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As Kelly and I both lay in bed, I closed my eyes and my mind flashed memories of last night, like a movie almost but only the best parts. I was on my back and she had just climbed off of my face, in the dimly lit room the candle light illuminated her body just enough to see that she was really wet and her pussy lips glistened as she eased herself up from my mouth.

I loved licking her, that shaved pussy drove me wild and now I knew what was on her mind. She went down and turned herself around, hovering over my erection. Looking up at me with her sexy face she began to lightly move her wet tongue along my cock, not touching me with her hands at all.

I loved to watch her. The tip of her tongue moved around the swollen head already wet with those big shiny drops of my pre cum. Kelly lapped them up and smiled, “mmmm…” licking her lips seductively, then took the end in her hot wet mouth. It felt so good- the gentle teasing with her tongue, her warm mouth began to suck on the head of it and I could feel my cock getting bigger and tighter, swelling with that hard on that ached for release. She slowly let me go deeper, inch by inch, until I was all the way in, snug and hard – her mouth was like another pussy.

I began to move and made my cock kartal escort bayan slide in and out as she tightly gripped the base with two fingers. Her moans vibrated into the stiffness and sent shivers up my spine. “mmmm…” she began to bob up and down creating a rhythm with my pumping that made my balls so ready to shoot their load right in her mouth. She slide off and whispered, “EJ- fuck my mouth- I want you to cum right in it- cum in my mouth” and went back to her amazing cocksucking. Her lips tightened down and the sensation of her suction, wild tongue and fingers made it happen. I felt my body tense up, the feeling building, rising for the climax. “Yess Kelly- cumming-yess don’t stop-” I held her head in my hands and in seconds my balls shot my hot cum down her throat-“Mmm-” she moaned feeling the sticky sperm spurt into her mouth-I came in waves- each one a little less than the one before-hot sticky cum pumped from the end of my still hard cock. I hadn’t cum in days so it was a huge load, creamy white cum dripped from both corners of her mouth, sliding down to her chin. She reached up and her finger caught the drips, smiling she licked it. “Love your cum-so good…”

Back to reality I felt the familiar sensation of a morning escort maltepe hard on. As I lay on my back it poked up all big and stiff, laying on my stomach. I reached down to feel it and without thinking began to stroke myself. I could hear Kelly slow breathing and looked over to see if she was awake. Not stirring, she had no idea that her legs were apart, exposing her sweet, sweet pussy. Her ass was facing me, and her face was in the pillow.

I slowly eased up and crawled between her legs, looking at the soft curves of her sexy ass. On my knees I held my cock and stroked it as I gazed at her vulnerable pussy below. Once hard enough I spit on my fingers and rubbed the tip until it was wet enough, my lubrication mixed with my spit and I lowered myself down, the head only inches away from her bald pink pussy. I edged the head inside, slowly awakening her. “oh yess…” she whispered and lifted her hips up to let me all the way in. Her pussy felt sooo good as I moved forward, until I was up inside her hot wet hole. “Morning EJ-I could wake up to this every day” she laughed and held her ass with both hands, spreading herself open so I could really go deep.

I pushed in more and more with each pump of my stiff cock until she was feeling pendik escort as good as I was-“Fuck me- fuck me -” she said over and over, and I sped up the motion, getting deeper with every thrust- I looked down and watched her pussy lips as I pulled back- they stretched out from her as if sucking my cock- all slippery and wet, Kelly’s pussy was amazing- I gripped her ass and pounded away- I could feel her fingers playing with my balls and rubbing her clit as I fucked her – “I’m ready baby-” Gonna cum.” she cried almost in pain. I glance down as she slams backward onto my reddened cock- the bubbly cum and juices from her squeeze out as I go in her tight hole- they ooze down along the sides and drip onto her sheets.

I cant hold back and we wildly fuck and it suddenly comes- like a dam opening-hot sperm spits into her wet pinkness-Kelly arches her back to feel me as the sticky juices fill her- all hot and gooey-she has a loud violent orgasm. Her pussy clenches down and waves of pleasure spread from our two parts entwined. My balls continue-squeezing out their load- pumping out and up inside her- until she cries out and drops her head into the pillow- We are both coated in a cool sweat- my cock is still in her as she lets her hips relax.

I am spent- I let myself down and rest on her soft wet back, her ass feels soft and comfy pressed into my hips. I feel the cum as it leaks out of her pussy, down onto my balls and it is cool now. The sunlight bathes us as we rest, and I knew it would be a great night later …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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