My Girl Stephy

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This whole thing started at the music festival, but don’t let me get ahead of myself. First off, the name is Andy. I am a 28 year old, 5’10”, 190 lb. man. I don’t think of myself as the hottest guy in the world but I most certainly am not the worst looking, I suppose you could say that I have my good qualities. Anyhow, I went to an area music festival and decided to volunteer to help with lights and audio of the bands that were playing there, and that is where I met her. She was 5’4″ of the finest woman I have ever seen. Wavy auburn locks of hair hanging down to her shoulder blades. Freckles spattered lightly over her tender face and her beautiful eyes so intoxicating that you could loose yourself in her gaze. She had nice long legs and a slender figure. Needless to say, when I first saw her it was love at first sight.

I came to learn that Stephy and her father were working with the lighting boards and that we were going to be working side by side… a dream come true for me. Well needless to say I am a shy guy so hitting on her was beyond my normal bounds of conversation. Well as the festival wore on I became more aware of the fact that she was seeing me as more than just a co-worker. Even my glances at her had become obvious to her when she cornered me on the Saturday before the festival ended and confronted me.

“Andy, do you like they way I look?”

“Ummm, why do you ask Stephy?” I said nervously as I looked around to see if anyone was watching our encounter.

“Well, you seem to not be able to take your eyes off of me.” I looked to the ground, kind of ashamed, “So Andy, do you like what you see or not?”

“Of… of course I do” stuttering “I’m sorry Stephy, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable!”

“You didn’t, but you better make up for all of the staring.” She said as she teasingly walked away.

My heart was through my chest, did I just get hit on by the girl of my dreams? Millions of questions were reeling through my brain as I attempted to catch up with her. I’m not sure why I did what I did next. Perhaps it was because the fact that I absolutely adored her and didn’t want her to get away without her knowing how I felt, or maybe it was my libido taking over my body… who knows?

As I caught up to her in the hall heading for the light board I decided what must be done. I grabbed her arm gently and turned her around, her eyes looking innocently into mine as I reached down and kissed her ever so softly on the lips. She was uneasy at first but after a second she began to return the kiss, and more passionate than I expected.

“Wow Andy, I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I never thought you’d make a move like that,” she said dreamily.

“Well, to tell ya the truth, I really adore you… and…. And well I was wondering if you and I might be able to maybe go out sometime, get to know each other a little more?”

“As long as you come up with something fun and romantic to do, you’re on!”

To my great relief we decided after the festival was over to meet up for dinner and a stroll along the beach. When I picked her up for the date she was wearing a nice white halter top and a pair of tightly fitting jeans that nicely accented her vivacious legs. She made me decide of course where we were going to eat so we went to a local diner for some quiet conversation. I found out she was younger than she looked, for a 20 yr old she sure was a lot more mature than most college girls are. She was so beautiful that I could barely wait for the walk on the beach. But… enough dinner talk.

As we left arm and arm out of the diner, pleasantly escort ataşehir full from the wonderful dinner, I began to notice small things beginning to happen. Her head drifted to my shoulder as we walked barefoot through the small swells of water. We found a nice place to talk as we sat and watched the moon.

“Andy, have you ever seen a more perfect night?”

“With you here Stephy, this is the best night of my life.”

“Well, maybe its just getting started,” she said to me as she got up and started playfully running down the beach toward my car. Of course I had to chase her down as she reached my car, I pinned her arms behind her in an embrace and kissed her. Our tongues entwining in a fit of ecstasy.

“Hold on there Andy, we can’t do this out here,” she said as I was working my hands over her halter tops’ tie. “Your place isn’t far from here is it,” she said with a wink.

I opened her door for her and jumped in my side. That was the fastest I’ve ever driven home but it was the longest 10 minutes of my life. As we pulled up to the drive, her hand in mine I led her up the stoop to the door. Pressing her up against it as I fumbled with the keys and kissing her at the same time. When I finally get the door open we head for the living room. As we reached the couch I pushed her down, holding her hands by the wrists with one of my hands, the other, roaming her body as we passionately kissed. Moaning with anticipations as our tongues intertwined. My free hand finally finding the tie on her halter top and with one smooth tug the top was laying on the floor. Her breasts in full view, were small but very nice. Nipples already hard with excitement.

Still holding her arms above her head, I slowly kissed my way across her jaw line to her earlobe. Then kissed down her neck to her collar bone as my hand massaged up and down her side. My hand searching for her right nipple as I kissed down her chest and searched for her left with my mouth but never quite reaching with either, teasing and tormenting her. Her back arched back a touch as my leg ground into her crotch while my fingers finally found their destination and pinched slightly, enough for pain, but not enough to be enjoyable. I then found her other nipple with my tongue, twirling around the outside of it with the tip of my tongue… then smoothly with my teeth, I drug them across it causing a bit more pain as she ground into my leg even more.

The look on her face was of torture and lust. “Please Andy, I can’t take this anymore, I need you!”

I looked up from the attention I was giving her breasts, “Stephy, I haven’t even got started!”

“Please, I need you in me….” Twitched in her speech by the hard twist of her nipple. “I need you in me now.”

“Well, you are going to have to wait for it.” I chuckled as I let go of her hands and started to kiss my way down from her breasts. Running my hands across her breasts and down her stomach as I kissed my way down pausing around her belly button and teasing it slightly with my tongue. I continued kissing down her stomach and with one hand I unbuttoned her jeans. Because they were so tight fitting I decided to get them off and out of my way as quickly as possible. So I instructed her to lift her ass up as I attempted to get them off of her. We both burst out laughing at the difficulty I was having just getting her pants off. As I finally got them off I looked up and realized she didn’t have any underwear on.

Her perfectly shaved pussy, sitting there for me to view. Lips glistening from juices, clitoris sticking out looking as if inviting me to do as I wished kadıköy escort to it. I was in awe, this was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. “Andy, stop staring, you’re making me blush.” She said as she crossed her legs and covered her face a bit. “I’m sorry Stephy, but you are by far the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! And if you will let me, I would like to please you better than anyone else before me!”

Blushing she nodded as she spread her legs for me to see, juices flowing even more. I quickly moved back down to her pelvis, kissed down her panty line toward her pussy lips without touching them. I teased her even more, just breathing on her pussy, kissing to the sides and torturing her as much as I could take. The smell and amount of juices finally got the best of me and I dove in tongue first. Her pussy tasted as sweet as the sweetest candy, I just couldn’t get enough of the taste, and quite quickly by lapping up her juices she began to grab my hair and convulse under me. As the juices flowed even more, I continued to not let a single drop hit the couch as I was determined to lick up every bit of her wonderful cum. Finally she pushed me off, breathing heavy. I smiled her juices practically all over my face. I began to use my finger to clean off my face and she grabbed my finger as I went to put it in my mouth. Looked at me seductively as she sat up and licked her own juices off my finger, then proceeded to lick the rest of her juices off my face ending in our tongues intertwined in yet another passionate kiss.

“My turn,” she said as she pulled my shirt off and pushed me back on the couch. I smiled as she kissed me and kissed down my chest, pausing at my nipples, biting and twisting them in her fingers, it made my cock twitch even more. A moan escaped my mouth as she kissed downward and unbuttoned my jeans. Helping her, she shed my pants and started rubbing my already hard cock through my boxers. Now I have to describe my cock I suppose. It’s not overly long, bout 5-5 ½ inches or so, but what gets the woman is the fact that it is extremely thick for a cock of this size. This fact didn’t seem to bother her until she pulled my boxers off of me and saw how actually thick that I was.

“Andy, I don’t think that it will fit,” she said with a nearly horrifying look on her face.

“It’s ok Stephy, we will take it slow until you get used to it!” I said as she took it in her hand and began to stroke it. She nodded ok as she licked the tip of my cock sizing it up to see if she could even get it in her mouth. Getting it all slobbered up she took the massive head into her mouth, teeth dragging a bit as she got it into her mouth. I twitched a bit as she took my cock further into her mouth and teased it with her tongue. She began to become accommodated to it and started taking it further into her mouth and began to really work my dick over. Pretty soon I felt myself beginning to reach the edge. I muttered something about being ready to cum she should get it out of her mouth but she didn’t even miss a stroke. As I began to cum, she made sure my cock was in her mouth all the way, tongue teasing my cock head as I shot spurt after spurt of my hot cum into her mouth. Not missing a drop and to my surprise, she swallowed all of my load, turning me on even more and making my cock stay incredibly stiff for just coming.

“Now will you fuck me,” she said after she pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved up to kiss me. Our tongues dancing together while her pussy ground against my still stiff cock. I grabbed her and rolled us over, holding her hands down so she couldn’t move them. With my maltepe escort bayan free hand I pressed my cock against her pussy, teasing it as much as possible and getting her pussy juices all over it. Rubbing my cock off her clit, teasing and making her squirm in anticipation. I finally started to insert my cock, her eyes growing as my dick stretched her pussy probably further than she’s ever had it stretched before. Slowly inserting it until my head was completely in, holding it there for a moment. Finally getting used to my dick, eyes full of lust, she wraps her legs around my ass and quickly pulls me in, my dick buried to full hilt. Trying to stay conscious, she holds me there not allowing me to move. Her pussy was on fire, wet and so warm. If I hadn’t cum in her mouth I probably would have lost it right then and there without even getting to fuck her.

Finally she became accustomed to my cock and released her leg’s grasp around me. I slowly pulled out and pushed back in, her pussy grabbing my cock with every twitch of movement. Starting to move a little quicker, and twisting her nipples with my free hand she begins to moan and really enjoy herself. I moved a bit stronger now seeing that she was getting fairly close to coming. I let go of her hands and just as she began to spasm under me, I twisted her nipples and her pussy clenched my dick so hard I thought it might break it. The pleasure unbearable for her as I tried to continue to fuck her but her cunt not allowing me to move much.

Finally she stopped coming, juices everywhere. She pushed me off and I sat there on the couch. She then straddled me, placing my cock at her entrance and sinking down on me as she kissed me. Arms wrapped around each other as she slowly began to rock on my cock, tongues darting in each others mouths. She began to move quite quickly as she was close to coming again, so I wrapped my arms up behind her and grabbed onto her shoulders with my hands and started to pound her fast and hard, pulling her down with my arms as I thrust upwards. She screamed as she came, pulling my hair and scratching my back with her nails as she came, over and over as I continued the hard fucking until she went nearly limp in my arms. I held her up from falling over, her pussy spasming every few seconds, breathing hard and nearly in tears from the sex she finally started to come back into consciousness.

“Mmmm more,” she cooed. She got off of me and leaned over with her arms on the side of the couch, her ass facing me. I could see her pussy juices glistening as I moved to fuck her from behind. This time not waiting for her to be used to my dick, I just shoved it in all the way and pulled it all the way out. Moans escaping her mouth as I did it again. Finally I started to go to town, my hands on her hips slamming her ass back into me as my dick invaded her pussy harder and faster than she’s had yet. Feeling her cunt on fire, I was getting close to coming as I pounded into her. As she began to scream out in pleasure from being on the verge of coming herself, I slammed my cock into her for a few more hard times as she came and her pussy grasped my dick as if attempting to milk every little bit out of me. I finally came, spurting another hot load of my cum into her pussy as it convulsed below me, making me come even harder. We both collapsed in each others arms, my dick still in her.

And that is the way we fell asleep that night, her held in my arms. I awoke the next morning to my soft cock sitting at the entrance of her pussy, juices all over the both of us. I kissed her neck and pulled her as closely and tightly as I could to me not wanting the morning to end. She snuggled into me as I held her there, I was in heaven and never wanted it to end. But as all things do, the morning ended, we went our separate ways but that didn’t stop us from more dates and more fornicating fun… but those dates are for another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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