More Than This

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He had never seen Jeannie look as beautiful as she did right now. Her dark hair was piled on top of her head with silky tendrils trailing down the sides of her face and framing her oval face. Her delicate hands balanced the heavy bottle of asti spumante and two glasses and her breasts bobbed with each step as she came across the room to him.

“Dustin? You all right?”

“Never been better.” He took the bottle from her and pried the wire cage off, using his thumbs to loosen the cork enough to fly across the room. She squealed and as they both laughed, Dustin felt the breath catch in his throat again.

Eight months ago, Jeannie Burrows had been just another inaccessible girl in his high school. She was a cheerleader and was into musical theater, easily winning the leads each semester with her clear, strong voice. They lived in different neighborhoods but rode the bus together every day and she was always kind to him. She was never snotty or stuck up and even gave him a present on his birthday: a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. For her eighteenth, he returned the favor by gifting her with a book, a biography of Julie Andrews and made her cry.

But it was the fight that changed everything. He didn’t know what overtook him that day. He heard them arguing and heard the slap and when he rounded the corner … she was on the ground, struggling beneath him, his hand on her throat bahis firmaları while the other fumbled with his pants. Her screams seared themselves into his brain as he leaped into action, tackling her boyfriend, Murphy Hardestone and subjecting himself to the first and worst beating of his life. Hardestone was arrested for attempted rape and Dustin was suddenly a hero.

When she came to visit him in the hospital and asked if there was anything she could do for him, he said yes and asked for a date. One date became two and two became three and before he knew it, Jeannie was his girlfriend. He was as surprised as most of the other students but he never let her see his nervousness. He never let her know how high the pedestal was that he put her on. He treated her like a piece of fine china, tenderly and with much reverence and care as he could find. He was so lucky.

He poured the asti and handed her a glass, gazing into her blue eyes and smiling at her. “To you.”

“To us.” He watched her lips curve around the glass and the gentle movement of her throat as she swallowed. So very beautiful. “I can’t believe that graduation is only a few days away.”

“Me, either.” Dustin shook his head and gave her a smile. “Did you enjoy the prom?”

Her smile was blinding. “Yes. Thank you for asking me, Dustin.”

“There’s no one else that I would have wanted to be there with.” kaçak iddaa His heart thumped in his chest and he looked into his glass nervously. “Jeannie, I have to ask you a question.”


“Is there more than this?”

“More than what?”

“In four months, you’ll be at Wellesley and I’ll be at Princeton.”


“What about us?”

Dustin carefully watched her face, searching for any nuance of feeling. He was overjoyed to find tears forming in her lovely eyes. “Do you want to break up?”

“No, Jeannie. Not at all.” He pulled the box from his pocket and held it out to her with shaking fingers. She took it, the tears falling when she saw the contents. “I know that I’ll never find anyone like you and I don’t want to try. I love you, Jeannie and one day, I’ll replace that with a wedding band, if you’ll let me.”

His eyes burned with tears when she threw her arms around him and he held her tightly. “I love you, too, Dustin.” He pulled back and took the box from her, sliding the ring onto her finger. “Now I have a present for you.”

The warmth of her soft mouth and the touch of her tongue made his entire body vibrate. They’d kissed before but never like this, never with unrestrained passion and carnality that made his mouth water. She was a virgin and was scared that if she gave in to her feelings, things might go too far. But now … there kaçak bahis was no fear in the way her hands caressed his body, how her mouth slid across his stomach and her tongue wrapped around the head of his straining cock.

“Oh, God! Jeannie!”

“This is my promise to you.” Her lips rubbed against the hot skin and Dustin shivered in response. “You will be my first so I’ll give you a first.”

“Jeannie, you don’t need to.”

“Yes, I do. I want my mouth to be the only one that ever touches you.” She illustrated her words by taking his cock back into her mouth and lovingly sucking it. Dustin could barely think as her tongue ran the length of his rod, sending chills through his body when she probed the slit and sucked the escaping juices out. Her fingers gently rolled his nuts, tugging them down and driving the air from his lungs with the sensation. Her teeth grazed the edges of the head and her warm mouth sucked him in, her tongue playing along the sensitive underside.

The sight of Jeannie’s beautiful mouth on his cock was too much to bear and the tingles that rode his skin told him that he was close to shooting. The words got stuck in his throat when the sensations overwhelmed him and he was cumming, gasping her name as his prick throbbed, spurting thick cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop, licking him clean and tucking him back into his pants.

“A first for a first.” She smiled down at her ring, then handed him a glass, raising her own in a toast.

“I love you, Jeannie.”

“I love you, too, Dustin.”

Their glasses clinked together as Dustin grinned. “To us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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