My First Sex with Boyfriend

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Hi everyone, I am Vedasree from Chennai. I am here to explain my first experience in sex with my boyfriend. This story is not a fiction, it’s completely true and original. Let me have a brief description about us both. I am Vedasree, a qualified CA working in a firm. My age is 24 now and coming to my body, I’m 5’4¨ height fair girl with sizes 36c-30-38.

Coming to my Boyfriend, his name is Chandra he is 5’10” tall with a normal body, he is living away from his parents in Chennai. I will start the actual story now…

In 2013, I completed my CA and joined as an employee in a firm. There I saw Chandra for the first time. He became a friend very quickly. We exchanged our mobile numbers, we used to chat in the nights. We used to roam everywhere in holidays, because of that, many of our colleagues started thinking that we are in a relationship. One day, We had a conversation about the same..

Me: Hey Chandra, everyone is thinking that we are in relationship

Chandra: Yeah, I too know that. I am very happy for that

Me: What?

Chandra: Yeah Veda, I thought of telling you the same from many days, today I got a chance to express my love to you

Me: Are you serious?

Chandra: I am really proposing you, what do you say? Do you have interest in me?

Me: I’m confused, I need some time, I will tell tomorrow.

Chandra: I will wait for your reply

After reaching my home, I thought of it for a long time and texted him “yes”. That made him really happy & we slept that night. After that day, we used to be so close everywhere, late night chatting & holiday meetings..

One day, on a holiday, we planned to go to a movie named Raja Rani. He booked corner seats for us, that was a big hit movie. Everyone is busy in watching the movie, He held my hand tightly and kissed my hand. Since that was a new experience, I became nervous. He then put his head on my shoulders and started watching movie. My heartbeat raised to its peak because of this, then he slowly kissed my neck part because of which my breathing became so heavy. He might have felt my nervousness, he asked me whether I am comfortable or not? I replied, “it will be better if we stop it, we can try it where there will be no one.”

Because of my words, he was a bit disappointed, but he agreed to that. We went to our houses that day. Immediately, I went to bathroom to have a bath, my panty is having a wet patch because of that incident. Then, I had my bath and came outside, I saw my many messages from Chandra. He is saying sorry for the thing happened in theatre.

Chandra: I’m sorry for what happened in theatre

Veda: No No, don’t tell sorry for that. My problem is not with the incident, it’s because of the place

Chandra: Then, will you allow me to do that if we are alone?

Veda: You have that right, you need not ask

Chandra: Wow, that’s great. Then, do one thing, tomorrow morning take leave in office and come to my home directly.

Veda: Okay, I’ll come

That night passed so late, completely filled with thoughts

Next day, by morning 10, I reached his home. He is already waiting for me. I entered his home, he immediately hugged me at the door itself. Then he closed the door and invited me inside.

We both went to his bedroom, he then slowly kissed my cheeks, forehead, eyes, ears and then he slowly started kissing pendik escort my lips. That’s a completely new experience to me, for the first time in life I am kissing someone. He is so passionate in kissing, he held my hips with his hands and is deeply kissing my lips. He sucked my lips and tongue. His hands or on my Butts now, he is pressing them softly. Then he stopped kissing and looked into my eyes, I became too shy.

He then, took off my t-shirt. I was in my black bra and jeans now, he removed my bra too. Since I do yoga regularly, my boobs are tight in shape. I became half nude now, he removed my jeans too and left me in my black panty. Then, he started kissing my neck which made me crazy. He slowly planted a kiss on my boobs, and took a nipple into his mouth. He is making circles on my nipples with his tongue. That feeling is really awesome, I just held his head tightly.

With one hand, he is pressing my another boob. I was really in a different world. He then slowly came down kissing each and every inch of my body. He came till navel, then he went to my toes and started kissing bottom to top. He then reached my pussy area, my panty became wet already. He sniffed it and kissed over panty, I was enjoying his acts. then he removed my panty, I haven’t shaved my pussy for long time. He then, spread my legs apart and kissed my pussy lips.

Then he slowly started, licking all my juices and he is tongue fucking me. Because of that, I couldn’t control myself and held his head tightly against my pussy. He increased his pace in sucking, which gave me very big orgasm in my life for the first time . All the juices directly went into his mouth, he drank it so happily.

Then he got up and removed his dress immediately. His cock is 7¨, but my hole is too small for that. That too, I’m a virgin. He asked me whether I can give a blowjob to him. I have seen it many porn movies, so I said yes. I just started implementing the same process with him. I am taking hardly half of his cock, he is enjoying the act.

He then said to stop and asked me whether I’m ready for the final act. I hesitatingly said yes, I just asked him to be gentle. He then went and brought some oil, he applied it to my pussy hole, he first inserted one finger into my hole and then two fingers and applied oil to the inner pussy walls too.

Then he took a condom and kept it on his cock. I closed my eyes, he kept his cock near my pussy and started rubbing my clit. Then, he slowly tried to insert his big cock into my love hole. It didn’t go inside in the first attempt, then he tried one more time. this time, it went up to an inch. That’s really a big deal to my hole. I cried in pain, but he said me to cooperate.

He then tried to push one more time, this time it went up to 3-4 inches inside my hole. But, I was in complete pain and I am getting blood from my hole, I lost my virginity now.

Then, he took out his cock out and cleaned the blood in my love hole and applied some more oil and then again pushed it with force one more time. This time it went completely into my love hole. tears started rolling down in my eyes,

Then he didn’t move, he just inserted it inside and started smooching my lips and kissed me for some time, while his cock is inside my love hole. After 10 minutes, I became a bit comfortable, then he slowly started moving his cock inside and outside.

At maltepe escort first, I felt a bit different, but, as the fuck continued I started enjoying to his fucking. He increased his pace now, he started fucking me fast which is driving me so crazy. I was crying till the past 10 minutes, but now I am enjoying the fuck. Within 10 minutes, I reached another orgasm. I held him tight with my legs, but, he increased his pace, within a short time he too reached his climax and slowed down. We are in resting a nude position on that bed with his cock still inside me.

After having a wonderful session, we both rested in the same position. His cock is still there in my love hole itself. The whole incident is running in my mind and I felt shy for what I had done.

Till then, I never allowed a boy to come into my personal space, but now, he not only entered into my personal space but also entered into my body and broke my virginity and still inside me without taking an inch outside. That thought itself is disturbing my mind to an extent. I couldn’t see into his eyes straight at that moment. Maybe, he might have understood my situation. He held my head with his hand and started caressing my hair.

Chandra: Veda, why are you so upset? Don’t you trust me?

Me: If I really have no trust in you, I couldn’t have allowed you to do this. I trust you, but, I thought of having sex after marriage. I agreed it just because of my love towards you. I believe you, but, we could have had sex after marriage.

Chandra: I will never break my promise, but, as you know I can’t marry until my sister gets married. And even I couldn’t stop my urge in these moments. If you really feel disappointed, This will be our first and last sex before marriage.

Me: Chandra, don’t feel upset. I can understand your feelings, in fact I loved this experience. At first, I felt the pain but after that I was on cloud nine.

Chandra: Wow! Do you like the way I fucked you?

I just nodded my head approvingly because of shy

Chandra: Do you like my cock?

Me: Shut up Chandra, you don’t have shy at all

Chandra: What is there to shy between us? I just want to hear it from your mouth. Tell me please.

Me: I liked it(with shy)

May be my words are getting him mood, his cock is getting hard again which I could sense in my love hole. He took out his cock and removed that juice dripped condom. Then, my love juices mixed with that small bit of remaining blood started coming out of my pussy. He then, went up to my pussy wiped it with a towel.

He made it clean and kissed over the outer lips of my love hole. I just held his head tightly, then he started to lick my clit. This time, I made a slight moan which encouraged him to suck it more. He is sucking it with a great passion. Slowly my juices started coming out again, he licked those juices too.

Then, he stopped in between. I came into senses then, he is smiling on looking at my face expression. I closed my eyes completely and biting my lips with one hand on his head and the other one on my boobs.

Chandra: Veda, You are really looking gorgeous in that sexy expression. It is tempting me more and more.

Saying that he came to my face and started kissing my lips deeply. I could feel the taste of my own love juices from his tongue. That doesn’t taste great, but, kartal escort it’s making me more hornier than earlier. He is sucking my lips and tongue so passionately, lots of love juice is oozing out of my pussy because of that different feeling.

While kissing my lips, his hands started exploring my love hole. Then he took those juices with his fingers and licked his fingers in front of me. That made me horny and shy at a time. Then, he stopped kissing and went down to my pussy and licked those juices completely.

Chandra: Your juices are more tastier than honey

Me: Shut up Chandra( I closed my eyes with shy)

Then he turned me upside down on the bed. Now my butt is facing the topside. I didn’t understand why he turned me. But, I’m sure that I’m going to enjoy whatever may be his act. For my surprise, he spread my butt cheeks and started licking my asshole. It’s giving a tickling sensation, and I loved that feeling. He then got up and asked me whether I can take his cock again.

I feared a bit because of the pain, but that pleasure is really tempting me again. Even, he made my pussy much more hornier because of his acts.

Me: Go ahead, but please be gentle.

Saying that I thought of coming into missionary position again. But, he stopped me and asked me to stand on all fours. He then started rubbing his cock against my pussy. I couldn’t wait anymore now, then I asked him to insert quickly.

Because of the dripping juices, this time, I didn’t feel much pain as I felt earlier. He then started fucking me slowly and increased his pace.

Within 5 minutes, I lost my control and started to moan heavily. Nothing is coming into my mind except the pleasure I’m getting out of the fucking. I closed my eyes and enjoying the pleasure. This time the pleasure is much more than my first time. Within a short time, I reached my climax.

But, he is still fucking me as he didn’t reach his climax. As I reached my climax, my pussy is trembling now with his fucking. In the mean time, he reached his climax and slowly stopped the fuck.

He then removed his cock from my love hole and went to my pussy. My love juices are coming a flow out of my pussy. He took all of them into his mouth and turned me again. He spitted all those on my boobs and started sucking them. I just held his head tightly.

His condom is now filled with loads of his sperms. He asked me to remove the condom which I did shyly. His cock is shining with those juices on it. Then he just laid next to me on the bed with his hands on my boobs. He is just fondling them. Because of those sex sessions, we got exhausted.

Then, we both decided to freshen up ourselves and go to a restaurant for lunch. While having sex, I didn’t feel the pain, but now I felt a little bit of pain while walking. We both had bath together and freshen up ourselves and went to a restaurant.

After having lunch, he asked me whether I can go for one more time. But I seriously need rest or else I will fall definitely. I said the same to him for which he agreed and took me in his car to my house.

Before opening the car door, he just said me thanks and kissed my lips. I slowly went to my house and knocked the door and went upstairs to have a sleep. At last, Something happened in my life which I never dreamt of happening, But, it’s really a great pleasure.

This whole incident happened 2 years before, and now we got married to each other. He didn’t break my trust. We are a happy couple now. I would like to share some other experiences based on the feedback I receive. Feel free to feedback me. You can contact me on my profile.

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