My Dream Encounter

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He could hear her walk in the front door. He was in his room working at his computer. She walked through the door. “Hi” was all she said as she dropped her purse and jacket on the floor. “Hey” he responded turning toward her as she slid her leg over him. Sitting on his lap she presses her chest against his and slides her hands up to play with his hair. He tilts his head back and she presses her lips against his. Sliding her tongue between his lips she teases him the way he likes it. His arms wrap around her and she can feel his bulge. She pulls away tugging on his swollen lower lip with her teeth.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to do this again,” he says.

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” she responds as she pulls his head back for more. Her heart is racing as they continue to kiss. She can feel his warm breath on her skin as he makes his way to that sweet spot on her neck. She gasps when she feels him sucking on that perfect place. He slowly works his way down to her shoulders pushing her shirt and bra strap out of the way. She bends her head over him to nibble on his ear the way she knows he likes.

She turns her head toward him as he presses his lips once again against hers. She can fell the intensity inside him. She breaks away and stands up pulling him out of the chair and into her arms. Their lips press together once again as he slides his hands under her shirt. Their kiss breaks off only for a second as he pulls her shirt over her head.

She’s wearing her black lace bra. Her breasts are already aching to be released. But he knows that and chooses to leave in on instead. He knows it drives her crazy.

He pushes her backwards until she’s pressed up against the wall. She kicks off her shoes as she slides her leg up his and hooks it around pulling him closer to her. He’s biting her neck again. She pushes him away. “Take off your shirt,” she says. He pulls it off in one motion and she grabs his belt loops and pulls him back to her, wrapping her ataşehir escort bayan leg around him once again.

She breaks the kiss, “We should move.”

“OK,” is all he can respond breathlessly.

She takes his hand, flicks off the light, and leads him over to the bed. The glow of the computer screen illuminates her body as she crawls into the bed. She turns over and lays down with her hair surrounding her face. Her chest rises and falls with her heavy breathing. He crawls on top of her and presses his lips against hers while he rolls over to end with her on top of him. She leans up and tosses her hair over her shoulder while wrapping her legs around him leaning in again to kiss him.

As one hand grabs her ass, the other slides up and with one quick flick of his wrist undoes her bra. “I love it when you do that!” she says as she tosses her bra onto the floor. Her perfect breasts are finally released for him to see. She rolls him over so he’s on top again and he slowly kisses his way down toward her chest. Her whole body responds to his moist, warm lips on her hot skin. He knows she’s already wet, but this is his favorite part. This is the easiest way to drive her crazy.

His hands push her breasts upwards as he slowly kisses the first nipple. Opening his mouth he slides his tongue out and playfully flicks it back and forth. His mouth surrounds the nipple again, this time sucking harder. He hears her gasp and he pulls harder with his mouth. She’s breathing harder and he stops. Pulls away. And asks, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she gasps out. He just smiles and bends down to suck on her swollen nipple. His thumb had been sliding across her other breast all the while. He switches over to the other breast as she arches her back grabbing at the pillow under her head. He’s only there for a short while before she grabs him and pulls him back up to her lips. Her intensity comes out as they press their hot lips to each other. escort kadıöy She tugs at his belt and unzips his pants.

“Stand up,” she orders, “and take off your pants.” He slides off the bed and drops his jeans on the floor. He goes to crawl back onto her, “No, no” she says, “Boxers too.” He smiles and slides off his boxers.

“Isn’t this your job?” he asks.

“I like to watch,” was her response. “And while you’re at it, how about taking off mine?” He leans over and kisses her stomach. Undoing the button and zipper he tugs on her navel piercing with his teeth. He grabs the side of her jeans and starts to tug them off. Lower and lower until he realizes she’s not wearing any panties. “Hot!” he gasps as he gives one final tug leaving her naked on his bed. “I thought you’d like that,” she responds. He crawls back on top of her and she wraps her legs around him, pulling his naked body onto her.

Their tongues intertwine as she rolls him over. She begins kissing her way down his body. Lower and lower, sliding her hand around his cock. She curls up between his legs and takes his head into her mouth. Her wet lips slide over his as her tongue plays along the underside. She knows he loves this and that’s what turns her on the most. She teases him while rhythmically sliding her hand up and down. “You’re going to have to stop, or we’ll have to end the night early,” he says. She smiles as she leans over him. He rolls her onto her back and positions himself over her.

He leans down to kiss her as he enters her. As she gasps, he pauses, giving her a moment to get used to him. She relaxes and he slides all the way in. He hears her moan and knows she’s ready. She wraps her arms across his shoulders as he begins to slide in and out of her wetness. She pulls her knees up along side of him and hooks her ankles around his waist. She moves her hip in time with him.

He slides his hand down her side and along her thigh. He pulls her leg over his shoulder maltepe escort and she hooks her other around his ankle. He knows this is one of her favorite positions and while he supports his weight on his left hand he uses the other to squeeze her breast. Playing with her nipple he watches her. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open. Her gasps and moans are getting louder as he makes each push deep inside her. “Holy shit!” she screams. She may be sweet and nice in public, but in his bed, the better it gets, the worse her mouth gets. “Oh, Fuck!” He knows his roommates are sleeping, too bad for them. He loves hearing her scream. He knows she’s close when she grabs the headboard. Pushing hard against his hips. He pushes in as hard as he can as her muscles squeeze around his cock.

She moans and her body relaxes. She opens her eyes with a big smile on her face. He releases her leg and leans down to kiss her. “You like that?” he asks already knowing the answer.

“Oh, yeah!” she whispers, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he lays his head on her chest. Staying there only for a little while before he begins to kiss her breasts again, making his way back up to her neck and to her waiting mouth.

She pushes him to roll over and leans over him. Leaning on one hand she grabs his cock and slides onto it. As she positions herself and begins to ride him, he slides his hands onto her ass. Helping move her up and down. She knows how to squeeze her muscles around him just the way he likes. She does this as she slides up and down. She can hear his breath getting shorter and he starts to thrust back harder. She is also beginning to moan.

They continue for a while until he grabs her and rolls over. Pulling her legs up along his waist, he thrusts harder and harder. She’s moaning louder and digging her nails into his biceps. With one final push, he gasps and then collapses on top of her. She wraps her arms and legs around him, holding him until his breathing slows.

He leans up to kiss her and rolls her onto her side. Laying behind her with his arm wrapped around her their heat keeps both of them warm.

From behind her she hears, “I can feel your heart beating.” She snuggles closer to him and falls asleep in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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