My Best Friend’s Girl

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The door slammed shut, and as the voices of the group faded away, I smiled. Sitting on a lush leather sofa, holding my fourth beer in my hand, I was feeling pretty good. I turned my head from the door to her, she was smiling that big beautiful smile that she always wore. My friend was a lucky man.

“So, Jon, how are things with you?”

Sitting in the computer chair on the other side of the room, she leaned forward. I always enjoyed my conversations with her, because she was just as good of a listener as she was a talker. She had a way about laughing at your jokes, even if you didn’t think they were that funny, that just made you feel like you were funny. Like I said, my friend was a lucky man.

He and the rest of the party (two of our other friends and their girlfriends) had gone out for a beer and food run. I hadn’t opted to go because well for one, there wasn’t room in the car, and for two, I wasn’t sober enough to drive.

“Things are going very well for me, thank you.”

She stood up, crossed over to the couch and plopped down in that light hearted manner she always had about her.

“Are you sure? I know break ups can be tough.”

She was referring to the end of my most recent relationship. I had been dating a girl for almost three years. We had even been engaged when we broke up two months prior.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’m much happier now. Don’t worry about me, I don’t want to bore you with the ugly details.”

She laughed again, and slapped my knee, which surprised me a little. I didn’t mind it, it was just she had never really been very physically affectionate, except with her own boyfriend.

“But the ugly details are the most exciting! Come on, let it out, that’s what friends are for.”

I smiled and shrugged.

“There really isn’t much to say. Our relationship had reached a point where we were always fighting, everything she did got on my nerves and everything I did got on hers. I realized getting married wasn’t going to solve anything, it would only make things worse. Not to mention we hadn’t had sex for nearly two months,” I laughed, “You know me, that was the clincher.”

She laughed with me, and nodded her head.

“Yeah, I mean, I totally know what that’s like.”

This comment caught me a little off guard.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the lack of sex. I know what that’s like. Totally sucks.”

I frowned. As far as I knew, her and my best friend had been together for almost five years now, and neither of them had been in a serious relationship before that, having met at the end of high school.

“You mean, you and Luke have had dry spells?”

She laughed again, a bit louder than necessary this time.

“Had dry spells! Yeah right. I feel like the last year of our relationship has been a dry spell.”

Why was she telling me this? Despite the buzz from the beer, I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. I hadn’t ever asked my friends about their sex life, and to be honest, I had no real desire to know anything about it.

“Ouch, that sucks.”

She nodded and shrugged simultaneously.

“Yeah, I mean I’m a very sexual person. I really, really enjoy sex, you know?”

“I’ve heard rumors.”

She laughed. It was true. I had heard some rumors of some pretty kinky stuff that she and Luke had done in the beginning of their relationship from their roommates at the time. Back during their supposed “peak” sex life, I wasn’t living in the same apartment, and I visited infrequently.

“Yeah, that was back in the good old days. Of course, we didn’t see you much back then.”

I nodded my response. I didn’t really like talking about that part of my life too much. It had been a hard time for me.

“But of course,” she paused, a strange look coming over her face as her eyes began looking me up and down, “you’ve changed… a lot… since then.”

Now I’m not an idiot, and I can tell me when a girl is checking me out. I’d noticed her giving me some looks before, but nothing as obvious as this. And she was right, I had changed a lot in the last several years. When she and I had first met, I was well over 300 pounds, depressed, jobless, girlfriendless, escort ataşehir and a high school drop out who just smoked pot all day. Suffice to say I wasn’t very… appealing to opposite sex.

Since then I’d dropped my weight back below 170, but I had gained another 20 pounds of muscle on top of that. I had bulked up, and had a pretty low body fat percentage. I completed my high school diploma, not a GED, which I felt was the “easy way out”, and received several technical certifications and a two year technical degree. Add in a decent job and a decent car, suffice to say my confidence had skyrocketed since I was eighteen.

“Well thank you, I’m glad someone noticed.”

“It’s hard not to.”

I smiled and took a sip of my beer. She was doing that thing that she did all the time. I’m not sure if she did it just with me or with everyone, but she refused to break eye contact. I’ve been told that by breaking eye contact with someone you give them power over you, and it means you have a lack of confidence in yourself. I don’t know how true that is, but I definitely felt some serious pressure flowing from her at that point.

I felt I should say something, so I said the first thing that came to mind.

“Well, I mean, you haven’t changed at all since then.”

She guffawed.

“Well, geez, thanks Jon!”

“No, no, no, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Sure you didn’t.”

I had said the wrong thing. When you tell a left wing borderline crazy liberal hippy that they haven’t changed in five years, it’s a pretty big insult.

“What I meant to say is, you’re still as beautiful and charming if not more so than when I first met you.”

She paused for a moment, and if at all possible, her smile got bigger.

“Well thanks Jon. That’s nice for a woman to hear. Luke doesn’t think so.”

I nearly snorted beer out of my nose.

“What do you mean, he doesn’t think so?”

“He told me… well, not in so many words, that he thought I was more beautiful back in high school.”

I got really angry. What a douchebag. The last thing you tell a woman is that she was more beautiful when she was younger. Isn’t that just common knowledge? Especially when it wasn’t true!

“Don’t get me wrong Elsa, I thought you were captivating back in high school. You were like a budding rose. But since then that rose has blossomed and come to fruition. With you it’s like that rose gets more and more appealing every year. Any many would be a fool not to see that.”

One thing clicked in my mind about how she had changed over the last five years. She had styled her hair in some pretty interesting, but not totally unattractive ways. However, she had returned it to the shoulder length, loose and somewhat curly style she had had when I first met her. Which I felt still suited her the best. Her style had changed a lot over the years as well.

Back in high school she wore some pretty dark, punk, almost gothic attire. But now she was wearing tighter, more colorful, more lively and form fitting clothing. I felt it was an improvement.

I had never seen her blush before, but she did. I was a little surprised, and I suddenly felt out of place.

“I’m sorry Elsa, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No, it’s okay. That’s what I like about you, Jon. You’re so poetic and speak in metaphors. I think it’s sexy.”

I smiled and nodded, we had talked about this before, minus the sexy part. I may be a computer technician during the day, but at night my true love is writing.

“Tell me,” she started, slowly, deliberately, to lean towards me, “what about me do you think has changed for the better?”

“Well, I think you’ve grown a lot. You’re painting has improved so much. You’re constantly discovering new things about yourself that you love and I think that’s great. You’re always trying to improve yourself or find a new way of doing things. You’re a lot more mature, laid back than you used to be…”

“No,” she interrupted, “I mean, what about me physically?”

I stuttered for a moment.

“You mean…”

“Like, I mean my body. What do you like about my body?”

I was stunned. This was getting a little kadıköy escort too… intimate for me. Thoughts of Luke and our friendship quickly flashed through my head. Well, he had always been a dick to me, really. I mean when the cards were down he would come through pretty much every time. But overall he was pretty much a giant ass. I never really saw what Elsa seemed to see in him, but I wasn’t one to be the judge of anyone. Not to mention I’d been his friend since elementary school.

I figured a little flirting wouldn’t hurt. Not to mention I was starting to feel a little excited by the conversation.

“Well, you’re eyes have always captivated me. Their piercing, beautiful. You’re smile is amazing. It’s like you could brighten the worst day a man ever had with that smile. I like…”

“Go on,” she encouraged.

“Well, I like how petite you are. Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re a beautiful woman, but I’ve never really been into women who are six feet tall blonde supermodels. I like that you’re small, and if I was your boyrfriend…”


“Well, how easy it would be for me to pick you up and well… hold you, yah know?”

“Yeah. Anything else?”

“Well… I’ve always thought your hair was beautiful. Dark, long, flowing. I like the style you have now, I think you should keep it long like this.”

“Me too, but Luke likes it shorter.”

“Well do whatever you feel you like better. I’ve always thought that your chest…I’m sorry.”

“No it’s okay, I want to hear it.”

“You’re breasts are perfect. Perky and just the right size. You’ve got the perfect amount of cleavage. And your butt… wow you’ve got that butt that all other girls dream of. That heart shape, you know?”

“Yeah, I think I know what you’re talking about.”

There was a pause for a moment and I broke eye contact. I didn’t want to, but I just felt like I had said too much. I was rethinking my ‘just flirting’ approach. Was it okay to talk to your best friend’s girlfriend like this?

“You know, Jon, I think you’re a pretty handsome guy yourself.”

“Well thanks, Elsa.”

“Do you want to know what I like about your body?”

I nodded slowly.


She did something then that I did not expect. She crossed the distance between us on the couch so her soft, uncovered legs were pushing up against my jean clad legs. Her short light blue shorts were riding up her thighs, and I could see quite a bit of her pale flesh. She put her hands on my shoulders.

“You’ve been working out a lot over the last couple years.” It wasn’t a question.

“It shows. You’re shoulders have gotten a lot bigger, and that’s a big turn on, I like a guy with wide shoulders.”

That was funny, Luke was kind of narrow. Her hands traveled down my arms.

“Big arms. Now that’s sexy. I like it when a guy wraps his arms around me and I feel like nothing can hurt me.”

Her hands traveled back up my arms and down to my chest.

“Hard chest…”

Down to my stomache.

“…hard stomache. Do you have a six pack?”

“No, I’ve been trying but I can’t cut out the beer and pizza long enough to lose the fat.”

I held my beer up to illustrate my point. Her hands traveled down to my waist, and the heat in my loins built real fast. Her hands went up underneath my shirt, and they were cool on my skin.

“I don’t feel an inch of flab on you. I bet your whole body is hard.”

She looked into my eyes and I smiled knowingly.

“You have no idea.”

“Oh but I do.” Her hands began to slowly creep downward.

“I’ve heard rumors as well, you see.” My breath started coming in more ragged pulls.

“When you were dating Janie… well, she had a bit of a big mouth… and she liked to brag. A lot.”

My heart raced. I hoped against hope she wasn’t talking about what I thought she was talking about.

“See,” her hands continued to get closer and closer, “Us girls, we’re just like guys. We like to one up the one another a lot. One thing that I could never one up Janie on was…”

Her hands reached my belt, but slowly continued downward.

“… the size…”

They reached the maltepe escort bayan top of my zipper, but kept going down. I don’t think I was breathing at this point. Our eyes were locked, a look of sheer terror on my face I was sure. A huge smile on hers.

“… of my boyfriends…”

Finally her hands found what they were looking for, and I let out a loud groan as the contact I was aching for was finally made.


Her mouth dropped and she looked down at the bulge in my pants that she was rubbing and fondling. Her head came up and she kissed me, hard. I kissed back, her soft, sensual lips like that of a flower against mine. I was afraid I’d break her.

I carefully put my beer on the end table next to the couch, wrapped my arms around her and stood up. As I stood she wrapped her small, sexy legs around my waist and began grinding herself against my erection in my pants.

I walked over to a wall and pushed her up against it. She let out a low moan as she continued kissing me. Her hands reached for my belt.

“Oh my god, Jon, I need you inside me right now.”

“We don’t have much time.”

“I’ll be quick, I’m so wet, I’m so close to cumming right now, just feeling you…oh god.”

She unwrapped her legs from me and I pulled her shorts and panties off as she undid my belt and pulled my pants down. I picked her back up with one arm and with the other took my manhood in hand. I positioned myself at the entrance to her small womanhood and began rubbing myself up and down, getting the head of my cock wet. She moaned.

“Jon, hurry, they’ll be home soon.”

I slowly pushed myself into her waiting warmth, and she arched her back with a loud moan as I tried not to hurt her.

“Don’t be gentle… oh Jon, you’re so much bigger than Luke.”

“That’s why I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Jon, just fuck me. Hurry. I need it.”

Against my better judgment, I followed her instructions. Holding her tight against me with my arms, I thrust into her with my hips, banging her butt against the wall. The neighbors must have heard it.

“Oh yes, just like that.” I didn’t want to disturb the neighboring apartment dwellers, but I’m not one to disappoint a lady.

I pounded my hips against hers as hard as I could, faster and faster, my cock diving into her small, incredibly wet and warm pussy. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting, and she began gasping in orgasm almost immediately.

“Oh my god, Jon… Jon… I’m cumming, yes, yes yes!”

I thrust myself into her over and over as she came, her whole body stiffened and her arms and legs were vices around me. Even if I’d tried to shake her off she wouldn’t have budged. She bit down hard on my neck to stifle a scream. She held on to me there for several moments, tight, relishing in that after orgasm feeling. Slowly, she began to relax and soon was limp against me.

“Oh Jon…” she whispered, “I haven’t ever felt anything like that before.”

It was my turn to reach my peak. If at all possible, my hips found hers faster, harder, and my breath came in harsh, deep pulls.

“Elsa, I’m going to cum…”

Her head shot up.

“No, don’t cum in me. Cum on my face.”

I was surprised by this, but she unhooked herself from me and kneeled down right in front of me. She took my cock in her hands and mouth and began vigorously stroking and sucking me. I was so close to coming, I was afraid I was going to cum in her mouth.

“I’m so close.”

She took me out of her mouth, but kept stroking with both of her hands. Her hands were so small on my cock, neither one could wrap itself all the way around it.

“Cum for me, Jon. I want your big cock to shoot it’s load all over my pretty little slut face.”

And I came, all over her face. I shot jism after jism of hot cum into her hair, onto her forehead, her lips and in her mouth. She continued stroking me, even as my cock was just dribbling its last bits of cum out. She was about to put me back in her mouth when we both heard the sound of the door opening.

She was gone in a flash. One moment she had been on her knees, my cum dripping off of her, the next she was shutting the bathroom door. I did my best to pull my pants up and get back to the couch. As Luke and the rest of the gang walked in, I was very interested in the MMA fight on television.

“Hey Jon, you want another beer?”

“No thanks Luke, still working on this one.”

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