Minxy Waistress

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Her long tanned legs drove him crazy. The bartender, a sleek brunette was leaning over the bar to receive an order. She always did it like that, always leaning forward so her mini-skirt slides up, exposing the bottom of her ass-cheeks.

I lean forward, hoping to hide my boner from the others in the bar. The brunette- Katrina, her nametag read- was a minx, I could tell. All the bar maids wore there sexy-low-cut shirts and skirt-showing-their-ass, but Katrina was different. Her eyes were too sly, did more sex talk then her mouth.

I was going to fuck the whore. She always tempted me, getting me on edge right before telling me it was closing time and kicking me out.

I grab my glass; swallow the last of the beer and pace it back on the table. I’m gonna fuck that chick, weather she likes it or not.

The back door finally opens and Katrina steps out. Even though it was only 10?c out right now, she wore no more than what she wore while in the bar.

I follow her as she walks over to her car, long legs begging to be looked at. She hadn’t even jammed the keg into the lock when I step up beside her. “Hello Katrina” I greet. Up close she was even hotter. Her boobs were average sized, but the low cut shirt left little to imagine.

Katrina looks up at me, hardly seeming surprised to see me there. “Hi” she smiles sly, her eyes sliding over me in assessment. I knew she’d seen my erection straining threw my pants, but that didn’t stop the surprise when her eyes flick up, a devilish glint in them. “Wow, your big” she whispers, and with that reaches out, grabbing my boner in one hand.

“Come on, show me a good time” she whispers seductively and opens the backseat door.

This minx, oh she was good. She had hardly touched my dick and it was already at full attention, trying to strain though my pants. I push the girl down, shaking my head. “You’re such a whore” I mutter as I crawl in after her.

Katrina offers a wicked smile. “I’m a bad girl”

“You need you be punished” I smirk. My hands were on her shirt, pushing the thin material over her head. Her boobs bob on her chest, nipples hard. I lean down, bitting a nipple between my teeth.

Katrina pushes her chest up, pressing her boob into my face. Soft flesh mashes into my nose and unable to do anything else I suck on her pink nipple, nipping it. “Keep going” she breaths and I suddenly feel her hands on my ribs, pushing my shirt up and over my head.

I groan as she grinds into my thigh. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Katrina laughs as I pull rip her skirt off, flinging the useless material out the door. I quickly put I hands between her thighs, feeling welcoming liquid on my fingers. “You’re not wearing any underwear” I scowl and rub my thumb up over her slit. She was wet, already opening her legs in invitation. Her manicured cunt stares up at me, clean and shaved. I could see her wetness in the dim light.

Despite the need to release my dick and shove it into her wet pussy, I leave it in and slide my finger into her opening. She moans and pushes onto my hand as I insert another finger. I make a come her motion with my fingers, watching her muscles tremble as she grinds onto my hand. “Fuck me already” she hisses.

“You asked for it” I smirk and unzip my pants, shoving them around my ankles along with my briefs.

Katrina groans and tries to push onto my as I rub the head on her slit. She was so wet, the smell of her juices driving me crazy. She opens her legs more, wrapping her legs around me. “Shove you’re fat dick into me!” bostancı escort bayan she huffs.

“But this is your punishment” I laugh, rubbing the tip of my cock on her clitoris. She quakes under me, boons bouncing and hips rocking towards me.

“Asshole” she breaths,

I smack her ass and push my dick a centimetre into her pussy, only to pull out when she tries, unfruitfully, to push onto me. “Uh-uh-ah,” I tisk. It was starting to feel like my punishment, not hers. I could see her cunt, begging to be fucked. I return to teasing her, rubbing her clit and pushing the tip of my dick into her opening onto to withdraw it. Pre-cum drips onto her cunt.

“I’m a whore” Katina hisses, grinding onto my cock. “Fuck me like the little whore I am!”

I shove my dick into her opening, sliding in all the way as Katrina moans. I grind my hips into her ass before pulling out. Light shines on my dick, her juices making it slick. I thrust in hard, welcoming the whore’s cry of pleasure. Her breasts bounce as I hammer into her, thrusting in again and again.

“Oh yeah, like that!” she pants as I burry myself into her wet cunt. I slide in and out effortlessly, she was so wet, her walls hot. Pressure building in my balls as I continue to drive into her core. The smell of sex fills the car, her cries of pleasure making everything more erotic. My cock squelches in her pussy, my hips hitting her ass as I fuck her brains out.

She screams, an orgasm washing over her in a waves. Her muscles shudder as she grinds into me, clawing at the seat and crying out her pleasure.

The pressure in my balls suddenly releases and I shover my dick deep into the whore, emptying my load into her cunt. My knees go weak for a second and I lean an arm against the backseat, my dick still embedded by her wet core. She grinds onto my dick weakly, milking the last of my sperm into her hot cunt.

Carefully I stand up, withdrawing my cock from her pussy. I pull up my pants, glancing around the car. Only meters away stood one of the other waitresses. The blond I think was called Candy or something. “Enjoy the show?” I ask, zipping up my pants.

The girl says nothing and watches as I turn and walk away, to speechless to say anything. I climb into my car, not even glancing back to see what Katrina or the other waitress were doing.

The next day I turn up at the bar, wondering what Katina would do when she sees me. I slide into my seat, watching as she scurries around tables, leaning forward so every guy got a good look down her shirt or up her skirt, where I knew she wore no underwear.

Dirty little whore.

10 minutes later she finally looks up and catches my eyes. She catches another waitress by her arm and whispers something before heading for a door, motioning me to follow.

Katrina pushes the door open, motioning me in before her. It was a small bathroom, for the employees only. Before I could ask if it was okay for me to be in here the lock clicks in place. I turn around from assessing the bathroom to find Katrina in front of me, reaching for my semi-hard cock. “I need you” she whispers. “I need a man to fuck me good”

“Done” I smirk, suddenly realizing why we were in the bathroom. I would have been happy if she’s taken me into the room behind the bar where the girls got changed. I wouldn’t care if someone walked in and watched, or even if they wanted to join in.

I shove Katrina against the wall, pushing her skirt up over her hips as she fumbles with my pants. I was going to ümraniye escort ravage her cunt, make it so she couldn’t walk.

I hastily shove my jeans down, smirking when she looks down to see I’d didn’t have any briefs on. They were a waste of time, especially when I planned on fucking Katrina in her car again, maybe on the hood.

“You’re not wearing an underwear” she tisks, like I had done you her last night. My dick stans between us, thick and hard, pre-cum dribbling down my shaft.

“Easier this way” I whisper in her ear and slide a finger between her legs. As I guessed, she wore no panties. She was completely bare, and completely wet. I grab her legs, opening them and placing them on my hips so was between me and the wall, her pussy’s entrance at my cock. With one stoke I enter her cunt. Like last night she was so wet, hot and already revving for sex. She moans as I thrust into her hard. “I’m going to fuck your brains out” I tells her.

“Oh-please-do!” she pants.

I drive into her hard, listening to her juices squish around my cock, her ass slapping against the wall. Sex fills the air, her groan making my hard dick throb and my balls tighten. Her walls clench around me as she orgasms, clawing at me. “I’m gonna cum in you, whore” I pants as the pressure in my balls intensifies.

“Yes, cum in me you asshole!” she screams, grinding me.

I quicken my pace, wondering if I could get her to orgasm again before I shot my load. She cries out, pulling as my shoulders. Her boobs bounce in front of my face, ass slapping the wall and my hips slamming into flesh. The knot releases and with a grunt I squirt my seep into her hot core. I keep rocking, small stokes as she grinds on my dick. When there is nothing left I pull out of her, placing Katrina back on her feet.

Cum runs down her legs, but she says nothing about it. Instead she stops me when I reach for my pants. “We aren’t done yet” she breaths. Before I can ask what she means she pushes me back, down onto the toilet. “You’ve been looking after me, it’s my time to look after you” she whisper.

“Oh fuck” I mutter as she leans down to my still stiff cock. She kisses the head before taking it into her mouth. “You like my dick, don’t you?” I ask as she sucks, licking my cock clean. Her tongue runs over my shaft, igniting the nerves on fire. I lean back, watching her bob her head on my dick. I could feel my need to cum again, just watching this minx eating my cock was hot, made my skin feel like I was burning. My balls tighten as she grabs them, squeezing and kneading them. I groan, trying to cum.

I wanted to enjoy this, her wet mouth on my cock, her hands tickling my balls. It could stop now if I ejaculated.

Katrina lifts her head, flicking her tongue on the sensitive tip of my penis before looking up at me with sly eyes. “Cum, I want to taste you” she breaths. Her mouth resumes bobbing on my cock, her wet tongue massaging my shaft as she deep throats me, taking me all the way down.

“Fuck” I mutter as the knot in my balls loosens. Katrina instantly sets to work swallowing it all, drinking my cum. I grab her head, forcing her down my dick. She sucks hard, teasing my nerves with her tongue. I was going to cum again at this rate.

Katrina pushes my hand off her head and looks up at me. “I’ve only just started” she whispers before standing up. Slowly she stands up, dragging her hands up her long legs, over her hips then onto her stomach. She dances slowly, making my cock instantly throb. She rolls her hips, turning to escort kartal roll her ass at me. I watch, totally engrossed as her cunt peeks through her legs, wet and shiny. Her fingers peel away her shirt, discarding it to the floor. She continues dancing, rolling her hips and touching her breasts.

I stand up, needing to push her against a wall and fuck her again. But Katrina shoves me back onto the closed toilet lid. “Uh-ah, my turn” she whispers and crawls onto my lap. Her rolls her hips, her smooth landing strip brushing against my ribs. I clutch her hips, wanting to draw her down, but her hand slides between her legs, touching herself.

So hot.

Katrina pushes her tits into my face, jiggling them back and forth as she moans her pleasure. Out of nowhere she grabs my dick, squeezing it tightly before going to work wanking it. “oh, fuck, you whore” I pant. Heat flushes along my skin, my balls tighten. She was going to make my cum, and I wouldn’t even get her cunt again.

“Cum, cum all over me” she moans.

I grab the toilet edges, groaning as she pulls my cock hard, boobs squished into my face and her fingering herself.

I grunt as sperm shoots up between us, spattering against Katrina’s slits and hand, over her arm and stomach. I grab her hips, stopping her from pulling away if that was her intention. But the whore only removes her fingers and removes her boobs from my face. “Now let me ride you” she whispers.

Katrina positions herself over my dick, smiling slyly right before dropping down. She groans, grinding down on me. I thrust into her, my cock throbbing in her hot cunt. Juices, both mine and hers, dribble down my dick, squishing as she grinds onto my fat cock. Her boobs bounce as she dances on my dick, lifting up and thrusting down, moaning her delight.

“You’re a fucking whore” I tell her, meeting her falls with small thrusts.

“Yes” she cries out, fucking me. My balls were tightening again, my stomach feeling funny as she pants and starts to climax. I grind up into her, thrusting and pushing my hips against her ass. “Bitch” I mutter as she starts screaming out ‘yes’.

Her orgasm hits hard, making her stop moving as she shudders and twitches on me. Her boobs bounce as she screams her pleasure. But I still hadn’t cum. Quickly I stand up, leaving Katrina still on my cock as I turn around. She doesn’t have time to recover before I place her shoulder blade on the toilet seat and start fucking her.

She screams, crying out in ecstasy as I assault her wet cunt with my fat cock. “Oh yeah” I mutter as her breasts bounce wildly. I watch my dick slide in and out of her pussy, seeing her hole take me in, the juices shine on my shaft, right before I impale her.

Her walls clench tight around my shaft, and with a shout as I empty my sperm into her core. Our juices squish, dripping to the floor at my feet. I pull out, still holding the whores legs as my seamen and her cum seep out of the opening, dribbling down her ass. I release one of her long legs and touch the juices, sliding a finger into her hole. Katrina moans softly but says nothing, even when I withdraw my finger from her cunt and move down to her ass. I place a finger in her rosebud, welcoming another groan.

I lean down over Katrina and kiss the space between her breasts, my finger still in her ass. “Later” I mutter, withdrawing my finger. I quickly pull on my pants and leave the staff bathroom, going to men’s to clean up. She better know how to recover in two hours from all that, because otherwise she’s gonna be dead after she leaves work and finds me at her car.

I can wait, I’m gonna spread those ass cheeks and fuck in ass in the back over her car, ride her on the hood, make her eat my cock and see where we go from that.

If we’re lucky we’ll have another audience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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