Molly – Chapter Three

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The names have all been changed, including mine, to protect the not so innocent. If you want to read more about my history and how this all got started, read the prologue and chapters 1 and 2.

Chapter 3

“What the FUCK are you doing here?” Sandra screamed at me. Gee, I guess she hasn’t gotten over my part in her getting expelled. But I wasn’t here to talk about the past, I was more concerned with the future.
“Nice to see you too Sandra. I need to talk to your sister.”

“She isn’t here asshole, so go away or I’ll call the cops.”

I knew that arguing with her was a bad idea, so I tried a different tactic, “Look, I’m here to help her. She could get into a lot of trouble for what happened today. I know she is lying and if she keeps it up she could end up expelled, and maybe even go to jail.”

Sandra glared at me, “What happened today?” So I told her. When I was done, her shoulders slumped and she invited me in. We went into the living room. I sat in the easy chair and she took the couch opposite me. “You said you wanted to help. How can you help my sister?”

“I know they used a key to get into the locker room.”

Sandra jumped as if hit by an electric shock. “How do you know that?”

“I locked the doors, and I checked with everyone else who had a key.” Okay, that was a lie, but I could sense Sandra knew something about this. I continued, “No one opened the door so they must have had a key. I think Alyssa got one somehow and is forcing your sister to cover for her.”

Sandra looked at me nervously, “What if it isn’t Alyssa who has a key? Would you still help Christie?”

My mouth gaped, “You know. How do you know?”

Sandra shifted on the couch. “Well, I kinda gave it to her.”

To say I was shocked is an understatement. “How in the hell did you get a key?”

Sandra shifted more and looked down as she began wringing her hands. I didn’t think I could be more shocked by this conversation. I was wrong. She whispered, “I got it from Molly.”

I stared at her. I couldn’t be hearing her correctly. “Molly, the dance teacher? Molly Daniels?” Sandra meekly nodded. “Why would she give you a key?”

Sandra fidgeted on the couch, “Well. I sorta know a secret about her. So I told her if she gave me a key I wouldn’t tell her husband.”

I cocked an eyebrow at her, “What secret could you possibly have on her that she would risk her job by giving you that key?” My anger from earlier was returning and it bled through into my voice.

Sandra sighed, “I have a video of her.”

“A video? Of what?”

“I was out with friends and we snuck into La Bare. It’s a women’s club. With male dancers . . .”

“I know what it is Sandra. So how does Molly fit into your story?”

“She was there with friends. It must have been one of a bachelorette party or something, as one of the women had a tiara.” I motioned for her to continue, “Molly was drinking and getting very handsy with the dancers. She hadn’t seen me, so I hid behind a column and watched her. One of the guys gave the lady in the tiara a lap dance and Molly ground against him from behind. I couldn’t believe it, so I pulled out my phone. When he was done, she kissed him. Like full on the mouth kissing. With tongue. He whispered in her ear and then led her out of the room. I followed them. He took her to the dressing room and they started making out, then he bent her over and fucked her. I recorded it all, and she let him cum in her mouth.”

“BULL SHIT! You lied about me to try to get out of trouble and now you’re doing it again. I came here to find out the truth not hear more of your vindictive lies. Tell your sister that she is on her own.” I stood and headed for the door.

“Wait! I can prove it!”

I stopped and turned, “If you are lying I will make certain your sister gets expelled and I may even press charges for recording me like that without my permission.”

She stood and left the room. A minute later she was back, holding her cell phone. “I still have the video saved. It was pretty hot and I sometimes watch it when I’m alone.” She tapped a few icons and then handed me the phone. Sure enough, there was Molly rubbing her body all over the nearly naked dancer. He was wearing a g-string but had pulled it to the side and was feeding his cock to a woman wearing a tiara. He had no hair whatsoever. It looked like he had sprayed it with whipped cream before sliding it into her mouth. The woman was too drunk to give a good blowjob, so the guy pulled it out and simply stroked it. Then he grabbed Molly’s hand and had her stroke him. Everyone cheered and Molly stroked him faster, her eyes riveted to his hard cock as she pumped it. When the song ended, Molly grabbed him and kissed him passionately. He led her out of the room and the area was again filled with cheers as the women all knew what was about to happen. Once in the dressing room, he pulled Molly to him and kissed her as his hands flowed over her body. He tried to pull her dress off, but she shook her head no. bahis firmaları He asked her something and when she didn’t answer the dancer turned her around and hiked her skirt up over her hips. DAMN! Molly had an amazing ass and was flaunting it with a tiny thong. With a sharp pull, he tore it from her hips and impaled her oh his cock. I sucked in a deep breath. She really was letting him fuck her! She arched her back and braced herself against the wall as he pounded her from behind. His hands grabbed her bouncing breasts as he pummeled her. The sound was terrible, but I could hear Molly screaming as she was getting fucked. The dancer mauled her breasts, pawing at them like an animal as he rammed into her. I was hard as a rock as I watched Molly getting nailed by some guy whose name she probably didn’t know. They fucked for several minutes then the dancer asked her a question. Molly shook her head no and he pulled out. She dropped to her knees and took every inch of his cock into her mouth. HOLY SHIT! Molly could give a great blow job. In under a minute the guy’s legs started shaking and his ass clenched. I figured he was cumming, and Molly proved me right by pulling him from her talented mouth and opening wide. Most of his cum made it into her eagerly waiting mouth, but some did dribble down her chin. I watched transfixed as she raked it off with her finger and licked it clean. Molly kissed his deflating cock and then tucked it back into his g-string. Then she stood and wiggled out of the remains of her thong and handed it to him giggling as she did so. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek before stepping out back into the club.

Sandra then turned the camera to herself and said, “Holy shit, that was amazing. I nearly came just watching them go at it. That was my stuck up Health teacher, Molly Daniels, getting fucked like a total slut. She is married to a really cute guy but he must be tiny for her to give it up like that.”

When the screen went black, my knees buckled. Sandra scrambled over to me, as I fell heavily to the floor. For three years I hadn’t pursued anything with Molly, thinking she was a faithful, loving wife. Now I had watched her fuck a stranger. Sandra kept asking if I was okay, and I just sat there. Finally, I snapped out of my trance when Sandra threw a glass of water in my face. “I’m sorry you had to find out that way. I know you like her, so I didn’t want to tell you. But I have to save my sister. Please tell me you will still help my sister. Please? I’ll do anything you say, Coach White.”

I shook my head to clear the cobewebs, “I am a man of my word Sandra. I will help Christie. But I need that key. Tomorrow. If she doesn’t bring it to me, I will go to the school board and the police.”

Sandra threw her arms around me and thanked me profusely. I started to tell her it was nothing when she silenced me with a kiss. I put my hands on her shoulders to push her away, but she grabbed my still hard cock. “I know watching that got you turned on. It turns me on every time I see it and I’ve watched it hundreds of times.” Sandra kissed her way down to my neck and nibbled on my collarbone. I groaned as it is one of my weak spots. She nibbled on my ear and whispered, “My parents are gone for the week and Christie is sleeping at Alyssa’s.” Her hand worked its way into my slacks. “Oooooo, no underwear?!?!? Naughty man. I think you planned on getting paid tonight Coach. Tell me. Were you going to fuck my sister? I know she would love a big cock like this.” She stroked it softly, “The only guy she has fucked had a tiny dick. I watched them going at it. I wish I had my phone back then, as I would love to be able to watch her losing her cherry whenever I want.” Holy shit! She was a voyeur. And I was beginning to think that getting laid would be a great way to make up for the disaster the day had turned out to be. Plus, I was pissed at Molly and felt the need to get back at her. True, we weren’t in a relationship, but after that night in the limo I had been thinking of us as lovers.

Sandra yanked open the button on my slacks and tugged down my zipper. My cock sprang from its confines and slapped against her hand. “Oh my. It’s even bigger than I imagined. I can’t wait to fit this thing in me.” She grinned at me, “But first . . .” Sandra bent down and began kissing every inch of exposed flesh. She tugged on my pants, trying to expose more of my cockflesh and balls. I leaned back on my elbows as she familiarized herself with my manhood. Sandra added licks and nibbles to the kisses as she sensuously covered my dick with affection. She growled in frustration and shifted to straddle my feet then yanked my pants to my knees. Once that was accomplished the little minx pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her bare breasts. I had seen a bra strap when I arrived, so she must have taken it off when she fetched her phone. Sandra bent back down and began licking my dick from the balls all the way to the tip, swirling her tongue over the purple head. I moaned as she licked her way back kaçak iddaa down and sucked one of my balls into her hungry mouth.

I was enjoying Sandra worshipping my cock, but the cold hardwood floor was beginning to get uncomfortable. “Let’s go to the couch,” I suggested.

Sandra laughed and nodded, “Thanks. My knees were killing me in that position.” I pulled her to her feet and realized my pants were around my ankles. So I kicked off my loafers and stepped out of them. I pulled Sara to me and kissed her lips as my hands cupped her ass. Sandra had been a cheerleader as well and obviously still kept herself in shape as her ass felt wonderful in my hands. I wondered if she would let me fuck her in the ass, then lifted her off the ground. Sandra squealed and wrapped her legs around me. “Oh wow. You are a lot stronger than you look.” I was ready to defend myself when she crushed her lips against mine again. She ground her crotch against my hard cock as I slowly walked us over to the couch. I set her down as I stood next to the couch and pulled my shirt over my head. I dropped to my knees and undid her tight shorts. Molly wiggled her hips to help me ease them down. Now we were both nude. I kissed her pubis and inhaled deeply. I love the way a woman smells. Well, most women. But Sandra smelled divine. I pushed her back toward the couch but she stopped me.

“I want you back in my mouth first,” she breathed. I don’t know many guys who would turn that down, so I lay down on the couch and pulled her legs until she was straddling my face. Sandra stoked my cock tenderly, “Yes, this is exactly what I wanted.” Sandra sucked half of my cock into her mouth. I gasped and thrust my hips up toward her hungry mouth. She moaned onto my shaft. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down until her intoxicating pussy was inches from my face. I could see how wet she was and the sweet smell of her musk was even more overpowering. I kissed her thighs and tasted her desire. She wasn’t the sweetest taste I had ever experienced. I contributed the added tang to the fact that she was known to be a heavy drinker. She wasn’t unpleasant, so I slowly teased her by kissing, licking and nibbling around her slit. Sandra’s hips began grinding back at me, attempting to get my tongue to her eager pussy. I smiled and continued to torment her by avoiding her most sensitive parts. I kneaded her firm ass as I slowly worked my way closer and closer to her center. Sandra was busy working more of my shaft into her mouth. She was very talented and I wondered how many teen boys she had practiced her skills on. I sucked one of her lips into my mouth and she groaned on my cock. It felt amazing as my whole shaft vibrated as she let out her pleasure. I flattened my tongue and ran it the full length of her slit. Sandra pulled off my cock to moan, then lunged back on it burying the full length in her throat. It was my turn to groan and I buried my face in her cunt as I did. I started lapping at her slick channel as she frantically worked my dick. Were I still in high school I would have lost my load right then, but I had far more control over my orgasms. I covered her slit with short flicks of my tongue before shoving it into her pussy as far as it would go. I slid my hands over her sweet ass then began slowly teasing the tiny rosebud that kept winking at me as she ground her pussy against my face and tongue. Sandra squealed and I grinned. I would definitely be fucking her ass before the night was over. I lowered my head and focused on her engorged clit. I batted it with my tongue as I slowly teased her back door. I pushed my finger slightly against it, but not enough to enter her ass. Sandra was going crazy on top of me, so I sucked her clit into my mouth and lashed at it with my tongue. Her hips began bucking wildly and I had to work to keep my mouth glued to her clit. She pulled me out of her throat and wailed as I assaulted her clit. Her hand grasped my cock HARD. It was almost too painful, but I was too focused on getting her off to stop. I slowly eased my finger into her ass and Sandra went rigid. I was congratulating myself when she exploded on me. Her whole body went crazy, flopping and thrashing about as she screamed at the top of her lungs. I sucked harder on her clit, driving her orgasm higher and higher. I kept licking and sucking as she screamed. I sawed my finger in and out of her ass, driving her even more wild. Finally, she collapsed on top of me. I kept up my assault on her clit, wanting to find out if she was a multiple girl.

“Please.” Sandra whimpered. “Please, I can’t take any more. I have to rest.” I reluctantly let her clit slip from my lips, and ran my tongue up the length of her slit savoring her nectar. I kept my finger lodged in her ass, but just held it there. I had somehow worked the full length into her during her climax. When I had gathered as much of her sweet juice as I could, I eased her off me. She was still limp, so it took a bit of work to make sure she didn’t fall off the couch nor tumble off myself. Sandra whimpered kaçak bahis softly as I lifted her and positioned her over the back of the couch. I slipped behind her and began rubbing my cock against her swollen pussy. “Not yet. Please. Need to rest.” She whined.

I chuckled and leaned over her helpless body, “Remember how you begged for my cock. Now you are going to get it.” With that I rammed the full length into her tight pussy. It was a good thing she was so wet or I would have had to work my dick into her. Sandra squealed and bucked as I pounded into her steaming cunt. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast. It felt great give it to this slut. She had tried to use her sexuality as a weapon and now I was going to show her what a weapon it could be. I ran my thumb along her slit and then shoved it in her tight ass. Sandra bucked and screamed. I started fucking both her holes with a steady rhythm. Slowly, her body started responding to the sensory overload. I pounded into her, ramming her into the couch with each thrust. I could feel it sliding across the floor as I rode her harder. I wiggled my thumb in her ass, trying to loosen it up. When my thumb moved easily in and out of her, I pulled it out.

Sandra shook her head no when I withdrew from her cunt and began rubbing the head of my cock against her ass. I pushed steadily, but nothing happened. Sandra shook her head harder, but I ignored her feeble protest and kept pushing. She was still too tight. I pushed harder and began spanking her sweet ass. The shock of it caused her to relax enough for the head to pop inside. Sandra wailed as I began forcing more of my cock into her. FUCK! Her ass was far tighter than her pussy. I slowly worked my cock deeper into her ass and she started thrashing. I grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, using them for added leverage to force my way into her. Finally, I felt her ass against my hips and held still with my cock lodged completely in her ass. I leaned over and whispered, “I am glad you came on to me tonight. I needed to get out some aggression and fucking your tight ass is going to fit the bill perfectly.” With that, I slowly began withdrawing until just the head was in her. Then I eased the full length back into her, causing her to whimper. I slowly sped up as I continued to stroke in and out of her. My hips were now slapping against the firm globes of her ass. Sandra still whimpered, but now her hips were rotating as I fucked her. The little slut likes it up the ass. Or she likes it rough. Or maybe both. I didn’t care, and began pounding her tight ass. I felt her fingers tickling my balls and knew she was playing with her clit. I grabbed her hair and used it to pull her back on my dick. My other hand reached around and grasped her breast. I felt a hard nipple so I started twisting and pulling on it. Sandra moaned, obviously enjoying my ministrations. I debated holding off until she came again, but her ass felt too good. All too soon I felt the tell-tale tingle. I yanked her upright and kissed her. The new angle meant that more of her ass stroked my shaft as I plunged it in and out of her. I started grunting as I fucked her harder and faster. Sandra became more animated as I slammed into her. She could feel my hard dick twitching inside her and knew that my release was imminent so worked herself more to get off at the same time I did. I growled as my whole body went rigid. I grabbed Sandra’s hips and forced every bit of my cock into her bowels. I felt the cum race up the length of my shaft and explode inside her. My hips rocked back, only to surge forward again as I felt more cum racing through me. Spurt after spurt flooded into her as my balls were drained. It was a VERY large load, due to the sexual frustrations of the day. I left my cock impaled inside her, even though I no longer had any cum to give her. A split second later, Sandra came again. I would never have believed it possible, but she was even louder than the first time. I rocked my hips back and forth, trying to heighten her climax. But her ass was clamped on my cock so hard it wouldn’t move. So I twisted and tugged on her nipples while her fingers danced on her clit. When she calmed down, I kissed her as she sagged against me. I left my cock inside her as long as possible, both savoring the delicious feeling and keeping the mess at bay. When I finally slipped out, Sandra staggered off to the bathroom.

When I heard the toilet flush, I stepped inside. “All better?” I smirked.

“Jack ass.” She punched my shoulder. “You could have waited and let me get ready. I haven’t had a cock in my ass in over year.” She pouted, “It really hurt when you jammed it in like that.”

I laughed, “Is that why you came so hard?”

She swatted at my arm, but I danced out of the way. “Well, it felt better after a while.” She grinned at me then turned to the sink and wet a wash cloth. “If you think I’m letting you put that thing anywhere near me like that, you are sadly mistaken.” She grinned wolfishly at me as cleaned the mess from my cock. “I hope you didn’t think we were finished tonight hun. We are just getting started.”

Maybe this day wasn’t a total waste after all.

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