Mistresses Incorporated Pt. 02

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WARNING: This part of the story contains rape and violence as does the third, last part. I don’t dwell on the rape, mostly just mentioned, and the violence tends to be brief. Because of the often dangerous purpose and intent of MSINC it seems necessary.

Part II


Chapter 6

The next morning, Kali sat beside me at the breakfast table in my family’s upstate New York mansion. We talked comfortably about our past, mostly hers, mostly about growing up in Hawaii.

“So how were you recruited?” I asked.

“Molly,” she said. “After graduating with a Masters in International Studies at Georgetown, top of my class and a polyglot with various European languages and Japanese and Mandarin, I found myself profoundly underutilized in the company that hired me, and somehow she found out. I suppose I wasn’t completely shocked at the man’s club I joined, but was definitely disappointed and pissed off enough to be thoroughly intrigued by the concept of the Mistresses. Just to reverse the sexual harassment, using it, owning it instead of being victimized by it made me jump at the chance.”

“The idea of getting in bed with your target?” I asked.

“Molly was my first woman,” she told me. “I’d had a couple relationships with men that were satisfying, even loving, but they inevitably became disappointing. Being with Molly is just…better. But maybe I just haven’t found the right stud,” she winked. “Feel like swimming?”

“Always,” I chuckled.

When she joined me at the pool, even though she wore a black one piece suit, the way it clung to her body like it could have been a size too small made it as sexy as any I’d seen, and when she turned I saw that her ass was completely exposed, the thin fabric between two taut hemispheres of deeply tanned flesh barely covering her asshole.

“Are you going to stare or are you going to swim?” she giggled.

Reluctantly I pushed off the wall at the deep end of the pool and began my laps, and she joined me like before, side by side. Not quite stroke to stroke since my long arms made my strokes less than hers.

After an uncountable amount of laps, I had enough. She followed me out of the pool looking a lot less impacted by the workout than I was. I imagined she had the stamina to swim the English Channel.

She took my hand, which surprised me, and led me to one of the changing rooms and into the shower where she peeled off her suit. So I pulled down mine, my cock bouncing free.

“Nice,” she cooed, and knelt down, taking it into her mouth.

“Whoah,” I reacted, and reluctantly pulled her to her feet.

“Getting the first one over with,” she pouted.

“Not necessary,” I said. “Morning sex.”



“No shit?”

“No shit.”

I leaned down and kissed her. Her lips loosened from tight surprise and I sensed a smile before she pulled away. “Catch me,” she giggled and hopped into my arms. I happily held her firm globes while our kiss grew in intensity. Tongues soon touched and played, intensifying it even more. She released an arm around my neck, showing strength with just the one arm holding on, and took my cock and aimed.

“Whoah,” I said again.

“But I’m on the pill and Cheryl says your safe,” she argued.

I set her down and turned off the shower. “I want to taste you first,” I insisted.

We didn’t even towel off when I led her to the armless chair and knelt between her slim muscled thighs and dove into her center, a completely bare pussy. I teased her to an ecstatic climax before she nudged me onto the floor. Towels we didn’t use became pillows for her knees when she brought my fierce rigidity to her hot little slit and began riding me, demonstrating her strength both inside and out, outside with remarkable control of her rising and falling, and inside with impressive Kegel clutching and releasing. Truth be told, like Pat was smaller and tighter than expected, Kali was wider inside, so the muscle holds helped.

I just went with it, clutching that amazing ass but always letting her set the motion until a sharp angle and fast movement brought her over again. Only then did I turn us over and steadily shafted her, her powerful legs pulling me harder into her. My hands took hold of her smallish tits and I discovered her sensitivity. She preferred gentle over firm even at the height of her pleasure, so once I saw the glimpse of a grimace, I eased off the pressure of her nipples even with her gaining her third orgasm, to which, with a flurry of close in thrusts, I soon joined her.

Her hand took hold of my head and pulled me into a kiss amidst the pulsations of orgasm for both of us. It felt appreciative, maybe a little loving. And when I pulled back, her eyes danced with satiated amusement before they closed along with mine and the kiss continued.

When the second kiss ended, she told me seriously, “Get dressed. We need to talk.”

“Already?” I asked.

She laughed. “Business silly.”

“Oh, okay,” I grinned.

After showering and changing in our separate escort bostancı rooms, I met her on the main floor in my dad’s old office. Michael’s old office. It seemed Molly had transformed it into an office for Mistresses Incorporated. Seeing Molly there made me uneasy, her frown not helping even though it was the usual one with her.

“Don’t worry stud,” Kali chuckled when she came in after me. “She won’t kill you.”

“Not yet at least,” Molly muttered with a malicious twist of a lip.

Kali full on laughed. “Ready?” she asked once she calmed.

“Yeah,” said Molly, standing up from the posh leather desk chair.

“Sit Joe,” Kali ordered. When I did, Kali hovered over me. Molly sat opposite me with the large maple desk between us. Two wide screen monitors sat to the right, angled so that Molly could see them. A folder had been opened labeled HKH. “Hong Kong Hollywood,” Kali told me. “Click the Chang folder.”

When I did, a bunch of images appeared featuring an older average looking Chinese man, several of them with young, beautiful women intimately close to him with a variety of racial features, none of them Caucasian. Three had an attractive and regal older Chinese woman beside him, albeit less intimately. Kali took over the mouse and dragged one of the latter to the left monitor and opened it.

“Chang Wei,” Kali told me, pointing to the man. “Chang Ling, but better known as Madame Chang,” she added. “Dragon Lady. Rumor has it she cheats too, but it is a lot more discreet.”

Reducing the image and sliding it back to the right screen, she pulled another onto the left. Dragon Lady and some white man looking to be in his thirties wearing a v-neck tennis sweater. They were together in the photo but looking different ways and he was standing behind her at least a step away.

“She likes Caucasians,” I said.

“He’s a Brit, a successful businessman named Roger Gooding. It’s likely there’s others like him, but he’s the only one we’ve found photographed with her. But she does speak English much better than her husband. And like I said, he’s much more public with his indiscretions, and maybe there’s something about her only getting white lovers and he can’t or something. Some Dragon Lady crazy shit.”

“What does this have to do with me?” I asked.

She pulled another folder to the left labeled Chimera and opened it, selected all the photos and started a slide show, the first image just a frosted door with the Chimera logo. “Chimera started out as a distributor of Asian films to the States, mostly Hong Kong and some Mainland China stuff. More liaison than distributor really.” The next photo showed a group of people with the Chimera banner over them. A couple older Chinese men stood with an attractive middle aged blonde woman between them. Three Eurasian women of varying ages, all in their twenties, on the plain side of attractive except the youngest, and a tall handsome Eurasian man somewhere amidst the women’s age standing between them and the older trio.

“The Chin twins and their wife…,” Kali started.

“Their wife?” I asked.

“One of the brothers is married to her, but they’re always together. They’re equal partners, or were, in the company, with different roles. And their kids. The man at center is pretty much taking over ownership, although he may be more a figurehead because he’s a bit of a hedonist. My money’s on the oldest sister being in charge. The gist of it is, they’ve changed their focus.” She flashed through several images of DVD covers of various types of movies, mostly Kung Fu types, but others looking more like dramas or comedies, all featuring Asian faces. But within them were what looked like Japanese Bukaki porno. “I think they’re making money on the porno,” she explained. “The movies are basically shit.”

“Laundering?” I guessed.

“Smart boy,” Molly muttered.

“Since the whole China taking over Hong Kong thing,” Kali explained, “a lot of rich Chinese want to launder their money here in the States. It’s become Chimera’s main thing, but the Changs are a whole new level, like moving from hamburger to Kobi beef. For one the film they want Chimera to sell here is a lot more serious, some sort of historical epic with top line talent involved like an old fashioned Cecil B. DeMille type of thing, including being sexy using the seriousness to get away with it. But they didn’t quite get away with it.” Kali brought a folder over and flashed through images of the film, including nudity and obvious sex simulation. “Singapore, which has become the Chang’s new home, being the uptight city-state it is, took exception to the film because of the nudity and blatant sexuality and even shooting it became problematic with one of the extras claiming rape until she and other people were bought off and things moved to Thailand where things supposedly got wilder and more hands were greased. But the product, the end result, has real quality supposedly, though a market for it has become problematic.”

I nodded. “And Chang Wei was part of this culture ümraniye escort of rape.” When Kali nodded back, I added, “And this being a Hollywood thing, you want an inside man. Me.”

“Yes Joe,” Kali answered. “And maybe get to know Madame Chang?”

“And there’s a party,” I suggested.

“In a couple days,” Kali said. “Chimera put it together. The Changs rented an oceanside house. Chimera sent some videos to some mucky mucks, many whom they know from providing oriental…party favors, but of course they’d never had any quality product for top level distribution like this, thus the videos.”

“And the information?” I asked.

“One of the Chin girls prefer women,” said Molly.

“And Lizzy got to know the older boy,” Kali added.

“I can see why I might be key,” I carefully spoke, “but this sounds pretty ongoing, and me being with Cheryl is pretty recent. You couldn’t have planned me being involved.”

“Couldn’t we?” Kali smirked.

I could only shake my head and chuckle.

But I had questions and concerns, deciding to address them later with Cheryl. To them I said, “Let me think about it.”

“Don’t think too long,” Molly practically growled. Maybe she was cute despite herself, but she could definitely be scary.

I met Cheryl at the dining room table for lunch, provided by Carla. Not surprising Cheryl sat beside Pat, but it made my request less assured. “Could we talk?” I whispered to the tall blonde beauty who carried our child in her womb.

“After lunch,” she answered quietly.

“Just us?” I whispered back.

She smiled. “Of course.”

She led me to the master bedroom, my bedroom, for our chat, closing the door behind us. “Sit,” she said, gesturing to the king sized bed. When I did, she knelt and undid my pants.

“Uhm,” I responded.

“Later,” she grinned up at me, pulling on my pants. I lifted up letting her pull them and my underpants down and off, my penis already hardening. Her head went straight for it, taking my glans into her mouth before I pushed her away gently.

“If that’s the case,” I said, taking off my shirt and scooting onto the bed, “Perhaps you’d like to be sucked as well?”

She laughed and stripped naked, my hand pulling my cock harder watching that most wonderful revelation. Her legs rested beside my face when she lowered her pussy down. My tongue poked out from my mouth ready for contact, and once more I tasted her sweet musky flavor.

With my teasing her to the edge a couple times, she brought me close to cumming as well. Finally she turned around and sank down on my cock, my fingers remaining on her clit throughout the move. Within a couple strokes she was cumming, and I held her hips and thrust up into her rapidly to achieve my own.

Her tall body rested on mine even after my penis slipped out. With her height and her deceptively muscled body she had some weight to her, but I didn’t mind. Eventually she shifted a little sideways, resting her head on her hand but keeping her abdomen and genitals atop mine.

“So?” she asked.

“You know about the Changs,” I asked.

“Of course.”

I paused, considering what to ask next.

“I’m okay with you being with Kali and Molly,” she said.

“Uhm…Just Kali.”

“Too bad. Molly can be…enthusiastic. Like breaking through walls of resistance creating an explosion.”

I didn’t bother to ask how she knew that. Instead I asked, “Are you going to be out there too, in LA?”

She smiled and kissed me. “You really are sweet,” she said.

“Uhm…You know I love you.”

“There’s plans set,” she responded after another, longer kiss. “I’ll be needed, but not for another few weeks. It’ll be here on the East Coast. Boston and DC.”

“Then I imagine Karen is involved.”

“She is, smart boy. And I think it will be the last for a long time in which I’m participating at least directly. What do you think about staying here at your old home more often? We’re thinking about headquartering here. Your mom seems to like our company, especially Molly.”

“Do you think…?” I stiffened, at least my body.

She chuckled. “Probably not. Would it bother you having your mom enjoy some physical pleasure after all these years?”

“Only because imagining my mom…you know. But otherwise…I suppose it would be good for her. Perhaps that’s why Mom was okay about Sarah being lesbian, because she has similar inklings.”

“Maybe, although sometimes the repressed ones are the worst about accepting similar interests from their offspring.”

“My mom’s always been a proud member of the elite despite her much lower class beginnings as if she were fighting her own history.”

“She’s used to hiding things, like knowing about Sarah.”

“Or her own, similar interests. So in a way they’d be like sisters so to speak, staying in the same closet.”

“Could be. Or maybe Michael destroyed her sense of status quo and decorum with his plans to pull the rug from under her literally. Maybe that threw her off her high horse, kartal escort bayan and she could finally be herself. So do you think you could come live here, at least some of the time?”

“You know it depends on work.”

“Editing, because I imagine you can write anywhere.”

“Sort of. If I’m continuing to be a script doctor, there’d be meetings. And there’d be meetings to sell my scripts or just my ideas for a script. But the writing? Yeah, I could write anywhere.”

“And the editing?”

“I like it, and the studio I work for keeps me busy. But…I like you more,” I smiled and received an even longer kiss. Her vaginal lips rubbed against my hardening penis.

“Cheryl,” I sighed, mixed in with a moan.

“Ask, Joe,” she said, moving her entire body over me and intensifying the rub.

“I thought…I was to be…just your lover.”

“And is that all you want to be?” she asked.

“Maybe not,” I swallowed. “It sounds…”

“Like an adventure.”

“Unh-hunh. But…was this the plan all along? I’d be seducing Madame Chang?”

“Feeling used?” she asked.

“I do,” I said and steered my cock to her wet hole and in, then turned us over and began fucking her with hard, intense thrusts.

“And excited?” she asked within a deep moan.

“Fuck yes,” I growled, pulling her long legs up beside her torso and pounding down into her. Maybe an angry fuck, being manipulated, but also an excited fuck into a thoroughly exciting woman; a dangerous, adventurous woman luring me into danger and adventure. I felt thrilled fucking her, creating an immense excitement, an intense pleasure that somehow sustained me physically, made me inexhaustible, relentless, until finally I gained release in a flurry of tight in thrusts.

“Oh fuck,” I murmured as if awaking from a fever dream of pure ecstasy, “are you okay?”

“Never better,” she replied dreamily, and I realized awaking from having passed out. “But I may be a bit sore.”

“Bath?” I asked instead of apologizing.

“Sounds brilliant,” she grinned and pulled me down for one of her hot, gentle and intense kisses.

Chapter 7

I shared one more night with Cheryl and Pat before heading back home to LA. My old home wasn’t my home anymore, though it appeared it might be again. And I’d be taking my parents’ room, Michael’s room, making it my own somehow.

That last night there in my parents’ bed, or Michael’s more likely since he did a lot of buying when he became the paternal owner of the house, I made love to Pat mostly since Cheryl was a bit sore, although I ended up fucking my beautiful blonde lover at the end of the evening’s fucking, making her other lower hole sore in the process, at her insistence because I wanted to keep things slow and careful and she didn’t, with her climaxing with my climax deep inside her rectum while Pat worked mouth and fingers on her clit and cunt, and Cheryl ate out Pat’s recently fucked cunt and had Pat join us for a full trio of orgasms. It was one of the few times I worked against a couple of earlier desensitizing orgasms, the second not long before, wherein I concentrated fully on the pleasure brought forth by the friction of Cheryl’s tight anus to arrive at an orgasm much sooner than usual. It probably made the timing better. Even though I came before she did, I sensed, or hoped I sensed, she was approaching critical mass, and luckily I was right, my jets of cum filling her bowels and the throbs of my cock sending her over.

Kali and I sat together in the comfort of first class for the long journey west the next afternoon. The hours let us bond and I found her more than just pleasant company. Our conversations consumed the time, making it seem much less and I almost wished the flight was longer just to keep it going, a first. When I told her that, she laughed. “I’m not going anywhere,” she said, her hand gently caressing my groin.

“Good to know,” I grinned and pulled her into a kiss as the plane taxied into the gate.

I felt a spark when our lips met, and an even more intense spark when tongues touched, enough for me to break the kiss and see her surprise as well before she pulled me back to kissing.

What it felt like, despite having been as physically intimate as possible, knowing her naked body, its shapes and flavors and interiors, was the discovery, after a first attraction, that getting to know the person only made the attraction deeper. Like experiencing the best first date ever, where, at the end, all you wanted was more. Not necessarily more than just the mental connection, moving into the physical, although that was there with her caress and our kiss, but wanting the conversations that promoted the connectedness to continue. Her words delighted me: her intelligence and charm and wit and even a surprising bit of self-deprecation. And there was a warmth, an honesty, a profound openness, exposing herself to me more than her nakedness had. It allowed me to open up to her and expose myself just as much. And despite the quiet conversations, keeping things private while surrounded by other passengers, there’d be moments of intense excitement within me, shimmering somewhere around my heart, sometimes lower, in my gut, but oddly no lower than that even with this beautiful, sexy woman so close beside me, that felt a lot like love.

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