Mike’s Fantasy Wife 02

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Another Mike and Linda fantasy, this time a collaboration; Mike added to the main theme and guided the way the tale developed. Mike loves to imagine his plain and motherly wife as a dirty cow, a cock monster and a fuck slut! He enjoys reading about how his wife weakens and falls for the desire she has for a big cock; and of course, he can be around to witness it all.


I was relieved when the coach pulled into the service area; I needed to piddle, a coffee and a stretch! After all the important stuff is sorted, I take my coffee outside, already relaxed from the strain of the cramped seat.

I stand feeling foolish, holding my coffee, looking for an empty table.

“Would you like to sit here?” The voice beside me spoke.

I look at the couple, fellow passengers on the “Passionate Gardeners” Coach trip.

Oh, Hi!, I nod at them, moving around to the spare seat at their table. They are a nice couple, attractive and young, in their thirties I guess, maybe older. I smile gratefully as I fiddle with the seat and coffee, afraid to kick the flimsy table.

“We needed this break, the man said,” breaking the ice.

I was grateful to them, I felt alone here, at the service station, a lot more than when I was in the coach. I am alone, but I felt part of the atmosphere in the coach. I joined them this morning on the “Garden Circle Line”, as the trip is sold. “The direct line to all gardens!” the adverts suggest. I am a keen gardener and photographer, so a long weekend of both is an attractive option.

“Don’t trust the coach!” he went on, nodding at my camera strapped to my shoulder.

“I’m sure it’d be safe,” I replied, “but I thought I might get a chance to take a few pics.” I lied. I did not give it a thought that the coach might be secure.

“I’m Barry!” I declared, I joined this morning at Slough.”

The man offered his hand. “I’m Mike and,” nodding at the pretty woman, “my wife Linda.”

Mike had a strong handshake, impressive and sincere. Linda took my hand in a gentle grip but looked into my eyes, smiling. I liked them instantly.

“Thanks for spotting me,” I said, trying to keep the chat going. “I think I took the wrong seat in the coach. I am sat between two groups of people and they chatter over me.”

“Yeah, we noticed.” Mike said. “That guy chats all the time! Everyone on the coach knows about all of his trips…”

“You can sit with us if you like,” Linda offered, going a little red, then “there is more legroom at the back.

“If you don’t mind, I’d love to. I am suffering where I am at the moment. I may find it hard for another three days.”

“Good idea!” Mike declared, “You can show me your camera!” He grinned at me.

“Mike is new to photography,” Linda said. “This is the first time he has photographed gardens!”

I smiled back at them, trying not to crack the obvious joke about his previous subjects.

“Well, a camera helps you to see the world differently; all subjects become good image possibilities. Mike is expanding his range!” I suggested politely.

“Yeah, he does take good pictures though!” Linda finished. I shared Mike’s pride as she said this, and enjoyed his stature change in response to her praise. Linda is an attractive woman, maybe approaching 40, but healthy and well shaped. In the sunshine, she has removed her thick woolly, which kept her warm this morning. I try not to gaze at her shape, but my eyes are attracted to her bust, her bra visible through the thin blouse.

I force my eyes to contact hers. “When did you guys join the trip?” I asked, trying too hard to let them see that I am not interested in ogling her nice shape.

“Do you have any pictures already?” Linda asked, ignoring my question, pointing to my camera as I placed it on the table.

“Yes!” I took some this morning as the sun rose. Near the river, the early mist floats over the surface, backlit by the rising sun. I have a collection of river pictures, always attractive and never the same.”

I move next Linda and hand her the camera. She weighs it and declares, “This is heavier than mine!” I smile at her and point to the power button. While she holds it, I switch it on and after a few beeps, the last image appears on the review screen.

“WOW!” Linda said enthusiastically, nudging Mike with her elbow. We all crowd around her and view the scene. The image did look good, and I pointed at the button beside the screen that would bring up the sequence of images.

As we look at the screen, my eyes are attracted by the beautiful display of flesh, down Linda’s blouse. Holding the camera with both hands, her blouse opened and I just could not stop myself glancing down at her delightful shape. I was afraid of offending them, as I do not feel that Linda would like this, so I chatter endlessly about the scenes I saw this morning, pretending to look at the camera, but I just could not look away from the delightful swell of her adorable breasts!

In a while, she handed the camera bostancı escort back to me and complimented my images.

“Well, a good camera helps,” I said, truly thrilled at her compliments, “plus getting up early!”

Later, in the coach, we chatted endlessly about each other. Already, we have planned to eat together. The hotels are all booked on the circuit, so we will share time this evening, after visiting the only garden on today’s list. I knew that this is going to be a great trip, and both of my new friends seem to be interested in photography!

…As I wait for my friends, I suddenly panic, afraid that they have sat somewhere else. It is ten past eight and I have drunk my glass of wine. I go to the service table and take another, not sure if I am allowed more than one. I don’t care, I’ll pay for it if I have to.

As I return to the table, my friends arrive.

“Sorry we’re late Barry,” Mike said smiling. “Linda did not have anything to wear!” He joked. Linda stabbed him with her elbow, smiling.

“Oh, it’s ok,” I said, “I’ve only just arrived!”

Mike looked at me and then to the empty glass. “Oh yeah, quick drinker?”

I grinned. “Let me get you guys a drink!” I said, happy to be with them again. “Wine?” I suggest, “Or fruit juice?”

“Wine!” was the stereophonic response, coming from both at once.

“My kind of people!” I declare to myself as I walk back again to the service table.

After more than an hour of polite chat about families, shopping, holidays and other personal subjects, we finish our meals and are left only with the small problem of a bottle of wine. In the next room, dance music starts attracting guest out of the dining room.

Throughout our meal, I couldn’t stop gazing at Linda. With a few glasses of wine, I had a nagging feeling that my eyes give my interest away. Linda, however, does not show signs that she is being harassed.

She wears a pretty summer dress. With a low, square cut neckline, the thin material exposes her chest perfectly. During the meal, Linda often placed her arms on the table and leaned forward as I chatted, allowing me to see farther down her lovely top. Her breasts pushed together by her arms and the cloth of her dress pushed out, I could not help gazing at her beauty.

“We can dance darling, she said to her man, hugging his arm. I nodded at her. They are so much in love, I reckon, of course they should dance.

“I don’t want to lose our wine!” Mike said as flimsy objection.

“I’ll make sure the staff don’t touch I said, urging him to dance with his lovely woman. “And I’ll make sure I save you a drop!” I joke.

Linda tapped his ankles with her shoes as she moved to the side of her chair. Mike sighed and stood by the table, his hand ready for hers as she stood.

I watched them as they walked into the dark dance hall.

For 15 minutes they danced; during all of this time, I realised that I am becoming too attracted to Linda. “I am going to offend someone soon!” I warned myself. In my mind, I countered the sensible side of my head with an image of her body. Her cleavage, a stolen glimpse that I should not have enjoyed so much, her full shape, her pretty face and her attractive dress. Everything that is feminine is reflected in this woman’s appearance tonight.

I am shocked to realise that I have a cool sensation on the tip of my tool. I know that I am lusting for her. I have that sensuous ache in my belly, making my cock leak its love for this woman. I go to the toilet and pee, surprised at how slowly it leaves me, hindered by the amount of clear love-liquid contained in my knob, probably all the way back to my balls!

When finished, I squeeze the rest from me, thrilling at the long stroke, aware that I am going to get a stiffy. I grin, really happy to admit that I am attracted to Linda. I turn around, checking that I am alone and place my tool over the hand-basin, and rinse the residue of my passion from my tip. Quickly, I dry it with my palm, and place it in my pants, zipping myself with wet hands.

I laugh at myself for getting into such a state. Cleverly, I dry my hands under the blower and direct the warm air down my trousers to remove the wetness. In a minute, I am dry, but the warm air simply makes me hard again.

“Fuck! If she saw me like this, she’d be rightly offended!” I thought to myself, full of pride, despite my insight. I stand in front of the mirror and gaze at my cock, sticking out from the leg of my trousers, the thin cloth unable to cover its aggressive passion. I just smile at the vision. If I had brought my camera into the restaurant, I’d take a picture of this, and let Linda discover it the next time she looked through my images!

I sit down again and sip my wine. I have made up my mind to slow down in case I stop thinking clearly and mistake the couples friendship for something more. After 20 minutes, they return, arm in arm, Linda hugging her man’s waist. As they approach, she stretches up to him and kisses ümraniye escort bayan his face. “My Man!” She declares to me and him.

I smiled, really impressed by their affection for each other. I made a decision then, in a moment of clarity that I would be respectful from now on. No dumb ideas that my flirting would be welcome.

Linda sat again and grabbed her wine. “I’ll dance with you later darling,” she said to me, her hand on my forearm. “I need to rest.”

“Oh Fuck!” I whisper under my breath, really excited at the prospect of dancing close to her. “I hope we do not have to Jive!” I curse.

Mike and Linda are coated in sweat; Linda waves a card beer mat over her face and teasing us, pulls out the top of her dress and fans air over her breasts. I glance again at her body, this time happy to let them see where I look.

“Lucky breeze!” I say to both, joking. They smile, not really amused.

“C’mon Honey!” Linda says to me, surprising me. She stands and holds her hand out.

I pretend to be reluctant. Luckily, my greedy stiffy has mellowed and I can hide it. I walk toward her and she heads to the dance floor again.

“Have fun!” Mike ordered as I left, grinning to me as he sipped his wine.

I grinned with evil intent as we stood together; the DJ played a soft track and I could grab Linda and hold her, moving slowly.

“Oh, that’s better,” she whispered to me. “I am still knackered!”

I laugh at her expression, which seems so out of place.

“I prefer this music,” I said to her, not even sure what music it is. I stand close to her, but not touching, giving her some space, though inside, I wanted only to feel her body on mine, her lovely breasts on my chest, and her thighs on each side of my aching tool.

As the thought evolved in my head, so I pulled her gently closer. She sighed and allowed me to embrace her. Her hands rested on my waist, defensively, ready to push me away I felt, yet she seemed to melt into my arms.

I concentrate on the “melting” aspect of her body language and gently pull her closer. Now I do feel her lovely breasts on me and slowly, I let my cock rub against her lower belly. Gently, I move even closer and as my rod snuggles into her groin, she sighs softly. I glance down her chest and see her boobs push up and over the dress as I squeeze her to me. Our clothes are so thin, that we feel every detail.

In my head, I am aware that she can feel me as clearly as I feel her. I let my hips push into her and she sighs as the mass of firm flesh rubs over her lower body and thighs. Keeping me at bay with her hands, she sighs nevertheless as we send each other secret signals. I am desperate to touch her bottom, but I have to keep such a blatant gesture to myself. I am in heaven at this stage and I am happy to walk away with this memory of my time with this great couple. So I just hold her lovely, sensuous, feminine form for the few moments I have.

Soon, the tune fades and another comes on, faster, demanding a different response, but I hold her in the same way. We dance like this for a minute until she says that we have to go back.

I nod. “I know,” I said, “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice!”

She blushed, pleasantly, my heart melted at her innocence and I let out a long sigh, deliberately long, hoping that she’d know how much I want to remain with her.

Thrilling me, she reached up and kissed my face, just as she did with her man a few minutes ago.

“Can you just stand there a minute?” I ask, brave, full of confidence glancing down my body. I refer to my stiffy and she smiles happily. She stands there and I pretend to be in great discomfort, which makes her smile even more.

I thrill though, when she too looks down between us, taking in the clear detail of my prick pushing out again through my thin trousers. I look at her as she raises her face to look at me, smiling as she looks back between us once more.

“It is disgusting!” she whispered to me, her voice full of praise. “It is disgusting!” She declared again her voice far from offended by it.

I glance down too, it is even prouder now, and I see exactly what she does. I can’t believe that we are gazing at my tool in the middle of the dance floor, the very day we first met! We exchange body signs, yet I know that this is where it ends.

“Thanks for being so generous to me!” I say to her, not sure if she will understand my unplanned phrase.

“I think you are the generous one!” She replied, equally vague, but we knew what we meant.

The track ended and we are still close, trying to hide my predicament. As people move about, I take the chance to handle it and twist it so that it points up; I place it under the belt of my trousers.

“Does that hurt?” Linda asked me full of interest.

No, it thrills me actually!” I answered, unable to credit that we are talking about my aching cock in the middle of the dance floor. I enjoy telling her how pleasant I feel in the hope that she realises that kartal escort it is her alone that makes me feel so good.

“Of course she knows what is happening!” I say, in my head.

“I think you are beautiful!” I declare to her as she smiles at me.

“Thank you!” she declares accepting what I say; the perfect response.

“Let’s go back then, I say, pleased that we were able to have this exchange. I hope it may mean something to her later, when she is safe and alone, to recall this affectionate but short interaction.

As I sit down again with Mike, I realise that I am sweating too. But not because of an active dance. As Linda sits with her man, kissing him with affection, I see too the passion in her face. She smiles at me but looks away quickly, focussing on the glasses on the table.

It’s hot in there!” I said, lying my nuts off! Hoping that Mike does not notice our body language. He nods at me and looks at Linda. I see it all becoming clear to him, but he smiles at me.

“It depends on who you dance with I guess!” He said, knowingly but very subtle.

I feel unsure so I look away.

“You can have another dance later Barry!” He says, grinning at me when I turn back to him. He holds his wine glass and through his grin says, “Cheers!”

I feel unsure still. I know that he has guessed that I am attracted to his wife, and maybe we flirted on the dance floor; also, he is clearly not offended by this. What he does not appreciate is that given half a chance, I would bend his lovely woman over her chair, pull her wet panties to the side and bone her in front of everyone here!

I have to get a bit of space.

“I think I’ve drunk too much!” I admit to him. “I guess I should go for a stroll outside. I am so hot!”

“Do you want some company?” He asked.

“Don’t be offended Mike, but no. I’m only going outside for a few minutes.”

As I step into the dimming evening light, the cool air touches my brow and makes me feel better. All I can think about is Linda’s warm, soft body next to mine. I imagine her shape in front of me as I lean on the handrail on the bar’s Patio.

“FUCK! If I stay there, I’ll wreck their marriage!” I state to myself, my head full of crude images of Linda and I naked in my room.

I walk away from the Patio and into the garden area, past some empty tables up to a large pond full of Carp and other ornamental fish. The dim lights shine on the fish allowing me to take my lust-filled mind away from Linda and the man she loves.

Later, I turn to face the hotel and gaze at a couple in their room. Lights on, curtains open, I see them walking up and down. The woman has a towel draped over her shoulder and I instantly think, “Shower!”

The couple do nothing like this; I see the corner of the door open and they leave, turning off the light. “Swimming!” I correct myself. I stroll slowly, grinning at my mentality at this stage. “What is happening to me?” I ask myself dramatically, as if I were an actor in a cheesy soap.

When I return, the table is clear and Mike and Linda have gone. I walk into the dance floor to see if they are there. Feeling a little lost but a little more relaxed, I conclude that they have gone to their room.

I go to the bar and buy a pint of lager; strong European bier. The taste is wonderful and it cools my burning belly. I look at the clock. I have been outside for over an hour!

“Fuck!, I curse myself again. “I have offended them after all!” I decide. Then I giggle at myself. They can live with that sort of brush. It could have been a lot worse! I grip my soft tool as I think about what I would have gladly done to Linda.

I sit in the corner alcove now and gaze at the other couples here. I do not know which ones are on the trip and which ones are ordinary guests. I gaze at some of the older ones. They are most likely to be on my trip.

Fed up with looking, I gaze into the clear liquid of my bier, lit from above by a red, dim light. I begin to feel good about the way the evening has turned out. I hope that I will still be welcome with them on the coach to our next garden visit.

I quietly analyse the evening, my behaviour and my friends. It is my ego that inspires this introspection, an ego that is seeking signs of closeness with Linda. I recall her response to me as I pulled her close, my lust for her obvious and pronounced!

I forget time as I collect all of the aspects of this evening that support my idea that Linda is attracted to me too. I do not give them any credence, they merely massage my ego for a while. I grin to myself and giggle as I imagine that Linda and Mike may be having the time of their lives, because of me setting her off! I suddenly get a graphic image of Linda, all innocence and modesty gone, laid naked on the bed urging Mike to cover her.

This image is quickly shattered however by a gentle voice.

“Are you still hot?” It is Linda.

I jump, and offer her a seat.

“Thanks,” she says, sitting opposite me. She has a thin coat on, which she pulls around her body snugly.

“Have you been outside?” I ask, nodding at her coat.

“Yes!” I went outside to see if you had got lost. Only joking!” She finished off.

As I grin at her, she takes my bier and drinks from it.

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