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It was a nice summer day. Me and my friend Steve watched TV in my flat. Only 2 p.m. and nothing to do – it was a very boring day.

Suddenly I heard a tap in the door. I opened it, wondering who it can be.

I saw a beautiful young girl. She was blonde, with a nice body, blue eyes and long legs. She was dressed in the short tight red dress, and she was drunk. Not much, but surely she wasn’t sober at all. She asked me with a charming voice: “Tell me, please, is Mr. Gomes live here?”

Such a nice accent, I thought, perhaps she is from Eastern Europe? I smiled and answered: “Sorry, but Mr. Gomes don’t live here.”

“And where is he live?” – she half-closed her blue eyes, looking at me. I waved my hand. “In the other flat, miss, let’s go to the window, I’ll show you where it is.”

She wants to see Gomes – no wonder, I thought. He was a handsome businessman from Panama, very rich. He met a new girl every week, and probably this hottie was one of them. I stared at her, feeling my cock raising in my pants.

Girl entered the room, I lead her to the window. She moved with a grace, cause me to stare at her perfect long legs and round ass.

“What’s up?” – Steve raised his head. “Who is this, Jack?”

“She wants to see Gomes, Steve.”

“Why antalya escort Gomes? Why Gomes if you can see me, baby?” – Steve recognized that our guest was not very sober. Girl laughed at him. She was such a tease, with her charming voice and pretty face!

Steve started to talk with her, and in a moment girl was near him on the couch, looking TV and laughing at his jokes. I left them for a while, and when I was back, I saw that Steve wasted no time at all. He fingered and stroked her beautiful tits through thin material of her red dress. Girl caressed his chest, smiling, her eyes was half-closed.

I joined the couple on the couch. I started to stroke one of her nice breasts, so hot, so round and firm. Steve grinned at me and started to kiss with our guest. Girl started to moan a little. Our hands squeezed, caressed, fingered her gorgeous body, her skin was hot and smooth.

We undressed her together, her tanned body gleamed in the sunlight. She wear a little red panties, but we left them for a while. My cock was erect now, so I placed her left hand in my pants, and Steve did the same with her right hand. She started to caress our cocks tenderly. Steve grinned as his hand slid in her panties.

“Well, Jack, she is so wet!”

I lara escort joined him, my finger found her clitoris. It was dripping wet. Girl moaned. Her fingers caressed my dick, girl squirmed on her seat.

“B-b-boys…Tell me your names, please!” – her lips trembled as she speak.

“I’m Jack, and he is Steve.” – I continued my play with her clit, while Steve finger-fucked her.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you…”

We laughed. “And what’s your name, baby?” – asked Steve.

“I’m Sveta…” – girl started to bite her lips.

Steve pulled out his fingers from her hot vagina and raised them to her face.

Sveta licked her juices hungrily from Steve’s fingers.

“She is a hot slut, don’t she?” – Steve stroked her hair.

“Let’s start, baby.” – He raised from the couch. Now he was standing in front of the girl, his cock stroking out, it was big, with a red swollen head. Sveta raised her face, smiling, her eyes hot with passion.

“Suck it, sweety, now!”

Sveta was excellent cocksucker. She started slowly, licking a sensitive head of Steve’s dick, then her mouth opened wide and she swallowed his entire member inside. She continued to stroke my dick with her small hand, while her mouth worked on my friend’s side escort cock. I was close to the cumming now, so I pushed her hand out and raised. Sveta kneeled in front of Steve, her head bobbing on his cock, her hands caressing his legs.

I grabbed her and lifted her from the floor. Now she was bending, lips working on Steve’s dick, wet pussy presented to me. Her red panties slightly covered her, and I removed them. I pressed my long fat cock to her vagina, girl moaned, bobbing her head up and down. I entered her, causing girl to moan loudly, and started to fuck her wet hot snatch.

Steve grinned to me, grabbed Sveta’s head and started to fuck her throat, as I pounded her pussy. Girl moaned, her back sweating, her hands clutching Steve’s legs, as we used her like a slut she was.

“Oh God…I’m cumming!” – Steve pressed her head to his crotch, holding it tight. Sveta shuddered, moaning, as his cock unloaded in her mouth. I heard her swallowing great loads of cum, and at this sound I felt pressure in mine own cock, and I erupted in her throbbing cunt, filling her with a load after load of my sperm.

I pulled out my softening tool and sat on the couch. Girl raised from the floor and sat between me and Steve. She smiled charmingly.

“That was good, boys, but you didn’t tell me: where is Mr. Gomes flat?”

“Oh! Forget about it.” – I waved my hand. “I don’t know.”

Sveta laughed.

“This is a wrong flat…And wrong guys…” – she dressed up. “Perhaps I’ll come here again…To make a new mistake…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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