My Desire

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August Ames

I went to bed last night thinking about you and me. You are standing in front of me in your boxer shorts. You know how much I like boxer shorts on a man and how it turns me on. My pussy is so wet in anticipation of getting my lips, tongue, and mouth on your rock hard cock. I am looking into your eyes and smiling as I lean forward to plant feather light kisses on you face from your forehead working my way down your face to your lips.

Then, I kiss you and you kiss me, our tongues entwine in a mating dance rubbing and stroking, our breaths blending together. Your hands slide around my waist and pull me closer as my hands follow suit. I moan and break our passionate kiss and begin to plant feather light kiss down your cheek tracing a imaginary line that only I can see down the side of your neck my tongue swirls around your Adams apple as I continue following that line in my mind’s eye across your shoulder blade where my teeth lightly rake over the bone. I feel your hand flex against my waist. Your head is thrown back, you are totally enjoying my slow intense investigate of your body. I smile into your skin and repeat ataşehir escort bayan the process on your other shoulder blade as my lips and tongue form a trail down your chest. I find one of your male nipples swirl my tongue around the tip, my lips close around the arouse flesh and I suck gently but firmly. I feel your moan and it drives me on to repeat the caress on your other nipple.

Then, I slide my lips to the center of your chest as my tongue licks a path down your stomach; I break our embrace to kneel down. I slide my hands slowly up the inside of thighs and underneath your boxers pulling them down your legs and you step out of them as your manhood pops out. I resist the urge to take your cock into my month. But my tongue continues following this imaginary line, I cross your hip and the junction of your thigh. I kiss, lick, and swirl my tongue against your flesh as my teeth gently nibble your skin. Your hands are resting on my shoulders and I feel your fingers flex as a result of my caress. Your response to my loving only makes me repeat it on your other hip.

Then, I kiss back escort kadıöy to your cock and my desire. My fingers encircle the base of your cock as my thumb presses firmly on the pea shaped prostrate between the base of your cock and balls. Your whole body arches at my caress. My other hand rubs up the base slowly, I can feel every vein and the blood pulsing through your cock makes my hand tingle. I continue to stroke and rub firmly against your prostrate. I lean forward and swirl my tongue around the head of your cock gently sucking and stroking the head matching the rhythm of my hand stimulating your prostrate. I know that the texture of my tongue on your sensitive head turns you on. You are bucketing up and down to my loving of your rock hard dick. I love the taste of your pre-cum and I’m getting wetter and wetter from sucking and stroking your cock. The head of your cock is leaking more and more pre-cum. I can feel your balls tightening and I firmly swirl my thumb against that pea sized prostrate applying just enough pressure that sends electric shocks through your cock. I love doing this to you because maltepe escort when you cum you shot long heavy loads of cum. I rubbing that prostrate and swirling my tongue around and around your cock head as I suck. It is wet with my saliva and your pre cum. You are moaning your pleasure and your body is bucking up and down to my gentle fisting and licking. I know you are close to shooting a load of love juice. My pussy is spasming in response to the feeling your cock head sliding in and out of my mouth.

I am sucking firmly on your head now as my hand strokes up and down firmly slow circular motions on your dick. You cock appears to lengthen with each stroke of my hand. You bucking up and down as your body tense and you arch up at the stimulation of your prostrate triggers your orgasm. This is the moment I love experiencing that first taste of cock juice. It is so warm and sticky; I’m swallowing, slicking, and slurping up each explosion from your cock hole. I stop stimulating your prostrate and just slowly stroke firmly up and down your dick milking it of all of your cock juice swallowing it in to my hot wet mouth. I slurp and suck your cum it creamy and hot and salty everything that a cock lover loves. I lick you clean from the tip of your cock head to down your balls my tongue is like a warm, wet cloth cleaning up every last drop of my baby’s love juice. Your cum taste so good baby…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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