My Mother Chapter 3 The Final Chapter

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My mother part 3

The next day while my daughter was in school mom and I fucked. While we
fuck I made sure to finger her asshole getting her ready for the evening of fun. She would
moan every time my finger stretched her.

“God, your fingers feel good. And I am so stretched. I am ready for you to fuck my
ass good and deep.” She moaned. “Fill my cunt with another load of your cum. And put another
finger in my ass.

Being the dutiful son I inserted yet another finger now she had 3. I thought about 4 but
deceided to wait till another day. Mom might even like it enough to have me fist her ass.

We finished up our playing before my daughter got home. Her mother came and got her at 4;00.
I knew mom and I would have the whole weekend to ourselves. The door had barely close and mom
was all over me.

“Good, she is gone. Now I can let loose. I don’t have to be quiet anymore. Or hide what I
really want to do.” Mom moaned as she dropped to her knees. She ripped my jeans open and
pulled my underwear aside, and I watched my cock disappear into her mouth. I was hard
instantly. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards my dick. Mom must have
known what I wanted cause she opened her mouth even farther and my cock slid down her

“Damn, that feels good.” I moaned. “Its been a long time since anyone has been able to deep-throat
me. If you keep this up I am going to blow.”

Mom removed her mouth just long enough to say that it would be ok for me to cum in her
mouth. Then she went right back to sucking on me. well knowing she wanted me to cum
in her mouth made it hard to keep from cumming. I let loose. Squirt after squirt flowed
from my cock and into mom’s hot mouth. She gulped it down as fast as she could but there
was too much. Some of it drooled from her lips and down onto her breasts.

When mom had finished gulping down my load she removed her mouth from my softening cock.
“Damn, its been so long since I have tasted that much hot cum. That was one hell of a big
load, my son!” She stated. “Now fuck me in the ass.”

“You will have to give me a few minutes, Mom. You just drained my balls.” I replied.

“Ok, but you need to play with my asshole till you are ready to do me. You are going to fill
my ass with that beautiful cock of yours. And I want it as deep as you can bury it in me.
The deep the better. Then fill me with your hot cum.” Mom was telling me as she turned her ass
towards me.

“Ok, i will fuck you deep and hard but I don’t think my cum load will be very big unless
you give me a few days of not fucking me.” I replied.

“Ok, I will agree to not fuck you for a few days after you have really reamed me good
tonight.” Mom smiled. “But it going to be hard to leave that cock bahis firmaları alone. I will have to
finger myself to get off.”

“I think you will be able to handle it.” I smiled.

We laid back in each others arms. Mom playing with my cock and me playing with her nipples.
We talked about where we wanted this to go. Mom chirped up, “Well, first thing I want is to
feel this monster up my ass. Then we can work on other things like the sleeping arrangements.”

“I know I am going to want to get as much of your pussy and ass as I can.” I replied. “Also
I want to feel to fell the head of my cock in your throat as many times as you can handle it.”

“Don’t worry about my cock sucking skills. Or about how much and how many times I can get you
in my cunt and ass. I will be able to take every thing you give me and more, once I an used to
a big cock like yours. I Will probably want you to bring some of your friends home once in
awhile so that i can be full of cocks.” Mom smiled. “I can be a cock hungry whore.”

After a hour or so, with mom’s playing my cock was back to it rock hard state. I glanced down
to see mom stroking it and staring at it.

“Well, what are you waiting for, mom? Go wrap your hot lips around it and get it wet.” I
teased her.

“Don’t you worry about me, son. I was sucking and fucking long before you were born. I know
your cock is ready and so is my ass. Grease him up. I want it deep and hard in my ass. I want
you to tear up my ass. I don’t care if you make me bleed. Just make sure you fuck me good and
dump your load.” Mom stated as she moved her mouth down to my throbbing member. “Its been to
fucking long since my ass has been reamed good and hard.”

I watched my cock slide into her mouth and disappear. Mom kept going till every inch was in her
mouth and her nose was in my pubic hair. While Mom mouthed me I got out the KY and greased her
ass good. I pushed a huge gob into her asshole. She was tight. It was going to be hard to get
my cock in her. I slid two fingers into her. Mom mumbled without missing a stroke on my cock.

I fingered Mom’s asshole for a few minutes, feeling it relax. I inserted a third finger. I felt
mom’s asshole squeeze my cock. I knew mom was enjoying the fingering.

Mom pulled her mouth of of my cock and said, “Ok , son, lay down your mother wants your cock
in her ass. I will sit on it so i can control how fast it will go in me.”

I laid back with my cock straight up in the air. Mom lifted her leg and straddled me. Mom
aimed her crotch at my dick. She rubbed it back and forth against her wet dripping pussy and
well greased asshole.

Mom moaned as she rubbed my swollen cock head against her semi tight greased asshole. “Oh, this
is going to feel so good. Its been to damn long.”

Mom kaçak iddaa stopped moving my cock around when she found her opening. Mom sat down just a little. With
just a tiny bit of the tip in her Mom sat still. “Damn, it feels so good to feel a cockhead at
anal opening. I know this cock is going to stretch me good.” Mom moaned.

Suddenly Mom lifted her ass from my cock, moved back a little and drop her full weight down
onto my cock burying me deep in her cunt. “Ahhhh, yes. Now its all nice and wet.” Mom smiled.

With that she pulled up and off and guided my cock back to her waiting asshole. “Now you stay
still and let me do all the work. I am going to have to go slow till its all in me and I am
fully stretched.” Mom told me.

With my cock back at her hole, Mom slowly started to slide down on my cock. I could feel her
trying to relax her hole by acting like she was taking a dump. Each time she did a quarter of
inch of my cock would slip in.

I watched Mom’s face as she was slipping me into her. It was pure pleasure. Mom had one hand on
my chest and the other holding my cock guiding it into her. Inch by Inch, milimeter by
milimeter, my cock was disappearing into my Mother’s tight asshole. I could feel my cock
stretching her anal channel. Mom was tight. She had the tightest ass I had fucked in a long
time. I hope the tightest didn’t make me cum to soon. I wanted to savor every moment of this.

On and on Mom went till she had every inch in her, then without warning she lifted a little,
got off her knees and onto her feet in the squatted position. Being as skinny as she was this
opened her butt cheeks. Then Mom dropped all her weight onto me burying my cock deeply into
her. Mom had my whole 8″ cock in her bowels. Her asshole was tight against my pubic bone.

“Oh, Fuck this feels great. I haven’t been this full in so long. My asshole has never been this
stretched. I think I tore myself. But , damn your cock feels great and deep.” Mom screamed.

Mom moved her ass up until she had just the tip of my cock in her. I could feel her asshole
relaxing and tightening. After a few seconds Mom let her weight slowly down engulfing my whole
cock again.

“Oh, FUCK!!” Mom wailed. “I love having my ass stretched. You feel so good deep in my bowels.
I have waited to long for this. Now, Fuck me!! Fill my ass and bowels with your hot cum. Pound
my asshole till its raw. Take me, I am all yours.”

Each time Mom thrust her ass down on my cock I thrust up to meet her. I looked down to watch
my disappearing into Mom’s ass. I saw a small trace of blood but that didn’t seem to bother Mom.

Finally I grabbed Mom’s hips and rolled her over onto her back. I had her put her legs on my
shoulders thereby opening her legs so i could see her stretched pussy hole and kaçak bahis my cock deep in
her rose-colored anal opening. I could see as well as feel her tightening and relaxing her anal
muscles. Mom was milking my cock will her ass muscles.

I pulled my cock out of her ass again and thrust back into her. I picked up the pace. Faster and
faster my cock was going in and out of Mom’s tight ass. Mom was moaning. I watched her facial
features. Her eyes rolled back every time she hit my pubic bone. I could see spit running from
the sides of her slack lips. She acted like she was having a out of body experience.

I felt my balls beginning to tingle. I knew I was close. I felt my cock swell. Mom felt it also,
“Oh, yes, I feel you swelling. I know you are ready to fill my bowels with hot spunk. Pound my
ass. Stretch me. Fill me with cock and cum. God, I love it.”

Every time I heard Mom talk like a slut I would get over excited. The next stroke was all I
could take. I slammed my cock as deep as I could into Mom’s ass and held it there while my cock
dumped it life giving load. Squirt after squirt let my cock and shot into Mom’s ass.

“Oh, shit. Oh, Fuck! Goddamn your cock feels so good. So big. Your cum is so hot. Fill me!!
Give me all you cum! I want it all! I love it. I love you! I want you to fuck me forever!!”
Mom was screaming as she pushed her ass back towards me.

Finally my balls quit cumming. I had fucked my mom’s ass and filled it with cum. I was in heaven
and i guess she was too. Mom went limp under me. At first I thought she had passed out but she
hadn’t. Her legs went limp and dropped off my shoulders. Her mouth fell open. Her arms fell to
her side. But my cock was still plugged deep in her ass. As I started to shrink I slowly pulled
out. When the head plopped out I rolled Mom over. I wanted to see her asshole and how much I
had stretched it.

Mom’s asshole was gaped open. I could see deep into her bowels. I saw my cum. Some of it was
draining out of Mom and onto the bed. I couldn’t help my self I put 3 fingers into her gaping
hole. With all the cum in it, it was easy to slide my fingers in.

Mom’s moaned, “Oh, honey your fingers feel good but my butt is so sore. Please wait to later
before you finger my ass. Let me rest and just feel your sperm moving around inside of me.”

I removed my fingers even tho I didn’t want too. I wanted to try and fist Mom’s ass. I wanted
to see if she could handle my fist. If she could Mom would be having orgasms like she had never
had before.

I rolled Mom on her side and cuddled up behind her in the spoon position. My semi hard cum
covered cock was right between her spread ass cheeks. Mom scooted her butt back to get as close
as she could. “I love the feel of your cock between my ass cheeks.” She mumbled. With that we
both fell asleep.

As i slept I dreamed of more days of fucking, sucking, fisting mom’s beautiful pussy and ass.

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