My Cup Runneth Over Ch. 04

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I hope that you have enjoyed the first three chapters. If you have not read them, I suggest that you do so as without that context you will miss something as the series unfolds.

Chapter 4

The day after we parted company I got three emails, a joint one from Mary and Gwen saying what a wonderful evening they had enjoyed and adding that for them it did not end after Jean-Paul’s presentation but they would fill us in when we met next. Later that day there was a second email from Josephine saying that the remainder of her evening that day was absolutely unbelievable and she too would save the details for our next get together. That left only Joan and myself. I had no intention to let any of them know of what had transpired between Jean-Paul and me. It took another couple of days before there was any input from Joan. When it came she apologized for not staying for a drink after we broke up but that she was so stimulated by Jean-Paul’s presentation she called her friend, someone that we had not heard of previously and asked if I could come and visit. Once again, following the lead of the others she said she would share the following month. I could hardly wait for these disclosures.

We met the agreed Wednesday at the same hotel having reserved the same private dining room. Everyone arrived on time and after ordering a drink each we agreed to sit down, order our dinners and begin the ‘input’ from our previous meeting. I suggested that Mary and Gwen go first as they were the first to reply and had said they had interesting news to tell us.

“I am going to start the story and then let Gwen tell her part.” Mary said. “I thought that we were going to the bar and have a drink after Jean-Paul’s presentation but Gwen and I were the only ones to show. We were not surprised that Josephine did not make an appearance, dressed only in that bustier and crotchless drawers but what happened to the rest of you? I told her that I had other obligations and Joan said that she had received a text message that she had to attend to.

“Well, Gwen and I got into the bar and sat down and ordered a Black Russian. Two younger guys came in and sat at the bar; that made four of us in total. Gwen’s and my drink arrived and we talked about the evening and laughed a lot thinking about JP’s description of times at the Court of Versailles in the times of the Louie’s. While we each had some knowledge of the period we were a bit surprised to learn that it was no uncommon for a lord to take a lady, not his wife behind the curtains in an alcove and remove his cod piece, lift her skirts, already having access to her breasts and ravage her. We also ventured opinions how women at that time that were endowed as they we are ever could keep it all contained. Maybe we were a little bit loud and the mention of breasts were the cause but the two young men came over and asked if they could buy us a drink and join us. We looked at each other and said ‘Why not’. We told them a bit about the evening we had enjoyed but left out the part about Josephine’s prize. Our second Black Russian arrived as did the drinks of the young men. Now Gwen and I both knew that Black Russians can be a little like Martinis and Manhattans, one is not enough and three is too many, especially after a dinner that involved a fair amount of wine. As we finished our drinks we thanked the young me for them and their company and said good night.”

Having got into the elevator Gwen said, “Do you think they thought that they could get into our pants. We are old enough to be their mothers?”

Mary replied, “I believe that they thought that they might get lucky and have a story to tell of seducing two mature full breasted women, only in their dreams I guess.” We got to our room still talking about our evening and laughing about whether we should have accepted another drink and what might have happened.

After getting settled in our room Gwen said suddenly to me, “I kind of wish we had accepted that other drink. I am so horny I could scream.” When I asked if there were problems at home she responded, “Sam has not touched me in over a month. When I ask what is the problem he always says that he is tired; you would think he is a woman.”

Mary went on saying that John had not been very attentive either. I wonder if he is having an affair, he leaves early in the morning for the hospital and does not get home until sometimes 9:00 at night. When he is that late he always says that there was an emergency at the hospital and he had to operate, usually using a car accident as the reason. Then after a bit more discussion they decided it was time for bed. Mary invited to use the bathroom first. She when in closing the güvenilir bahis door. When she came out Mary remarked on the fact that she was wearing a man’s shirt that hung almost to her knees. Mary said, “If that is how you dress for bed it is no wonder that Sam is ‘tired’.

“I have tried everything! One night I put on a see through nighty and another I came to bed nude, no reaction.” was Gwen’s reply.

Mary said, “I went to the bathroom, deciding on a shower and after a while came out with only a large towel wrapped around me covering my boobs but little else. Half way across the room the towel fell to the floor leaving me in all my glory, fully exposed. I made no effort to hide anything or recover the towel, just kicking it aside.

Gwen who had gotten into bed and was reading looked up and said, “Mary you have a lovely body. You breasts are firm and don’t hardly droop. Your belly does not show that you had two kids. For a woman of our age you are well preserved.”

Mary thanked her and said that she was fortunate, her mother had a similar figure. After a bit more discussion it was agreed it was time to turn the light out and get some sleep.

After an hour or so Mary heard Gwen moaning. First it was soft and then the volume increased. Mary wondered if Gwen was in pain and was about to turn the light on when Gwen let out a yelp and then an exclamation, “Oh Shit.” Mary sat up and turned the night table light on.

“What’s the trouble?” Mary said.

“Oh my god.” was the response. “I was dreaming and I am not sure who I was dreaming about but suddenly I had an orgasm. I don’t think I was masturbating but between my sexual frustrations and sufficient booze I could have been. I also seem to have had a female ejaculation. My shirt, panties and the bed sheet are soaked. What am I going to do?”

Mary got out of bed and took Gwen’s hand helping her off the bed. “Go into the bath and get out of your wet panties and shirt. Rinse your panties out and hang them to dry; the same with the shirt. If you do not have a second pair we will use the hair dryer in the morning to finish the job or you can just go home pantiles.” the last part said with a chuckle. Gwen followed Mary’s directions and then came out with only a towel around above her bust. She sat on Mary’s bed and started to cry.

Mary asked “What are you crying for?”

Gwen responded, “I am so embarrassed, I had a wet dream and soaked my clothes and the bed. Now where am I supposed to sleep?”

Mary put her arm around her saying, “Where you are to sleep is not a problem. These are queen sized beds and you can sleep with me. But on a bigger issue, that is how are you going to get rid of your sexual frustrations I think we need to have a talk. When we met the first time as a group you spoke of the fact that you had never been intimate with a woman, that Sam had filled all those needs. Now Sam obviously is not doing so. I am sure at least in your younger days you masturbated; don’t be into denial. Everyone does it. Why do you think that they make vibrators and dildos?”

There was a look of puzzlement on Gwen’s face. “Are you really suggesting that I should buy a dildo?”

“That is not what I was saying at all. But that is totally up to you. But Gwen, going on from your comments the first time the group met you said that while you had never been intimate with a woman you had heard that women know how to please other women better than a man and that it if I remember correctly you said, ‘It might be interesting to find out’. Gwen, if you are really interested, what better time to experiment than right now.”

Gwen looked a bit shocked and paused before responding, “Are you seriously suggesting that you and I sleep together and pleasure each other?”

“Only if you seriously wish to. I certainly don’t want to ruin the relationship that you and I have as friends and neighbours. At the same time, we both have talked about our sexual frustrations and here we are in a discrete hotel where no one knows what we will do and no one needs to ever find out. Gwen, we are mature women who are certainly heterosexual. But I think all women have a bit of a bisexual nature somewhere inside them.”

Mary went on, “You and I are sitting here nude virtually touching each other and I ask you, ‘ Have you felt the least bit threatened either now or when I walked out of the bathroom and the towel fell because I will tell you honestly, the towel did not fall by accident? I wanted to see your reaction to me totally nude.

Gwen smiled and then said, “No I did not nor do I now feel threatened. Moreover, if I was going to experiment with another woman, no one more than you would türkçe bahis come to mind. Maybe I should lose this towel.” With that she stood and rather with some flair spun twirling the towel above her head and let it dropped to the floor. Gwen stood there, her breasts sagging more than Mary’s but still quite firm. Mary was taken aback a bit at the outset. It was the response she was hoping for but not the abruptness of it.

“My god, you’ve got pubic hair!” was Mary’s first reaction.

“Is that ok? Sam says he likes women with some hair on the mound.” said Gwen with a bit of concern in her voice.

“Of course it is alright. It is just that I thought everyone either waxed or shaved these days. It is said to me more hygienic.”

Gwen laughed. “Well at least for tonight, what you see is what you get.”

Standing up, Mary took a couple of steps and took Gwen in her arms, pressing their two sets of tits against each other. “Gwen, we are going to enjoy a marvelous memorable evening together; one we will never forget.” With that she took Gwen’s hand and led her to the bed without letting loose of Gwen’s hand, first sitting down and patting the space beside her. Mary looked into Gwen’s eyes and smiled, then taking the hand she held turned it palm up and kissed it. Then she ran her hand up Gwen’s arm until she reached the armpit and let her lips follow, finally letting her tongue explore the crevice between Gwen’s body and arm. Slowly her arm went around Gwen’s neck and drew her Gwen’s face to hers. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes before their lips met, first tentatively and then Mary let her tongue probe between Gwen’s lips hitting her teeth. With little hesitation Gwen’s mouth opened and their tongues danced with each other for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally Gwen drew back and whispered, “Mary please kiss my nipples.” It did not take much encouragement. Mary’s lips moved down Gwen’s neck and chest until they were on the top of the right breast.

“Gwen, please hold your breast to my mouth as if I was going to nurse from it.” Gwen complied, Mary’s mouth opening to accept the offered nipple. The areola were dark and the nipple pronounced; Mary’s tongue swirled around the nipple and it got engorged about the size of a large eraser. Mary teased and then sucked and teased and sucked.

“Please bite it, stop just fooling around!” Mary complied and Gwen gave out a loud moan. “Now the other one.” Mary moved her attention to the left nipple this time taking the breast holding it with one hand, cupping it and directing it to her mouth. This went on for several minutes, playing windshield wiper with pauses in the middle as Mary’s tongue ran up and down the cleavage between those to glorious mounds.

Mary while continuing worshipping Gwen’s breasts slid her one hand down over her belly feeling the ample curve, tickling Gwen’s tummy and trying to find the cleft in the tangle of pubic hair. Gwen reached down and directed my fingers to the goal.

“There is something you should know. My inner labia are like butterfly wings. Sam calls them my frilly dilly.

Mary said, “My college room-mate who taught me about sex had the same. It is an interesting feature of some women’s anatomy. I can hardly wait to explore your nether reaches and enjoy worshiping your vagina and clitoris. With that she pulled Gwen down on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. Then Mary kneeled on the floor between Gwen’s legs and spread them so that her feminine mound was fully exposed. Her lips went to the cleft that had become moist and using her tongue spread the labia. Gwen had not exaggerated; once Mary got past the outer lips she felt the soft almost like petals on a flower. In the dim light they were a soft pink and Mary was mesmerized. “Oh Gwen, you are absolutely gorgeous; I am so glad we are sharing this time. With that her tongue dove into the wet well of pleasure and started to lick. To give better access Mary lifted Gwen’s legs resting one on each of her shoulders. Her tongue started just above the anus and went up slowly passing the vagina and reaching the clit. Back and forth and back and forth, applying a little more pressure each time, Mary was enjoying every moment. Raising her head for a moment Mary said, “You are not only gorgeous, you taste heavenly!” Then dove back in, thrusting her tongue as deep into Gwen’s vagina as it would go. Gwen moaned in ecstasy begging for more saying, “Please rub my clit too.” Mary replaced her tongue in the vagina and moved her mouth up to the clit. She sucked and kissed and rubbed her tongue over the rigid knob until Gwen thrashed around screaming, “Oh Yes! Oh Yes, don’t stop; I am going to cum!” güvenilir bahis siteleri With a little more attention from Mary indeed Gwen went off like a rocket, trembling and holding Mary’s head in place.

Mary let Gwen hold her head against her pussy until the orgasm had subsided. Gwen then said, “Oh thank you! I don’t remember when I came like that the last time. Mary crawled up and they laid side by side holding hands and looking deep into each other’s eyes. Gwen went on, “I am serious; I cannot remember an orgasm like that ever before. You are a marvelous lover! Now it is your turn.” With that Gwen rose up on her elbow so her face was above Mary’s. Starting with a slow gentle kiss to Mary’s lips her hand went to Mary’s left breast and sought out the nipple. While playing with this nub Gwen’s lips parted and her tongue encouraged Mary to open her lips and let their tongues play. The nipple hardened and Mary asked Gwen to use her talented mouth in place of her fingers. Gwen took the large breast in two hands and pointed the nipple at her mouth. First flicking it with her tongue and then taking it between her lips sucked on it with vigor.

“Now the other one,” cried Mary and Gwen was only too happy to comply. “Gwen, I am so horny after getting you off I cannot wait any longer. I want you between my legs. But I have to confess that I can have some desires that some may find a bit strange. Instead of lying on my back with my leg spread, we will come to that, don’t worry, I want to start on my knees. You know that John is a doctor; from his ‘tool kit’ I borrowed some rubber gloves and I added a bottle of baby lotion. I want you to oil my crack and put on a glove if you want and play with my rectum and then move up between my legs and fondle my mons. When I tell you I will roll over and you can do as you please with my pussy; does this bother you?”

Gwen laughed and replied, “No it doesn’t bother me. Have you ever been taken in the ass?”

“Not really.” Said Mary. When I was in university my room-mate had a butt plug and we would put it in our rectum and then use a vibrator in our vagina; what a sensation. But John refused to put anything in my ass. He said he had done too many rectal exams as a resident and did not think I had a prostate.”

“Well let’s see if I can give you a sensation you will remember. Get on your hands and knees.” Mary could hear Gwen put the glove on and then felt the oil trickling down the crack in her bum. That was followed by Gwen’s fore finger being drawn down that cleft and then pulling the cheeks apart to fully expose Mary’s rosy rectum. Gwen began to massage this tender area gradually putting more and more pressure on it. This was stimulating Mary; soft sighs were heard by Gwen that only encouraged her to go further. She pushed and her finger up to its first knuckle went in. Then she reached with her other hand and cupped Mary’s shaved pussy. First giving it a firm squeeze before spreading the labia and seeking out the entrance to the vagina. It did not take long before Mary was moaning and Gwen inserted two fingers into that treasured spot, moving them in and out.

“Oh Yes!” cooed Mary. Put your finger farther into my ass and see if you can find my g-spot in my cunt.” These instructions gave Gwen greater confidence and before she knew it her finger was in as deep as it could go. Moving her fingers that were in the vagina moved as well stroking the side to the vagina. Then she felt a rough spot and from personal experience realized this was the goal. With two fingers stoking the g-spot and moving the one in the anus Mary convulsed. She shook and shook before collapsing on her stomach. “That was great!” said Mary.

“But you are one climax behind me. Roll over and let me help you play catch up.” Mary did as she was told and Gwen stripped off the glove. Not waiting, Gwen took Mary’s legs spreading them wide and without further-adieu dove right in. Her tongue found the vaginal opening immediately and probed it while her on hand sought out the clit and massaged it first softly and then with verbal encouragement from Mary more vigorously. It was not long until Mary shook is ecstasy finally begging Gwen to stop.

“Mary, It is late and I think we are both fully satiated. Let’s go have a shower and call it a night.” Taking Mary by the hand the two walked to the bath and after getting the temperature right soaped each other, paying special attention to their sensitive parts, breasts and clitoris, and then rinsed off and taking turns drying the other. Then both cleaned their teeth and collapsed into bed.

The next morning they decided that they needed to get home. They had breakfast and quietly discussed if this was a one off event or something they wanted to repeat. Without hesitation both agreed that they wanted to enjoy each other’s company again and agree that the next Wednesday, Gwen would go to Mary’s at noon for lunch.

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