Mindy’s Massage Ch. 15: The New Old Friend

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Big Tits

A couple days later, Mindy was with Josh, at the lake on a party boat, soaking up sun and drinking and partying with three other couples, and a few single friends of Josh. They had been out since mid morning and were sunning in their bikinis and swim trunks and trying to stay cool in the heat by downing cold beers and wine coolers. Mindy and Josh had been sitting on the front of the boat and watching as some of the others skied and wake boarded. Then it was Josh’s turn and Mindy walked to the back of the boat with him, and watched as he climbed out of the boat, strapped on a wake board and got into the water. Soon, the boat was roaring forward, and Josh was up on the board, riding the waves behind the boat. Mindy was in a tiny bikini, smaller than all but one of the other girls.

The other girl’s top was a bandeau top that was very narrow and her bottom was a thong, while Mindy’s was small triangle tops and while not a thong, it was very small coverage both front and back on the bottom. The front patch was very low, almost exposing some of the tiny mound above her perfect pussy, while the back half covered maybe a third of the cheeks of her ass. She was enjoying the hot sun, the cold drinks, and the sun shining down onto the glimmering water. She sat on the edge of the boat, and watched as Josh wake boarded.

Then she became aware of a presence beside her. She turned to find a guy sitting beside her. She had been thinking all day that he looked familiar to her but wasn’t sure how she knew him or from where. He was a little older than Josh and was dark haired and muscular, with a wide smile and flashing, dark eyes. “Hey girl,” he said, “Remember me?”

Mindy nodded and said, “I know that you look familiar, but I’m not sure. Care to fill me in?”

He laughed and said, “I’ve filled you before a couple times, Remember a club with you and the other girl? A couple of guys you got crazy with in the back room? While a whole crowd watched?”

Mindy blushed red and felt her face burn hot as the sun, while looking down. She was horrified, and wondered if he would tell Josh, or already had. She didn’t know what to do.

“Mario’s my name,” he said. He laughed at her. “Don’t be embarrassed. That was an awesome night. Not many girls are that brave or that wild. It was fun.”

Mindy nodded, “Yes it was but I don’t want to hurt Josh over it. You won’t tell him will you?”

Mario shook his head, “Not if you do what I want,” he said. Then he burst out laughing. “No I won’t tell him and you don’t have to do anything. Just kidding.”

Mindy looked at him and smiled a little, as the girl he was with, the one in the thong, Carla, came over to them and pulled him away. Mario looked back, smiling at Mindy as the girl drug him toward the front of the boat. Josh came walking up after getting out of the water. He smiled at her, and sat down beside her. The afternoon sun was at its hottest as the couple sat there enjoying the cool lake breeze. The boat started moving again, and turned to head across the lake to the less populated side,

Josh leaned over to speak into Mindy’s ear. “They’re heading over to the float for a while. Give everybody a chance to cool off in the shade and lay out if they want. Mindy nodded as the boat gained speed and roared across the lake. The lake had floats scattered around in it, that a boat could be tied up to, and that had covers over parts of them and areas to get sun in. They tied the boat up to one at the far end of the lake, where there were no boat docks and was very unpopulated. Everyone on the boat carried their towels and chairs and coolers onto the float and began getting comfortable. At first they all sat under the shade, drinking cold ones, talking and listening to music on their radio.

The girls got out the food they had brought, and they all ate lunch of fried chicken, sandwiches and potato salad. Soon they were all sleepy and lounging on the deck in the sun. The girls started getting serious about tanning while they were there, and spread their towels to stretch their lithe, sensual bodies out under the hot rays of the sun. Mindy was at one end of the row of girls, lying on her stomach, letting the sun beat down on her back and the backs of her thighs and legs. It felt good to her and she relaxed, starting to get sleepy. She looked for Josh and saw him at the other end of the float, talking to one of the girls. Her name was Jenna and she was bostancı escort bayan very pretty. She had shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes and a very even tan, over her incredibly hot body. She had medium sized, pert breasts that her bikini top barely covered and a tight, taut tummy above a very prominent pussy mound, and long slender thighs and shapely calves, From the back, her slender back sloped out to her widening hips and full, high buttocks. Her bikini didn’t cover much and Mindy saw Josh start to rub sun block on her back and thighs.

She looked away. There was nothing between her and Josh that meant he couldn’t do what he wanted, but she felt a pang of jealousy as she watched it. Then she started thinking of what she did and how she had realized that Frank saw other girls and she was ok with that, and decided that if she could play on the side plus escorting, Josh should be able to do the same. She looked back to see Josh stroking the girl on the inside of her thighs, laughing and talking to her while he ran his hands all over her bare skin, rubbing the lotion on her body. Mindy watched as Josh untied the girl’s top and moved the strings out of the way for her, as she lay on her stomach, then he was rubbing her sides, getting as close to her breasts as he could. Mindy couldn’t help but smile, knowing that any guy would be doing that, and Josh took after his dad a lot.

Then she started feeling guilty about Frank and that relationship and her involvement with Josh. About that time, Mario approached her and sat down at the edge of her towel. He started flirting with her and she made conversation with him, finding him easy to talk to and smart as well as brash and attractive, as she had thought the night she met him in the bar. He asked her for her number and Mindy surprised herself by giving it to him. He asked her if they might go out and she said they might. Then he got bolder and said he had not forgotten a single moment of that night in the bar, and she could only say that she hadn’t either.

After a while, he got up and walked back over to the girl he was with, Carla and then Josh came wandering down to sit beside Mindy. She was stretched out on her stomach, strings of her top untied and hair moved out of the way allowing the sun to hit her neck as well as her back and long, strong, sleek legs. Mindy reached back to pull the sides of her bikini bottoms into the crack of her butt, exposing all of her cheeks to the sun.

Josh made a noise like he was choking when she did it, and she looked at him,


“Nothing,” he replied.

Mindy pointed out to him, “One of the other girls has on a thong, and if I had known I could, I would have worn one too.”

Josh just smiled at her. “I know you’re pretty wild, Mindy. I like that about you. It’s always a thrill and a challenge to be around you. You’re a wild girl.”

Mindy smiled and said, “Really? You think I’m wild and a challenge?” He nodded back at her. She spoke again. “Let’s see what kind of wild I am.” With that, she sat up on her haunches, letting her top fall away and revealing her full, heavy, taut breasts with the pert tight little nipples standing high on her chest and straight out from her body, exposed for all the world to see. The other guys hooted and shouted in amazement as Josh blushed but smiled proudly at their obvious admiration for her beauty. Mindy lay on her back, letting her full breasts point toward the sun, and began to rub sunscreen on her body. Josh took the bottle from her and began to apply the sunscreen to her legs and thighs then worked up to spread it all over her tummy and hips where the tiny bikini didn’t cover her and then on up to feel her full breasts as he covered them with sunscreen too. Finally he stroked her shoulders and arms, then lay down beside her and on his side facing her, as she lay there in her magnificent beauty, almost completely nude for all to admire.

Josh looked up and spoke softly, “Wow.” And as Mindy looked down the line, the other girls, not to be outdone, had one by one, started removing their tops and exposing their beautiful breasts to the eyes of all the guys on the float. Each one of the guys were laughing and shouting at each other and their good fortune. Mindy’s eyes met Mario’s and they shared a look. Mindy hoped that Josh didn’t see it but she knew there would be something there soon, and looked forward to it. She ümraniye escort knew she had to do something about letting Josh know about her lifestyle and see what his reaction would be.

She saw the girl that Josh had been talking to sitting up, her pert beautiful breasts shining in the sun and sitting there perfectly on her slender chest, begging to be touched. Mindy looked at Josh, who was also looking at the girl. “Josh, she needs some help with her sunscreen, I can tell.”

Josh nodded, “Well, I’m here with you.”

Mindy spoke softly to him, “Yes, you are, but it doesn’t mean you can’t help a lady in distress. So go see if she needs you to apply some sunscreen to her again. It’s ok.”

Josh looked at her for a few seconds, almost in disbelief, then rose to his feet, walked over to the beautiful girl, and knelt beside her. Mindy could tell he offered to help her, and at first she was shaking her head no and laughing, but after a minute or so, she handed him the sunscreen and lay back down on her back, the front of her body, including her firm, pert young breasts exposed to the sun. Josh began at her feet, and gently and softly applied sunscreen lotion all the way up her legs and thighs, then around the bottom of her tiny bikini, and onto her flat, tender skinned tummy, then covered her wonderful breasts in the lotion, rubbing it in on them for a long time, before finally moving on to her shoulders and arms. Then he sat with her and talked for a long time. Mindy stretched out on the towel and let the sun warm her.

It was several hours later, it was dark and the group was pretty drunk as a whole and making noise and having lots of fun. Mindy was enjoying people watching but had occasionally made conversation with one or more of the guys and girls. Mario had talked to her again for a while, and while they were alone, they had agreed to meet up one night in the coming week if they could. Mindy watched as Josh paid a lot of attention to the slender beauty he had become so taken with, constantly touching her as they talked, his hand first on her shoulder, then her thigh then her back, wherever he could keep contact. They had all put their tops back on but there was a lot of flirting going on among them.

Mindy watched as a couple stretched out on their towel in the dark and started making out. Then she realized that Josh was not visible on the float and neither was the girl he had been flirting with. She stood up and walked around the float, thinking they were in the shadows and she wasn’t seeing them in the dim light of the two lanterns that were all the light on the float. They weren’t there. She then wandered over to where the boat was tied up. She stepped into it and walked over to the steps down to the lower forward deck, and she could see two sets of legs entwined. She stepped forward a little more and could see that the two bodies were naked and one of them was Josh, She could see his hard cock sliding into the girl’s beautiful little pussy as they lay together fucking. She could see Josh’s mouth locked onto the girl’s as their tongues played with each other and his hands all over her as she used hers on him. They moved from position to position as they fucked, but the whole time that Mindy was watching, never once did Josh’s dick leave the girl’s pussy.

Finally, she walked quietly back out, got off the boat and went to sit beside the rest of the group. Within a few minutes, Josh and the girl returned to the group. Mindy acted like that she had noticed nothing and had no idea. Not long afterward, they left the float and headed for shore. Once there, Josh and Mindy left the group and drove away in Josh’s truck. They headed to Mindy’s place.

Mindy didn’t know quite how to feel. While she had decided that she couldn’t demand fidelity from Josh when she couldn’t and didn’t want to give it, she felt a little betrayed that he had chosen to take advantage of his opportunity while she was right there with him. At the same time, they had never even discussed being an item or committing to one another, and as she was thinking, Mindy realized that if it had come up, she would have been the one objecting to it. The fact that she was having sex with Josh’s dad, and had been for long before she met Josh, and wasn’t planning on stopping that relationship, she realized that maybe she needed to be understanding and forgiving for his indiscretion. And, smiling to herself, she escort kartal thought she really couldn’t blame him for going after the gorgeous girl, she would have done the same if she had gotten the chance. And considering she had done some pretty wild things in the last while, she thought that it was best to allow him his freedom when it came to girls. He had it anyway, really.

They arrived and went into Mindy’s apartment. Josh was being pretty quiet and Mindy knew he was probably feeling guilty. She smiled to herself about it, and thought it had been a pretty eventful day. She knew she was going to meet Mario and would probably have sex with him again, and she had been truly surprised that Josh would go after another girl with her right there with him. She guessed he wasn’t as interested in her as she had thought, or not as serious as she had thought anyway. She poured herself a glass of red wine, and got Josh a beer and they sat down on the sofa. They talked, not anything serious just small talk, while they had a few drinks. After a few drinks. Mindy was feeling the effects of the wine, and said to Josh, “Well, today was a pretty fun day, don’t you think?”

Josh only nodded, looking hard at his beer bottle. His face showed little emotion but Mindy thought she could see a little regret there.

She spoke again, “Feeling a little guilty?”

Josh looked up at her like he had been slapped. She giggled at his hang dog look. He asked her, “What do you mean?”

Mindy spoke quietly, “I saw you with that girl. On the boat I mean, when you were fucking her on the below deck. I don’t mind. It’s ok. You looked like you were having fun, and I could tell she was in heaven. I was glad for both of you. Life is too short to not have all the fun you can. And to be honest, as hot as she is, I’d go there if I got the chance. So, no, I’m not mad. I’m not upset. I’m jealous, that you got to do her, and I didn’t, not that you did another girl. I can have all of you I want and besides, I don’t even know what our situation is. I don’t know if you’re interested in me or I’m just another piece of ass to you. I don’t have any claim to you and I’m not even sure of what I want. So just enjoy yourself, Josh, and if you want me involved in your life to whatever point, I like that idea but I’m not sure of how much or how far I want it to go, either. So don’t be ashamed or guilty or whatever you’re feeling. I just hope you’re glad you’re here now.”

Josh looked at her incredulously. He seemed almost speechless. He smiled and hugged her to him, then kissed her passionately. He finally spoke. “I really don’t know quite what to say, Mindy. I’m sorry that I did that in front of you, I didn’t mean for you to see it or ever know, but I couldn’t turn her down. I guess I’m not ready for a committed monogamous relationship and don’t know if I’ll ever be. I can’t even start to tell you how I feel about you or how much I care about you, but I know I still want the freedom to have sex with other girls. The idea that it would ever hurt you breaks my heart but I know me. I would do it whether you wanted to allow me to or not. The thought that you would be ok with it and not be hurt by it, just makes me that much more attracted to you. And I am very attracted to you.

But I know that if I can do what I want, you can do what you want, and I guess I’m ok with that, too. I know I don’t have the right to tell you how to live your life, and I don’t want you telling me how to live mine. I do want to share time and our lives as much as we can, but I’m not sure of where that goes now. I hope to a great and wonderful place someday. Again, I shouldn’t have fucked Jenna right there. I should have gotten her number and called her later to meet her. I was just afraid that the chance would go by and I would never have that beautiful body. I wanted to feel everything she had to give me. There’s no way she’s better than you, or even as good, but she’s a different girl, a different body, a different way of fucking, a different experience. And I wanted that. I’m really, really sorry that it might have hurt you. I would never do that, ever. But I guess I did, so what can I say? I want to be with you, but I know me.”

Mindy repeated, “I’m not hurt. If I would have been, you would have known it immediately. I’m just trying to ease your mind and find out where we stand. I want us to be close and continue to be lovers as well as friends. If it goes farther, then that’s a plus but it doesn’t have to. We need to keep learning about one another.”

Josh nodded, then kissed her again. He stood and pulled her to her feet, and led her into the bedroom. They spent the rest of the night learning more about each other.

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