More Fun with Frank , Bill Ch. 06

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As I slowly made my way down the stairs, I could hear the guys chatting away in the living room. I decided to eavesdrop in on their conversation.

I could clearly hear Steve and Frank discussing my arse!

“She has a fantastic arse, hasn’t she” I heard Steve say.

“Yes it’s a beauty, isn’t it?” was Frank’s reply.

To this I heard Keith, the very young lad, say, “I’ve watched her wiggle it around the shop a few times, a real cock tease, isn’t she.”

Bill interjected at this point, “Aye son, she is that, but she fucking delivers the goods as well. She’s a right dirty slut at times.”

I could then hear muffled chat as they all chirped in, Keith clearly getting braver by the minute, “Does she like her arse fucked too?” was a question I heard him ask.

“Och, aye,” Bill chimed in, “She’s taken my cock a few times up her arse, and she sometimes likes to have both her arse and cunt fucked together.”

“Fucking hell,” was the response from Keith.

The chatting continued, my various body parts being openly discussed, and the enthusiasm of the younger lads seemed to be growing.

At one point I heard Steve say, “I hope she lets me spunk on her tits. I love to spunk up all over a lass’s tits.”

Frank again afforded them with some information,” She likes to be spunked on and in, don’t worry son.”

I decided I had heard enough. My fanny was really wet, and I was ready for some real fun.

I opened the door and all eyes turned to me.

“Wow,” came the response from Steve. “You look fucking great.”

“Thanks,” I said in return, “glad you like it, sweetheart.” With this I did a twirl to show them the full view.

“You like my arse?” I looked at young Keith as I asked the question, he blushed in response.

Frank chirped up, “It’s lovely as ever, Anna love.”

“Well,” I said, “I hope you like the outfit as I’m horny as fuck now.”

“We do,” came the unanimous response. I showed the guys the vibrator I had in my hands and told them all, “I thought I would use this for starters, to give you lads a show.”

Keith looked keen as mustard and told me, “That would be awesome.”

I smiled and said to him,” I will also use some of that lovely veg you have brought for me.”

On fully entering the room, I walked over to the settee area. The two lads sitting on it parted, and I made myself comfy in-between them.

“OK, lads,” I said,” Let’s get a dirty DVD on and get us all in the mood, eh?” I could see the bulges in the two youngsters’ jeans as I sat beside them.

Keith was now sat opposite on an armchair, with Frank and Bill content to be sat at the side of the room observing everything, for the meantime.

“I can tell you lads have some swollen cocks in there,” I said as I looked at their crotch areas in turn. ” I want to see them get nice and stiff for me.”

With this Bill got up and got the DVD player all set up. He chose a DVD he had recently bought, and we all settled down to watch it. We all had drinks beside us, and I slowly slid my hands down at my sides to feel the young lads’ legs as we started our viewing.

The DVD was an amateur-style one, part of a Viewer’s Wives series, one with lots of different scenes contained within it.

As it started, I moved my hands further up the lads’ legs to begin slowly rubbing their cock areas.

“Hmm,” I said, “these feel good and hard already. I can’t wait to see them out.”

The action of the first scene of the DVD got underway, a young blond girl and an older male. She started by sucking him off, and they had soon moved to enjoy some good fucking action.

I parted my legs slightly and, as I did so, the lads eased their own legs away to give me more room. I took this as a key to really spread my legs. I planted the heels of my boots onto the floor, tensing my legs as I tried to provide a good show for my lovers. On doing so, Steve was the first of the two guys beside me brave enough to put a hand onto my leg.

As we continued watching the DVD, the young blond was now taking a good pounding doggy style. Steve then placed his hand slightly higher on my leg and began rubbing it slowly up and down, his hand straying down over my boot and then up onto my stocking-clad leg, finally resting on my inner thigh area. He then retraced his actions several times, each time getting higher up towards my cunt.

My pussy was sopping already and the atmosphere in the room was electric.

The blond on screen was now being fucked hard and fast as the older male worked up to his climax.

“Pass me my vibro, please,” I said to Frank. He duly obliged and, within seconds, I was teasing my cunt lips with my big purple vibrator as we all sat watching the porno.

The guys’ eyes fluctuated between me and the DVD, the older male now spunking off heavily onto the blonde’s face and hair.

“Lucky fucking bitch,” I spat the words out as I eased the vibrator up my soaking cunt.

The action was now heating up, both on screen and also in our room. My vibrator was sliding up me ever bahis firmaları further with each thrust, and the guys were intently watching me.

“Fuck it, you tart,” Bill told me.

“You want to see me really fuck myself, don’t you?” I asked, staring at Bill as I worked myself into a frenzy.

“Fuck, yes,” came his reply.

“Spread my fucking legs then,” I said, looking at Peter and Steve sat at either side of me as I did so. “Let me show you all how fucking wet and dirty I am.”

With this, Steve and Peter each took hold of my legs. They then lifted them over theirs and splayed me wide open. My booted legs were now completely hooked over theirs. Keith, Bill and Frank moved close and directly in front of me.

I slowly eased my vibro right out of my swollen pussy lips, slid it up the length of my cunt, and toyed with my rock hard clit.

I then plunged it deep up me as I intently watched the guys’ reactions and also had one eye on the two black males fucking the girl in the next scene on the DVD.

After fucking myself for several minutes with my vibrator and being egged on by the guys, I decided to bring myself off for my first climax and also really give them a little show.

“Get some veg out of the bag, Keith love,” I said to my young teenage admirer.

Keith duly obliged, and he passed me a very large cucumber from the LIDLS bag that the guys had brought with them.

“Move over here,” I directed Keith, and with this he moved from his chair, allowing me to take his place.

I was now sat in a chair facing Steve, Peter and Keith all on the sofa, and Bill and Frank sat at each side of it.

I again eagerly opened my stocking and boot-clad legs for my gang of fuck partners.

I then began teasing my cunt with the large cucumber.

“Let me see your fucking cocks,” I said to them.

“I want to bring myself off for my first cum looking at your stiff fucking pricks.”

As I continued to work the cucumber up myself, withdrawing it fully on some strokes to let the lads see my open gash, they all slowly began stripping off.

The earlier nerves seemed to be disappearing, and I was pleased at how well things were going.

Within a few minutes, all of them had stripped to their boxers or Y-fronts.

I continued fucking myslef as they one by one slipped these off too, to reveal five wonderful, stiff, throbbing and erect cocks.

Young Keith’s was especially pleasing to me. It had been years since I had seen such a young piece of meat, and at a good 6 inches in length, he hadn’t disappointed me.

“Lovely,” I murmured.

“You sexy fucking bitch,” Peter said to me as I continued my little show.

“I’m going to fucking cum off,” I said.

“I’m cumming looking at your cocks, and I can’t wait to fucking taste and fuck them all,” I added as my initial wave of climax began to take hold of me.

My cunt was now spraying my juice out and the cucumber was sliding up me, taking a good half of its length up me with each stroke.

The guys were all gently toying and pulling on their massive pricks as I did so. I sat, a married woman and mother, surrounded by these five naked males, two of whom are old enough to be my grandfather and the other three young enough to be my sons.

My cum was now upon me.

“Fucking hell,” I screamed as my orgasm took over. My legs tensed and my cunt spurted out my love juice as the veg pounded my sticky, wet, slobbering fanny.

This was only the start of a terrific night… After my massive climax had subsided, the pace of the action sped up. The next two hours were spent in an amazing session with my five lovers.

On climaxing, I needed a little rest from the pounding my cunt had taken from my toy and from the cucumber.

I settled down to a session of cock sucking, something I have always enjoyed. Then the guys quickly all stripped completely, revealing their massive, swollen hard-ons. They then lined up as requested by me … youngest to oldest, and I wantonly worked my way back and forth along the line.

I was on my hands and knees crawling like a bitch in heat. Due to my thigh high boots, it was a little uncomfortable, so I removed them and they were soon replaced with my stilettos, my black, leather, high-heeled shoes.

I began with the oldest member, so to speak! I slobbered and spat all over Bill’s cock, making sure I was giving a good show to the other four guys as I did so. Bill likes me to lick up and down the length of his shaft and, as I did so, all eyes were upon me.

“Fucking hell, she’s a good cocksucker,” Bill remarked.

“She’s an amazing fucking slut,” came back the response from young Steve.

I smiled and winked.

“Call me what you fucking want,” I said to them, telling them…

“I’m your whore for the night boys.”

I then duly followed suit with Frank, savouring the taste of his hard cock as I swallowed his length as deeply into my slutty mouth as I could manage.

Peter and Steve were the next to receive the oral treatment. kaçak iddaa This was the first time I had actually sucked either of them off, and the sensation from feeling a new cock twitching and filling your mouth is a great one. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

The texture, shape and taste of each prick are unique in my experience, and again I fully gorged myself on their hard-ons. Peter has a beauty of a tool. He must be about 7 and 1/2 inches in length, with a really big purple head on it. He tasted fantastic, all sweaty and spunky, and I made sure his prick was saturated in my spit as I eagerly gobbled and slobbered over him.

Steve’s cock was a little smaller, about 6 to 61/2 inches in length, and a thin one too. He seemed to really like me licking around his balls a lot, and I gave them extra attention as it seemed to get his prick twitching and jerking as I did so.

Young Keith was the last of my new cocks to experience, and due to his tender years, was the one that had me dripping with anticipation as I began to orally pleasure him.

His initial shyness had now worn completely off, a mixture of the heady atmosphere and perhaps a little effect of the alcohol too.

I shuffled along to him, tearing a hole in one of my red, seamed stockings as I did so. On kneeling in front of him, I was encircled by the other guys. Hard pricks surrounded me. I eagerly grabbed the young teenager’s rock solid shaft and slowly began to wank him.

As I did so, I asked him, “Have you enjoyed yourself so far Keith?”

He keenly replied, “Fuck yes!”

I then licked the tip of his cock, making it twitch and jump in my hand…

“Good,” I said, “I’m fucking dying to taste your hard fucking prick, Keith. I want you to really treat me like a slut, fuck my face, and then I want you all to fuck the shit out of me.”

Keith then slowly began to thrust at my face. I made a large “O” shape with my mouth and quite literally this young teen face fucked me for a few minutes. By now my cunny was dripping with juice again as I was treated roughly by Keith and the others. Whilst being force-fed his cock, Steve began pulling my hair roughly.

“You dirty fucking tart!” he exclaimed. “How much fucking cock can you take slut?”

I tried to respond, but my reply was a mere garble as my mouth was so full of my young lover’s cock.

I muffled a response as best I could manage with my prick-filled mouth…

“I can fucking take all of your pricks, and then I want more. Fuck, I’m so turned on.”

Following my fantastic face-fuck from Keith, I greedily worked my way up and down the line again, savouring the taste of my five lover-rampant cocks.

After the cocksucking, it was my turn for some attention.

I sat back on the sofa, spreading my legs brazenly. I hung my left leg over the arm of the sofa. My stocking on this leg was torn and laddered as I hooked my leg up. I spread my right leg as far as I could, and I was then treated to a good few minutes of cunt licking from each of the guys.

As I was being pleasured by one of the five, the other guys all walked around me, each of them viewing the tongue lashing I was receiving and also the hard-core porno action on the DVD still playing on Bill’s TV. The scene now playing was one of two young women toying, licking and finger fucking each other.

My cunt was receiving excellent attention, and I could sense another climax was building up. I wanted young Keith to be the one to bring me off with his tongue and fingers.

“Get your tongue down here,” I commanded to Keith. As my climax neared, I eased myself slightly forward in the sofa to give him good access to my gaping, wet hole.

He positioned himself between my widely spread legs and received great encouragement, not only from me but from the other lads as well.

“Go on, Keith, lick her fucking wet cunt. Bring the dirty whore off,” Bill interjected.

“Get her cunt fucking creaming again,” was the filthy instruction from his friend Steve.

Keith’s technique was that of an inexperienced lover, keen, eager and furiously fast. To be honest, I was really enjoying the roughness of his approach, a direct opposite of the expert, gentle cunnilingus that Frank and Bill perform. Keith lapped at my quim feverishly, like a dog, probing his tongue deep up my aching gash on occasion as well.

“Fuck, I’m close to cumming again,” I moaned to him.

“Lap at my clit, Keith, please,” I instructed him.

He obliged, his tongue flicking across my hard, swollen clitty. Simultaneously, Bill and Frank began kneading my titties, pinching at my nipples.

Keith then also rammed two fingers into my wet cunt hole. They slipped in quite easily, due to my sodden state. He finger-fucked me hard as my splayed lips parted for my young teenage lover to probe me deeply. I began to writhe against his face and, within seconds, I felt my orgasm closing in. Keith kept on lapping and finger-fucking me furiously at the same time.

“Look at the slut’s face,” Steve pointed out. “She’s in fucking kaçak bahis heaven!”

My eyes had begun to get that glazed over feeling, and had begun rolling in my head, as I began to cum off, my head swimming with pure filthy thoughts and wanton abandon.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes!” I moaned. The others all had now circled around again, watching me cum off on my teeny lover’s face as he brought me to explosion with his tongue and fingers.

“You fucking cunt!” I shouted as my waves of climax overtook me. Keith’s face was then simply deluged in my cum. It literally poured out of me, smearing my hot, sticky juice all over his eager, young face and soaking the sofa seat into the bargain!

On finishing my intense shaking orgasm, Keith and I exchanged a long and lingering French kiss. His cum-coated face and tongue were both keenly lapped at and sucked by me. I enjoyed tasting my own cunt juice from this young lads face. I felt so incredibly fucking dirty, but again so intensely turned on.

Once this part of our session had concluded, the real fucking was set to begin.

The porno DVD was still happily churning out dirty images for us all to feast our eyes upon, and the room was now heavy with the scent of fucking. The smell of my cunt was heavy in the air, and the general smell of sex leaked out everywhere.

For the first fuck, I was passed around between the lads individually. The young lads had rubbered up, as per my hubby’s instructions. They had brought a good amount of condoms with them, obviously in anticipation of giving me a really good seeing to.

Steve had taken a seat in one of the armchairs, and I straddled him first. Teasing his cock end with my fuck hole, then plunging down onto it. I wriggled around on his cock, squirming and enjoying the delightful feeling of his prick for the first time. I then slammed myself up and down on his hard-on, getting him deeper into me with each slam. The other four guys again circled around us in anticipation of their turn. Words of encouragement flowed forth…

“Fuck it, Anna.”

“Ride him, you fucking dirty bitch.”

All manner of filthy expletives shot forth to give us audible encouragement. After riding up and down on him for a few minutes, it was Peter’s turn to get his prick up me. My fanny was now very well lubed up again, and Peter’s length easily slipped up me. He fucked me solo as I sat on the settee, my legs spread wide as he knelt in front of me, feeding his hard prick up my eager hole.

He fucked me in a good steady rhythm. He then hooked my legs onto his young shoulders and began to pound me deeper. I edged my arse on the edge of the sofa as he did so. Again we were treated to a good bit of encouragement from the viewing others.

On screen, a youngish wife was enjoying herself with three males as they gang-fucked her.

“She’s not got as many cocks as you to play with,” was Steve’s comment as we all enjoyed the intense erotic and filthy scenes before us.

After having my pussy fucked by Peter for a little awhile, it was then Frank’s and Bill’s turn to screw me. They each took me as I lowered myself onto their erect pricks. They had both lain down on the floor side by side, and I simply moved from each of their stiff cocks to impale myself. I bounced up and down on them for a few strokes, then I moved and dipped my cunny onto the other cock in turn.

Whilst doing this, my pigtails were coming undone and my laddered and torn red stocking had come adrift of its suspender. I tried to adjust it, but the men insisted on me leaving it.

“Leave it like it is, Anna,” Bill retorted. “It looks like you’ve had a good fucking with it like that.”

I couldn’t disagree. I had already sampled four of their pricks up me and now eagerly awaited young Keith’s first turn.

He wanted me on all fours so that he could see my tits swing as he fucked me from behind.

I positioned myself in front of the TV screen, and Keith motioned behind me.

Within seconds, his cock was nudging against my cunt lips, and I could sense his hot breath on my neck.

I violently bucked back.

“Get that fucking young cock up me,” I screamed at him.

“Fuck me Keith, fuck me hard and slap my arse,” I implored my teenage lover.

Keith dutifully obliged. Grabbing my hips and ramming his young meat up my wet, sticky quim, he fucked me harder and harder as my tits swung back and forth with each thrust. I bucked back, loving the riding my young stud was giving me.

I keenly watched the TV as the girl was being splattered with spunk from the three males she was fucking with.

Frank and the others urged Keith on.

“Go on young un, ride the tart,” Bill encouraged.

“Fuck the shit off the slag,” was Steve’s cry.

After a few minutes of taking this pounding, I was quickly moved into another position.

I was being used now, simply being used as the lads’ fuck toy, and I was loving it!

Peter got underneath me and, within seconds, my arse hole was being nudged by his hard cock.

“Oh yes!” I cried. “Fuck it up my arse!”

Peter thrust his hips up, and my arse was impaled on his cock. Steve then quickly moved to the front of us and, by leaning on top of me, he positioned his cock end at my cunt’s entrance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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