Mr. Big Ch. 01

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Where to start?


Paula almost shrieked the words as she jumped off the bed and shrank away towards the wall.

“Hey baby, please! Look, I ate you out for almost a whole hour. Won’t you just do something for me?”

“What do you expect to do with that — that — thing!”

“But honey, I told you I had a big cock.”

“Shit! There’s big and there’s — there’s that! If I let that anywhere near my pussy, I’m gonna get ripped apart!”

I admit that Paula wasn’t the first girl to react that way. Actually, while she was extreme, most other girls I’d met made it pretty clear when they saw my cock that there was no way it was going inside them.

I get tired of seeing email spam and ads on porn sites about penis enlargement. You see, I have a big cock, and all guys want a big cock, right? Wrong! You see, I have a big dick. Only my dick is around eleven and three-quarter inches long and about seven around. One girl said she’d seen smaller baseball bats.

I can’t help it. I mean, I’m a big guy. I stand nearly six feet nine in my bare feet. I weigh around 230 pounds, most of which is muscle. I work out a lot, and I was a jock at school, on the football team and doing some rowing. When I was in my teens, I kinda grew and grew — and so did my cock. My first girlfriend, Donna, she really didn’t know what to do the only time we tried to make out when my folks were away. We kissed and I sucked her nipples and stuff, and I got a finger up inside her, and she seemed to like that. Then she got my pants undone and slid her hand inside my Jockeys and — well, the look on her face wasn’t one of erotic desire, I’m telling you.

“Ohmygod, Tommy, are — are all boys as big as that?”

“I — I don’t know.” Actually, that wasn’t quite true. I’d seen other guys in the shower, and none of them seemed quite as big as me, but I’d guessed that every guy looks a lot smaller when they’re not erect, right? It also seemed kinda logical that cock size is related to how tall you are, so I figured that as I was the tallest in my class, my cock would be bigger than the other guys’. One or two of my classmates had mentioned that my cock was big, but I thought they were just joking.

“Do you really think that will go inside me? It seems awful big,” she’d said with a worried look on her face.

“Honey, I read that a girl’s pussy will stretch to take any size dick. I just think we need to get you really wet and take it very, very slowly.”

So I went down on Donna for maybe fifteen minutes. She enjoyed that and made some good noises, but I don’t think she came. Anyway, she was very wet when we finally lined up my cock with her pussy hole and I started to push.

After about thirty seconds of her making little gasps and moans, she finally let out this little squeal.

“Tommy! Baby! Stop! Please stop! It hurts so much.”

I’d gotten maybe two inches of my cock inside her, and I was frustrated as hell. I just wanted to fuck my girlfriend, like all the other boys of my age seemed to be doing. Shit, I was a good-looking guy, and I was sure that it was time I lost my virginity, but Donna was just too tight or too scared. Me, I was just angry. I tried to force it further in, and she screamed and wriggled out from under me. She threw one of my shoes at me, grabbed her clothes and headed for the door. We never spoke again.

I guess I’d still be a virgin if it wasn’t for Mrs. Sullivan. She was one of my neighbors, and when I was on vacation between school and college, her husband Chuck decided to take their three boys upstate for some camping and fishing in the woods. Mrs. Sullivan said she didn’t want to try to sleep under canvas and cook for four men on a camp stove, so off they went, while she stayed home to work on her garden.

Mrs. Sullivan loves her garden. I used to see her out front of her house, in shorts and with her shoulder-length dark hair tucked up in a cap, while she dug up weeds or planted stuff. She was nice — I liked her, and we were friendly, in the way that adults are friendly with neighbors’ kids.

Anyway, that Saturday she knocked on our door and asked if I’d like to earn $50 digging out a new flower bed for her. Now fifty bucks isn’t all that much, but when you’re saving to go to college, every little helps, so I agreed. It was hot, so I took off my t-shirt and started digging, turning over big clods of lawn with a garden fork. I guess I worked for two, maybe two and a half hours, until I was covered in sweat and I’d dug over the whole area she’d asked me to do.

For a lot of the time I’d been working, she was in the garden, digging up weeds and pruning the bushes, mostly on her knees. She was wearing her usual shorts and a shirt that was tied up under her breasts. I guess I’d never really looked before, but it seemed to me that for an older lady she looked pretty. Sure, there were a few little bulges here and there, some cellulite on her thighs and her face wasn’t without lines, but for someone almost as old as my mom, she’d kept in good shape. ataşehir escort Just as I was finishing, she came over to me holding two bottles.

“You’ve done a great job, Tommy. Have a beer.”

“Mrs. Sullivan, I’m just eighteen,” I said.

“Sure, and the cops are hiding behind that maple tree. C’mon, you’re hot and thirsty, the beer’s cold and neither of us is going to tell anyone I led you astray.” She winked. Her eyes were large, brown and kinda twinkled. I liked that.

We sat on the deck, next to her small pool, we drank the beer and we talked — and I guess we slyly looked at each other. She was a lot older and more ‘curvy’ than the girls I’d dated, but I couldn’t help getting turned on by the sight of her full, rounded tits, held up and together by that knotted shirt, and those nice long legs, topped by those cute little shorts, that she stretched out in front of her. She asked about which college I was going to, whether I was planning to try for the football team there, how my folks were — just ordinary stuff. Her oldest boy, Chris, who was seventeen and in the year after me in high school, had just started dating my sister Caitlin, who was sixteen, so we talked a little about them. I liked Chris, and I thought he’d treat Caitlin with a little more respect than maybe I did at the time.

Then she said “Oh Tommy, where are my manners? You’re sitting there, covered in dirt and sweat from all of that work you did for me. I’m going to fix us some food — I hope you still like pizza — but I think you need a shower. Look, the pool shower’s just over there. There’s soap and towels in the locker just next to it. Why don’t you freshen up while I get us some lunch?”

“Mrs. Sullivan, isn’t it a little — exposed? I mean, it’s a pool shower and there’s no screen or curtain. It’d be fine if I had my swim shorts on, but I’m just wearing my jockeys under these jeans, and…”

“Tommy, when we bought this place, I had Chuck build a big wall all around the garden. See?” With a sweep of her arm she pointed to the white-painted wall, maybe seven feet high, that surrounded the place. “I insisted it needed to be more than a yard — I wanted a proper walled garden, where I could train fruit trees up the walls and make a little micro-climate. No-one can see in, no-one else is home and I’m headed for the kitchen to fix us some lunch, so I won’t be watching you — and I promise I won’t peek!” She laughed. It was a nice sound. “Just take your clothes off and enjoy. You’ll feel much better if you do.”

She picked up the empty beer bottles and headed off to the kitchen. There was a little wiggle to her walk that I hadn’t really noticed before, but it looked sexy with her nicely-rounded butt. Sure, I was sweaty — I sniffed my armpit, and it didn’t smell good — and I had dirt on my hands and up my arms, even on my face where I’d wiped the sweat from my eyes. If the shower water was cool, maybe it would help me control the boner that was developing each time I looked at Mrs. Sullivan.

So I went over to the pool shower, which was in the far corner of the deck, and peeled off my clothes. When I say ‘peeled off’, I mean they were stuck to my body with the sweat, so a shower seemed like a really good idea. I was careful to keep my back towards the door to the house, just in case Mrs. Sullivan did decide to take a peek. I guessed it wouldn’t hurt if she got a view of my butt, but if she saw the size of the boner I was struggling to control, that might be a different story!

The cool water felt super-delicious on my skin. There was a bottle of hair-and-body shampoo in the locker and some big thick towels, so I put the towel within reach and enjoyed the sensations of getting clean. The water was heated by a solar panel, so it wasn’t hot and it wasn’t cold — it just felt right on a hot, sunny day.

“You’ll need help washing your back.” I froze as I heard her voice right behind me, and felt her soft hands on my shoulders.

“Mrs. Sullivan! You said you wouldn’t peek!”

“Yeah, well, I guess I lied,” she said casually. “You have such a great body, Tommy, that I’m afraid I couldn’t resist feeling those lovely strong muscles. I hope you don’t mind.” Her hands were gently stroking over my shoulders and back, seemingly to wash the dirt and sweat off, but — I felt sure — actually just enjoying the feel of my strength; something I was very proud of at the time. When her hands moved down and started stroking my butt, including cleaning between my butt cheeks, I knew exactly what was what she was doing.

“My, you have a peachy little butt, Tommy. And those muscles are so hard. Are all your muscles as hard as that?”

There was one muscle that was getting harder by the minute, and I was worried that Mrs. Sullivan would reach round me and discover my secret. “You know, the water’s going everywhere, Mrs. Sullivan. Aren’t you afraid of getting wet?”

She laughed. “Oh, I’m getting wet alright,” she said, with another sexy little giggle. “But if you’re worried that my clothes will get wet, don’t worry. I took them off before I kadıköy escort bayan came to join you in the shower.”

She leaned close, and suddenly I could feel her breasts on my back. My dick gave another twitch and grew another inch. Shit, this was getting like Pinocchio. At any moment, it felt like my cock would sprout twigs and a bird’s nest!

“But now I need you to wash my back too. Fair’s fair. I’ll turn around, and then you can turn around. We need to keep this decent.” She giggled again. “OK, you can turn around now.”

I did so, and she was standing with her back to me. I could see from the way she was moving her arms that she was washing her breasts, and then she moved down to clean her pussy. Even from behind, her curvy figure looked sexy. If she’d been a girl in my class with a figure like that, I’d have said she had a big ass. Somehow it looked right — and very sexy — on her.

“Now be a good boy and wash my back, Tommy,” she said, turning slightly and smiling up at me. Mrs. Sullivan was, I guess, about five six, maybe five seven; not short for a woman, by any means, but over a foot shorter than me. As I did what she asked and started washing her shoulders, I could see over her head, down her front to those breasts. They seemed pretty big and firm from where I was standing, and the nipples pointed up a little and were quite long, hard and puckered. My hands worked lower, until I was about the level of her waist.

“You need to wash my butt, too, Tommy. C’mon, I did that for you, so it’s only fair.”

Like I said, her butt was a lot rounder than those of the girls in my class. Donna’s was tiny, her hips were slim and her legs were long and skinny. Like a lot of guys my age, I loved the ultra-skinny look at the time. But although Mrs. Sullivan’s butt was much bigger than Donna’s, it was still firm to the touch, and smooth. I guess there was a little bit of the crinkly stuff, but at the time I was more interested in the fact that I was running my hands over a naked woman’s butt, and she was insisting that I did it. She let out a little moan when I slid my soaped-up hand between her butt cheeks.

“That’s nice, Tommy. Don’t forget to clean my tight little asshole. You need to slip a soapy finger inside to make sure it’s good and clean.”

Wow. I’d never fingered a girl’s asshole before, but this felt weird and very sexy at the same time. She moaned a little when I pushed my finger inside, wriggling a little. And then she leaned backward. Her back pressed against me; against my by-now rigid and swollen cock.

“Oh my sweet Lord!” I heard her gasp. And then she turned round.

I could say that I didn’t know where to look, but that wasn’t true. I was staring straight at her rounded and quite large tits, which looked even better from this angle than before. She was looking directly at my cock.

“Oh my! Oh my Lord!” she gasped. I thought that now was a strange time to get religion.

“I — I’m sorry, Mrs. Sullivan,” I stammered. “I can’t help it…”

Then she was holding it, in both hands. “My, Tommy, I know you’re a big boy, but this is really quite — extraordinary.”

“I didn’t mean to scare you, Mrs. Sullivan…”

She looked up at me. “Why do you think I should be scared, Tommy? Are you planning to shove that — thing — up my pussy?”

“N-no, Mrs. Sullivan, I was just saying…”

“Oh my Lord, Tommy, so when you got hard you weren’t thinking of my pussy! Well, if you were thinking of shoving that up my butthole, I guess then I’d be really scared!”

“Mrs. Sullivan, I — I wasn’t thinking about shoving it — er — anywhere. I’m sorry. It’s just so big. I can’t help it.”

“I guess I might be able to help it,” she said, and looked up at me with a smile. “So you say you weren’t thinking about my pussy when you got to that size?”

“N-no, Mrs. Sullivan,” I lied.

“Why not, Tommy?”

“I — I — I don’t understand…”

“Is my pussy not of interest to you?”

Oh shit! Where was this leading? “I — well, of course…”

“Because, I guess, if you were gentle and you got me very wet — very, very wet — we could see if it would fit…”

“Mrs. Sullivan, are you — are you saying…?”

“Y’know, Tommy, I think I am saying. I think I’m saying that if you eat my pussy until I’m really, really wet, then I’d be interested to see if that — monster — of yours will fit inside me. But tell me Tommy, I guess you’ve dated girls your own age so far?”

“Well, yes, Mrs. Sullivan.”

“And have any of them let you — let you put this inside then?” She stroked my cock, again with both hands, making it twitch with excitement.

“Well, er, I mean…”

“So what you’re saying is that you’re a virgin, and this amazing instrument has never been inside a girl?”

“Well, it’s not like I haven’t tried, but the girls I’ve met, they…”

“They take one look at this and they go ‘that is never going to fit inside me’, right?”

“Yes, I’m afraid you’re right, Mrs. Sullivan.”

“Well let me tell you, escort maltepe Tommy, your amazing dick wouldn’t be the largest thing that’s been in my pussy.”

I looked at her in surprise.

“Yes. My Oscar’s head was rather wider than your very, er — interesting — penis, but he was going the other way and neither of us had any choice in the matter at the time; it was his only way out of me into the world. That’s not an experience I’m inclined to repeat, and thankfully, since my periods stopped two years ago, I’m really hoping I never have to do that again. But I guess none of your teenage girlfriends have ever had the dubious pleasure of childbirth, so even if they have black boyfriends they probably won’t have had anything that big inside their pussies, which is why, I guess, you’re having no success with them.”

“I guess so…”

“So is there anything wrong with my pussy? Anything that would stop you licking it and then maybe filling it with this amazing creature?” She stroked my cock again. I thought I was about to come.

“N-No, Mrs. Sullivan.” Ohmygod — real pussy on offer. Looking down at her body again, I thought ‘pretty attractive pussy, too.’

“Good. You do know how to eat pussy, don’t you?”

“I think so, Mrs. Sullivan.” At that moment, if she’d said ‘you do know how to eat live beetles’, I’d have agreed if it gave me a chance of getting my dick into her pussy — or any woman’s pussy.

She turned around, picked up a towel and started wiping some of the water off her body. She then handed the towel to me. I turned off the water and quickly tried to dry my hair and my skin while I watched her lay out two towels on a sun-lounger. Her butt, from behind and bent over, looked pretty fine to me.

She turned back to me, smiled, and then straddled the sun-lounger, sitting slowly down with her legs wide open, and then leaning back on her elbows. I’d seen pictures of women like that on porn sites. Donna had been too shy to spread for me, so I only saw her pussy from close up when I had my head down there. Mrs. Sullivan’s pussy wasn’t the prettiest I’d ever seen — the inner lips were quite fleshy, and at the time I preferred the very trim look — but hey, I wasn’t about to complain. It was waxed, wet and waiting for me to get my face in there, and there was a good chance that my cock might follow, so I was a very happy young man at the time.

I got down on my knees. I felt I should give thanks to the Lord; at least say grace for what I was about to eat. But Mrs. Sullivan was waiting, and she seemed to be impatient for me to start.

At the front of those fleshy pussy lips was a clitoris. I knew that. I’d had relatively little experience of that particular piece of female anatomy, but I knew what I was looking for, and Mrs. Sullivan’s wasn’t hard to find. In fact, it was the biggest clitoris I’d seen until then, pink and fleshy, almost like the top of a finger. I headed straight for it. Wrong!

“Hey, Tommy! Whoa! Not yet. Start further back. Work up to my clit. Start with that tight asshole you just cleaned.”

I was a little surprised; I’d always thought that licking a girl’s clit was like sucking a guy’s cock, and no girl would ever refuse it, but clearly I had a lot to learn. So I moved back, positioned my tongue just behind her asshole and — with some reluctance — started to lick.

To be fair, she was clean, so there was no bad taste, and after about thirty seconds she was making good noises — the kind of thing a guy likes to hear when he’s doing something to a girl — and wriggling around. I began to get into it, licking around the pink, crinkly hole and probing it a little with my tongue. She seemed to like that. After a few minutes of that, she said “Now move up a little. See what you can do with my pussy hole and my lips.”

So I moved along her slit and stuck my tongue in the hole as deep as I could get it. After swirling it around for a while, which got some good noises coming from Mrs. Sullivan’s mouth, I started exploring those fleshy pussy lips with my tongue, and gently sucking and nibbling. She seemed to be getting very wet, so I tried slipping a finger inside her. She definitely wasn’t as tight as Donna had been, but I took that as a good thing. Then remembering how she’d reacted when I cleaned her butt, I slipped another finger into her pussy, wetted it up with her juices, and slid it into her ass.

“Oooh! Naughty boy!” she gasped. I looked up to see her big brown eyes get even wider and a look of surprise on her face. I smiled and went back to my oral exploration of her pussy lips. But before I could get as far as her clit, she said “Tommy, bring that monster of yours round here where I can see it up close.”

I shuffled around, which made it easier for me to get my fingers and mouth in all the right places. It seems that Mrs. Sullivan knew how to move her mouth to all the right places too. She took hold of my cock and licked it all the way from the base to the tip, then she sucked on the head a little. Most girls I’d met seemed reluctant to even do that with their mouths, maybe afraid that I’d try to shove it down their throats. One girl with larger breasts than the others has got me off using her tongue and lips on the tip while I slid my dick between her tits, but most girls wouldn’t give me more than a hand-job. Mrs. Sullivan was different.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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