My American Dream

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I would like to thank Annieandy & darkangel718310. They were great editors.

Any errors are my fault. I went back and had a nerdgasm over certain paragraphs after they were edited. You have my apologies. There is a lot of detail and it takes time to get to the sex. There will be mistakes feel free to help me improve, by telling me what can be fixed.

My American Dream: Best friends have their dreams fulfilled My American Dream: Best friends have their dreams fulfilled.


Mathew Moore stood there in silence with a reflective calm, his right palm firmly pressed against the window. He had thought the Columbus Streets would be moving at a faster pace; not on a chaotic level like what he once saw in New York, just a bit busier. He’d been all over the globe researching for his degrees and books, but he never spent so much time in big cities. His college days in Cambridge and Oxford were spent in a type of residential seclusion.


The last few months were a hell of a time; the election campaign forced Mathew out of his comfort zone. Cleveland and Columbus then into Cincinnati followed by smaller comfortable places, and then repeated again, again and again. The months of campaigning and repetition were now over, and it looked like Mathew would be heading back to the world, of academia. However, his cushy administrative position would not be awaiting his return.

Mathew kept thinking of all the potential good he could have done had he won tonight. Looking at the now darkened reflective glass he saw his business cut dark brown hair, and the navy blue suit that rested like a glove on his tall frame.” Could I at least keep the suite after the election?” he thought.

Mathew began to tweak with the lapel pin that had been etched to his blazers for months. He had a sort of idealistic faith in people that could light up a lecture hall. From day one, he believed he could win even though hardly anyone else did. He wasn’t supposed to win either; the party simply needed a body in the race. No one else was stupid enough to take on a fortified four term opponent like “Harold Bloom Jr.”

Mathew based the likelihood of his winning on his belief that this was the real world, with legitimate concerns; people weren’t just going to elect an entrenched name attached to mediocre achievements over the more qualified candidate, were they? The numbers up until the debate a week ago contrasted his idealistic nature.

“Only if the Bloom campaign had agreed to the earlier debates;” Mathew said aloud. Mathew was in his zone when it came to the economy, and it was beginning to show in the polling numbers.

“One more week,” Mathew whispered softly. “One more fucking week!” he yelled, punching the wall with his clenched left hand.

Mathew tilted his head to the left of his hotel room, peering at the desk to the side. Resting there mockingly as a symbol of his supposedly unavoidable destiny of failure, was the speech he had written seconds ago. It wasn’t the speech he wanted to write tonight.

Mathew had been privately reciting a victory speech in his head for months. It now looked like it was destined to be a private joke.

Just then, a knock came at the door that connected his room to that of his campaign manager. Seconds after the knocking there was a roar of footsteps and chanting in the hallway. “Mat, Mat Mat!” chanted the voice of a unified campaign team.

His cellphone then began to ring.

“Hello,” escort ataşehir Mathew said.

“This was a fluuuke Professorrr see you in six years.” The man said groggily.

“Who is this?”

It sounded like Harold Bloom Jr. “But it couldn’t be.” Mathew said out loud as the phone buzzed angrily in his ear signaling the end of the call.

The connecting door opened, his campaign manager walked in standing in the middle of the room. Outside supporters were still chanting, getting louder by the second. He stood there with the look of knowing defeat replaced with hope.

The somber appearing campaign manager, with his chiseled features and stylish suit draped over his ebony skin, halted with a pause in his litigator’s style. Then words came like lightening. “Mathew we won your, I mean our county.”

‘What was he expecting?’ Mathew thought. Winning his county was better than he should have expected. “That’s good news. I guess that’s good news, its better…. Erick thanks for running this campaign for me, you’re a good friend.” Mathew said speaking his thoughts aloud.

Erick had been his best friend all his life, he was the one that convinced Mathew to come back and teach at the college in their small Ohio town. Actually, he had encouraged Mathew to do pretty much every risky thing in his life: choosing to graduate high school at sixteen leaving his friends and home behind for Harvard, applying for the Rhode scholarship, the vacant President’s position at the college in their hometown while he was just thirty years old, and at just thirty two competing for the United States Senate.

Erick’s somber poker face suddenly turned into a wide grin. “No, I’m a great friend and I want you to remember that when your sitting in the Senate, Senator Elect Moore.”

Mathew’s eyebrows rose as he said. “If this is another one of your practical jokes Erick, you fucking lawyers! I swear to God if this is a joke, I’m going to kill you, where you stand.”

Erick moved closer to Mathew as he began to bear hug him, he whispered into the taller Mathew’s ear. “It’s not smart for a Senator to make death threats. That’s what I’m for.”

Mathew felt light like he could faint “By how much?” Mathew asked as his toned white skin momentarily turned pale.

“Fox is saying one percent CNN and everyone else is saying about four,” stated Erick.

“How?” Mathew asked with genuine surprise and shock.

“What? You don’t want the job? Because I’ll call up old man Bloom and tell him you don’t want it.” Erick stated sarcastically while reaching for his phone.

“Don’t be a jackass, I’m just…” Mathew mumbled.

“After the debates, polling started to go our way but not enough, and pollsters can’t track who they can’t call. Young people don’t have land lines, and they are scared as fuck about not getting jobs in this economy. As you know how to fix economy was our campaign, along with using social media. I guess they figured a former economics professor would know…”

Just then they were interrupted.

A shapely blonde campaign staffer walked in, from the same door Erick had used minutes earlier. Smiling from one ear to the other, she approached her target. “Dr. Moore…I mean Senator, Senator elect we need you in the ballroom, networks are live in six minutes, and ah yeah Senator Bloom just conceded.”

“Stacey, the Senator elect will be there in thirty seconds.” Erick stated as his eyes keenly watched the twenty-three kadıköy escort year olds assets exit the door.

The two men alone now, did the secret handshake they first did back in pre-K. Had reporters been present there they would write about Senator-Elect Mathew Moore, the Skull and Bones alumni: ignoring the fact that Mathew graduated from Harvard and Oxford but, nope, not Yale. Although Erick graduated from Yale Law, a black member of the skull and bones society was a nonstarter. That would be like the KKK endorsing a black man for president.

Seconds later, they walked through the main door of his bedroom together, immediately a mob of blue surrounded Mathew. The mob entered the grand ballroom, to glass-shattering applause. Mathew began to approach the stage when Erick stopped him.

“We have two minutes until you’re live, give me the speech and we’ll put it on the prompter,” Erick stated with urgency. He was attempting to, but Mathew didn’t respond.

Even though Erick’s eyes increasingly widened in internal panic he chose not to question his best friend’s obvious intention to wing the most important speech, of his infant political career.

Mathew simply smiled at Erick while also pausing to take a deep breath as John Mayer’s, ‘Waiting for the World to Change,’ began to play. Echoes of “Mat! Mat! Mat.” resonated with the force of an earthquake in the ballroom.

Mathew grabbed Erick’s hand and pulled him to the center of the stage to a symphonic applause. The room was packed with nearly two thousand supporters; the most notable to Mathew were his townsmen. However, more than half of the crowd were Mathew’s mobilized former students and their likeminded peers.

While Mathew made his way to the idled prompters the balloons dropped, covering the room in a unifying sea of red, white, and blue.

As Mathew reached the lectern the crowd went silent, after a few seconds of eardrum piercing yelps.

“Senator Bloom ran a well fought campaign and I wish him the best for tomorrow. Today Ohioans asked for change, and we answered that call. I accept the challenge of change with a promise. Your cares and fears are mine to remedy. It won’t be easy, but after all easy isn’t the buckeye way. Month’s ago our detractors and allies alike said success tonight would be impossible. They said we couldn’t win, then after we showed them we could they said we wouldn’t. We could, we would and tonight together we showed America, what’s possible in the buckeye state.” At this the crowd breached its moderate silence as it roared.

Calming the crowd down with his hands, a humbly glowing Mathew continued. “In Ohio we tackle the impossible dead on; we use the fertile carcass of impossibility to breathe life, into a new day and a new ideal. That day was revolutionary and that ideal is the American dream. The American dream is Ohio, for Ohio embodies the revolutionary idea of freedom and the ability to rise beyond expectations. Together today we awoke this idea. The results of tonight are a never dying testament to the greatness of this state, and these United States!”

The crowd roared, chanting “USA! USA!” Mathew paused, smiled, and held the lectern firmly as he leaned back, breathing in the room with his ears and nose. He absorbed the pleasure of a victory that may never come again.


Two hours later in a Condo penthouse the victory party was in full swing. Everyone was either tipsy or just drunk as fuck. maltepe escort bayan Erick sat on a bed as Stacey`s head slowly engulfed his thick dark cock. Her green eyes fixed on his and, using her mouth alone, she made his wet dreams a reality. With her ivory lips firmly encircling his cock, she took a band from her wrist and tied her blonde hair into a ponytail. Erick had been dreaming about this for months, his eyes jumping in joy as they tilted upward.

Her mouth now permanently focused on making him cum. Her crimson lips kept a tight, gripped routine as her tongue, and the tongue ring attached, further manipulated Erick’s shaft. “Fuck yes, oh my God.” Erick grunted as her tongue and the ring seductively moved around his sensitive cockhead before heading back down to engulf his entire cock. He felt like he was the hardest he had ever been and that he could erupt at any moment as her tongue and the rings ball teased him to the tipping point.

Stacey took Erick’s entire cock to the depths of her throat then she receded half way, and back once more. She kept this up for four minutes, while her hands began to message his balls. With this, she increased her movement rapidly.

Seconds later, Erick yelled out “Goddamn I’m cumming.” Stacey jerked her head back in time for his cum to be splashed across her large breasts, chest, and neck.

“That was the fucking greatest blowjob!” Erick said in between grasping for air. His quickly hardening cock proved to be living witness to the validity of his words.

Her belly button piercing gleamed in sync with her tongue ring. As Stacey straddled his body, she used her hand to position his cock as she dropped her slender weight down his pole. Her hands grabbed and her nails scratched his shoulders as she rode him. Erick simply took in the sight of her breasts, which proved to be much more than a handful.

Stacey rode him as her pussy muscles increasingly milked his tool. She took all of him in for longer periods, moving slow while adapting and tightening her hold on her prey. Erick, who had been in awe of the rider and the pleasure, finally cupped her head-turning breasts.

Erick tweaked her nipples as she let out a slight sigh “Ooommgh ooommgh!” His hand became sticky as his fingers moved over the product of his balls. As she dropped her weight down for the last time, he came deep inside her now cream-filled crevice, fulfilling his three–month-old dream.

As he was ready to go once more, Erick positioned Stacey on all fours placing his cock at her now well filled entryway. Erick moved in and out rapidly, rocketing Stacy forward as she used one hand to hold herself steady to the headboard as she used the other to rub her clitoris. Stacey was about to cum as Erick pushed his cock in, except he missed and entered her asshole. A quarter of Erick’s cock made it in and out of Stacey’s ass. Erick realized what happened but the heat and the tightness and the ecstasy it brought was too much, too much to give up.

It hurt sharply but Stacey was in the midst of cumming if it hadn’t been for this fact and that she was drunk this breach would have been quickly halted. The false anal induced feelings of needing to void her bowls escaped her mind, as she felt the more urgent need to apply her fingers to her quivering vagina once more. To her surprise Erick beat her to it as he fingered her clit with purpose as she went orgasmic. “Ahhh gahhh” she moaned. As for the first time that night they erupted together.

Erick released in the depths of Stacey’s heart shaped, and previously virgin ass giving it a slight slap before collapsing next to the beauty. Looking into her eyes, he was beyond hooked. Stacey stared at her brown- eyed, dark-skinned companion and she felt fulfilled.

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