My Mother’s Friend

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It was September and I was visiting my mother for the first time since she moved away I was riding my Harley that I just bought I pulled into a gas station and called my mom just to make sure I had the right directions and she was home.

Hi Mom it’s me John… yeah I am about 20 minutes away… tell me the directions again just to make sure ok… Right I got it… Ok love ya mom see you in a few.

As I hung up the phone I thought of the phone call and thought I heard another woman’s voice in the background figuring it was just a friend of hers keeping her company I got back on my Harley and drove back on to the interstate its been almost 6 months since I have seen my mom last and I knew she was still trying to organize herself in her new place as I got to her exit I was remembering the last time I saw her as we hugged and kissed our goodbyes. I neared her street and then made another left then looked for her house I drove about another block then came across her house it was a nice place small yard with a large wooden fence in the back I could see from the sides seemed like a quiet neighborhood as I pulled into the driveway I revved my Harley then turned it off as I was getting off my bike the front door opened I had to blink twice I couldn’t believe it there was my mom standing at the door in a tight fitting spandex shorts and a tank top she had to have lost fifty pounds since I last saw her.

Mom? Is that you? I asked. Yeah hon. it’s me I have been working out lately with some friends here. My god mom you look great I said I couldn’t believe it my mom looked so hot she had a flat hard stomach and her legs were a golden tan my cock was twitching in my pants as I looked at her I couldn’t believe it. I had to shake this feeling that was growing inside of me as I walked closer she wrapped her arms around me and I felt her squeeze me as her breasts pressed into my chest.

Come on in she said I followed her looking at her nice tight ass I couldn’t believe I was thinking these things I never thought of this before not with my own mother. I tried to look at other things instead of staring at my mothers tight ass but every time she turned around all I could think about was grabbing her ass and squeezing it tight I followed her into the living room and then the kitchen then I saw another woman there sitting at the kitchen counter she had long blonde hair cascading down her back and greenish blue eyes that looked like the sea my mom introduced me to her friend Sally I said hello as she looked at me and then turned to my mother .

Your right Jen he does look like Al.

Whose Al I asked and my mother told me that was just a guy that worked in the gym that she goes to. Oh ok mom and thought nothing of it as I gathered my things and then asked my mom where I would be staying. She then showed me to my room and the bathroom and I noticed a lot of makeup in there just for my mom. I put my things away and then went back to the kitchen and thought I saw my mother touching Sally’s ass and giggling but it was so fast I ignored it I sat down at the table started to talk bahis firmaları to my mom and her friend catching up on things then I got up and said I am going to go lay down its been a long ride mom.

Ok hon. go get some sleep we will catch up on things later.

I went to my room and got undressed I sleep in the nude cause its most comfortable as soon as I laid down I fell asleep. When I woke up next I looked outside and it was dark so I walked into the kitchen and got something to drink I didn’t see my mother around so I sat on the sofa and turned the TV on. There was nothing on so I went over to the videos my mom had and picked one out and tried to put it in but it seemed that there was a video in the vcr so I took it out and looked at the label and it was a lesbian porno I couldn’t believe it I was shocked I put it back in and left it there I went back to my room and got dressed as I was getting my helmet I heard the door open and it was Sally I said hi and she asked me where I was going I just replied out for a ride around town where’s mom she then told me that she had to go to work for the night they called when I was asleep she didn’t want to bother me while I was sleeping so she told her to tell me.

Well you want me to show you the sights she asked.

Sure why not I replied let me go put my helmet away and we can go. Well I never had been on a motorcycle before why don’t you give me a ride and I can point things out to you she said.

I said ok no problem I grabbed my jacket and she went and got one of hers then we headed out. I put the bike in neutral and started it up then turned it around and told her to hop on. I watched her drape one leg over the bike and made sure she was settled ok before we took off.

Hold on I said as I revved the engine and we took off down the street I felt her arms tighten around me as we got up to 50mph the bike was growling as we hit green light after green light she pointed out the famous sights and I looked on I then felt her hand come to my crotch and feeling her breasts push against my back her hand was now on the inside of my thigh going straight for my cock as I felt it get nearer my cock started throbbing she then started stroking it through my jeans I couldn’t believe it her I was on my bike getting a stroke with my moms friend she leaned closer to my ear and suggested that we go back to the house. I then quickly did a U-turn and headed back to the house all the time she was stroking me through my jeans. I pulled into the driveway and then turned the bike off as she got off she grabbed my hand and told me to follow her. As we walked through the front door she turned around and as soon as I shut the door she was pushing me against the door and kissing me I kissed her back flicking my tongue in her mouth my arms wrapped around her and her body was tight I figured she must work out cause I could feel the muscles in her arms as she pulled me closer to her. We broke the kiss and she moved her hands down my body going to my jeans.

You know that bike ride turned me on I am so wet right now I was you to fuck me kaçak iddaa she said.

She undid my pants and pulled my zipper down as my now hard as rock cock jumped out she engulfed it in her mouth. I couldn’t believe it I was going nuts her mouth was like magic on my cock I leaned my head back and moaned loudly as she took the whole length of my shaft deep in her mouth and sucked hard on it going up and down I could feel her tongue swirling around my cock her hands fondling my balls.

I moaned and grabbed the back of her head grabbing her hair and pulling her mouth down on me.

Suck it you slut… suck my cock I screamed in delight as her mouth did its magic on me I was pushing my hips forward and back fucking her wonderful mouth I was on the verge of Cumming as my balls tighted and I knew she could taste my precut cause the next thing I knew she started going faster and faster.

I’m going to cummmmmmmm… I’mmmm cummmingggggggggggggggggg…

She kept my cock in her mouth as I let my fluids flow into her mouth I heard her gulp and swallow every last drop as I shot all of it down her throat as she sucked the last of it from me my knees were shaking and she stood up and leaned into me and kissed me I could taste my salty juices in her moth as her tongue danced its way in.

My turn I said as I pulled her to the sofa. She sat down and I got between her legs and pulled her shorts off. I couldn’t believe it there she was sitting there with a bald pussy and no tan lines at all none what so ever it didn’t take me long to dive into her wet pussy I licked the inside of her thighs licking her juices and savoring the flavor she moaned and squealed as I continued my licking she removed her top and I saw the most perfect breasts small areoles and nipples sticking out about 2 inches I gently lapped at her skin teasing she brought one hand to the back of mead and tried pushing me into her pussy but I pushed her hand away and told her to relax it was my turn now as I gently nibbled and licked up her thigh her hands went to her breasts and fondled them squeezing her nipples and pinching them by now my cock was getting hard again as I watched and licked her I then moved my tongue lightly over her wet slit I could see her enlarged clit peeking from its hood I lightly touched it and that sent a shiver up her spine as she moaned loudly.

Eat me eat me she cried eat your slut pleeeeeaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

My tongue lapped at her lips going up and down each side gently then harder then slowing down I could tell I was driving her crazy as she was moaning and her head was thrashing from side to side I then blew on her clit and another shiver rocked her body then without warning I moved her hood back with my two fingers and planted my mouth directly on her clit I sucked and moved my tongue back and forth right on it lightly then harder her hips started bucking moving up and down both her hands came behind my head and thrusted me further into her my mouth like a suction cup wouldn’t let go of her clit.


I started sucking her clit harder this time her legs and thighs wrapped around my head tightly as her orgasm reached its peak and she went over it was like a damn bursting in my mouth her juices were flowing rapidly as waves over waves of orgasms went through her like lightning bolts she shook and shuddered as I kept lapping her juices up with my tongue then with her last moan and sigh her orgasms subsided her muscles relaxed and her legs fell to the floor I then drank the last of her juices and looked up at her.

Are you ready for part two now Sally my little slut you’re going to get the fuck of your life.

I then started to move up her body as my rock hard cock rubbed its length across her lips.

NO no no more pleas she said I cant handle much more then without hesitation I pressed the head of my cock along her slit and rubbed her clit through its hood. With this I heard her moan and sigh.

Do you want it Sally dont you want this nice hard cock inside you??

NO no noooooooooooo…

I rubbed it harder against her clit and heard her moan louder this time I then pushed it inside her just a little then came all the way out.

No no don’t tease me she said.

I plunged it back inside her just the head of it now then back out.

Oh god oh god fuck me please I need it she screamed, Fuck me fuck your little slut pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

With that I plunged it all the way in as deep as I could go I heard her scream with delight as my cock went to the depths of her. She arched her back trying to make me go deeper and I pulled her legs to her shoulders and thrust my cock in and out of her harder her nails dug into my back as I fucked her faster and harder with deep penetrating stroke.


My cock was going in and out of her I could feel her going from one orgasm to another I looked down and saw my cock glistening with her cum I could see it on her lips and running down over her asshole and down the crack of her ass you could hear the sounds of our skin slamming into one another as my thrusts went faster and faster my balls were slapping against her asshole I was on the verge of Cumming again as my balls tighten I could feel her working on her 6th orgasm as I kept pounding her pussy with deep long hard strokes her juices glistening off my shaft along her shaved lips. I was going to cum any second now as I pulled my cock out I said ”Suck it slut suck my cock with your juices on it and take all of me down your throat”. She spread her legs and bent forward taking my shaft in her mouth and sucking me all the way felling my balls as I fucked her mouth feeling her tongue along my shaft I shot wave after wave of cum down her throat as she swallowed the last of it she looked up at me and I looked down at her then said “ What a slut you are aren’t you?” She looked me in the eyes and said yes I am i am your slut now.

Well Slut next time maybe ill fuck you in the ass and have you eat my mother at the same time would you like that slut? Yes Master I would she replied and with that we walked to the bathroom and took a shower with her giving me a tongue bath all over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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