My Life of Lust: Introduction

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Let me first explain how I got here.

My name is Kaycee. I have always had a rather unconventional view of sex (for a woman) I suppose. I can honestly say that I don’t actually recall when or how I lost my virginity. I can recall sexual play going back to my childhood. As a young teen I engaged in groping and playing with boys and some girls. These sessions at times included some of my cousins. But it wasn’t until I was a bit older that I feel I really hit my stride.

But the really different thing about me was, I never felt any guilt nor did I ever feel that sex or sexual play was that big of a deal. To me it has always just been something that felt really good and was a hellava lot of fun. I guess I was either blessed or cursed (depending on your view) with a highly active libido.

A couple of months ago I was laying in bed with one of my lovers after we had finished a rather intense bout of good old fashion hard core fucking. Now this perticular man likes for me to talk dirty to him and tell him of some of my exploits. I sometimes talk to him before hand and stroke his cock as foreplay and sometimes I talk to him while he is driving into me. (I do have to be careful about the latter as it can sometimes cause him to cum a bit sooner than either of us like).

Anyway… As we lay there catching our breath… he said to me that I should write a book. Now at first this caused me to laugh. But as we talked a bit more I became intrigued with the idea of commiting some of my adventures to writing. So after some thought, I decided it might be worth a lark.

So here we go. I’ll give it a shot and if I get good feedback, I’ll continue. If not, nothing lost anyway.

These stories will not be in any chronological order but rather just what I happen to recall or feel like sharing on any given day. I hope you enjoy!


The following occurred when I was in my very early twenties. I was visiting an Aunt and Uncle in Houston, TX. It was summertime and I spent most of my days lounging around the pool while my Aunt & Uncle were at work. One day during my second week there, I was laying pendik escort on my tummy by the pool soaking up some sun. As I frequently did, I had unsnapped the top of my bikini to reduce tan lines. I was in that half sleep, half awake mode that often occurs when laying in the sun. I was suddenly brought awake by a male voice saying “Opps…. Sorry.”

I put my arm across my breasts and half rolled over to see a guy that looked to be a bit younger than me standing there in swimming trunks with a towel in is hand. Now in fiction he would be an Adonis with rippling muscles and a handsome face. But in reality he was cute with slightly shaggy hair and a rather skinny body. He apoligized and introduced himself as “Josh” (nope… not his real name) the son of some friends of Aunt & Uncle. I had heard my Aunt talk about him and she always referred to him as a “cute kid” leading me to picture him as about 14 years old.

Josh explained that he had had pemission from my Aunt to use the pool during the summer but he didn’t know anyone was home. I sat up and introduce myself (holding my bikini top in place with one hand. Josh smiled and turned his back so I could get my top on. After about an hour of chit chat he hopped in the pool and swam about a bit. Now since my arrival in Houston, I had been sexually deprived which making me feel sexually depraved. When I saw Josh get out of the pool and his wet swim trucks outlined his semi-hard manhood… Well my libido kicked into high gear.

I told Josh that it was getting too hot outside and I didn’t want to burn so I was going inside. I invited him to come in and visit for a while explaining that I was bored there by myself. Josh followed me inside and I took every opportunity to bend over and display my ass or tits to him. I could see that his errection was growing which indicated he was interested. I told him I wanted to get out of my wet swimsuit and I’d be right back. He waited in the kitchen while I went down the hallway to my guest room. Once there I stripped and jumped in the shower to rinse off. I was wondering what kind of ruse I could employ to get him back to maltepe escort my room but when I stepped out of the shower I found him standing there already. I made a small show out of covering myself with a towel but soon we both dropped the charade. I let the towel fall to the floor and put my hands on my hips. His eyes went wide and his mouth parted in a big smile. I told him I had shown him mine, now he needed to show me his. He pushed down his swim trunks and when he stood back up I could see his cock was all of the following: 1. It was a solid seven to seven and a half inches. 2. It was standing up at a 90 degree angle. 3. It was circumcised and 4. It had a lovely head on it that was thicker than the shaft (I love large heads on cocks).

It was my turn to grin and I stepped forward and dropped to my knees. I place one hand around the shaft and gave it a few slow strokes and then I put it in my mouth and begand a slow, soft sucking and licking. Josh groaned and tilted his head back. After a few minutes of this I pushed him on his back on the bed and resumed alternating between softly licking the underside of his cock head and sucking on him. At times I’d take my mouth away and slowly stroke his cock with one hand while gently rubbing his balls with my other. It wasn’t long before his body tensed up and he let go with a very impressive spray of cum as I continued to stroke his hard as steel cock. After about a half dozen shots of cum he began to shake indicating that his cock was now too sensitive for me to continue.

I got up and went to the bathroom to wash off my hands feeling good but wondering if he would be able to recover enough to take care of me later. When I returned to the bed I was pleased to discover that he was already slowly stroking his cock (I am not sure if he had recovered or if he had not ever gone soft). He laid me on the bed and opened my legs began to lick me. His licking was soft up and down the length of my slit. Now it was my turn to moan. After a few minutes I felt the familier tingle begin in my pelvis and thighs and then spread as he focused in on my clit. Then the kartal escort explosion started and I began to spasm and yell out. As I gasped for breath he rose up and came towards me with his hard cock. He aimed his cock at my soping wet pussy and pushed forward. (It is exciting when a man enters me without using his hands to guide his cock.) He pushed the length of his cock into me and I felt as if I was being pushed apart and drilled out all at the same time. And then the pumping started…. Ah yes… the pumping. He was relentless.His hips moved in a steady, unceasing manner. Not a slow, soft, easy motion and not a hammering fashion, but rather somewhere inbetween. His fucking was steady and non-stop. After several minutes he pulled out and shot his load on my belly. Then without missing a moment, he slipped right back in me and resumed his plowing of my delighted furrow. At some point he flipped me over and entered me doggy style. Holding me by my hips he continued to drive deep into me. I was clawing at the bed alternating between telling him I needed him to stop and begging himm to continue. Thank God he had the good sense not to listen to me and just continue to fuck.

He flipped me back over on my back and resumed his relentless drilling. I wet my finger tips and reached up to rub his nipples. This seemed to drive him into more of a frenzy and his pounding became even more solid but not faster. I had already lost track of how many times I had cum. Finally he let go with one final load in my well used pussy and with a gasp he rolled over and lay down.

We both lay there recovering and catching out breath. I glaced at the clock and found that we had been fucking for over an hour. But I also realized that I didn’t have long to get the mess cleaned up before my Aunt & Uncle came home. Slowly we both got up and slipped on our swim suits. We kissed a quick good bye (the only kiss we had actually exchanged that afternoon) and he left. I stripped the bed and began to do the necessary laundry.

Afterwards I staggered back out to the pool took a quick dip before taking a short nap poolside. That is where I was laying when my Aunt came out and commented that it looked like I had a relaxing day.

She had no idea…. Or maybe (as I found out later) she may have had an idea…

Let me know what you think and if you want to hear more of my sexual life.

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