My First Time

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It all started when I trod on her foot.

I was 20, tall and uncoordinated, and prone to wearing stovepipe jeans and Blundstone boots.

She was 32, a head shorter, long blonde wavy hair, with short skirt and, pertinent to this occasion, bare feet.

Jen often took off her shoes in the office. She was in charge of a Pensions team, had a humorous direct gaze from grey/blue eyes, an informal manner, and most importantly for my young hormones, a fantastic cleavage and nice legs.

On this particular day I was racing up the stairs to get back to my desk, she was strolling back to hers, and our paths intersected at the top of the stairs with my size 11 boot landing on her bare size 6.

“Owwww!” she said and those mesmerizing eyes met mine reproachfully.

“I’m so sorry!!” I stammered. It was the first words I’d ever said to her. Despite working in the same office for over a year, I was terminally shy around attractive women and had previously only given her quick smiles before looking away bashfully.

“It’s ok,” she said, smiling and rubbing her foot (which increased my view of both cleavage and thigh).

Amazingly, with the ice broken, I was able to talk to her. We chatted for a while and it turned out that she lived only a couple of streets away from my parent’s abode, which shamefully I still inhabited.

“You’ll have to come over for a drink one night,” Jen suggested. I assured her that I would, she flashed me another dazzling smile and strolled off. (Jen never just “walked, she padded along like a lioness.)

At the time I was, as I said, living with my parents. We were members of a religious sect that didn’t drink, smoke, swear, watch TV, listen to radio or go to parties. It was expected that we’d marry within the sect before having sex (for the purposes of procreation of more sect members). So the idea of going to a non-believer’s house, an older woman, no less, and partaking of alcohol there… well, that was bound to send me straight to hell.

Balancing this was the fact that I was 20, never even been kissed, had raging hormones and secretly masturbated at least twice a day to skin mags I surreptitiously bought and hid under the bed.

From somewhere I dragged up the courage to visit Jen one evening. I rode the few blocks to her house on my pride and joy — a Honda 185cc road/trail bike — parked behind her Falcon station wagon and nervously knocked on the door.

She answered wearing a bath robe. Her legs were smooth and had that glow that comes from a hot bath. The neckline plunged toward her waist and the swell of her breasts were still damp.

‘Hi!’ I blurted. ‘Ummm… if it’s not a good time I can go… ah… I just thought I’d drop by…’ casino şirketleri my words dribbled away and I just stood awkwardly in front of her.

She smiled. “It’s fine, I’d just finished my bath. Come in!”

She stepped back from the door and I squeezed past.

Her house was a small weatherboard bungalow, perhaps 1950’s, with a large back yard. The décor was nothing special but the house was spotlessly clean and neat.

She asked me to sit down and that she’d be back in a minute. I sat quietly on the couch, looking around the room, until she returned.

I’d assumed she was going to get dressed, but apparently she just wanted to get dry… she was still in the bathrobe.

We chatted for a few minutes and then she said she wanted a drink.

“What can I get you?” she asked, smiling.

Due to my upbringing I had very little contact with alcohol.

When I was 17, my best mate and I had bought three 6-packs of beer and drunk them all, which made me both vomit and question the idea of drinking. Later, I snuck out to a night club and ordered a Southern Comfort and Coke — because that was what the bloke in front of me ordered.

Given that Southern Comfort was all I knew, I asked her if she had any. She did, mixed us both a drink and sat back down to talk.

The drink relaxed me and we chatted for a while. I noticed her stretching her back and wincing at one stage, so I took the plunge and asked her if she wanted a massage.

“Yes please!” was the reply.

We went into her bedroom. Jen switched on a table lamp, smiled at me and lay face down on the bed. I was quick to notice that she loosened her bathrobe and shrugged it down her shoulders as she lay down. By this time I had an erection and the thought of her breasts being bare under her only added to the stiffness.

I started massaging her neck and shoulders, marveling at the feel of a woman’s skin — something I’d never touched before. She relaxed and was enjoying the massage.

As I worked lower on her shoulders I started nudging the bathrobe further and further down. By this time I was massaging her back and could see the sides of her breasts. My erection was painful, pushing furiously against my jeans. I straddled her legs and moved even further down, so her bathrobe was draped over her smooth slopes of her gorgeous buttocks.

I jumped off the bed and started massaging her legs, starting at her ankles and working up. As I went higher and started on her thighs, my excitement was rising ever higher. My breathing was faster and waves of sexual frisson crashed through me… this was the most sexual experience of my life!

I didn’t have the experience to know that she was excited too. casino firmaları My only previous encounter with sexuality was in the pages of porno mags — and photos of a jaded porn star being stuffed with a black cock do not prepare you for a real woman.

I started slipping my hands under the edge of the bathrobe and gently massaging her butt. I was almost coming with excitement — for the first time I was actually touching a woman’s nude bottom! Jen was letting out slight moans by this time, which I assumed just meant she was enjoying the massage.

Suddenly, she reached an arm back. Startled, I stopped, worried that I’d gone too far by touching her arse. But what she did shocked and delighted me… she grabbed the bathrobe and pulled it off her completely, leaving her lying there totally nude.

My eyes must have popped out as I gazed at the sight of this gorgeous woman, lying naked in front of me, her breathing quick and ragged. Her legs were slightly apart and in the dim light I could just see the furriness on her labia.

It’s amazing that I didn’t come in my jeans then and there. I was so excited but didn’t know what to do next. A story from a magazine went through my mind, about a seduction involving an ice cube. My voice trembling, I said “I’ll just go and get some ice…”

I had turned and was about to go to the kitchen when her hand grabbed my arm. Her voice, throaty and compelling, said “Come here.”

As I turned back to her she rolled onto her back. Suddenly the lovely melon-shaped breasts that I’d been trying to see all evening were right there in front of me. From these creamy mounds her light brown nipples jutted, and even in my excitement I thought “She must be cold!” My eyes travelled downwards, over her smooth belly with its deep belly button, to territory I’d only ever seen photos of.

Her bush was a darker blonde than her hair and was trimmed at the sides, leaving a wide stripe of fur that led down to her thighs which were pressed together. As I watched, she spread her legs slowly and I could see the glisten of moisture on the pink lips that came into view.

As if stunned, I stood there as her hand which gripped my arm led my hand to that incredibly beautiful pussy. As my fingers neared it I could feel the heat that radiated from it, and then, in what was the best moment of my life, I touched her glistening pussy lips.

As I stroked my fingers back and forth in the moisture that coated her pussy, she moaned. I said “Are you ok?” She was biting her lower lip with her eyes closed, and nodded. “Mmm-hmmm…” was all she said.

With her free hand, she grabbed my shoulder and drew me closer. Suddenly I was pulled on to the bed, my cheek pressed to hers, güvenilir casino her lips next to my ear.

“Fuck me!” she moaned.

“I… I don’t know how…” I stammered back. I wanted to, more than anything on earth. If Jesus himself had appeared in front of me and given me a choice of guaranteed paradise or the experience I was having right now, I’d have told him to bash his heaven up his arse.

“Are…are you a virgin?” she asked, surprised. Shamefaced, I nodded.

“That’s ok, honey,” she said softly. She sat up, and her arms went around me and tugged the T-shirt from my jeans. She drew it off slowly and kissed my nipples. I groaned with need as she unbuckled my belt and pushed my jeans down. As they went over my hips my cock sprang free, larger and harder than I’d ever seen it before. Jen gave a low moan of approval as she saw it spring almost vertical, the head purple and gleaming with a coating of pre-cum.

As she lay back down she drew me with her, so my chest was rubbing those gorgeous nipples and my penis was nestled against her bush. With the last of my wits I remembered safe sex; I hadn’t brought a condom with me.

“Are you… ummm… safe?” I said. Her brows went together for a second in confusion, then cleared.

“It’s ok sweetie… I’m on the pill.”

By this time our need was so great that it couldn’t be denied any longer. She slid her hand down my penis and guided me into her wet, warm pussy.

As I felt my cock slide into that slick warmth, I groaned with absolute joy. At last.

Surprisingly, I didn’t come at once. With all the excitement I thought I’d shoot as soon as I was inside her, but for the next five minutes there was just the slapping sound of my cock sliding in and out, soft moans and groans from both of us, and the feel of soft skin under my lips as I sucked first one nipple then the other into my mouth. As I bit gently on her nipples she gasped; it didn’t take me long to work out that she loved the sensation.

Each time I bit a nipple her pussy clenched around my cock.

In my excitement I sucked on her neck, her breasts, her shoulders. I couldn’t get enough of her.

Suddenly her face contorted as if in pain, and her hips quivered beneath me. “Are you ok?” I asked, concerned.

She just nodded, gasped “Don’t stop!!” and grabbed my butt cheeks, pulling me hard against her.

Her pussy clenched and quivered on my cock, and with crashing excitement I felt my climax approach. My back arched as I thrust myself in to the hilt, pressing hard against something (she later told me it was her womb), and then my come gushed into her, spurting time after time.

As the tremors subsided I lay on her, my penis still firmly plugged in her wet pussy, my chest supported on soft pillows of her magnificent breasts. As I looked into her gorgeous eyes something soft exploded in my chest. I knew that no matter what happened in life, I would always remember this night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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