Mutual Mistress Ch. 01

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So…this all actually happened. I’d swear on it, but if you aren’t going to believe me the first time when I tell you it’s true, I don’t imagine swearing will help much. As for the story…I’m not changing a thing—except the names. Hell, probably for many of you reading this, this stuff that happened is probably too tame—it doesn’t involve urine, gangbangs, violence, animals, or relatives, so if that’s what you’re after, you might as well stop reading. Oh, and as it stands now, it’s an ongoing story…

My wife and I have a female friend who’s going through a rough divorce. Her Ex has been out of the house and out of her life for about a year, so I’m just gonna refer to the bastard as her “Ex” (when I refer to him at all, which will be as infrequently as possible). Anyway…this woman’s Ex is a fucking idiot. Everyone says so. He’s also one of those four-square, fundamentalist types who believe that sex beyond procreative attempts is a sin. And according to our friend, who has since divorced the jerk’s theology as well, he also had a problem with premature ejaculation. And he never went down on her. And they never talked about it. And he was perpetually jealous of any man who managed to get within ten feet of what he obviously considered his property—his chattel.

All of this added up to more than eleven years of infrequent and bad sex. Did I mention that our female friend is hot? She’s now thirty-five, about five seven, weighs 115 pounds (soaking wet), has the kind of thick, curly, lustrous hair they like to show you in shampoo commercials. And she has this nicely round, tight little ass that looks like it belongs on a college coed instead of a thirty-five year old woman who’s had three kids. She gets lots of attention from men. But she never had an affair while she was married.

About a year ago, she kicked the bum out. And she started rebuilding her life from the ground up. All the usual stuff: getting a job, completely ridding the house of all things with any connection to the Ex, making new friends, rediscovering old hobbies and interests, piecing together a new belief system. Oh yeah…and she woke up one morning and discovered that she was a sexual being with an immense appetite.

Our friend found that she was horny all the time. My wife got to hear about it, cause she and this woman (we’ll call the woman “Sally”, cause I can’t actually used her name—she has kids, a job, etc.) started hanging out together. They hit it off immediately—both were smart, irreverent, empathetic, good listeners. And they liked the same things. They could both quote the whole danged script from “When Harry Met Sally” fergodssakes. Anyway, it all started because the two ladies would get together, and while the kids played, they would drink wine, make fun of people, and simply have fun (just how many governments do you suppose have been overthrown in just this fashion?). My wife would complain to her friend about how her husband (me) was insatiable—about how she was so sore from the many hours of sex that she really couldn’t go hiking today…that sorta thing. And our friend would come back with, “You poor thing! I’ll try to remember that as I’m giving myself carpal tunnel syndrome trying to quell my needs!” or just “You can shut your ass now!” My wife, always the considerate friend, offered to lend her husband (me again) out. Our friend (oh, yeah, we’re supposed to be calling her “Sally”) laughed and joked that she wouldn’t mind at all, but nothing ever came of it.

Eventually, Sally found herself a boyfriend/sextoy and found that the more sex she had, the needier she became. She wore him out. He told her she was the güvenilir bahis first woman he’d ever come across that wanted sex more than him. Sally told us that she was totally happy with the sex she was getting with this guy. He had a large cock, knew how to use it, he went down on her for hours at a time, he was strong enough to toss her around when he wanted to change positions, but gentle enough that she trusted him not to actually hurt her. And he fucked her like she hadn’t been fucked since college.

BUT…he wasn’t quite able to keep up with her insatiable appetite…AND…she was getting adventurous. She did have eleven lost years to make up, after all. And so, despite the fact that Sally was getting good, regular, mind-blowing fuckings from her new man…she wanted more. So she turned to us.

My wife and I had gotten a little more adventurous of late ourselves. After 13 years of marriage and some trying times, we’ve gotten to a point in our marriage that everyone couple should aspire to. We are in love. We are passionate. We know that neither of us would ever leave the marriage. And we know that we can tell each other anything at all. And we do. About a year ago, we decided that it would be exciting and sexy to take steps toward including others in our sex play. We hashed out some rules that made sense to us and made it clear that good and frequent communication about all of this was of the utmost importance. To make a long story short (all that’s really a different story anyway), we’d had some adventures, which included my wife having trysts with a man and a woman separately, and the two of us having a foursome with another couple, and a drunken threesome with another woman. All of these adventures were fun for us—and added some spice to our bedroom play, but they were really just preludes to the fun we were going to have with Sally.

Sally, of course, had heard all about this from my wife—and I’d talked with her about it a bit as well. And the more she heard about it, the more intrigued and sexed up she got. She even began to be curious about having sex with another woman—something she’d always said she just wasn’t interested in. One night, my wife suggested that I take Sally out to our hot tub and relieve some of her stress. So I did. It was a wonderful night full of sexual tension and tension relief, but we didn’t go all the way. We kissed a whole lot. I went down on her for quite some time. But I didn’t have a condom, so the full on sex thing wasn’t going to happen—as much as we both really wanted to. Still…it was hot—sexy and sensual—and something that all three of us talked about afterwards at length.

On another night, after having a few drinks and some sex talk over at our place, Sally went home all charged up. We were in bed when we got the text message. Can I borrow one of you for a couple of hours? My wife had had a little too much wine to drive, so she sent me. I’m not going to dwell too long on this particular episode either, except to say that this friend of ours was a wild thing—a writhing, vocal, multi-orgasmic, sex machine. It was a thing of beauty! She was sex-on-a-stick! My stick! This time, I’d remembered the condoms, of course. In fact, our sex got so violent at one point (I call this Klingon Luv), that the condom came off. I stopped us when I felt the additional wetness on my cock, pulled out, and we said “Huh…” or maybe it was “Uh Oh.” After rummaging around the sheets for it, we came to the conclusion that it must have come off inside Sally. So I went spelunking—and sure enough, it was waaaay up there. Anyway…we got it out, but I just had to tell that part, cause it was funny.

The türkçe bahis next few days were spent sorting out “was it weird for anyone?” As it turned out: no. Sally felt a little bad about “cheating” on her new boyfriend, but they’d not spoken any words of commitment, so…and I, of course, was thrilled (I’m a man, after all). My wife was fine with it all. She and Sally got to compare notes.

So then a few nights later, my wife and I talked Sally into another hot tub experience—this time with the both of us. We all jumped in (naked of course). And I just couldn’t stop grinning. At this point, Sally had still never really kissed another woman. But there was no stopping her on this night, and it wasn’t long before Sally and my wife got close, embraced, and kissed.

And kissed. Neither Sally, nor my wife are all that shy—neither one would ever qualify as “demure”. They slid their tongues into one another’s mouths and sucked on each other’s lips, wet, hot, passionate kisses that went on for minutes at a time. They writhed in the steamy water, pressing their naked bodies together, clutching and groping each other’s breasts and backs, cupping ass and pussy, sliding fingers inside. Or at least my wife slid her fingers inside Sally—the one down-side of the evening was that my wife was menstruating, so she had to mostly content herself with external stimulation. Mostly.

Grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat, I mostly stayed out of it at first—contented to watch these two beautiful women enjoying each other so much. But when my wife started kissing her way down Sally’s body, spending several minutes pulling and nibbling on each of Sally’s hard nipples, and drawing deep moans from Sally (which were probably heard by our neighbors), I just couldn’t resist anymore. I started kissing Sally’s neck, her other breast, then up to her mouth, where I ran my tongue lightly over her parted lips as she moaned. While my wife kissed her way lower, over Sally’s flat stomach and down to her pussy. Sally bridged her body up out of the water so that my wife could cup her thin ass, one hand on either cheek, and push her tongue deep into Sally’s cunt.

She’d done this a few times before, but I could tell that she was doing to Sally what she liked me to do to her—pulling at Sally’s cunt lips with her teeth, swirling her tongue slowly, sensuously, in circles around Sally’s clit—then licking her in long, deep strokes, from ass to clit. She pushed her fingers into Sally’s wetness, twisting them slowly and feeling the contours of Sally cunt, pulling them out now and then to put them in her mouth or to put her tongue in Sally instead. I think Sally came twice during all of this, moaning loudly into my mouth and clutching at me, at my wife’s head, pulling my wife’s hair in an effort to somehow pull her deeper inside.

My wife and I switched, she kissed her way back up Sally’s body as I worked by way down, and Sally kissed my wife deeply, tasting herself on my wife’s lips and tongue. I lifted Sally’s ass out of the water so she wouldn’t have to arch her back—she could just rest her hips on my hands—and I started licking her pussy while she continued kissing my wife. I mentally congratulated myself on this coup and briefly considered going to church. Sally came once more like this, moaning and bucking her hips wildly, thrusting her cunt against my face. It was glorious!

I moved up to kiss my wife and Sally. We all laughed and hugged, and commiserated about my wife being on her period. She said she didn’t really mind—that it was Sally’s show tonight, and that she’d be the star on another night. They were both pulling on my cock underwater güvenilir bahis siteleri as we talked, and I was having a tough time stringing words together. I stood up out of the water to allow them to see what they were doing, and realized very quickly that the wine and half-hour of hot tubbing was making me very dizzy indeed. Or it might have been all of the blood in my head rushing down into my cock. Or some combination thereof. Anyway…I have a very clear image of my wife taking my cock into her mouth, moving her lips up and down the shaft, then taking it out of her mouth and offering it to Sally, who did the same. They traded me off this way a couple of times, and I thought I was going to pass out, whether from joy or the wine, I can’t really say. But I soon realized that I really was gonna pass out if I didn’t get out of the tub, so I suggested that Sally come upstairs with us, and we could continue things in bed.

And she did.

It seemed the most natural thing in the world, slipping into bed with my two beautiful, sexy, wet women. Except that my face was frozen in a perma-grin. You know how your mom always told you not to make funny faces cause your face might get stuck that way. Well, yeah…it can happen.

We spent the next couple of hours in a tangle that was absolutely like one of those Roman orgy scenes you look at so you can figure out whose head is where. My tongue was in Sally, then my wife’s tongue was replacing mine, and mine was sliding farther back to take Sally’s rectal temperature. My cock was in Sally’s mouth, then my wife’s, then Sally’s again. Goddang it was hot!

We didn’t have a condom on hand, so the straight up sex wasn’t happening, but I broached the possibility of anal sex. Sally said she’d never tried it, but would love to give it a shot, so my wife and I set about preparing her for the adventure. I ran my tongue around her ass lightly while my wife had a finger in Sally’s cunt and a tongue massaging her clit. Then came a liberal dose of baby oil and a finger—all of which Sally seemed to really dig. I took my time, pushing my finger in and out slowly, pulling gently in circles to get her muscles to relax a bit. Sally seemed in a hurry, “Put your cock in my ass NOW!” So I did. And surprisingly, it went in much easier than it usually does with my wife (who likes anal sex, but has a tough time getting over the pain—which I totally understand—I’d have a tough time accommodating more than a finger—though that might be just me clenching up in some post-Freudian homophobic reaction). ANYWAY…my cock slid right in—right to the hilt. And Sally was moaning and thrashing about in ecstasy as I started to thrust in and out a little faster. My wife, who was still between Sally’s legs, was licking her pussy as I fucked her ass. Sally was moaning loudly enough that I’m fairly certain our neighbors woke up. The feel of my wife’s fingers on my balls and the sight of my wife’s face buried in Sally’s pussy while my cock was pistoning in and out of Sally’s hot ass was far too much for my mind to handle. I came like a madman, shooting a geyser of cum into Sally’s ass and almost pushing her right off the bed.

We all collapsed in a sweaty, tangled pile, kissed and breathed and moaned some more. We were like self-satisfied cats, tangled in a mass of fur and tails.

This was just the first night. It’s been about two months since then, and my wife and I have both enjoyed Sally singly on multiple occasions, and twice more we’ve had threesomes. I have no idea how I lucked into this. In fact, this next Wednesday, we all have plans for another threesome in the fireplace suite at a local inn. I’m looking forward to fifteen or so hours of sensual, sexual bliss. I even went out and bought the girls some toys, some cuffs, a police outfit (we’re gonna play a little ‘bad cop’).

I’ll let ya know how it goes…

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