Memories may be Beautiful and Yet

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Author’s note: All characters depicted in this story are 18 years of age or older.

Memories May Be Beautiful and Yet…

It was early spring, and in Tennessee, that meant warm mild days, flowers and trees in bloom, and for a young man about to finish school, a feeling that all was right with the world. It was shaping up to be the warmest day of the year so far, bordering on what most from other areas of the country might call hot. My classes were going great, basketball season had ended, I had just turned 18, and now all I had to do was relax and try to find something to do with all the energy I had. This is the day that Anna came to my history class as a student teacher. She was going to be teaching us American History for the final 6 week term of the year.

Stunning would be an understatement. She was 22, 5’7″, blonde hair and OH, her eyes! Her eyes were the deepest shade of blue that I had ever seen, and looking into them made me feel like I was being drowned in an ocean, swallowed up inside of something bigger than I could comprehend. I can’t count the times that I just sat and looked at her eyes while in class. She also had a very nice figure, not unusually large for her height, but not small on top for certain.

The other truly amazing thing about her, and what I always found my eyes drawn to, was her legs. She had BEAUTIFUL legs. They always looked so smooth silky, and soft. When she would wear hose, and cross her legs it made a swishing sound that would drive me crazy. She was not shy about showing them off either. She didn’t dress real provocatively, but she would wear miniskirts, and would sometimes sit on the front of the teacher’s desk. She would cross her legs, which would show a fair amount of her gorgeous thighs and you can bet that I was looking from my seat, which was, joyously, directly in front of her, every time she did it. And, judging by the way that the other guys in class put their books in their laps as I did, I wasn’t the only one looking.

There were times when she did this that you could hear the sharp intake of breath from the guys in my class. At that time, hormones were always raging and the closest that most of us had ever been to a real woman was probably some internet pictures we had hidden in our phones or laptops for when the need arose. I had dated a bit, but had experienced nothing more than a good night kiss and some light petting. It was a small Southern town where I grew up, so this wasn’t atypical.

Anna had a way of keeping me up nights though. I would lie in bed, thinking of how perfect she was, and how beautiful. I’d fantasize about how great it would be to be with her, to touch her, to kiss her, to feel her warmth, to just be with her. She was my fantasy woman, and every night that spring was spent thinking and dreaming and well, you know, with thoughts of her.

Class was another thing entirely. While I wanted to impress her by being able to answer every question she would ask when she called on me, it never worked out that way. Oh, I knew the answers, I was an honor student, but I could never think of them in class. I remember the day I was sitting there, looking at her eyes, I heard the swish as her legs crossed, and my eyes fell to her legs like a trained dog.

She smiled and said, “Daniel, can you tell us why the Reconstruction period was such a failure in the South?”

I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I sat there turning red with embarrassment and had to ask her to repeat the question. I can still see her eyes looking directly at me; feeling like she was reading my mind; wanting desperately to just get up and run away as fast as I possibly could to hide my embarrassment and shame. “Daniel, did you not read the assignment, AGAIN!?”

“No Ma’am, I mean yes Ma’am I did!” At that moment the bell rang and I was feeling relief and a strong need to get out of that room I had been staring at her legs and I had an erection that was very difficult to hide, and I needed to get out and clear my head. I put my books in front of me, and headed toward the door.

“Daniel, would you come here for a moment please?” I heard her say as I reached the door. OH GOD! I had to walk all the way back through the classroom and back up to her desk with the next class coming in as well. It was probably only 20 ft, but it looked like a mile to me. I turned, awkwardly, and made my way back to the front of the room, holding my books in front of my crotch, fighting the wave of people moving in and out. I stood to the side of her desk, and said, “Yes Ma’am?”

“Look, I think you are going to need to stay after school with me today, I know that you are a good student, I’ve looked at your records; so why aren’t you doing better in my class? There is a major test in two weeks, and from what I have seen in here, I don’t think you will do well on it, if we don’t correct the problem. Meet me in here at 3:30, and we will talk about it, come prepared to write. You know that I want what’s best for antalya escort you, and for me too, after all, if you don’t do well, how would that reflect on me as your teacher?”

SHIT! DAMN! I had made plans for the afternoon to go out with friends to shoot hoops and hang out. This was not my idea of the best way to spend a warm spring afternoon. “Yes Ma’am,” I sighed, “I’ll be here.”

“Oh, and if you need to call anyone about being late, do it, because it could take quite a while,” she advised.

“No ma’am, no one to call, I don’t get home till late usually anyway.” I said.

“Good, then I will see you here at 3:30.” If I didn’t know better, I would swear that she had purred that last statement. And the smile she gave me made me think that at least if I was going to spend a boring afternoon, I would have someone nice to spend it with. I showed up at 3:30, 15 minutes after school was out. The school was already 3/4 of the way deserted. 30 more minutes and we would be the only two here. I was feeling miserable, my friends were outside of the window laughing and pointing at me, on their way to the courts and here I was sitting in a classroom. Anna walked in from the hallway about then, and said, “Good, I’m glad you made it. I was a little worried that you might not be here. Did you bring a pencil to write with?” I pulled out my notebook and pencil. “Good, ok, what I want to do is to check your comprehension of the material.”

She went up to the desk and got a book, which she brought over to my desk and set down. She went and sat on the front of her desk and said, “I want you to read chapters 12 and 13, and then write me the answer to the question I asked you earlier in class today. Can you do that for me?” As she said this, that smile which I had fallen in love with flashed. She sat down on her desk and crossed her legs, and I swear that her dress rode 3/4 of the way up her thigh.

“Um, Yes Ma’am, I can do that.” I said. Assuming I can get the thought of your legs out of my brain and my dick, I didn’t add.

“Why do you always say Ma’am, Daniel, I’ve told you to call me Anna,” she teased.

“Well, it was how I was taught, my Aunt would have a fit if I didn’t say yes ma’am and no ma’am to a lady,” I told her.

“Your Aunt taught you well, but for now, if you want, you can call me Anna, like everyone else. Now I have some things that I have to do, so I will be back in a little while, and we will discuss your work further then, ok? I will see you later. Now don’t think about cheating and leaving, your grade could depend on this, and I want you to do well.”

“No Ma’am, I won’t, Anna,” I said. She laughed and scooted off the desk. Yes, I was already hard again, but thankfully, she didn’t notice, as she was leaving. I turned to watch her walk out the door, and she looked back and caught me staring at her, but she just smiled, waved, and left. I proceeded to start to read the book, realized that this was crap I already knew and started writing the paper. It didn’t take that long, maybe 1/2 hr., 45 minutes tops, and I was through. She wasn’t back, so I thought about just laying the paper on her desk with a note that said I had to go because I had to be home. I then remembered that I had told her that I didn’t get home until late. God, I had a big mouth.

I got up and wandered around the class, doodled in my notebook, read some of the history book, pulled down the maps, just about anything I could think of to keep my mind occupied. I sat down in the teacher’s chair. I was sitting in her chair, feet propped up on the desk when she walked back in about 30 minutes after I finished the paper. I nearly fell over backwards because of the way she surprised me, and because of the change in her appearance. She was wearing a tight fitting black dress, with buttons all the way down the front. She had black hose on, and the hose had seams on the back, and high heels that must have been 5 inches long, with an ankle strap. They looked as sexy as anything I had ever seen. She walked slowly into the room.

“Oh, do you like my chair and desk? Well, I don’t sit behind the desk most of the time anyway as you’ve probably noticed, so I really don’t need the chair, but I like the desk. Why don’t you bring that chair out in front of the desk here and you can sit in it while we talk. I moved the chair, which was a vinyl, covered straight back chair with armrests on the sides, out in front of the desk as she instructed. As I was doing this I told her the paper was sitting on the desk and she picked it up and began reading it. I set the chair down and sat down in it.

I hadn’t thought of it until that moment, but as I looked at her sitting there, reading my paper, absently playing with a button on her dress, just what I had done to myself. I was sitting not a couple of feet away from her, looking directly at her, and when she would lift up on the button, sometimes I could catch a fleeting glimpse up her dress. There was no desk between us fethiye escort for me to hide my excitement behind, nowhere for me to hide, my books were on the desk behind me, and I could think of no reason to get up and get them. I could feel my cock start to stiffen again. Thinking of how awful it would be for her to see it was enough to keep it down, but just barely.

She looked up from the paper at me, smiled, and continued to absentmindedly play with the buttons. I was getting nervous as to whether I had done all right in writing the paper or not. I really wanted her to know that I knew the stuff, and that I would not make her look bad. After what seemed and eternity, she set the paper down, leaned forward on her arms which were folded on her thighs, and said, “This is good, Daniel, very good actually. You seem to know what you are talking about here, and yet when you are in class, you never can come up with an answer when I call on you, why is that?”

“I don’t know, Anna, I really don’t. I do know the answers to the questions you ask me, but sometimes it just won’t come into my head,” I started to explain. I know my words trailed off as I saw her cross her legs and noticed that several of the buttons were undone on her dress, revealing that she was not wearing hose, but rather she was wearing stockings! I know I saw a hint of bare thigh, I was sure of it. I didn’t even have time to think, as my cock became fully erect in an instant. I felt it, and as I felt it, horror was the only emotion that I had. There was no way she could miss it now, I could try to hide it with my hands, but that wasn’t going to work either without being totally obvious. I was ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated. This woman was going to see me with an erection and I had no way to stop it.

“OHH!!”…She set my paper on the desk, looked me in the eyes, and then I watched her eyes trail down to my crotch. “I think we may have gotten to the root of the problem,” she said slowly, amusement in her voice. “I think I know why you haven’t been able to concentrate, Daniel, I think I know exactly why. Don’t you? You aren’t thinking about my class at all, are you, Daniel? Don’t you really think that this is the reason that you are having such a HARD time, Daniel?” She said, laughing. As she spoke those words, she uncrossed her legs, and started to spread them. As she spread them, her hands were pulling up her dress. I didn’t know whether to praise God, run for the door, melt into the chair, or sit there with my mouth hanging open to the floor. The latter was the only one that I was able to execute without thinking, so that is naturally what happened.

“You’ve not been thinking about my class, you’ve been thinking about my pussy haven’t you Daniel? It’s ok, admit it, I don’t mind, really I don’t. I’m going to tell you a secret. I like it. As a matter of fact, it turns me on to know you are thinking of my pussy. I like to make boys think about it, I like to make them get hard dreaming about how wet it is, haven’t you noticed? It excites me. Now, let’s talk about why you are really here. I picked you because you are so responsive, and because you are so easy to turn on, did you know that? Well, of course you didn’t how could you? I get so wet sending you out of here with an erection, knowing that you are aching for me, knowing that you are running to the bathroom to relieve that aching need for me. But you do know it now.” She smiled, but it had shifted, from something fresh and sweet and caring to something else, knowing, amused, aroused, hungry. She laughed a little laugh then and my already stiff cock responded by jumping and throbbing in my pants.

“Oh, and I want you to know something now, before we get started, Daniel, I don’t really want you, what I want, no, what I NEED, is your desire. Now that’s not a hard thing for you to give, I know. You give me a little bit every day. And I know that you leave my class, run to the little boy’s room and pump yourself silly and then go home and jack-off while thinking of me don’t you?”

It wasn’t really a question as much as it was a statement. I was 2 inches tall, I wanted to get up and run away. “Now, I need you to understand that whatever happens here, nothing may leave this classroom, understood?” she asked. I nodded. I couldn’t speak. “No, don’t just nod your head, tell me that you understand. I couldn’t find my voice at first, but finally, I got out in what was a whisper about 2 octaves too high that I understood. “Well, that’s good then! I also want you to know that you can leave right now, and I won’t think the worse of you. If you stay, I promise you nothing, other than the fact that you will see things that you never dreamed of seeing, and you will have an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. But I don’t promise you there will be sex, because there probably will not be. I don’t promise you anything physical, well, I know you will feel desire, and probably some discomfort, and some kaş escort other things that I can just imagine!” I could see her physically quiver as she said this. “Daniel, if you stay, you are going to want me more than you have ever wanted or will ever want anything in your whole life.

“So, do you want to stay, or go?” she laughed softly, slowly, and for lack of a better term, I called it then, and would still call it now, evilly. This woman was laughing at me, making fun of me, and I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could. Well, that was what the brain was thinking. On the other hand, my penis was saying something else entirely. And at that moment, it was standing up and speaking to me in another voice altogether. It said LOOK! ENJOY! You will never get another opportunity like this. If you leave, those legs will close, and that dress will go down! But now, LOOK!! ENJOY! At that age, there were more hormones coursing through my body than was normal for probably a 100 older men. It was not even a contest. I croaked, “Yes, I want to stay.”

“Don’t answer too quickly,” she advised me, “There is one other thing you have to agree to before we can begin. You must do what I tell you when I tell you, or it stops now.” While she was saying this though, she unbuttoned several buttons at the top of her dress, and I could see her breasts being pushed up by whatever it was that she was wearing underneath. She smiled, “Will you do this for me?” she purred.

Her fingers trailed over her breasts through the material of her dress. Well, sure I could do what she asked. Hell, I WANTED to do what she asked. I wanted to please her, so that was an easy answer to give. If I could have found a voice to answer, I would have shouted out, “YES, ANNA!” But as I could not, I rasped and nodded my head yes.

“Well, that’s fine then. Now take off your socks and shoes and place them over there in that corner.” She punctuated her words by flexing and straightening her leg and pointing to the corner with her heel. In doing this, she gave me a view up her leg, and I saw that she was wearing a garter belt attached to some sort of undergarment. Her panties were black and quite sheer. I just stared, as her fingers trailed down to the outside of her crotch. She began stroking it lightly, up and down. I heard her voice from somewhere far away. “I think I told you to do something, are you already going back on your word? If so, then I guess we should just stop now.” Her legs snapped shut and she began buttoning her dress back up. It was like a slap in the face. I came back to reality, realizing that my hands had automatically gone to my lap to cover my erection, and that I had just been sitting there. I was so embarrassed, and so turned on I could barely think. I started to rise, and fell back in the chair. My knees were weak. She laughed.

“That’s better, now, put them right…over…there,” she demanded, pointing with her leg again and laughing again. I got up and went to the corner where I took off my shoes and socks. I stood there, not knowing what to do. I looked at her, she seemed to be thinking, but I saw that her hand had trailed back down to the buttons on her dress, and she was unbuttoning a few more. “Good boy, now, come stand in front of the chair. I think that we both deserve a reward; you are doing so well so far. You like my legs don’t you, Daniel; I want you to watch them as you take your pants off.”

She turned around and bent over the desk. While bending over, she trailed a hand back and pulled her dress up over her ass. Looking back over her shoulder, she smiled, laughed. “Thaaaat’s it, look at them, do you like the shape?” She brought one leg up onto the desk, and I can’t tell you how turned on I was. It was so shapely, so perfect, and her fingers were moving over the outside of her panties, and I could see that she was getting turned on.

“Daniel, I told you to do something, and you haven’t done it. Now, I really must insist that you take those pants off, NOW! Do it! RIGHT NOW!” She turned around and sat on the desk, watching me. I was looking into her eyes again, losing myself in them. “That’s right,” she breathed, “Unsnap the button…now the zipper…let them fall to the floor.” I was so embarrassed; I didn’t know what to do. I put my hands in front of my crotch, wanting to hide my erection, but knowing that there was no chance. It was poking out over my boxer briefs, throbbing and jumping. She put her hand inside her panties. I nearly fell and had to reach back and grab the handle of the chair to keep from falling, exposing myself even more. She was laughing softly, seductively, evilly.

“I am so hot right now, I think I may have changed my mind about fucking you. Take off your underwear, I want to see it all,” she demanded.

She turned around again, bent over the desk again and took something out of a drawer. I had taken my underwear down, when I saw what she was holding in her hand. It was a yardstick, a round cylindrical yardstick. It was made of a flexible rubber, hard but as she moved it through the air, I could see it bend. She was standing, legs apart, and smacking the yardstick into her hand. I could read the inscription, it read: “Our goal: Flexible Thinking, Well Rounded Students.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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