Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 01

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Hi, my name’s John, and do I have a heck of a story… at least to me it is. I recently turned 22 and have just finished my junior year at college. Once I graduate next year, I plan on attending graduate school to get my master’s in business. During the summer, I intern at an investment company two days a week and I also have a job my Dad helped me get at Best Buy 4 to 5 days a week, sometimes it requires squeezing them together in my work day if I can get scheduled for evening work at Best Buy. Mom and Dad have been great in financing my education but I work the summers to help out on my living expenses during the school year.

This was a Saturday I finally finagled to be off because a friend of mine was due in town later today and took advantage of it by sleeping in. I was suddenly awakened by the buzzing sound of my phone against the surface of the nightstand. I opened my eyes and squinted because of the bright sunlight in the room as I reached for my phone.

I answered it with a sleep laden croak “Yeah? Who’s thisssss?”

“John!… Did I wake you? It’s almost 10!… What… did you have a late night?” Then there was the sound of a soft snicker.

My hand went to my face and rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I responded back with “Ohhhh, hey Beth… Yeah, but not too late… met Jake and Gregg at the pub last night, but I’m ok, just waking up is all. Where are you at? Did you make it back already?”

“I got a real early start, just made it home and thought I’d drop by and called to see if you were home or not.”

“Yeah, come on over. Come on up to my room, I think I heard Mom go out back. I’ll grab a shower as you do.”

Beth replied in a happy tone “Great! I need to unpack a few things and then I’ll be over in about 15 or 20 minutes or so. See you then!”

I guess I should tell you more about Beth. Her and I are the same age, grew up on the same block and were best friends since we were kids. We had popped each other’s cherries, tried the boyfriend-girlfriend thing in high school until we broke up since we were going to separate colleges. Hers was in the opposite direction of mine and in another state. We both wanted to experience life, so it wasn’t as if it was one wanting to leave the other.

What makes it even worse is she’s quite hot too. Beth stands at 5′ 9″ all legs with long dishwater blonde hair, full perky 34c tits, great tear drop ass and a very sexy flat tummy with a piercing in her belly button.

Everyone thought we were the perfect couple with me being 6’2″ and lean from competitive swimming, which I was still into since I was still in college. All of the practice has helped in developing my body with a low fat percentage leaving me with a well-defined physique. It never resulted in a comment from Beth she almost takes it for granted, though she sure seemed to like my cock for some reason.

For the last three years, we remained close friends including “good friends with benefits”, being fuck buddies during the summer. Funny how neither one of us had a girlfriend or boyfriend to save ourselves for during each summer we were in school, so there was nothing to feel guilty about. Over the years, even when we were in school and in relationships we’d occasionally meet online which more often or not ended up in a cyber-chat though recently it had become a lot more frequent.

One thing about Beth I loved was she looked like “the girl next door”, good looking and well behaved. She’s intelligent, cheerful, funny and well liked in general but has a very hot secret sexual side to her that no one would guess. Beth loves sex, can be borderline kinky and loved talking about it, which came in handy during all the cybering we’ve been doing lately. She’s not the promiscuous, one night stand type though. She generally had to have a relationship to have sex but she’s often told me she never opened up to the others with the talk and sharing fantasies like she has with me.

Putting sex to the side for a moment, actually Beth had been on my mind a lot. I dated twice during the whole last semester but never pursued any kind of relationship. I knew her and I had something special being such close friends and lovers – but something in me refused to show it. I knew I wanted her back, but didn’t know how to do it. I guess I thought she must have discovered there’s a lot of fish out in the sea and wouldn’t be interested in reconnecting. Also, I have to admit, I wasn’t the type to beg for her to come back. I know someone would say my macho bullshit was getting in the way and to tell you the truth, I’d have to agree.

I rolled over on my back as I thought about Beth. I wondered what was up with her.

She had dumped her boyfriend about 3 or 4 months ago, but always seemed horny and often would text me a set up time to meet her on the internet in a chat room where like I said before, she’d often steer the conversation into a cyber-chat. I didn’t mind at all especially when she told me she had turned bi with her roommate which she would spice up the chats with some details. I could avcılar elit escort see where she’d be so sexed and hornier than ever from her new bi-ness, but why dump the boyfriend? She also claims she hasn’t dated since either. If it wasn’t for the cybering, I think I would have guessed she was turning into a lesbian. Huh. I stretched my body across the mattress one last time and took off to the shower wearing only my boxers.

I shut the water off on the shower and stepped out for a towel and dried off. I noticed immediately my dick had grown. It was in its fleshy, flaccid state but hung low probably from becoming half hard from me subconsciously thinking about looking forward to helping Beth out with her sexual tension or maybe it was simply the good soaping I gave it while showering.

Anyway, I had finished my shower, took my time shaving then headed back to my room with only my towel wrapped around my waist. I guess I had walked fairly quietly because as I entered the doorway I was a bit surprised to see Beth here already. She had with one hand pulling the shade back a bit and peeking into the back yard. She had that mischievous grin on her face that she gets when she’s excited and feeling playful. Beth looked good with her hair back in a ponytail and wearing a pair of hip hugger shorts and short mid-waist cropped tank top that showed off her belly button piercing nicely. She held the shade back with one hand while leaning the other shoulder against the wall as she peeked. This arm though was bent at the elbow and I quickly noticed her fingernails caressing the area where her nipple would be. I snuck up behind her, kissed her shoulder and said “What’cha looking at?”

Beth was surprised and flinched at the kiss as she took a sudden breath. “Oh my god! You scared me!” she said as she turned around “It’s so good to see you!” and gave me a big hug around my neck and kiss on the lips. The kiss was just a kiss with no tongue, but for some reason our bodies continued to extend the hug a bit more and maintain contact together. Though Beth and I weren’t an item at the moment, as I said, we still continued to scratch each other’s itch if we weren’t committed in another relationship.

I looked her in the eyes and said “You’re looking good, Babe, welcome home!” I let my hands slide down from her waist to her ass and pressed her into me. I could feel my cock start to stir and I knew she could too.

Beth pressed back into it but said “Whoa, partner” with a giggle. “I hate to say, but it’s that time of month, but I should be finished by Monday or so…”

One hand slid up her body to the side of her boob and my thumb eased over the material of the outline of her nipple that still remained hard. “So what’s got you so excited?” I asked as my thumb moved back and forth over the hard nub of her nipple.

“Well… I was just looking in the back yard… You’re Mom’s getting some sun. Looks like she got herself a really sexy, skimpy bikini now too! It was fun watching her put her lotion on” said Beth with a soft giggle.

Well, I guess I need to digress a bit to tell you a bit about my mom. Mom’s a mix of Italian and French and has shoulder length dark auburn hair and what I call a voluptuous figure with 34d tits, shapely ass, flat stomach and beautiful legs, especially when she wore heels, which she did a lot. In her bare feet, she only stood about 5’6″ and probably wore heels a lot to feel taller. She can really fill out a bra with those Ds and with her thin waist adding to her curves I’d rate her high as being a MILF, and knew most of my friends did too. Only a few ever mentioned MILF in front of me, which didn’t make me mad because I totally agreed with them. Even as I kid I remember men and even some ladies taking a second glace as we walked by and now at 43 she still turns heads as often as they did when I was a kid.

I pulled back the shade to look and we both saw Mom as she worked on oiling up her leg. The back of the chase lounge was in the sitting position and Mom sat back as she lifted her knee to start oiling her calf. It seems we both found it very sensuous watching her rub the lotion in which seemed both functional and a caress at the same time and got even better when she extended her leg to get the back of her knee before continuing to oil up her thigh.

I responded with “Holy shit, You’re right… I see her often out there but this is a first for seeing her in that suit. I wonder when she started wearing that…” I felt my dick twinge hard.

We both continued to watch and I don’t know if it fell naturally or if Beth made it release, but I felt my towel give way and slithered to the floor. I felt Beth’s hand slide down my lower stomach and fondle my growing cock and balls before her fingers encircled my shaft and gave it a mild squeeze.

“Ohhhhh, I think your mom is so frigging hot. I hope I look at least half as good as she does when I get to be her age. She is so sexy to me…”as she continued to look too.

I said nothing and continued to avcılar escort watch but hearing that made my dick twitch in her hand again, sending me to an official semi hard condition. Beth started stroking me slowly. “Hmmmmmm, it seems I’m not the only one” she said with a giggle adding “at least part of you does too, I see”

“Hell Beth, she’s my mom…” I said with a bit of a blush.

“Oh, you can’t tell me you haven’t thought about her” she said with a sultry giggle. “She is way too hot for you not to notice… so tell me…” she said with her mischievous grin.

I looked at her and felt my face go flush and said “Come on Beth” but she cut me off…

“You have peeked, haven’t you!” she said with a big grin and added “and I bet you did this too as you looked. Tell me…” said Beth with a grin as she started jacking me off faster for a few strokes to get her point across.

Again, I said nothing but we both peeked again just in time to see my mom oiling her upper thigh and how her fingers creped just under the edge of the skimpy bikini bottom to coat her skin a bit if it shifted in the sun. There for a moment it gave the impression as if she was masturbating as her hand moved up and down the edge.

I was breathless watching it and by now my cock was rock hard and throbbing as she continued to stroke me.

“Well if you won’t admit it, I will. I’ve thought of your mom often when I masturbate” said Beth as she continued to watch.

“What?” I asked with a chuckle as my eyes quickly shifted to her face.

“Well… I’ve always been attracted to mature women, especially in a family sense. The thought of family gets me excited. Keri told me she started out with her aunt. God, I thought that was so hot. It’s hard for me to relate to my own family though you know how I feel about that bitch of a stepmom. “

Beth paused and then continued. “I think it was because I always wanted to get closer to my mom before she died but never tried to approach her. I regret that I didn’t at least try” said Beth as her voice trailed off then she came back with a sultry giggle and said “After Kari told me about her aunt, ha, I’ve thought of your mom a lot more often. When I think of being with an older woman, your mom always comes to mind and I think of her as family in a way like a second mother or aunt… Have you ever seen her naked?”

Beth turned to the window once again and we both just soaked in the site of mom as she started on her other leg.

A load of questions about “family” flooded my mind when I heard that but focused on this moment. “Damn, does that mean you’d fuck my mom if you got the chance?”

“Ohhh yes! If I had the chance, I’d do it without a second thought if I thought she’d want me” said Beth with a soft laugh. She then looked at me in the eyes and asked “Wouldn’t you?”

I didn’t answer, realizing I didn’t have one.

“So, since I’ve confessed now it’s your turn. Have you ever jacked off while watching her?” asked Beth with a grin.

“No, but I admit to masturbating to the fantasy of her…”

“You didn’t answer my question earlier. Ever seen her naked?” asked Beth as she gave me a sideways glance with a raised eyebrow.

No. Only shots down her blouse. One time I caught her in her panties and bra, but that was it. Actually, the new bikini she has on is a first for me and probably better than her underwear” I said as I took another glance.

“You’re kidding!… Poor boy, I bet she’s really hot. I feel so sorry for her.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Damn, your dad is spending so much time in Hong Kong on business, cycling back and forth… what… 3 months gone with a 2 week visit back here? She’s got to be craving it. She’s in her prime and not getting fucked! I’d be climbing the walls!”

I peeked out of the window again and said “I kinda thought so too…”

“Has your mom ever seen your cock? Or even better, how about your erection? Like coming in the bathroom when you take a shower or maybe seen you masturbate with the door cracked?”

“No, I don’t think so… never the bath and I always keep the door closed when I’m choking the chicken” I said with a chuckle.

“I bet she’d be impressed” said Beth with a giggle as she looked down as she pivoted my hard cock up and squeezed it firmly as she drew the skin of my shaft over the edge of the head making a large drop of precum form. “You’re better than average.”

“Yeah, right…whatever”

“I’d bet she’d really get off seeing that beautiful cock of yours… believe me!” she said as she stroked me once again the same way as she stared at the head. “I bet you a dollar she would.”

“But I’m her son… and she’s never shown any inclination of interest, at least sexually… and she’s so proper all the time. I doubt she’s open about sex.”

“Oh bullshit! Ha, didn’t you ever notice how your mom always wears sunglasses when she’s outside and you come out and to laps in the pool wearing those tight swimming trunks you compete in? She’s even avcılar eve gelen escort wore them in the evening when I’ve been here. Haven’t you ever wondered where her eyes are focused?”

“Nah, not Mom. I’m her son, thus off limits.”

“Wake up dude! She knows her son’s a hunk, and living right her under her roof… and when you put on those ball pincher Speedos, where you hope you don’t get a hard on wearing them, I bet it drives her crazy. I know it does me, and I actually get some of it. I’d also bet the taboo aspect adds to the excitement for her too.”

Beth smiled and leaned in to me and kissed my neck just below my ear and whispered. “I might be on my period, but I’m still so horny…Mmmmmmmm, I want to make you cum as you check her out in her new outfit… so, I’m going to say hello to my little friend here and get my morning treat” as she squeezed my cock. “Just imagine it’s her…” said Beth as she started kissing her way down my body.

She eased onto her knees with her head level with my cock and said “Hello, my sexy friend” she said with a giggle as she started stroking it harder. She looked up at me and said “Go ahead, check out your mom while I have some fun… I want you to think of it being her sucking your dick” she said as she dragged her tongue across the head of my cock to collect the precum that had already oozed out, tasted it, then with a grin took the head in her mouth.

I didn’t argue, I loved her blowjobs and she was good at it. I actually felt comfortable doing what she suggested, so I succumbed to it exactly as I checked out mom and thought about it.

Beth started bobbing her head and using her hand as she sucked my cock which by now was rock hard, revealing my full medium-thick 8 and a half inches.

Beth’s lips slid off his head and she stroked me fast and hard as she said “I bet you’d love to fuck those big titties of hers, wouldn’t you… and I bet her pussy tastes sooooo fucking sweet.” She then puckered her cheeks to collect her saliva and let it drool over my cock. I knew I was in for a treat. She only did that when she wants to give a sloppy wet blow job. She sucked for a second, then spit on it and stroked me hard and fast that produced its own wet sound then she went back to sucking my member hungrily intentionally adding in an occasional slurp.

“Fuck, Beth, if you’re trying to make me cum, you’re doing a good job of it” I said as I glanced down to her head and back to the blinds to continue checking out mom and letting my mind fantasize over the possibilities – or should I say impossibilities. What I hadn’t admitted was I’ve been seriously fantasizing about my mom since I was a kid and getting a blow job from her was high on the list.

Beth pulled her head away but kept stroking as she said “I’m not going to let you cum unless you agree you’ll show your hard cock to your mom at least once! Promise me!”

It took almost a minute of her sucking and then backing off with an occasional stroke to keep me hard when I said “Fuck… yes I promise” I said as I shoved my cock back into her mouth. I started fucking it as hard as she when started sucking it. A moment later, I shot my load deep in her mouth and she took it as usual, swallowing as much as she could. I had quite a load and some escaped and dripped down her chin. One drop landed on her mid drift T that she wore, unnoticed.

Beth set back on her haunches as she took her finger and cleaned the drip off her chin. “So, how do you think you would do it?”

“Hell if I know. I know I wouldn’t just flash her and say ‘Hey Mom! Wanna see my cock?’. She doesn’t hang around the shower when I’m in there.” I said as I bent over and reached for the towel. “Hmm… Any ideas?” I asked, knowing what the alternative was but I didn’t comfortable just coming out with it.

Beth thought for a second, and then another of her mischievous grins came across her face. “Like I said a few minutes ago, if you’re going to do it, you might as well make it hot! Let her catch you masturbating!”

I remember pausing… it already made perfect sense to me. “Yeah, maybe that might be doable. That way she could catch a glimpse without actually confronting me… but I won’t ever know if it actually worked and she saw me.”

“Oh, I think that’s hot. I bet you’ll think of something. Maybe you might hear her after she gets into her room afterwards. I know you would if it was me!”

“Ha, I know I would if it was you, but I’ve never heard a peep from her when she’s alone. I’ve heard her and dad a couple of times but that was it.”

“You’ll think of something, and when you do, call me. I want to hear. Anyway, I want to go down and say hi to your mom. Why don’t you come down in that suit of yours and do a few dives and laps for us?” She then patted my junk adding “since we’ve relieved some tension.”

“Ok, but it will still be an exercise in self-control with her in that suit. Maybe I’ll bring my own sunglasses too.”


“Hi Mrs C!” Beth said as she entered the back yard from the house in her energetic way.

Mom sat up and turned her torso toward her. “Beth! My god, it’s so good to see you!” as Beth came over and they kissed each other’s cheek. Mom then sat on the side of the chase and crossed her legs as Beth drew a chair closer and sat down. “So, how’s college? Have you been learning anything?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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