My Neighbor Fucks Me Ch. 03

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So Harold and I fell into a pattern: he would get home from work between 6:00 and 6:30 and within 15 minutes of his arrival, I would be naked in his apartment with his cock in my mouth. Over the next three week, I must have swallowed a gallon of his cum. Harold fucked my ass while I was in every position possible: on my back, on my elbows and knees, riding him, bent over a table, bent over a stool and tied up to a sawhorse in Harold’s playroom. And it was tied up on the sawhorse I found myself one Friday evening.

Harold had bent me over and tied my ankles and wrists to the legs of the sawhorse. He put a belt around the middle of back and cinched it tight so I was unable to lift up. I was blindfolded and Harold had put a tight ring around my cock and balls. He was on his knees behind me, spreading my ass cheeks and eating my ass with long tongue strokes and then deep tongue and finger penetrations. My legs were shaking from the intense sensations and hearing him moan and groan as he ate my asshole. He was opening me open over and over again and licking deeper inside me. I could feel a finger on either side of ass as he pulled me open and then buried his tongue inside me. I must have been vocalizing and saying yes over and over again. A strong slap on my ass brought me back to reality.

“Be quite, boy,” he said, and went back to work on asshole. Several minutes passed with him eating me and I kept expected to feel him rise up behind me and plunge his cock in. Instead, there was what sounded like a knock at Harold’s door.

“They’re here,” he said. One of the glass plugs Harold kept in the room was pushed inside bahis firmaları me. My ass took the familiar feeling over being full and there was the temporary thrill of the cold glass inside my ass. Harold left the room and closed the door.

Who was here I wondered. Harold hadn’t mentioned anything about someone else coming over. I could hear him talking in the other room and sounded like three voices. I wondered how long I was going to be kept waiting to find out my fate. I could hear the door open and footsteps. Of course, my ass was facing the door with the glass plug in place. I could sense some step in front of me and a hand under my chin lifted my head up. A hard cock was at my lips and I open my mouth take it in. I didn’t think it was Harold’s cock and as his thrusting into my mouth and throat began, I could tell by the rhythm of his strokes it was Harold. I concentrated on pushing my tongue out and relaxing my throat to take his cock when I felt the plug in my ass roughly pulled out.

I knew what was in store for me now. I hated that feeling of emptiness when a plug was withdrawn but a second later, an unknown man’s cock was pound into my asshole. The man in my mouth began to increase the intensity of his fucking my mouth and throat. Neither of them said a word but just kept relentlessly fucking me until I was gagging and choking and drool was running out of my mouth. I could feel I was getting lightheaded from not being able to take a deep breath and I tried to concentrate on finding the rhythm of the man fucking my mouth to take a breath and it almost worked but the man in my ass suddenly positioned himself kaçak iddaa a little closer to me and really began a brutal assault on my asshole. His hips were pounding into me and his cock was deep inside knocking the breath out of me as the cock in my mouth pushed into my throat.

I struggled to turn my head but a strong pair of hands was on either side of my head preventing my escape. The belt around my back kept me from lifting off the sawhorse to escape the cock tearing into my asshole. They must have been able to tell I was on the verge of panicking as my body began to involuntarily thrash around to try and escape. The man behind me finally spoke, “Forget it, bitch. You’re not getting away from this.”

The man in my mouth had a moment of mercy and slowed down enough for me to catch my breath and then with short, brutal strokes, he was back to fucking my ass as the man in my ass continued to pummel me from behind. I really couldn’t believe their stamina as they continued to rape me for what seemed like an eternity. At some point, the man in my ass gave a guttural shout and came inside me. Both of them stepped back and I could sense them moving. Suddenly, there was a cock in my ass again, pounding and pounding, another hand was on my chin lifting my head.

“Clean me,” he said as the cock that had so recently been violating my asshole was held against my lips. I had never taken a cock in my mouth after it had been in mouth but I knew I didn’t have any choice and open my mouth and extended my tongue as he pushed his cock inside. I began to suck and swallow, the lube tasted sweet and his cum was acrid and bitter. I kaçak bahis swallowed over and over again. The cock in my ass exploded cum inside me.

The man in my mouth pulled his cock out and then shoved it back in several times until he was satisfied it was clean. As he stepped away, the man in my ass pulled out and walked around in front of me. I cleaned his cock as well. In the middle of cleaning him, I felt my ass cheeks spread and a plug being inserted. Harold had apparently put one of the glass plugs in an ice bath. The cold sensation felt wonderful after the pounding. The second cock was clean and I heard everyone leave the room and the door was closed.

I hung my head down and breathed slowly. This had been the most intense fucking I had ever endured. For the first time, I was really worried that I had gotten myself into a bad situation. I could hear them talking in the other room and it was many minutes later that I heard the front door open and close. Harold came back into the room after a couple more minutes.

“You did a good job, slut,” he said as he pulled the plug from ass. He positioned his cock head at the entrance to ass and slowly entered me. He began to gently fuck me as he said, “Next Friday we’re going to have a little party. Those two a couple more will be here. You are going to be the guest of honor.”

He began to pick up the pace of his fucking.

“I’m going to dress you up in stockings, a tiny skirt and a tight little t-shirt. You are going to be the party favor for my friends. From now on, your life revolves around servicing your master’s cock and any other man I order you to perform for. Do you understand?”

I weakly said yes. He slapped my ass hard and hammered his cock into me.

“Yes, what, you little whore!”

“Yes, Master,” I cried out and Harold filled me with his cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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