Megan’s Sexy Stranger Ch. 02

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They ordered several appetizers, some champagne, fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce. He knew she wanted the chocolate sauce to dip the strawberries in. But all he could think of was pouring it on her nipples and pussy and licking it off. He wanted her to lick it off his cock. He ordered extra chocolate sauce without telling her why. He also asked for another blanket.

It was nice. They were relaxed, waiting for the food. He had thrown a pair of silk pajama bottoms on and she was still in the pink robe. When she excused herself to visit the bathroom, he called the concierge desk and ordered a silk nighty in her size to be brought up and a matching lacy thong. He checked her skirt size and hoped he got it right.

Within twenty minutes, the room service arrived and the hotel employee placed all the various food items on the table and set a gift box on the bed. She watched Wyatt tip the man and waited for him to turn his attention back to her.

He walked to the bed and picked up the box, handing it to her. “This is for you. I would like you to stay the night.” His hands trembled for a second and he silently yelled at himself to pull it together.

She took it from him and thought she saw him lose a little of that control he had displayed all evening. He seemed almost nervous. She opened it and smiled. Inside was a beautiful white lacy nighty with little spaghetti straps and a matching thong. She went to the bathroom to change and was delighted to find it fit well. The cups were a little small, making her breasts swell and press against the fabric. She looked in the mirror and realized her bosom was pouring out of the top and the rest of it was so sheer, it was almost completely see through. The white lacy thong barely covered her little bush, but did fit well. The nighty barely covered her ass, and she could already see her nipples hardening. She wondered what Wyatt would think.

She walked out and found him at the table eating a shrimp. She walked up behind him and he turned to offer her some champagne, but stopped, frozen.

Damn! His cock got rock hard instantly. He wanted to fuck her right there. But he couldn’t let her know that. He was supposed to be in charge tonight, not her!

She sat down and they each nibbled a little and drank some champagne and made small talk. He asked her what brought her to the hotel this evening.

She blushed and told him she was embarrassed to tell him.

“Seriously? After what we have done tonight?” He laughed.

“Good point,” she said and bit her bottom lip. “Well, I finished college and my student loans are huge. Anyway, there was an ad in the paper for women willing to be part of a photography project. If interested, you were to email your name and then follow the directions. What to wear, where to go, etc. and then they would interview you here.”

“And you didn’t think it was odd that they asked you to wear stilettos and no panties?”

“Yes, but I thought maybe it was just a photo shoot and they wouldn’t use our faces… I wasn’t sure, but I wanted the money. Oh, well. Too late now.” She shrugged. “I couldn’t believe I was doing it anyway. My friend, Tammy, said she was sure it was for a porn shoot.”

“I would have to agree with your friend.”

They heard a knock at the door.

Thinking it was room service because they had forgotten the chocolate sauce, Wyatt walked over and opened the door, waving them in.

But it wasn’t room service. It was the sexy young black man that had called her “fine” in the hallway earlier. The one that had picked up her bra. In fact, he had her bra in his hand.

She had covered up with her robe when she heard the knock, so that the room service guy wouldn’t see her almost naked. But something in her made her stand up and let the robe drop to the floor. She stood there, letting him drink her in. Wyatt watched what was going on and realized maybe this could be hot, so he invited him in.

“I just wanted to bring her bra back. I was going to keep it, but I felt like I should return it. Then I remembered you had said if you were ready to share her, you would let us know. I am here to find out.” He was talking to Wyatt, but his eyes never left Megan’s breasts.

Wyatt liked the idea of deciding who Megan could fuck. This raised an interesting question. What was this worth to this young man? What was she worth to him? He invited the young black man inside and offered him a seat. Asked him his name.

“Robert.” His voice was deep. She noticed that and felt drawn to him. But she couldn’t do anything. She was Wyatt’s slut tonight. But she felt Robert’s eyes traveling up and down her body, over and over.

Wyatt sat down across from him and asked him bluntly, “How much is she worth to you?”

She was stunned. What did he mean?

Robert knew immediately and smiled. He had hoped things might go this way. This was one hot white bitch that he needed to do. He pulled out a wad of cash. Laid out $100.

Wyatt shook his head.

Robert added another $100.

Wyatt cebeci escort said, “That only gets you half an hour. That enough time?”

Robert glanced at her and laid out another $100.

“Fine, forty-five minutes.” He gestured to the adjoining room. “But the door stays open and I can watch if I want.”


Megan was a little confused. What the hell was happening? Had she just been “pimped out”? She watched Wyatt take the money and smile.

“Robert, you go on in and Megan will be join you in a minute. I will start the timer on my phone when she enters the room. By the way, how old are you?”


She watched the scene unfold, but was not quite sure what to make of it. She had always fantasized about being with a black man and Robert was an incredibly sexy black man. She had to admit, her pussy was aching and wet.

Wyatt walked over and whispered to her, “Okay, baby, you are my slut tonight and I say you have to spread your legs for Robert tonight. Or suck him off if he wants. Anything he wants for 45 minutes. Don’t worry. You will enjoy yourself. Not as much as when I was fucking you, but you will enjoy it baby.”

She nodded and turned to head into the other room, but he stopped her.

She looked at him questioningly.

“Not with the nighty that I gave you,” he said in a low growl and lifted it quickly over her head, letting it drop to the floor. She slipped the thong off, as well, and let it join the nighty at her feet.

She smiled at him stepped into the other room. It was darker in there, with only one lamp turned on. She saw Robert already standing by the bed, and he was naked. He gestured to the bed and she went over and he pushed her shoulders down, forcing her to sit on the bed. He was wasting no time.

Her big breasts were perfect and he couldn’t help himself. He immediately got on his knees on the floor, so he was level with her nipples.

His hot, hungry mouth closed over one nipple while his large rough hands squeezed and kneaded her other breast. She moaned as his hot tongue flicked over her nipple, teasing and biting it and moving up to her neck.

“You ever been with a black man?” His breath was ragged against her neck.

“No,” she admitted.

“Then tonight is your lucky night, you little bitch. You want to see what’s in store for you?”

She nodded yes and he stood up, giving her the full close-up view of his enormous, hard black cock. He rubbed it against her cheek, letting her feel how hard he was. She rubbed her lips together, suddenly eager to taste him. What the hell was up with her tonight, she wondered. Maybe she really was a slut! She didn’t care. She just wanted to pleasure this sexy, hot, young black man.

“Come on, bitch. Suck it. You know you want to. I paid good money for you, but I know you would have done me for free, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered right before taking his cock deep into her mouth. He reached down and played with her nipples and she moaned.

“Damn, you little whore! Moaning while sucking my dick! Damn! Where did you learn that? Do it again! NOW.” He ordered.

She did as he said and he got a little more aggressive, holding her head in his hands as he guided her mouth. She felt like she was being watched and realized Wyatt was standing in the doorway, stroking his cock. She realized he was going to fuck her when Robert was done. The knowledge that she was about to take in two men, one after the other, made her almost squeal with delight and she trembled.

Robert pulled his cock out and laid down on the bed, pulling a condom off the night stand and quickly sheathing his dick before ordering her to slide down on it. He was huge, but not quite as big as Wyatt. Glancing at Wyatt, she thought he was thinking the same thing. Before she could think another thought, Robert grabbed her hips and held her tight against him.

Megan was sore from earlier in the evening, but loved seeing that dark black cock sliding into her swollen pink pussy lips. She started gyrating her hips and touching her breasts. She let her head fall back and just took in all the sensations bombarding her body. Knowing Wyatt was still watching, she wanted to put on a good show for him. After all, that’s what started this whole adventure tonight!

When she moaned again, Robert pulled her up and made her get on her hands and knees on the bed. He positioned himself behind her and rammed his cock deep into her cunt. Over and over again. She could feel his balls slapping against her pussy. It was different than it was with Wyatt. Incredible, but in a different way. She really felt as if she was being used only for her pussy. Like he didn’t care if she was going to orgasm. But for some weird reason it only made it hot! She loved watching herself being fucked in the mirror. She saw that Wyatt was still watching, but had moved closer. He had pulled his pants off and was naked, stroking his cock.

Robert was having the fuck of his life and he couldn’t believe his luck. Her pussy cebeci escort bayan was tight, wet and hot. He had always wanted to fuck a really sexy white girl and his fantasy was coming true. He watched himself fucking her in the large mirror across from the bed. He saw her big tits bouncing and heard her moaning over and over. He pulled out and she cried out, “No!”

“Say it again you little bitch. Tell me what you want!” He grabbed her hair in his fist. She cried out.

“You heard him, you little whore. Tell him what you want. You know what you want. Say it!” Wyatt ordered her to answer Robert. She was surprised that he was positioned right in front of the bed now.

“I want your big, rock hard enormous black cock.” She moaned out.

“Say please!” Robert ordered. “And what do you want me to do with my big rock hard black cock?”

“Please fuck me. Please!” She was begging him now and when he slammed into her, she cried out in pain, but he didn’t care. He kept fucking her.

Robert saw what Wyatt wanted and nodded his agreement. Wyatt kneeled on the bed and told her to open her mouth and suck his cock.

She did as she was told and could not believe that she had two men inside of her right now. One in her mouth and one in her cunt. She sucked and slurped and moaned over and over in ecstasy as Wyatt slid his throbbing cock in and out of her mouth, a little farther each time. She felt his cock sliding down her throat and she felt like she couldn’t breathe for a second, but he groaned at the sensation and she knew he was close to exploding. He pulled out and slid back in. She tried to take him as deep into her throat as possible, moaning to add to his pleasure.

Suddenly Robert started speeding up, fucking her harder and harder, her ass slapping his hard stomach as he rode her to the end.

“Yes, bitch, yes. Fucking hot. Bitch. Hot cunt. Best fuck ever.” He was losing control and suddenly she felt his hot cum explode inside of her. “Fuuuuckk. So fucking good. So fucking….damn. You fucking little bitch.”

Wyatt pulled out while Robert was cumming, but his cock was still rock hard in his hands. She felt Robert pull out and heard him say, “Thanks. Wow. Damn good fuck. I may have to visit again.” He was grabbing his clothes and getting dressed while Megan laid on the bed on her stomach. She watched the two men talking about her and looking at her. Knowing they had both fucked her and that Wyatt was about to fuck her again made her feel incredibly powerful.

Robert came over and whispered in her ear, “Whenever you want to switch to a black cock full time, you call me. You are one hot bitch.” He left a phone number on a piece of paper on the bed.

Wyatt let Robert out and came back just as Megan was standing up. He told her to join him back in his suite and to get on all fours on his bed. Just as Robert had, he got on his knees behind her and told her to stick her ass up in the air a little, which she did. She wasn’t sure, why, but did it anyway. Then Megan realized he had stepped back and had his phone.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Taking pictures of my slut. With your ass up like that, your pussy can be seen all the way.”

Shocked, she tried turning around. He ordered her to stay on her hands and knees. “I thought the rules were no pictures.”

He smiled as he put the phone down and knelt behind me again, his hard cock at the entrance of her cunt. “No, baby, what I said was no pictures of me. I have lots of pictures and videos of you tonight.”

Before she could say anything, he slid his cock inside filling up her cunt. She felt so sore from the evening and the sheer size of his dick was hurting a little, but she wanted him anyway. He tried to keep still while she adjusted to him, but she couldn’t wait. She began rotating and gyrating against him as he held her hips tight to him.

“Dammit,” he practically roared. “Quit that or I will cum right now.”

She didn’t quit. Instead she just smiled. She wanted his cum. She wanted all of his cum. She wanted his cock, wanted to feel his balls slapping against her pussy. She wanted to be his slut one more time before she left.

He realized Megan was not going to stop and pulled out and flipped her over on her back. He looked into her eyes and saw that she was so turned on, she couldn’t stop herself. She was still gyrating her hips and she was touching her nipples. Those big tits, he thought. Those tits that he had fucked earlier. He remembered shooting his cum all over them and suddenly couldn’t wait.

“Spread your fucking legs, baby.” His voice was gruff and his breath came rapidly as he watched her comply. “That’s my little slut.”

He positioned himself at her pussy one more time and as he plunged into her, she cried out again.

“You are my little slut, aren’t you baby? You would do anything –or anyone- I tell you to.”

“Yes,” Megan cried out. “Anything you tell me to do, Wyatt. I am your slut, only yours.” She shut her eyes and let his cock drive escort cebeci her into deep waves of pleasure. She screamed his name as he emptied into her one more time.

He collapsed on her back, bracing himself against the bed so as not to crush her. She was trembling and he wondered if she was cold. He let his limp dick slide out of her and leaned back to remove the condom. She collapsed onto her stomach and groaned.

“Are you okay?” he asked, a little concerned.

She rolled over onto her back and smiled. “More than okay.”

Ahh, he thought. She was enjoying her new role as slut. Good.

He pulled her up and told her to go get washed up while he poured two glasses of champagne. There was a knock at the door and he pulled his pajama bottoms back on. Room service had finally sent up the chocolate sauce.

She came out of the bathroom wearing the robe again. He used the bathroom as soon she was done and he came back carrying two large fluffy towels and laid them across the bed.

She watched, but didn’t ask questions. She had liked everything he had done so far, so she wasn’t going to worry about the towels.

Wyatt handed her a glass of champagne and they toasted to their new “friendship”. Megan giggled.

That was all it took for his cock to become rock hard again. He smiled at her and cupped the bulge in the front of his pants.

She suddenly blushed and turned away. Fucking adorable, he thought.

“Do you like chocolate?” His question was almost a whisper.

She looked in the eyes and saw the lust there. Nodded. Wet her lips with her tongue.

He groaned and rubbed his dick through his pants.

“Take off your robe!”

She smiled, untied the belt and let it slide off her shoulders into a puddle on the floor. Then she walked over and slid her hands under the waistband and started to pull them off. He grabbed her wrist and made her stop.

“I want you to lay down on the towels and I am going to pour this chocolate all over your tits. And I want to watch you finger your pussy.”

Megan jumped onto the bed and laid on her back.

“Spread your legs!”

She hurried to do his bidding and pure lust course through her veins. She felt the heat spread through her pussy as her body ached for his touch.

He stood at the edge of the bed and smiled as he opened the chocolate sauce and carefully tipped it over her.

She gasped as the liquid landed on her breast, traveling down to her stomach. He let another river of chocolate land on her upper thigh. She instinctively reached down and slid a finger into the chocolate on her breast and dripping some onto her hard nipple.

He watched as his slut brought her chocolate covered finger to her lips and let sucked it. His dick twitched at that and suddenly wanted that finger in his mouth.

She reached down and got her finger wet with chocolate again and then let it her hand slide down to the little trimmed bush, stopping a moment to look him in the eyes. “Do you want more?” she whispered.

He just nodded, holding his breath as he watched her slip her chocolate covered finger down between her thighs. She swirled it around her swollen pink pussy lips before slipping the finger inside. Slowly. And then back out. He quickly slid his pants to the ground and stepped out of them before he reached over and grabbed her hand as he straddled her and guided her finger to his mouth.

Mmm. He licked the sweet chocolate from her finger and she moaned.

Fuck! He wanted her bad. He was going to have her suck him, but now he just wanted to fuck his little whore. He jumped off and grabbed a condom, sliding it on as quickly as he could. In seconds he was back on top of her, reaching down to suckle her chocolate covered tit.

Megan moaned and writhed underneath him as his hot tongue made its way down her stomach and found her swollen little clit. He licked and she cried out his name. He bit it and she bucked under him.

“That’s a good little slut,” he moaned into her pussy. Damn! Her pussy was so sweet. He lapped at her pink lips covered in chocolate and let his tongue slide just inside.

“FUCK!” Megan cried out. “Wyatt! Wyatt! What…are…you…what…fuck!” She screamed and writhed as he plunged deeper with his tongue. God she was hot.

Suddenly, he felt her tense tremble as she went over the edge. Megan screamed incoherent words as her orgasm exploded through her body. She shook and bucked and raked her fingers through his hair as she grabbed his head, urging him on.

He pulled back a little to watch and decided he couldn’t wait any longer. He knelt on the bed between her thighs and grabbed her hips, pulling her pussy to the tip of his cock. He looked up at her and saw she was still in a daze, but didn’t care. He wanted to fuck her. Now. And he did.

He wasn’t gentle. He slammed into her and heard her cry out his name again.


“That’s right, slut! My little bitch! You like that cock, don’t you?”

She moaned.

He slid out and she cried out. “NO!”

“You want this dick, you little whore?” He growled. “Say it!”

“I want your big, rock hard dick! Yes! Wyatt! Please! Fuck me! Fuck me now!” Megan pleaded with him to slide back in as she thrashed her head from side to side. She was desperate to be fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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