Mom , Daughter Night Ch. 1

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This story actually took place about 12 years ago… I had recently gotten out of college and in my first “suit and tie” job. I had to attend a conference in Ohio. That first big step into the real world was a shock. I could no longer get laid by nice young horny girls at college. As a matter of fact I hadn’t been laid in over 4 months when this all went down….

After a day of boring seminars we found ourselves sitting at the hotel bar drinking voraciously. Being as horny as I was I started talking to an incredibly attractive, very Italian looking brunette named Valerie. She said she was 34. She looked about 25… She was about 5’4″ wearing a sundress, obviously no bra, beautiful protruding nipples, and a nice round ass…. One of those women you see who ooze sex. It was one of those seductive, suggestive, conversations where she leaned forward on her bar stool into me occasionally and her breasts rubbed my arms…and showing just enough leg and thigh to give me a raging hardon. And you just knew that it was a tease and would end at any minute.

Anyway, according to Valerie, her mother had recently got divorced and she had coerced her into going out on a drinking binge in another city “To get her out of the house”. They lived in Indianapolis. By now it was around 8 in the evening… Valerie said both her and her mom had been drinking since 3PM. We where having a great conversation. I don’t know if it was me leading it or her but we ended up slowly talking about sex. As I said, it was one of those too good to be true “I met a horny women” conversations and I expected to get blown off at any time. Especially given my “post college” track record thus far. I noticed she had a wedding ring on and asked if she was married. She said yes she was married but she was continued to be pretty suggestive. It turned out she was not only married but had two kids.

We started talking about oral sex… then blowjobs. I told her that I really enjoyed them but most women my age who where good at it where few and far between. She asked me what I meant. I said “Well frankly, most of the girls don’t seem to know how to wrap their lips over their teeth and it scratches”. Valerie told me that that comes with experience. The she said: “I’m sure you’ve had good blowjobs!” I said “yea, I have but only a few that where nice, wet and sloppy” She kind of glared at me for a minute and then she looked me right in the eyes, leaned over to my ear, and said ” I give great head. I stroke a cock with my hands and rub my tits with the saliva dripping from my chin” I leaned back and said” Now that’s exactly what I’m talking about! Where can I find someone like you tonight?” Valerie said: ” We get snagged up pretty quick!”

At this point her mom turned around on her bar stool. She had been talking to my boss and facing the other way. She said, ” What are you guys talking about?” Valerie kind of turned to her and said: “Blowjobs!” He mom looked at her and said: “I leave you for a minute and you’re talking about sex with someone!” There was a slight pregnant pause and Valerie said: “Well I can’t help it I’m always horny and so is this guy!”

Okay, I thought, Mom & Daughter have a pretty cool relationship. At this point Valerie get ups say “I gotta pee, talk to this guy, he’s pretty nice” and walks away. Suzanne is a very nice, an obviously well educated and very well spoken. She handled her liquor pretty well too. She was drinking Gin and Tonics and said she didn’t really like beer.

“Well”, I think, as Valerie returned and started to talk to another guy I work with, “it was too good to be true” I might as well just settle for good conversation. Suzanne had been talking to my boss and he was already slurring a few words…and she seemed to want to “not” talk to him. So the conversation began. She explained that Valerie had decided that she, Suzanne, needed to get out. She hadn’t dated in years and was sitting at home all the time and Valerie thought she “just needed to go out and get drunk” She said she had gotten her divorced finalized 7 months prior. Suzanne said she finally agreed and they booked a motel room here in Cleveland… away from anyone they knew. Suzanne and I ended up talking about pendik escort all kinds of things. It turned out she was a professional businesswoman in the medical sales field. She owned her own company. We talked about how hard medical sales where… how arrogant doctors where…. How pharmaceutical firms hired good-looking women to sell their stuff to male doctors… It was actually a great conversation. We where dicking on doctors and talking about how “sex sells” I hadn’t even noticed at first until Suzanne stretched back over her chair to say something to Valerie but, damn, Suzanne had nice tits. And she had a great body for her age. While Suzanne and I where talking Valerie had come back and started to talking to my boss and the whole group of people we where with at the bar. Suzanne had moved over into Valerie’s seat next to me. Although Suzanne was wearing a bra she was also wearing a sundress. As she leaned back it became pretty apparent where Valerie got her looks. Suzanne REALLY had a great body as well!

As we started talking more, I finally said, “Well, I have to ask, How old are you” Suzanne just looked at me with a strange smirk and said” You’re not supposed to ask that from an older women!” I kinda chuckled and said “Yea, but most older women don’t have a body like yours…. Good god I was talking to your daughter about blowjobs, and you heard that conversation, so I hope I’m not being too forward, and well, damn, I just realized you’re built pretty well”

“you mean for my age?” And I said ” No, for my age…. You’ve got a great body!” Suzanne looked at me and said “Valerie’s brother is 32 years old… how old are you?” I said: “Well, I’m 24, but that’s not what I meant. What I meant was that you’ve got a body that girls my age would like to have!” Suzanne was taller than Valerie but had nice full round breasts. Nice hips, Great legs…

At that moment, Valerie approached us and said that everyone was going to jump in the pool. We agreed to go back to our rooms and get on some swimming suits and meet at the pool. I quickly changed into my trunks and brought along a pair of shorts.

We met at the pool bringing a cooler of beer. It was really apparent how utterly HOT both Valerie and Suzanne where in their bathing suits. Valerie had on this tiny black two-piece and her nipples were even larger when the cool night air hit them as she rose from the pool. Suzanne was wearing a one-piece suit and was in the pool when I arrived so I wasn’t able to give her a good once over. I picked up my conversation with Suzanne in the pool at the edge. Just more-or-less small talk. After about 20 minutes everyone agreed it was a little bit cold out and that we should head back to one of the guys in my companies’ room to continue the party. Suzanne said that she was heading back to her room that adjoined the pool and that I could change there rather than head up 5 floors. She went into the bathroom to change and took her sundress off of the bed. She left her bra and panties lying there. When she came out of the bathroom the sundress really hugged her still damp body. She mixed another Gin & Tonic and we headed to the party a few doors down.

A typical party atmosphere ensued and one of the women we worked with started taking pictures of everyone. “Move in closer” was all I needed hear and plopped myself between Suzanne and Valerie. Breasts on both sides: I was getting very very horny.

Suzanne said she needed another G&T and I said I would walk down to her room with her. We continued talking as she mixed the drink in her room when Valerie walked in. Valerie said she was heading up to my boss’s room for some drinks and she was probably going to be there for a couple of hours with a sly wink. Suzanne said okay and sat down on one of the beds. I asked what that was all about. Suzanne slyly said, “I think you know” Shit, I thought, my boss is going to get laid and I’m not.

The conversation switched pretty quickly back to sex. And the truth came out. Suzanne explained that Valerie and her husband had a very open relationship and that Valerie had convinced her to come out for the weekend to get laid because she hadn’t been in so long. Apparently her maltepe escort husband had finally run off with a 30 year old whom he had been having a relationship with that started when Suzanne went through menopause. She admitted that their sex life had fallen apart because she had had no interest in sex at all. I asked “What about now” She said “I’m probably more horny than you” I then asked, “since I don’t know, and pardon me for being so forward, but, do you still get wet?”

“Oh yea” she rolled her eyes, “Very Very wet!”

“Are you wet now?”

She looked at me and said, “I have a son that’s older than you!” I think my semi-erect hard-on about hit the ceiling at that comment! I pulled out all the stops: “Does that turn you on as much as it does me?” She looked at me for a while and her drink was trembling in her hand. She never responded. She just stood up, reached down and lifted her sundress over her head. I was sitting with my face staring right into a beautiful full bush and the slit was obviously wet.

She looked down at me and said. “This is really dirty.” I looked up at her and said: “I want you to tell me what you want me to do. I want you to do whatever you’ve always wanted to do… I’ll do it.”

“Eat ME!” And she shoved her hips forward onto my mouth. I stuck my tongue in the middle of her crotch as far as it would go and licked straight up to her clit. I could feel her juicy lips part as I did this and it was like a dam bursting. Before I knew my chin was dripping with her pussy juice and she was moaning. “This is so dirty, I can’t believe you’re eating me. I feel like such a slut, oh, lick it lick it” I wrapped my hands around her ass and pushed her back onto the other bed with my face enveloped between her legs. She had her legs wrapped around my head and her hips were bucking up into my face and her hands where holding my head deep into her pussy.

Damn, she tasted soooo good! Although she was very fit she had very big pussy lips. I mumbled several times “god, you taste good.” As I drew my face away and looked down I saw that her pussy lips had spread open and where practically touching her inner thighs. This was back in the 80’s and the shaving craze hadn’t caught on yet. Between my saliva and her juice her black pussy hairs where all wet and matted down. There were a couple wisps of gray. Just looking at her wet pussy was making me harder. “What are you looking at?” she inquired slyly. I looked up from between her legs. Her face had one of the most wanton expressions of being turned on I had seen in a long time. Her eyes kinda ready to roll into the back of her head and her mouth partly open and the tongue licking the left side of her lips. “I’m looking at your wet pussy”

“Do you like it? Does it taste good? Did you like sucking on my cunt?” She asked in rapid succession. “I wanna fuck you right now, god, your pussy tastes so good and I want to be inside your pussy right now”

She pulled my head up to her face. I thought she was going to kiss me. Instead she licked my chin, and then held my head with both hands and looked me straight in the eyes. “This is really dirty. You’re younger than my son and I want you to cum in me tonight.” At which point I nearly lost it. “I want to cum in you and on you! Keep telling me what you want,” I said. “I really wanna be a slut tonight. I want to do everything my daughter has been telling me I’m missing. I want to suck your cock before I kiss you. I want to give you the sloppiest dirtiest blowjob you’ve ever had while you eat my wet cunt.”

I looked at her and said. “It’s really turning me on how crude you’re being.” I brought my hips up to her mouth and she wrapped both hands around my dick and pulled the head into her mouth while looking up at me. As she started sucking and stroking I was looking down at her I asked her. “Does it taste good? Is sucking my cock making you wet? I’m young enough to be your son and you’re sucking me!” She pulled my dick out of her mouth and laid in on her cheek to catch her breath and said. “You better be able to cum a lot tonight… I want your cum in every one of my holes. I wanna fuck your brains out all night.”

“Then kartal escort stop for a minute. Slide up against the backboard on the bed. I want to see your mouth drooling and it dripping off of your nipples.”

“You want me to slobber all over your young cock?”

“Yea” I panted. She slid back up against the backboard of the bed. She was holding onto my nuts with one hand and stroking with her other hand and sucking on the end of my cock head. It was some of the dirtiest sucking sounds I had ever heard. Saliva was dripping off of her hands and chin and she kept sucking. Then she started rubbing the drool around her breasts and pulling on her nipples. They got really hard. The she looked up at me, pulled her mouth off of my dick and asked “are you ready to fuck me?”

“I’ve gotta suck on your pussy for a minute” we both slid down on the bed and I slid between her legs. Everything was soaking wet. Her thighs where syrupy. I barely got my tongue in and she started pulling me head back up to her face. As I moved up I sucked on her nipples as she said “C’mon up, c’mon, I want your cock in my cunt” She had her right hand down between her legs was reaching to get a hand around my dick. I moved my hips up and she grasped it. I was now staring her right in the face and was about to kiss her. She again looked me right in the eyes and said. “No, don’t kiss me yet….”

As she was stroking me “…I sucked your cock and had you eat my pussy. I want to watch your face as you shove your cock in me.” With that she brought me dick right in between those big dripping wet cunt lips of hers. As I was sliding into her the expression on her face was incredible. Damn, I was fulfilling my older woman fantasy! “Shove it all the way in now. Don’t go slow. I wanna kiss you right now” she panted “…but I wanna feel your balls against my asshole” I slid all the way in… damn it was tight. Velvety is truly the best word to describe the feeling. Moist, juicy, absorbing. My god, what a pussy. When I was all the way in I got the sloppiest French kiss I think I ever had. Her hips where bucking up and down with my cock buried in her. We moved together. I wasn’t really sliding out as much as moving inside of her pussy. We both seemed to want each other so bad. I just wanted to have my cock buried inside her womb.

Finally I had my hands under her shoulders and she had her legs locked behind my ass with both hands pulling me in. We weren’t talking at first the sensation was so overpowering. I was really close to cumming. And she kept sliding up my dick as I moved on each out stroke. Her pussy was milking my cock. We where both just kind of moaning and grunting when I told her

“I’m not going to last very long, can (breathe) can I cum in your pussy?” She SUCKED me with her entire body into her pussy.

“Yes, Yes, cum in me, cum in me.”

“Will you suck me and get me hard again? I’ve gotta fuck you more” I moaned

“I’ll suck your cock hard, mmmm, I’ll suck it. Tell me what you want me to say. Tell me how to make you cum. Tell me how to make you cum like you’ve never cum before. Are you going to pump my pussy full of your cum, are your gonna fill me up?”

“I’m gonna cum deep in your womb, I’m gonna empty my balls in your cunt.”

She reached down with her right hand and squeezed my balls, then she whispered: “cum a lot in my cunt, cum a lot, pump my pussy full of your cum. I’m old enough to be your mother baby. Cum deep in my womb. Then stick it in my mouth so I can taste your cum. I want your cum everywhere. I wanna be your slut.”

“Here it is baby! I’m cumming in your pussy and then I’m gonna finish in your mouth” I held her shoulders very tight as she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed my balls even more. I shot most of in deep into her pussy and quickly pulled out as she wrapped her hand around my cum covered cock and drug me dick first to her mouth. She sucked and stroked and sucked.

All of the sudden I was staying hard. I was building up to a second orgasm. I never had a multiple orgasm as a man. I pulled out of her mouth and slid back down. “I’m gonna cum again right now, I’ve got more cum!” She pulled me back into her sloppy pussy. I got like three or four of THE most incredible stokes of my life and then came even more into her filled pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in deep. We fell into each other’s arms catching our breadth.

The night was not over…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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