent little girl, Casey has never shaved or even trimmed around her pussy. This does not make her less beautiful, because her soft, blonde pubic hair is sparse enough that her lips, when they are as swollen with lust the way they were then, are clearly visible as they blossom through her slit. Knowing she wanted my mouth to give her a quick orgasm, followed by a slower and more monumental one, I briefly caressed her labia with my tongue before licking her clit. The adorable morsel was as swollen as her lips, and had pushed its way completely out from under its protective hood.

“Suck on it!” Casey begged me. “I really need to cum!”

I wanted her to cum too, so I drew her clit into my mouth and started sucking on it. My lips formed a seal at the base and my tongue fondled the engorged sides and top of the precious morsel. Casey thrashed around under my face and her legs squeezed my head while her feet beat a soft tattoo on my back.

Abruptly, she joyously cried out “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!”

Her thighs clamped onto my temples even more tightly, and her hands grabbed the back of my head. As her ass bounced up and down on the bed, she pressed my face against her pussy, which was the best place I knew of for it. Casey’s legs swung from side to side, carrying my head a highly willing prisoner, for as long as she was in the throes of cumming.

When she climaxed, her muscles clenched and she thrust her pussy against my face for a final time, before totally relaxing on the bed. Her hands flopped out to her sides and her legs released their grip on my head, remaining draped loosely on my shoulders. Greedily, I devoured the wealth of juices Casey had just produced, including cautiously sucking them from the delightful, virginal pink hole that had produced them. When I finished my repast, I raised my head to grin at the beautiful young woman who had just provided it.

“That was great, like it always is,” she said, with a big, happy smile on her face. “But I hope you’re not going to quit now, are you?”

“Not if I can help it. But I wanted you to have a chance to catch your breath.”

“Consider it caught.”

I did, and lowered my face to start eating Casey’s delectable pussy again. I had already licked all the juices from her, so my tongue started on one outer lip and stroked slowly upward. After her first orgasm, the edge had been taken off her horniness, so I could eat her pussy slowly to let her arousal build to a second climax, better and stronger than the first. With that in mind, I took my time and slowly licked all the way to her soft Mount of Venus. I kissed her there and raised my head to see the result of my ministrations. Her body was squirming under my face, and her eyes were closed in bliss, while her head was tilted all the way back on the pillow and her lips were parted in a joyful smile.

I smiled too, at the beautiful sight, and brought my face back to where I had begun, to feast on the wealth of nectar that was gushing from Casey’s pussy. After my repast, I started licking her other lip, and I treated this one the same as I had the first. Her outer labia are plump and sexy, just like the rest of her body, and her soft pubic hair added to the tactile delights of eating her pussy. So did her sensuous nature and, by the time I kissed her mons again, Casey’s lush body was writhing on the bed and she was moaning in bliss. Once again, I devoured her fresh juices and, after relishing them, my tongue began caressing between an inner and an outer lip.

Between their origins is a small area that is exceptionally smooth and soft, particularly on a woman as young as Casey who is in a state of excitement as high as hers was then. Because the edge was off her horniness from her first orgasm, I would be able to take my time eating her pussy the second time, which I did, caressing that special sensitive place with my tongue for a long time before continuing up the seam between the lips.

When I reached the point where they are close together, I tilted my head so I could slide my tongue between them. The aroma and the flavor of Casey’s beautiful pussy is truly delightful, as is her voice when she encourages what she loves me to do, as she was doing then, but the best part was the way she felt under my mouth. Her outer lips had been smooth and warm and vibrant; her pubic hair had been soft and downy to my mouth, and her inner lip was spongy and swollen from her lust. Taking my time, because we had the bursa escort bayan entire weekend in front of us, I moved my tongue rapidly, darting in and out between the lips, but licked the same place for a long time.

When I reached the end of the inner lip, where it merges with the other inner lip to form her clit hood, Casey’s succulent body was writhing in joy under my face and she was moaning in exquisite pleasure. I raised my eyes briefly and was elated to see her head rolling from side to side on her pillow, her eyes closed in bliss and an ecstatic smile on her mouth. I didn’t look very long, because eating her pussy is much better than looking at the results of my actions, so I brought my mouth back down to where I had started.

After feasting on the plentiful fresh juices, I started on her other pair of inner and outer lips, beginning with the soft, smooth area at their origins. I licked them the same way and, by the time I reached her clit hood this time, her whole body was thrashing about on the bed in delight. Once again, I checked my progress, but this time looking mostly at the adorable morsel that had pushed its way entirely out from its protective hood. Her clit resembled a lovely pink pearl, and I knew it was almost time to start sucking on it to bring Casey to the powerful orgasm she deserved.

Once again, I licked off all the fresh nectar and, this time, my tongue started stroking directly up Casey’s lovely pink slit. I had to be careful, because I had to avoid damaging her hymen with my tongue, so I licked around her dripping hole until I came to the small area between it and her swollen clit. After probing there with my stiffened tongue, I moved my face far enough up to engulf the swollen morsel that was my goal. I drew it into my mouth to start sucking, while my tongue caressed the sides and top.

Casey was at the apex of her sexual arousal and, when she felt my tongue probing so close to the sweetest of her sweet spots, she knew what she wanted. “Suck my clit, George,” she begged me. “Make me cum.”

She knew what she wanted, and I wanted the same thing so, after enveloping the engorged morsel, my lips clamped onto the base and I sucked while my tongue caressed the swollen top and sides. When she felt what my mouth was doing, Casey’s movements became even wilder, ramming her pussy against my face while she implored me to suck her clit. There was nothing in the world I wanted to do more than see and hear and feel this sexy girl climax under my face, so I did exactly what she wanted.

Abruptly, she started cumming, emitting a loud, incoherent cry of joy. Once again, her thighs and hands seized my head to hold my face snugly against the place it so much wanted to be anyhow. She bounced up and down on her lovely ass and her legs wildly oscillated with my head between them. I kept my arms wrapped around her legs and my mouth clamped snugly on her clit and continued sucking and licking while I enjoyed the wild ride.

All her muscles spasmed and Casey let out with another cry of ecstasy, even louder and more incoherent, when she climaxed and jammed her pussy against my face for an ultimate time. After her tremendous orgasm, she relaxed on the bed, almost becoming a creamy white and pink puddle under my face. Her legs remained draped over my shoulders, and I backed away slightly and devoured all the fresh nectar from her thighs, crotch and anywhere else it had spattered. As always, I was careful about sucking it from the lovely pink hole that had produced it, Enticing though it was, I had no wish to thrust my tongue in and rupture the membrane I and everybody else were being so careful to protect.

After swallowing and relishing the flavor of Casey’s fresh nectar, I backed off the bed, letting her feet drop from my shoulders to the mattress. She opened her eyes, and her blissful smile turned to a happy grin, which grew wider when she saw me go to the bathroom and emerge with the bottle of Aqualube and a damp towel. I had put on a condom while in the bathroom because, although she can hardly get pregnant from what we were going to do, and I trust her to be free of AIDS or any STD, I had no absolute guarantee about myself. When I got back on the bed, she rolled over onto her belly, took the pillow that had been under her ass, stuffed it under her waist and reached back to spread her cheeks.

Kneeling between her legs, I unscrewed the top from the bottle of lubricant and placed the opening against the tiny hole she was creating for me. Casey gave a squeal of joy when she felt the cool liquid gush into her ass, and I made sure to use enough. After recapping the bottle, I inserted my middle finger into the same sweet, pink rosebud, evoking more happy sounds when I twisted the digit inside her tight channel, thoroughly spreading the lubricant. After I removed my finger, Casey turned her head to grin lasciviously at me and wiggled her ass, silently telling me to hurry up and start fucking her.

I was anxious too, but I first had to coat my latex-covered cock with more of the lubrication, escort bursa especially the tip. With that done, I gazed, enraptured, at the gorgeous ass that was waiting for me. Casey has a sexy figure, and a major part of her appeal is her succulent bottom, which consists of two perfect hemispheres that flare out from her back and sides and curve around to meet her legs. Besides being delightful to ogle, even while she is modestly dressed, Casey’s naked ass is a thing of beauty too. She has a cute dimple at the base of her spine and inner cheeks that are smooth and creamy white on the outer edges with a white puckered area that turns to a soft pink, culminating in her adorable rosebud.

That evening, before retiring to bed, we would shower together, and I would pay special homage to the part of her body that was so fascinating then, because I would thoroughly lick her ass and bring her to her first orgasm of the evening. This is another of the things we love doing together, but she knows she has to be squeaky clean for me to do it.

She knew that too, and was looking forward to our shower and bedtime as much as I was, but until then, Casey was more concerned with the present. She twitched her ass impatiently again, and said “C’mon, George. Are you going to fuck my ass or just stare at it?”

That was strictly a no-brainer, of course. Casey was still holding her cheeks apart, and I reached in with a thumb and forefinger to pry open the edges of her rosebud. With my other hand guiding my cock, I pressed the tip against the center of the tiny hole we were creating and rubbed it against the edges to make a slight penetration. With that accomplished, I thrust forward firmly but gently, and felt the head wedge its way into Casey’s adorable ass.

She felt it too, and drew in her breath sharply, before letting it out in a long, happy sigh. That was the expected response. Casey had told me how the first penetration produces a very small amount of dull pain, which is immediately transformed into exquisite pleasure. I have fucked enough women in the ass to know that is the normal progression, and I waited for the first waves of joy to subside before easing my cock in farther.

Casey was getting impatient; she wanted my cock all the way in her ass, and her body was squirming under me in encouragement. That was unnecessary, because I wanted the same thing, so I thrust forward again and another inch of my shaft burrowed its way into her. Before doing anything else, I ran my finger between my cock and the inside of Casey’s ass to check for loose skin and any other possible problems. Finding none, I thrust forward again, driving another inch of the hard cylinder into the tight hole that was so eager for it.

Casey no longer needed to hold her ass open, and she placed her hands under her shoulders to be able to thrust back to meet my strokes. I also moved my hands and used the damp towel to wipe off the surplus lubricant. Because I no longer needed them to guide my cock, I placed my hands gently on her lush hips for leverage to help me plow more deeply into her. On the next thrust, Casey fucked back to meet me, and most of the rest of my shaft ended up imbedded in her tight pink hole. She sighed happily; her body started writhing on the bed under me, and she let me know in other ways how she felt about what we were doing.

“I love that, George! I love the way your nice, big cock feels back there.”

That may have been flattery, because my cock is actually pretty ordinary, but I knew she really derived joy from what we were doing that day. I was too, as the muscles lining her ass squeezed and released me, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure through my body. One more thrust of mine, matched by Casey, left my cock imbedded all the way inside her, and I could feel the soft insides of her ass cheeks under my pubic hair. We stayed like that for almost a minute, both of us letting our bodies be saturated with delight, while she squirmed with joy under me.

Very slowly, almost reluctantly, I drew my cock from the tight harbor that felt so good, until just the head was still imbedded. I paused for a few seconds and began driving it back inside Casey’s ass and, when she felt it surging into her, she thrust back until my hair was once again tickling the damask lining of the perfect hemispheres. We stayed like that for a few seconds until I drew back again.

We continued fucking the same way for a long time, with both of us moaning and sighing our delight, until Casey wanted to change and make it even better. “Let me get up on my knees and fuck back to meet you,” she suggested.

I was all for that idea, because it would be more fun for me too. Besides that, I knew she was lubricating heavily, and I would be able use my fingers to wipe up the fresh juices and lick it off them. I knew enough to be careful not to insert my fingers where they didn’t belong and would defeat the whole purpose of Casey staying with me. With my cock lodged all the way inside her ass, I helped the sweet girl get into her new position, with me kneeling behind her while my hands rested on her shapely hips. She moved the pillow that had been under her belly and placed it under the side of her face, raising her ass into the air and bowing her back to present the best target she could.

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