More than Convenience Ch. 01

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Jennifer loves her busy and exciting life as an executive manager in the cosmetics industry. Single and in her early 40s, she was a self-made independent woman and liked it that way. Wary of commitment and a relationship threatening her convenient and glamourous lifestyle, she sought Doctor Love’s help for the one intimate void in her personal life.

I just loved reading each and every draft. You’re both wickedly good. Jennifer DePrue.


The view of the city skyline from the apartment was even more impressive now. It was mine, having paid off the mortgage last month. I’d worked hard since joining Desire Cosmetics over ten years ago. After modelling for them through an agency, I commenced as a sale representative and progressed to being their national sales and marketing manager for the last two years. I left the office early to pack my bags for tomorrow’s flight to New York.

I love everything about my work. It’s exciting and glamorous working in the beauty and fashion industry. You get to travel and meet so many fascinating people. We’re launching a new perfume for the North American market and I was looking forward to a week in the States. My work is a big part of my life.

The apartment is on the edge of the city centre and only a leisurely walk to the office. It’s so convenient to the essentials of life, only minutes to Queens Parade with its coffee shops, restaurants and boutique shopping. The large park opposite has lovely trails that wind through manicured flower beds, wide sweeping lawns and large trees. I walk to most places and an evening run through the beautiful park helps me unwind after a busy day. A 24-hour gym is on the ground floor of the apartments. Keeping fit and healthy is my other passion.

In my early 40’s, I’m proud that I could still be modelling. It helps if you have an attractive figure in my line of work. I considered myself pretty happy and contented with life as I contemplated my trip and gazed at the view, savouring my achievements.

There have been compromises with my choice of an unattached lifestyle. I’m popular but only have several close friends. There’s no room in my busy lifestyle for a serious relationship. It’s just wouldn’t be convenient. I’ve chosen a career rather than personal commitment and the emotional attachment that comes with a partner or even a lover. The lack of intimacy has been difficult at times. One-night stands aren’t my thing. I’m happy being on my own but a girl does need a little bit of fun.

A little over a year ago I felt the situation was starting to affect me personally and professionally. I’m attending a local medical centre for women and being treated by Doctor Love. His counselling and therapy have been wonderful, helping me cope with the intimate void in my life. The Practice has become a convenient arrangement. A short brisk walk from the apartment, it’s on Park Crescent on the other side of the park and fits in nicely with my fitness regime. I was looking forward to this afternoon’s appointment.

After checking my emails and deciding there wasn’t anything that needed my urgent attention, I put on a hooded training jacket over a sports top. It was the first really cold day of the season and I already had leggings under my shorts. I grabbed my backpack I’d packed earlier and left the apartment.

The gym was busy as usual and I recognised some of the regulars as I walked past, building up to a steady pace. Occasionally a new member would try some gym flirting or even show a little more interest. I had my own inimical way of letting them know what I thought of them, amusing the regulars who knew me better. I do find it flattering all the same. I felt a little stiff after a longer run than normal and thought the walk would loosen things up. I soon developed a warm glow as I battled a cool gusty wind.

The Practice is one of the many old double-story terraces that line Park Crescent. Developers couldn’t possibly knock any down to put up an apartment like mine in the area. It doesn’t look much different to any of the other expensive historic homes the area is famous for. It’s quite a contrast to the modern and contemporary design of the apartment but I liked the old-world charm of the building. It’s a lovely setting for the Practice’s services and important in its success.

Being in marketing, I could appreciate how the Practice appeals to women. It isn’t like a medical clinic, both in appearance, location and the services. It’s more like a home with period classical décor and furniture. The grandeur and opulence throughout the building is obvious and spectacular. There is a sense of privacy and intimacy within a calm and tranquil setting. Women could relax and seek treatment as a Guest, as they are known, not as a patient.

The exclusive club feel of the Practice appeals to some. Others appreciated the individual attention in a comfortable and less intrusive setting. A soothing ambience welcomes Guests and provides a serene and intimate kartal escort atmosphere with its relaxing music, soft lighting, and scent of fresh-cut flowers or potpourri. All of these things appealed to me and Doctor Love conveniently satisfied my needs.

I slowed to a gentle walk as I approached the Practice and did some stretching before ringing the bell on the large stained-glass door. ‘Hello Jennifer, Maddisyn greeted me with her lovely smile that you couldn’t help but return. How was the walk?’

‘Great but it’s a little cool this afternoon,’ I replied taking off my backpack in the entry hall.

‘I’ve got the fire going,’ she said accompanying me into the Sitting Room.

I considered Maddisyn, the Practice Manager, as one of my friends although we only saw each other during my appointments. I’ve got to know her well over the last six months. Maddisyn made a great first impression on those she met. She’s a tall and attractive brunette in her mid-20’s with an athletic build and always stylishly dressed. Maddisyn made it her business to know all the Guests well and make their visit enjoyable.

The marketing strategy was obvious to me and comforting for the Guests. Maddisyn spoke in a soft and gentle tone and has a spiritual nature about her. She had previously worked in the spa and health industry which were useful skills she employed at the Practice. I suspect not many Guest would fully realise the importance of Maddisyn in the Practices’ success.

An open fire was glowing in the white marble fireplace that is a feature of the Sitting Room with an ornate mirror above and flanked by matching couches. Guests often sat and enjoyed a drink while waiting for their appointment with Doctor Love. Period side tables with lamps gives the room character and a stylish pendant dangled from a magnificent ceiling rosette. It felt a comfortable and welcoming room.

I noticed soft music playing in the background and recognised the song. It was Best of my Love by the Eagles. ‘Is that one of my songs playing?’ I inquired, giving Maddisyn a surprised look.

My reaction brought a smile to her pretty face. ‘I finished putting the mix together for you.’

‘Thank you, Maddisyn. I have something for you,’ I smiled taking a small box out of my backpack.

Her bright brown eyes widened. ‘What is it?’ She asked, looking pleased.

‘We’re launching a new fragrance in the States in a couple of days and I thought you may like some,’ I explained.

‘Thank you, you’re so kind, she replied. What’s it called?’

‘Wicked, but you can’t tell anyone until after the launch.’

‘It’s our secret, she whispered with a broad smile. Would you like anything before you see Doctor Love?’

‘I’d love one of your massages later but can I have some warm tea by the fire?’ I replied taking a seat on one of the couches.

‘Certainly, I’ll bring it to you and then get things ready.’

The Guest Lounge, off the Sitting Room, is the rest room but also has a spa bath and a room for a relaxing massage. Maddisyn’s a massage therapist and works wonders on my occasional aches and pains. It’s so convenient, saving me attending elsewhere.

I could feel the warmth radiating from the fireplace as I sat on the plush couch gazing at the flames devouring a half-eaten log. Maddisyn soon returned with the tea and some lovely chocolate slices on a silver tray and placed it on the coffee table in front of me.

‘Thank you,’ I grinned with an eye on one of the slices.

‘That will warm you up. I’ll get changed while you enjoy the tea. I tried the perfume and it’s wonderful, thank you,’ she added.

‘My pleasure, I replied, instinctively returning her broad smile. I’ll leave some for the Guests.’

Maddisyn looked elegant in a knee-length navy blue pencil skirt and a matching jacket with a pale blue blouse. I admired the sway of her hips as she walked to the entry hall in her black high-heels. She looked fit and toned and her breasts bounced enticingly as she briskly ascended the stairs to the second floor.

I’ve often wondered why she kept her change of clothing upstairs. It’s where Doctor Love lived. I sipped my tea and wondered if there was something going on between Doctor Love and Maddisyn. It may be my fertile imagination or just a convenient place to get changed for massaging.

Maddisyn and I have become close, possibly closer than other Guests I suspected, but I really didn’t know much about her, or Doctor Love for that matter. Maddisyn had mentioned they met when they both did a massage course and started working for him when he established the Practice.

Most of our discussions have centred on our shared interest in fitness and work. We both studied business management and Maddisyn’s previous work in the health and beauty is closely connected with mine in cosmetics. We just seemed to get on well together.

Maddisyn soon came back down the stairs wearing 3-quarter light grey tights with maltepe escort bayan pink trim, a matching pink gym tee-shirt and white sports shoes. Her long and softly curled dark hair, now tied back in a ponytail, swung freely as she bounced her way down the stairs and came into the Sitting Room.

‘Ready for your massage?’ She enthusiastically asked smiling.

‘Yes, thank you, I replied getting up from the couch with my backpack. ‘It’s a shame to leave the fire,’ I added.

‘Doctor Love has the fire going in the suite,’ she mentioned, making our way to the Guest Lounge.

‘Sounds great . . .,’ I sensually replied, my mind starting to wonder to my session with Doctor Love.

A separate room off the Guest Lounge has a massage table and changing facilities. A scented aromatherapy candle was filling the room with a delicate fragrance. Maddisyn placed a cotton towel on the table and left closing the door for me to get undressed. Maddisyn had massaged me a few times and instructions weren’t necessary.

I stripped out of my clothing down to my panties and placed the garments in my backpack. I wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed about being topless. Models get used to it. I preferred to wear my high-cut panties, provided the access that Maddisyn required. I laid face down on the bench and began to relax. The luxurious cotton felt sensuous against my breasts causing the stirrings of arousal. I’d been looking forward to this all day!

There was a gentle knock at the door. I turned my head to the side and watched Maddisyn as she got things ready. She placed another plush cotton towel over my back and legs. After dimming the light slightly, she turned on relaxing background music. Taking a bottle from a bowl, Maddisyn placed a small amount of scented massage oil on her hands and worked it into her fingers.

My excitement grew as I watched in anticipation. ‘What sort of massage would you like?’ Maddisyn softly inquired.

‘I felt a little stiff walking. Maybe a little more on the legs. I did a couple of laps of the park the other night,’ I explained.

‘One lap’s my limit! She exclaimed. Isn’t that 10K?’

‘That’s right. It was a lovely evening and I just felt like a longer run,’ I grinned, feeling a little proud.

‘I’ll start with the lower back as it sometimes affects the legs. Relax and take slow, deep breaths,’ Maddisyn advised.

I placed my face in the cradle with my arms at my side, taking in the aroma of the candles and massage oil while the soft music played. Maddisyn pulled the towel so it covered me from just below my hips. The intimate touch of her fingers as she peeled back my panties sent a sensual tingle through my body. She poured a small portion of warm oil over my lower back. Using long even strokes, her hands started above my hips lightly gliding up the middle of my back before returning down the outside.

I closed my eyes and my thoughts drifted back to Doctor Love’s session. ‘Mmmm,’ I sighed as my body lay lifeless under her wondrous hands.

The image of a fire in his suite was an intimate setting for our therapy and I started to fantasise how it might unfold.

There is something about this older man I felt excited about as my doctor. He’s wonderful and handsome, gazing at me through steamy sensual eyes and with a gorgeous smile. I love his immaculate grooming and his charming gentlemanly manner. Doctor Love also kept himself fit and has an attractive muscular build that a younger man would be proud to have. I enjoy his company as much as his treatment.

My dreamy thoughts were interrupted as Maddisyn began using her fingertips in short circular strokes over my lower back with more pressure. ‘How does that feel?’ Maddisyn asked.

‘Sensational,’ I sensually moaned and then realised what I was being asked. I didn’t feel anything tight,’ I added.

‘No, the back feels good, she declared. I’ll start with the toes and work back. There must be something going on.’

I got to know Maddisyn’s technique well and she knew my body intimately. Being very aware of my body, I appreciated her informing me of what she was doing and providing feedback. Some therapists work in silence or spend more time aimlessly talking and waving their hands about. Maddisyn’s hands never left my body and the technique was obviously professional and deliciously relaxing.

Maddisyn straightened my panties and moved the towel up to cover my back before moving to the end of the bench and applied oil to my feet. She massaged each toe and the space between before moving to the sole. My eyes closed in total surrender to her fingers as they worked their magic and contented purrs filled the face cradle. Maddisyn began applying a little more pressure with her knuckles running them along the bottom of each foot.

‘How does the pressure feel?’ She inquired.

‘Wonderful,’ I moaned still enjoying the sensation and the images of Doctor Love’s therapy.

Maddisyn escort pendik continued with my calf and hamstrings, her hands gliding over my oil covered skin before her fingers and palms begin kneading into the soft yielding tissue.

‘I felt some tightness in the calves and hamstrings,’ I confirm lifting my head slightly.

‘Just a few little runner’s knots but they’re good as new now,’ she announced moving to the side of the table.

Maddisyn cupped her hands around the upper leg above the knee. Leaning forward she applied pressure and worked her way up to the top of the leg. I could feel her long and slender oil-soaked fingers and smooth palm moving tantalising close to my pussy.

My nipples hardened against the soft cotton towel. I instinctively parted my legs slightly providing easier access but longed for more. My intimate mound aching to be massaged and I uttered a stifled moan of frustration into the face cradle. I craved for Doctor Love’s therapy session even more.

Maddisyn repeated the same on the other leg and confirmed that everything felt good. ‘Glutes next, I’ll try not to get oil on your panties,’ Maddisyn apologised.

‘A pain in the butt,’ I giggled, lifting my head to see her smiling.

Lifting my hips allowed Maddisyn to peel my panties down to beneath my cheeks. Wouldn’t being pantie-less be more convenient? It was tempting. May be next time? The image of my naked body under her magic hands entertained my mind.

She drizzled some oil on my buttocks and commences stroking each cheek in a circular motion several times. Her touch was sensual, arousing and heavenly. The rocking motion of my body caused my erect nipples to rub against the towel and I felt my pussy moisten. The sensation was mind-blowingly divine as I succumbed to her caressing hands.

Resting with one hand on my lower back, Maddisyn lent with her body weight and used the heel of her hand to work across the buttocks and worked her way from my legs to the waist. She went to the other side of the table and repeated the kneading of the other buttock. Maddisyn finished off with gently stroking both buttocks and then pummelling them with the edge of her palms. She replaced my panties over my backside and draped the towel over my back and legs, rubbing gently to absorb most of the oil.

Maddisyn held the towel up in front of her face. ‘Okay, you can turn over now, she instructed. Take it easy getting up.’

It was like moving in slow motion, I was so relaxed. My erect nipples and the moistness of my panties clearly indicating another effect of the massage. No other therapist had caused such arousal. Maddisyn lowered the towel, positioning it to cover me from the top of my legs to above my chest, unintentionally concealing my state of arousal.

‘Just the quads and we’re done,’ she smiled.

‘Wonderful,’ I muttered in a massage induced haze full of mixed emotions.

Maddisyn applied oil to both my upper legs and began stroking up the thigh and back on each side. She then began gently squeezing the thigh with cupped hands working from the knee to the top of the leg. Her touch so close to my pussy, almost too titillating to endure as it throbbed for attention. Maddisyn then finished off by stroking the upper leg toward the top with her palms and fingers wrapped to each side and then repeated the technique on the other thigh.

‘Both quads are okay as well,’ she mentioned as she draped the towel over my legs and lightly rubbed to absorb the excess oil.

‘We’re finished. Just get up slowly and sit on the edge of the table before standing, Maddisyn advised. Have some water,’ indicating a glass and jug on the table.

‘Thank you, that was amazing,’ I muttered, recovering from the intensely pleasurable experience.

‘My pleasure,’ Maddisyn replied.

‘I was wondering about not wearing panties next time. I mean . . . it would be easier,’ I hastened to add, looking a little sheepish.

‘If you feel comfortable. Many Guests do,’ she answered and I sensed some satisfaction as her lips curled into a little knowing smile before leaving me to get dressed.

Her look left me wondering if she was aware of how much I enjoyed her massage as I sat on the table drinking the water. Recovered from the state of massage bliss, I stood up and rubbed myself down with a fresh towel to remove the remaining oil.

I removed my panties and took some lingerie from my backpack. I’d chosen a teddy to wear. I slipped them on and admired how sexy and desirable I looked in the mirror on the wall. Shoestring straps suspend the top enticingly above my firm breasts. The short top hung freely from my erect nipples with my slender waist and toned stomach displaying the results of many workouts. The matching lace panties completed the seductive outfit.

I put on a freshly laundered white cotton robe and matching bath slippers and made my way to the spa area of the Guest Lounge to do my hair and makeup. As I sat on the chair at the dressing table, the thought of the open fire in Doctor Love’s suite and a glass of red wine came to mind.

I went to the Sitting Room and found Maddisyn had changed and was sitting at her desk. ‘Would I be able to have a red wine when I join Doctor Love?’

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