Megan’s Tease

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It was a lazy weekend morning, and Megan was really bored. It was an unfortunate circumstance; the freshman’s degree program had had its exams a week early, which meant that her friends all had their finals weeks coming up, and none of them could keep her company. Her family was occupied with work. Worst of all, it was a warm spring day, perfect for going out. She just had no one to go with. And what fun was that?

So it was that the 20-year-old sophomore found herself lounging on her living room couch, reading a book. She was determined to at least enjoy the summer warmth, so she had opened the windows before lying across the couch on her stomach. Occasionally, she would receive texts from her friends, ranting about class and studies, but for the most part, she was engrossed in the novel she was reading.

However, it was one such text that led to her glancing over her shoulder, and through the window she saw her neighbor, Mark Rhodson. Mark (as he insisted she call him), a middle-aged accountant who lived by himself, was watering the plants, and Megan realized that he had been looking through the window at her. His eyes were covered by dark shades and a cap, but his head was now turning away from the direction of the window, and what else could he be staring at?

A series of realizations then dawned on Megan, making her jolt. She was wearing nothing but a small, white tube top, one she would have worn when going out anyway, and a pair of gray panties, to try and bask in the sunlight as much as possible. A lot of her skin was exposed; her somewhere-between-slim-and-curvy body was pretty much entirely on display. Her position on the couch meant that her ass, round and full, had been (and still was) facing the window, and as she whipped into a sitting position in surprise and embarrassment, she saw that Mark, who had turned his head back to the plants, was sporting a tent in his jeans. Letting out a cry, she hopped off the couch and out of the living room window’s sight, blushing furiously.

Leaning against the main hallway, she had another realization, which was more of a memory. She had met Mark a few times at the village’s holiday parties, where he had always been quick to strike up a conversation with her. He was attractive enough to her- he was quite fit for his age, had a nice cut of slightly graying hair, and his face, while a little more aged than his body suggested, was kindly, but with a strong jawline and a little stubble. Megan’s own, vaguely Mediterranean features, her dark gray eyes, button nose and sultry lips, shifted from shame to an uneasy, excited expression as she realized that she had an opportunity for some real fun here. The corner of her mouth tilted upward as her mind flew back to the parties they had talked in; there had been a lot of flirting, ogling, and brushing against each other. At the most recent Halloween party, they had exchanged numbers; his fingers lightly pressing against the lower back of her feathery angel dress, and the way her hand rested on his Superman arm sleeve, had hinted at it not being an innocent exchange. But neither of them had texted the other since then; she assumed he was just as shy to make a move as her. Clearly, though, he wasn’t afraid to peek at her through the window, though she had never caught him before.

As the shame of the moment was replaced with a different kind of blush, Megan had one last realization- Mark probably thought she’d been teasing him! It was pretty airheaded of her to sunbathe like that and not expect people to see, but their flirtatious past now gave it a whole new meaning, and now she found herself grinning in the hallway as possibilities blossomed in her mind- perhaps she wouldn’t be alone today after all.

Now fully confident, Megan strode back into the living room to pick up her phone. Mark was still watering the plants, but she avoided looking at him as she took her phone from the couch. As an afterthought, she picked her book up. She turned around and walked back out of the living room, now skipping lightly, making sure her ass bounced delightfully for the eyes watching it. Striding into her bedroom, she tossed the book on her bed and stopped in front of her mirror. She knew she was hot- all the compliments from the boys on campus let her know that her long legs, her blonde hair, and her milky skin were the stuff of many rampant thoughts, and her 32C cups the cause of many discarded tissues. She had fooled around with three of them before, but nothing that stuck- and now, there was only one man on her mind.

Hooking her left hand into the waist of her panties, Megan turned around in front of the mirror. She pulled them down until they were just barely covering her pussy, and brought her phone up to snap a few pictures with her other hand. Then, she lay down across the bed and texted Mark, her friends long forgotten.

Megan: hey~

Mark: Oh hello

Mark: This is Megan, right?

Megan: yes, you got it

Mark: great! bahis firmaları

Mark: sorry for not texting you when I got your # at halloween

He was feigning ignorance- he would often do so in their flirty conversations. There was no way he wouldn’t be bringing up her little show if he wanted to.

Megan: no worries, never mind that 🙂

Megan: I just have a question for you now

Mark: what is it?

Megan: did you like what you saw Mark? 😉

Her breath hitched in her throat as she hit send.

Mark: I did, why?

Megan sent 3 attachments.

Megan: would you like to look closer?

There was a moment before Mark’s next reply.

Mark: Yes

Mark: Fuck

Two words, but they were enough to leave her dripping wet. Her hand shot towards her panties, rubbing the cloth in little circles.

Megan: You might notice I’m home alone too

Mark: I thought so

Mark: I will be done in 20 minutes or so

Megan: and then?

Mark: I will come over

Mark: Thats what you want right?

Her breath caught again. This was really happening.

Megan: okay

Megan: making me wait? ;-;

Mark: yes, I wont be long

Megan: okay… :((

Megan: should I put anything on?

Mark: No just what you already have

Mark: all you have to do is unlock the door and wait

Megan: but what if someone walks in and finds me?

Mark: I’ll watch the door

Mark: just be ready, slut

Wow. That came out of nowhere, and yet it only made Megan wetter.

Megan: oh really..

Megan: I’ll be waiting then

Mark: good.

Megan had to physically restrain herself from continuing to rub herself. Obediently, she walked out to the front door and unlocked it. She stopped at the living room on her way back. Leaning through the doorframe, she saw Mark staring at his phone, the hose in his hand forgotten. Biting her lip, she walked back into her bedroom.

Megan: bedroom is farthest down the hall to the right 😉

Mark: good slut.

To pass the time, Megan picked up her book and started reading again, but it was no use. Fantasy and memory overwhelmed her now. Their past conversations mixed with excited daydreams and ravishing thoughts, churning her mind into a whirlwind of anticipation and lust as the minutes agonizingly ticked by.

Finally, there was another text.

Mark: are you still in bed?

Megan: yes~~

Mark: lie on your stomach and face away from the door. Don’t move or look back. Wait there like a good slut

Holy shit- this level of domination was not what she had expected from her playful, flirty middle-aged neighbor. He was commanding her and degrading her like they had been lovers for years. She couldn’t help but wonder where this side of him had been in their previous encounters- the thought of him fantasizing about calling her names and making her do things for him in this authoritative manner was scorching hot to her. Her clit throbbed as she got into his desired position.

Megan: okay done

She was still staring at her phone when she heard the front door open. She suddenly felt very vulnerable in her tube top and panties. Sudden thoughts popped up- what if it wasn’t him? What if there was a plumber scheduled for today and she didn’t remember? Or worse, what if it was a robber who would discover a very, very easy target?

Nerves growing through her horniness, she waited anxiously as she heard flip-flops padding through the hall. Robbers wouldn’t wear flip-flops, right?

Finally, she heard her bedroom door open. She wanted so badly to look back, to see what was awaiting her, but the situation kept her bound to her position, as if magically tied there. She dared not look, even as the presence padded closer, even as she heard a zipper and some rummaging. Finally, a strained voice.

“Good slut. Do you like being obedient?”

Megan recognized Mark’s voice immediately, and inwardly, she sighed in relief. She felt the sudden contact of a rough hand on her left butt cheek, carefully squeezing and massaging it pleasantly. She sighed, out loud this time, and leaned back into it.

“I asked you a question.”

“Yes, I do.”

Immediately, as if waiting for her answer, her panties were grabbed and pulled down to her knees. Her bare pussy nearly dripped onto the bed. “You will refer to me as Mr. Rhodson when we’re doing this. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Mr. Rhodson,” she said, sweetly and innocently as she could. She was rewarded with fingers pressing on her clit, tracing the shape of her pussy lips, slowly teasing her. She moaned delightedly, pushing back against the fingers, but as quickly as they had appeared, they were gone, to first take the panties fully off her, then to go around her waist, as she was effortlessly picked up by the older man. Flipping around, she found herself staring into his eyes, clouded over with a dark lust and a stern look kaçak iddaa that made her tense up in his arms. For a moment she hung there, the college girl being held by her older neighbor. Then, she was slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and he strode out into the hallway.

“Hey!” Megan cried, her pretended innocence lost in surprise. “Where are you taking me?”

“Tell me where the dining room is.”


“You heard me, slut,” he said, punctuated by a spank on her ass that made her gasp.

She realized that he was in control- there was something he wanted to do. She decided to trust him- after all, there was only one way this could go. “Two doors to the left.”

“Good girl,” he replied. She felt herself being carried around, and then carefully laid down on polished wood. She was on the dining table. Her tube top was crooked, and her right breast was out.

“Which one is your chair?”

“That one,” she pointed.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her in front of the chair in question. Pushing the chair aside, he came up to her. He was still fully in the clothes he was watering the plants in, and only his jeans were unzipped, giving her the first full view of his cock- around seven and a half inches long, not too wide, with an angry red head. It was throbbing, and she watched him slowly pull her hips forward, until her pussy was almost touching it.

“Do you want this inside you?” He wanted to hear it from her.

“Yes, Mr. Rhodson,” she gasped, partly regaining her innocent tone, but a lot breathier now.

“I knew a slut like you would,” he growled, moving forward to give it one long, slow rub against her entrance that made her moan and lean back against the table. “But right now, I want lunch.”

Mark sat down on the chair- Megan’s chair!- and sank his face into Megan’s crotch. She yelped, feeling a tongue expertly lapping at her, a set of lips nibbling at her clit perfectly. These two motions alternated until the tongue went inside her fully, probing, almost curiously, at her inner walls. At the same time, a hand reached up for her exposed breast and started groping it, fingers tracing her nipples and giving occasional pinches. It was as if she had been lit on fire- the heat was astonishing, and her nerves overflowed at the stimulation. All she could do was roll her hips to match with his tongue movements, her mind in a state of absolute bliss and lustful satisfaction. She didn’t take long to cum, but her clenching and shaking didn’t stop the tongue from continuing to lap at her, taking her juices into Mark’s mouth. Finally, he pulled away, leaving her breathing hard on the table, her legs splayed out and her tube top even more unkempt. Mark sat back, catching his breath. What an incredible delight it had been to see his neighbor, this beautiful young girl who had been painfully teasing him during their meetings, flash her ass at him and show him that she wanted him. Even better were her squealing and moaning as he pleased her. It was a delight matched only by the taste of her pussy.

After a few minutes of sitting, Mark stood. “What do you say when someone eats you out, slut?”

Megan took a moment to reply. “Thank you, Mr. Rhodson.”

“Good girl. Can you walk?”

She lifted her head and nodded.

“Bring me to the living room.”

On shaky legs, Megan obeyed. The living room was still open, the window directing her eye to Mark’s lawn and the sidewalk beside it as she peered in through the doorway. She moved to fix her top, but a firm hand stopped her.

“Go in like that.”

“The windows are open, someone might see-“

“That’s the point. You were being such a tease earlier, are you afraid to show yourself now?”

The answer was yes, but the situation was so new to her. She had never been an exhibitionist, but she liked showing off her body with small clothes, and the thought of Mark taking her right on the couch where she had accidentally teased him was damn sexy. Still, she remained silent and still.

Mark put his hands on her shoulders and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Go in there and take off your top. Or I’ll take it off for you, and carry you to my house and use you there.”

The thought of being carried off naked down the sidewalk was mortifying, but in the moment it was almost tempting. She chose to obey, and walked in, throwing her top onto the couch. Mark sat down on the far end of the couch, right where Megan had been reading. He hadn’t even taken any clothes off; only his cock was hanging out of his jeans. He directed her to lay down so she was exactly in the same position she had been that morning- on her stomach, ass facing the window. This time, though, she had no panties on, and instead of staring at a book, she was taking his dick into her mouth. She was no stranger to giving blowjobs, and from the way Mr. Rhodson was groaning and pushing her head down further, she knew she didn’t have to change a thing.

“Fuck, kaçak bahis you know how to give head, huh? What a good little slut. Have you thought about doing this to me before?”

She answered by bobbing her head up and down, swirling her tongue around the head of his dick.

“Fuck, that’s it. Be the slut you’ve dreamed of being.” He pushed her head back down again, his dick nearly going down her throat. He held her there for a good long while, until she pushed her head back against his hand, and he pulled her mouth up off of his penis.

“Turn around and face the window, slut.”

She complied, and to her pleasure, she felt his dick at her entrance once again. “Aren’t you going to take your clothes off, Mr. Rhodson?”

“No,” he replied, “I’m not one to expose myself to the public. It seems like it turns you on, though? Knowing that someone might walk down the sidewalk and see this tight little slut being used by someone as old as me?”

“Oh, Mr. Rhodson…” she panted, pushing back against his dick, eager to have it inside her.

“Or that someone might hear you? Do you want to be loud, so that people will notice?”

“Fuck!” she cursed. “I don’t care if they do! Just fuck me!”

This outburst earned her a hard spank on her ass. “Be polite, slut.”

She took several deep breaths to calm down. “Please, Mr. Rhodson… I want your dick inside me. I don’t care who notices.”

“That’s a good slut,” she heard him growl, as she felt his dick entering her.

“Oh, fuck! Yes!”

Those were the last words to come out of Megan’s mouth for the next half an hour, but not the last noises. Mercifully, no one walked down the sidewalk. Not that Megan had her eyes on it; they were rolling in the back of her head as Mark pounded her pussy over and over, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her ass back in time with his thrusts, stretching her tight walls to their limit. She couldn’t speak, overcome with ecstasy; she could only moan and gasp as Mark continued fucking her, the hardest, roughest fucking she’d ever gotten. Her mind went blank and she could only hold herself in place and let herself be used by her neighbor, the sun beaming down on them from the open windows.

After what felt like an eternity in heaven, his dick started to twitch inside her, and her pussy started to tighten and clench. Her legs started to shake as her orgasm continued to build up, and one more sharp spank caused her to come to her senses a bit.

“Do you have birth control?” Mark’s voice came in shallow breaths,a little panicked.

“I’m on the pill,” she managed to say. “Medical reasons… you can cum inside me, Mr. Rhodson.”

“Oh god, yes,” he groaned, too lost in the feel of her to tell her to be polite. “I’m gonna cum, Megan.”

The two filled the living room with moans as they came simultaneously, Megan’s pussy tightening around Mark’s dick and hastening his orgasm. Megan felt the cum fill her up, warm and pleasant, and as he pulled out of her, he shot one last rope across her back. Megan curled up and collapsed on the couch; Mark pulled her up as he sat down, so she was sitting next to him. She lay on his shoulder, and the two caught their breath, enjoying the scent and feeling of each other.

“Did you like that?” asked Mark, his dominating attitude suddenly gone, replaced with the casual, playful tone that Megan was familiar with. “I’m sorry for getting so aggressive all of the sudden. I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s alright,” giggled Megan. “You’re lucky I liked it, though. And I was teasing you pretty badly, I bet.”

“You were,” he sighed. “That’s why I thought it was okay. All that tension… it just came pouring out.”

“It’s alright, I said,” she repeated, smiling. “No worries. I liked being your slut,” she said into his ear, making him shiver.

“Would you like to keep being mine? No need to make it romantic, if you don’t want to.” His tone was teasing, but she could tell he was serious.

“Yes, I would, Mark.” She didn’t hesitate. “That was the best sex treatment I’ve ever gotten, ironically. I’m not looking for romance…yet.”

“Good,” he said, pulling her close and kissing her forehead.

“I’ll have to come up with reasons to tell my parents I’m visiting you,” she chuckled. “I bet your house is full of weird sex toys, if you were hiding that attitude this whole time.”

“You’ll just have to see,” he replied mysteriously, a teasing twinkle in his eye. “Speaking of your parents, when are they coming back?”

“Six-thirty,” she said. He nodded, and pulled out his phone.

“One twenty-two,” he read. “Around five hours left.”

“What now, then?”

He turned to face her, and gave her a long, passionate kiss for the first time. She melted into his chest, and they enjoyed the kiss for a full minute, their last bit of pent-up anticipation released, ready to be replaced with new passion.

When Megan pulled back, she noticed Mark’s eyes had darkened with lust once again, and he had a wide grin on his face, which made her grin too.

“Take me to the bathroom, slut. Let’s clean us both off. Then let’s see how pretty you look on your bed.”

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