Mother’s Love for her Son, Ch. 05

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Chapter 05

Mother’s love for her son leads to her having sex with her son.

“So now that we told one another how we feel about one another…” I said watching him stroking his big, hard cock in front of me.

Suddenly feeling embarrassed having my son watching me fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit with one hand while feeling my tits and fingering my nipples with my other hand, I felt as if I was a degenerate, trailer park mother living in West Virginia. Filled with guilt that worked against myself wanting to give into my incestuous urges, it’s funny how I put the blame on myself for seducing my son when he was as much responsible for seducing me too. Instead of thinking of him as the degenerate son, I thought of him as my hot son. Just as I’d do any of their sons in an instant, any one of my girlfriends would love to have sex with my son too.

“Yes?” He looked at me, stared at me, actually before leering at me without missing a beat in stroking himself.

I watched his eyes widen at the sight of me playing with myself. He was staring at my pussy. The fact that my son was staring at my cunt made me want to strip off my nightgown and show him my naked body. I watched him stare at my exposed pussy in the way I had been staring at his exposed cock. With both of us so incorrigible, if anyone knew the incestuous, dirty games we played behind closed, bedroom doors in exposing our bodies to one another, they’d be shocked and I’d be humiliated.

With the sudden thoughts of being caught and judged for exposing my trimmed, blonde pussy to my son, I pulled down my nightgown and sat like a lady to look at him. Still continuing to watch him masturbate himself, while he still stroked his cock, I couldn’t remove my eyes from his big prick. The sight of his hand wrapped around his stiff cock while he stroked his member made me so horny. Just like his father had, my son has such a big, hard prick.

I wanted him. I had to have him. Only, feeling the repercussions of something so forbidden that could explode out of control, incestuous sex still had to be his decision and not mine. Even though I had a already crossed the line and even though he had too, I still needed to make him think that this was all his idea.

“What do we do now?”

I looked at him waiting for him to answer me while hoping I had sufficiently baited him to want me enough by me showing him my pussy while fingering myself and staring at his cock while he masturbated. Nonetheless my incestuous lust for my son, suddenly I felt depraved and embarrassed masturbating myself in front of him. It was one thing for him to masturbate me, I wish he would, but quite another thing for me to give him a private masturbation show. Different for a woman than it is for a man, I’m sure, at least I told myself, that it was more exciting for a woman to watch a man sexually pleasure himself than it was for a man to watch a woman masturbating. Not knowing if that voyeuristic display of exhibitionism was true or not, thinking so little of myself that I, as his mother, could sexually excite my son, for some reason I thought that most men would rather flash a woman their cock than to have a woman show them their pussy.

At a loss for an answer, only a man can answer that question. No doubt, it depends on the man as well as it does on the woman. Just a guess on my part, I really had no idea if men prefer flashing their cocks instead of seeing a pussy. Nonetheless my curiosity and unanswered question, I watched my son slowly stroking himself to a bigger and harder erection. Indeed, without a doubt, at least from my point of view, it was so exciting for me to watch my son playing with himself. If only he’d ask me and if only he’d allow me, I so wanted to wrap my hand around his cock and masturbate him myself. I wanted to make him so excited with my hand before making him excited with my mouth and cunt that I imagined cum exploding from his cock before oozing all over my hand. I so wanted to take him in my mouth and suck him before taking him deep in my pussy to fuck him.

Am I that abnormal to sexually and incestuously want my son or are these normal feelings and its only abnormal if I act upon them? Yet, nonetheless my normal or abnormal feelings, am I that much of an incestuous slut that while allowing him to expose his cock to me while stroking himself, I wish I was stroking him, sucking him, and fucking him? I couldn’t help but wonder if all mothers are sexually attracted to their grown sons in the way that all sons are sexually attracted to their sexually frustrated mothers. Wishing I knew the answers to my questions, I didn’t know how my incestuous feelings related to the feelings of other mothers. Feeling as if I was the only mother wanting to have sex with her son, just as I felt there was something inherently wrong with him for wanting to have sex with me, I felt that there was something inherently wrong with me for wanting to have sex with him.

What do I do? What should I do? Should I just give into how I feel and have sex with my son or should I halkalı eve gelen escort control myself from making matters any worse than what they are by having sex with him?

Truth be told, after taking my own unofficial survey, I was more sexually excited watching him masturbate himself than I was having him watch me masturbate. Maybe the converse of that is true. Maybe he’s more sexually excited watching me masturbate than he is masturbating in front of me. Only, knowing my son in the way that I do, I suspect he’s more sexually excited giving me a masturbation show than he would watching my masturbation show. Whether exposing himself to me was accidentally or on purpose with him flashing me his erect cock nightly, while watching television, when he falls asleep or pretends to fall asleep on the couch, it was excitingly obvious to me now that we both wanted the same thing, incestuous sex.

“What do we do now?”

He looked at me before looking down at his cock. With the overhead living room light lighting me up as if I was a stripper on stage, he stared at my tits that showed through the thin material of my nightgown. Being that I was already aroused and wet from masturbating myself, I knew he could see my erect nipples through the nearly transparent material of my nightgown. The fact that he could see my tits and nipples and was staring at them made me want to remove my nightgown and show him my naked body with the hope that he’d want to touch me, feel me, and have sex with me.

“Yes,” I said with all the calmness of a teacher instructing her student when I just wanted to jump his bones and have sex with him. “Now that we told one another how we feel about one another, what do we do now?”

I needed him to answer the question. I needed him to make all the moves. I needed to know that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. With incest a big step, the sexual memory of a lifetime, the last thing that I wanted was regrets and with him blaming me for seducing him, even though that was exactly what I was trying to do. I didn’t want him to hate me later in life. Should he marry and have children, I didn’t want him to exclude me from his family then for the incestuous sex that I instigated and seduced him to have now. Incest had to be his idea and not mine. Just along for the ride because I was his mother because we lived in the same house, I needed to be the one who submitted to him and not the other way around.

“You could touch me,” he said looking at me with expectant eyes.

“Is that what you want? You want me to touch you?” I asked trying to conceal the sexual excitement that I suddenly felt by the thoughts of touching and feeling my son’s cock.

“Yes,” he said. “I’d love for you to touch my prick. I’ve love for you to take me in your hand and stroke me,” he said with a look of sexual excitement on his face while holding his cock in his hand as if offering it to me.

“Is that what you want? You want me to stroke you and masturbate you?” Just the thoughts of taking my son’s cock in my hand heated me with incestuous desire for him.

“Yes mother. I’d love for you to masturbate me. I can’t tell you how many times I sexually fantasized over you entering my room as I was masturbating,” he confessed. “Just as I can’t tell you how many times I tried to catch you naked by barging in your bedroom when you were changing or in the bathroom while you were showering, I can’t tell you how many times I sexually fantasized over showing you my erect cock. I always wondered what you do if you caught me masturbating and saw my erect prick. Would you look away and close my bedroom door or would you stand there staring?” He looked at me as if waiting for me to respond to his question.

“No doubt shocked that I caught you with your cock in your hand stroking yourself, I probably would have stared,” I said not feeling embarrassed by my bold confession in the way that I might have been before.

“I can’t tell you how many times I sexually fantasized over you masturbating me mother. And…” he said pausing and not finishing his thought to look lustfully away as if he was having an incestuous, sexual vision.

“And what?” I looked at him while watching him touching himself and slowly stroking his cock.

“Now that we told one another how we feel about one another, you could suck me,” he said looking down at his cock before looking up at me with lustful longing in the way that only a horny son can look at his incestuous mother and in the way that I’ve been staring at him.

Where will this incestuous lust end? Is it not enough that my son exposed his erect cock to me on numerous occasions? Is it not enough that my son is masturbating himself in front of me while I masturbated myself in front of him? Yet now my son just admitted that he wants me to stroke him and to masturbate him.

What do I do? What should I do? More importantly, what shouldn’t I do? I’m the strong one. I’m his mother. Instead of giving in to my incestuous, sexual desire to halkalı grup yapan escort touch him, feel him, and stroke him, I could say no but I can’t say no. I want to touch him, feel him, and stroke him. This is it. Now or never, once I take that brazen incestuous step, there’s no turning back.

Now that he just said the words that I was waiting and hoping to hear, why am I not doing what I so wanted to do for so very long. He not only wants me to stroke his cock but also he wants me to suck his cock. He wants me to blow him. No doubt, he wants to cum in his mother’s mouth. Without doubt, he wants me to swallow his cum.

“And if I touch you, if I stroke you, and if I masturbate you,” I said staring at his big prick. “If I take your big, hard, hairy prick in my mouth to suck you,” I paused looking at him while allowing the image to wash across my mind of me sucking my son, after he licked my pussy and gave me an orgasm with his fingers and tongue, before he fucked my pussy. “Tell me. What would you do for me James? What would you do for Mommy?”

He looked at me in the way he’s looked at me so many times before when he was my special, little boy. He looked at me as if he was still ten-years-old instead of twenty-years-old and I had just promised him a trip to Disney World.

“What would I do for you? What wouldn’t I do for you?” He looked at me as if I was deranged to even ask him the question. “I’d do anything you’d wanted me to do Mother. I’d be your sexual slave. I’d be your student and you could be my sexual education teacher. I’d be your Sub and you could be my Dom,” he said getting more sexually excited with each confessed thought and each admitted desire.

We looked at one another for a long minute without either of us saying anything before I spoke.

“I like the idea of you being my sexual slave, of you being my student, and of I being your teacher. I could be your Mistress Mother. Your mother the mistress,” I said with a naughty laugh. “Oh, my God,” I said with a sexy look of incestuous delight, “if only my friends could see me now, exposing my pussy to masturbate for my son while watching my son stroking himself to masturbate for me.”

“Oh my God, mother,” he said stroking himself faster.

“My uptight friends may feign shame, shock, and outrage but they’d all be jealous,” I said putting my index finger to my mouth while slowly running it the width of my lips before sticking the tip of my tongue out to lick it before taking my finger in my mouth to suck it in the way that I couldn’t wait to suck his cock.

The action of me running my finger across my lips, licking my finger, and sucking my finger made my son’s mouth fall open from the obvious incestuous lust that he had for me. I watched his cock throb and pulsate in his hand when he stopped stroking himself to watch me teasing him with my mouth and tongue. I was making him as incestuously, sexually crazy as I was making myself.

“Who knows, Mom,” he said with a thoughtful pause as if he was envisioning what he was about to say. “Maybe we could start something.”

“Start something? What do you mean? Start what?”

A sexy smile illuminated his face and the thought of what he was about to say raised his eyebrow along with my interest.

“We could start,” he said as if waiting for an imagined drum roll to finish, “a personal, private, and very exclusive, incestuous sex club,” he said.

“An incestuous sex club? I don’t know about starting an incestuous sex club,” I said rebuffing him with a laugh. Without even giving him the chance to finish what he had to say, to give his suggestion my consideration, I reconsidered my rejection of his idea. I continued to eye him with interest while still staring at his engorged prick. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, if you know of a couple of friends who are already having sex with their sons or who wished they could have sex with their sons, we could get together once a month for incestuous sessions,” he said.

“Incestuous sessions? How would that work?” Now he had my attention and I looked at him with more interest than curiosity.

“In the first session, we could begin by discussing mother and son incest openly between one another,” he said. “Let it all hang out. Explain to one another not only how we feel but also why we feel the way that we do. I dare say that we’re not as abnormal as we think we are. I dare say that there are plenty of mothers who’d want to have sex with their sons and plenty of sons who’d want to have sex with their mothers,” he said as if he was an incestuous guest speaker giving an lecture on mother and son incest.

“Interesting,” I said. “Shinning a spotlight of attention on something that’s only spoken in whispers behind closed, bedroom doors, that would eliminated many of the misconceptions that we all have regarding incest.”

“Perhaps, in the second session, if everyone was agreeable to undressing, a son could undress his mother and a mother could undress her son. A way to remove halkalı masöz escort the stigma of a mother and son being naked in front of one another, they could display their bodies to one another without any of the guilt and shame,” he said.

Such a great idea, suddenly I was overwhelmed with the sexual excitement of my friends’ sons seeing me in my bra and panty before seeing me naked. The vision of what my son suggested continued when I imagined seeing my friends’ sons naked too. Surrounded by young, stiff pricks, I’d be in Heaven.

“You mean, you wouldn’t mind having me undress not only in front of you but also in front of your friends?” Watching his reaction, I looked at him while waiting for him to answer my question.

The idea of me posing naked for his friends while his friends posed naked for me was something that I could only imagine in a porn movie.

“Yes,” he said.

“And my friends would not only undress in front of their sons but also in front of their son’s friends too,” I said suddenly excited by the imagine of my son stripping me naked in front of more men his age.

“Yes,” he said.

Oh, my God, never have I been as sexually excited as I was now. With just the suggestion of exposing my naked body to men my son’s age, half my age, made me crazy with sexual desire for not only for my son but also now for his friends too. Definitely, I’m going to Hell for thinking of all what I’m thinking.

“And that wouldn’t bother you to be naked in front of my friends?”

I looked at him with a renewed sexual excitement that this private, incestuous club idea could really work.

“Embarrassed? Are you kidding me Mother? I’d be sexually excited,” he said. “In the way that I’m showing you my cock now, I’d love to show my big prick to all of your hot friends.”

I could only imagine the looks on Christine’s, Julie’s, and Elizabeth’s faces seeing my son’s big prick and seeing him naked. Supplanting that thought, I could only imagine having their sons Mike, Bill, and Glenn seeing me naked.

“And I would be embarrassed either,” I confessed with a dirty laugh while waving my face with my hand with the hot, sexual heat that I suddenly felt.

“If the first discussion session and the second showing session went well mother, in the third session a mother could touch and feel her son while her son touched and felt his mother,” he said.

Oh, my God. Fuck me. I could only imagine the excitement I’d feel having my son strip me naked in front of my friends and his friends before touching me and feeling me while I stripped him naked in front of my friends and his friends before touching and feeling him too. Are you kidding me? This is a brilliant idea. The best idea he’s ever had. Only, why haven’t I ever thought of this? This incestuous sexual club is what incestuous sexual fantasies are all about, only going from sexual fantasy to reality, this could really be something.

“And what happens with the fourth session?”

I couldn’t wait for him to tell me. For him to spout out so very much information about incestuous sex in regards to an incestuous sex club made me realized that he must have been thinking about this long and hard. Apparently, I’m not the only one he’s been sexually lusting over. He’s been sexually lusting over my friends too. Admittedly, I’ve been sexually lusting over his friends too.

I wondered if his friends masturbated over me in the way my son obviously masturbates over me and my friends. I wondered if my friends masturbate over my son in the way that I sometimes have masturbated over having sex with their sons. Wanting to jump to the sexual part, not that all of this wasn’t the sexual part, I wanted to hear about the sex. Obviously, for him to think of a private, incestuous sex club, he was as incestuously deranged as I was.

“We have sex. Mother has sex with her son and son has sex with his mother, while the other couples in the group watch,” he said.

I could only imagine Christine and her son Mike, Julie and her son Bill, and Elizabeth and her son Glenn watching me having sex with my son James before I watched Christine, Julie, and Elizabeth having sex with their sons. Wow!

“I see,” I said already suspecting the answer to my question but asking it anyway. “And after mothers and sons have had sex with one another, then what happens in the fifth session?”

I imagined an orgy with mother’s sucking and fucking the sons of other mothers while their sons licked and fucked the mothers of other sons. Such a simply splendid idea. I didn’t know why no one has ever considered the thought before.

“Perhaps, if all in attendance were agreeable, we could swap partners,” he said.

There, he said it. He wants to swap his mother to have sex with my friends. He’s willingly agreeable to having his friends do me while he watches. This just gets better and better.

“I see,” I said, “sort of in the way of a swingers meeting for couples but for mothers and sons who want incestuous sex.”

Oh, my God. I could only imagine my sexual fantasy come true of a mother and son group orgy. How sexually exciting would that be. Mothers fucking their sons and sons licking their mothers before each couple swapped partners with mothers sucking and fucking multiple son’s cocks and son’s licking and fucking multiple mothers. I could only image the costumed masquerade party we could have.

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