Meeting Jessie

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They had exchanged emails for nearly eight months and chatted online many times but today was the first time they would meet in real life. Sly had arranged for the motel room and arrived the previous afternoon. He was all set up and ready for her when she arrived at nine in the morning.

She knew to go to the front desk and call from the lobby. The desk clerk called Sly in his room and transferred the call to her on the white lobby phone. All he said was “223”. She knew how to do the rest.

She got directions from the desk clerk. She drove around to the back of the motel complex and got out of her car which she parked near the entrance. She walked inside and down the long hallway and past the lineup of numbered motel doors in her high heels and business suit as they had planned.

She approached the door of room 223 which was held open by a man’s shoe. She pushed it open and kicked the shoe out of the way so the door would close fully behind her. Before she let it close she put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside handle to keep out a nosey maid.

She turned and latched it securely and noticed the sign on the back of the door reminding her that check out time was at noon. She expected to have her business concluded by then. Sly was sitting in the chair next to the small round table at the far end of the room.

She put her briefcase down on the dresser top next to the television. It contained her favorite toys for their business together and the personal items she knew she would need to make herself presentable again after she had been manhandled for a few hours.

She opened the briefcase and pulled the top fully up leaving it open for him. Sly might need to get her toys from it later and she wanted him to have access to her things.

She turned to him and stepped forward to the center of the open space in the room. She stopped and put her right foot a little in front of her but stood with her hands to her sides. The two of them looked at each other for several minutes without speaking. They were taking each other in with their eyes. She was not disappointed.

He looked better in person than in his pictures. He sat with his arm on the table next to him with his long sleeve white shirt and golden cufflinks shining. The cufflinks matched the tie clasp which held the red tie in place down the front of his shirt.

He was delighted to see that she was more interesting in person than he expected. She was clearly more alive as he looked in her eyes than he ever felt reading her text online. He watched her breathe and shift the position of her feet as she stood silently in front of him.

He was impressed with the shape of her calves and exposed painted toes. Something that didn’t come up during their online discussions was the small but really nice things about their appearance. They took most of those things for granted he assumed and was delighted that the entire person in front of him has more intrigue to discover than he yet had.

The time came for the password. They had agreed that he should say something which confirmed he was who she expected and her answer would confirm that she was ready for him. If she answered differently than he expected then he would know she had changed her mind.

The silent minutes continued for a time as they were simply present with each other in the quiet room. Sly spoke with confidence expecting the best and hoping he wouldn’t be disappointed.

“Are you just visiting?” He asked.

“No. I live here in town. I would be happy to show you around if you like.” She said confirming she was ready for his touch and that she consented to be together with him.

“Maybe some other time. We have business to discuss.” He said. “May I take your jacket?”

Jessie slowly unbuttoned her suit jacket and dropped it to the floor at her side. She looked him in the eye.

“Very nice.” Sly said.

This was her cue to go further. Jessie unbuttoned her blouse slowly and pulled it out of her business skirt letting it hang down. She exposed her floral printed chiffon camisole. It was tied in the front. He could easily see her skin underneath. She unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the carpet. She put her thumbs into the waistband of her slip and dropped it to the floor as well.

She stood up showing that her thong panties covering her womanhood matched the lightweight material of her camisole. She stepped out of the skirt. He admired her thighs and watched her nearly naked foot support her as she stepped with her tall heel.

“Lovely.” He said as she stood before him.

She gathered her clothes from the carpet and walked to the motel closet. She removed several hangers and hung her clothes in the closet. She removed her blouse and laid it on the dresser by her briefcase as she walked back toward him. Their eyes met again.

He stood up and removed his tie clasp and cufflinks. They clattered as he tossed them onto the table beside him. He loosened his tie and pulled it from around his neck. He unbuttoned bahis firmaları his white shirt and removed it. The shirt dropped to the table exposing his hairy chest.

He unfastened his belt and kicked off his shoes. Sly dropped his pants and boxers to the floor and stood on one foot at a time to remove his socks. The clothes all ended up on the table in a heap.

She walked nearer to him. He reached out and pulled on the lightweight strings between her breasts releasing her camisole which held them. She shrugged out of it and pulled her panties off. They hit the floor, she stepped out of them and she stood with only her high heels on before him.

They both put their hands out grasping each others hands. They held hands for several minutes before they slowly stepped forward. They released their hands and put their arms around each other.

He pulled her to him and she hugged him as she put her face into the curve where his neck and chest meet. She closed her eyes. His cock twitched as it grew harder a little at a time. As they held each other it was the only movement between them.

They had agreed that the first time they touched they should be naked to the world. They silently held each other finally united as friends for the first time.

Sly then moved his hands down her back and pulled up on both of the cheeks of her ass. She looked him in the eye and he looked into hers. Their lips pressed against each other. She closed her eyes and he kissed her. She moved her arms up around his neck as she returned his kiss.

He sucked in her top lip and lightly bit on it then released her. She opened her eyes and smiled. He kissed her again. This time she opened her teeth and put her tongue into his mouth. He moved his teeth open and accepted her.

He sucked on her tongue and returned the pressure against her with his. They licked and kissed for a moment as their passion grew. She stopped and pulled back. She opened her eyes again and looked at him.

“It’s nice to meet you.” She said.

He kissed her again this time not quite a passionately but lovingly and considerately as one kisses a lover. He lightly spanked her with his right palm.

“Okay now. Let’s get you massaged.” He said as they released their embrace.

Jessie removed her shoes and stepped over to the folding massage table set up for her next to the bed. She settled on her tummy between the soft flannel sheets and placed her head into the face rest at the end of the table.

Sly covered her except for her back with the sheet and picked up the oil from the nearby nightstand in his hands. He rubbed his hands together to warm the oil then put his slippery hands on the top of her shoulders.

He moved across her shoulders and down her back adding enough oil that his touch would not pinch her skin. She moaned slightly and relaxed under his firm touch. They proceeded silently for a time and Sly remembered he had set up his laptop to play music for them while they were together.

He walked over to the desk where his laptop was running and lightly touched the buttons of the computer which allowed the music to softly fill the room. He returned to her and continued relaxing her back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. He repositioned the top sheet covering her back and exposing one leg at a time oiling them and rubbing the tension from all of her.

“Time to turn over.” He suggested and held the top sheet as a tent over her she rolled onto her back under it. She moved down slightly on the table and he let the sheet fall over her naked skin. He removed the face rest and took a position above her head. He put a pillow from the motel bed under her knees for comfort.

He started with her face moving his thumbs and fingers into her flesh and bone releasing her from any tension. He moved to her neck and upper chest relaxing as he went. She waited for him to remove the sheet from her breasts but he did not.

He moved instead down to her leg and uncovered each leg individually as he worked on her muscles. Lastly he went to her feet and spent much time on each of them softening them and releasing the last possible tension left in her body.

He produced a handmade wooden tool that was heavily soaked in oil from use to assist him in pressing into her feet. The extra pressure from the tool reached all the places it was supposed to. She felt limp like a soggy noodle all over.

The relaxation massage ended. He let her relax for several minutes as he got a drink of water from the motel sink.

He returned with a glass of water for her. He helped her sit up to drink and braced her. After she finished drinking she lay back down she closed her eyes again. Sly picked up a bush from the nearby nightstand. He started at her neck and upper chest brushing with the soft bristles against her skin. He went down her arms and over her legs exciting every inch of her skin. It came to life changing color as he moved.

Once he had covered her body with the brush he put it down and picked kaçak iddaa up a small wooden handle with a rolling rubber spike on it. He rolled it into her skin. This tool went deeper than the brush and pressed into her skin and muscle. He moved along her larger muscles not needing to cover every inch of her but instead pressing where she was most padded by muscle. She moaned in response to this firm pressure.

Lastly he put his hand inside a mitten made of fur and rubbed all over her arms and legs again. This time he included her abdomen and breasts but he left the sheet in place covering her as he moved over her skin. She felt alive and loved as the sensual part of her massage ended.

He left her covered with the sheet and let her relax drinking in the feeling for a couple of minutes and he sat in the chair by the table to rest. He glanced at his watch on the table. It was ten thirty five.

Next came the erotic part of her massage. This is the part of their business that he promised her. She had waited anticipating this for months. They had discussed many times. She had gone over and over it in her mind imagining how she would respond to him. She was a little nervous not knowing what her actual response to his touch would be in real life right now but at this point he had earned her trust. She was ready for anything.

“You have no requirement here.” He reminded her. “What happens just happens and you just let it happen. You are not obligated to me or to yourself. You are here to be pleasured and you can guide me as I touch you. Okay?”

“Do you want me to talk to you while you are doing this?” She asked.

“If you want to you can tell me anything that comes to mind and I will listen to you. You can tell what you want me to do or guide me with your hands. I will listen to your noises to confirm that I am doing what you want.” He confirmed.

Noises he called them. She smiled and mused to herself about the noises possible.

“With your permission I will begin with your breasts. Would you like me to begin?” He said.

“Yes! Please do.” She directed.

He removed the sheet from her chest bunching it around her hips. He oiled up his hands and rubbed the warmed oil into her breasts one at a time. He used his hands to slowly surround all of each breast and twisted his wrist as the light but firm pressure surrounded the soft flesh.

He moved his hands and fingers together separating and putting them together as needed to give her all of his attention. He used the thumb and forefinger of both hands to caress her areola and nipple at the end of each stroke. He moved thoroughly from one breast to the other. She moaned and cooed with pleasure.

Sly then moved down to her abdomen and oiled it so his hands glided easily over her skin. She enjoyed the pressure he put on her sides and how he pulled her muscles of her lower back and hips as he moved. He slid down into the top of the triangle of hair above her mons and lightly eased some oil into her there.

He pressed on the lower part of her abdomen between her hips and where her legs meet. He lightly circled his fingertips in this area and she put her head back arching slightly and opened her knees wide as he did.

Then he extended his fingers straight out on both hands he started with his palms on the inside of her thighs and rolled them together he pressed her entire vulva pinching it together and rubbed it between the index fingers of his hands. Her clit moved back and forth deep inside her pussy as he moved his hands slightly rocking them on the sides of her outer lips.

Her pussy puckered and engorged allowing her pink inner lips to protrude between the outer ones. She felt an emotional connection with him and it was love and tenderness. It was acceptance. It was pleasure.

He moved his hands up her abdomen and pressed his fingertips against the top of her mons. He slid his fingers over her outer pussy lips and pressed them as he dove over her edge and down between her legs. She opened wide to accept him.

His fingertips slowly and firmly massaged along her slit and did not fall inside of her. He retraced his movement back up along her pussy to her mons and then went back down again stopping at the bottom of her outer lips near her rosebud. He did this six times and stopped moving on her outer lips.

He backed his hands together up her abdomen and separated them moving one hand over to each breast. He caressed her breasts again several times and continued his movement up her neck and shoulders then across her face lightly moving her feelings up her body to the top of her head.

Once he arrived there he lightly rubbed his fingers into her scalp and the back of her neck to let her know she had been fully massaged. He pulled the sheet up over her again. She lay quietly waiting for more.

He moved to her lower body and uncovered both of her legs. Her knees were bent allowing him access to her sex. Her feet placed on the table for support. He removed the pillow from under her kaçak bahis legs and tossed it onto the bed then he pulled the sheet up off of her legs and bunched it at her waist.

He moved his hands along her right thigh. One hand inside and one outside of her leg firmly using the muscles of her outer leg to support the much softer touch of his hand on her inner thigh. He moved up her thigh several times and then changed to the left leg repeating the movement there.

He moved both hands to her inner thigh and lightly moved from her knee to her groin several times. He turned and picked up the fur mitten and used it along her legs and rubbed in circles over her pussy with it.

He looked long at her hair covered pussy as he rubbed it. She was beautiful and he was happy he could share this closeness with her. He used his other hand to lightly caress and pinch the inside of her thighs.

She kept her eyes closed and lingered on the feelings he produced with his touch. After a while he set the fur mitten aside and used his thumbs to rub along the outside lips of her pussy. He moved up and down their entire length several times.

“Jessie, I am ready to go further. May I enter you? He asked.

“Yes. Please do.” She replied.

He moved again with his thumbs along the outer lips of her pussy twice more then slipped the thumbs just inside the lips and left his index fingers outside to slide up and down her vulva lips both inside and out.

She shook lightly as the feelings grew more intense. He repeated his motion several times until her lips opened almost naturally. Her inner lips protruded as they engorged and he moved the light pinch of his finger and thumb over to her inner lips. He moved up and down on them then stopped in the thickest part of them and pinched harder pulling on them.

She lifted her self with her head and arching back a little and pushed her feet into the table as she felt the pleasure of his touch shoot through her.

He then took one finger of his right hand and started it running in a circle just between her inner and outer vulva lips. He circled it dozens of times all around the circumference of her pausing slightly at the top just under her clitoris at each revolution.

He put two fingers together and continued to make the rounds of her pussy then slowly moved inside her just to press the two fingers against the walls of her as he continued to circle her sex. She grew very wet and the shudder of orgasm was not long off.

She grabbed for him and he caught her grasp with his left hand. She squeezed his hand as she climaxed. She yelled out one of her noises. It wasn’t in any written language but was a communication nonetheless to him regarding the pleasure of his touch.

“Good girl.” He said.

After a few moments she gained a little control of her breathing. He continued to circle her inner walls then stopped the circling and pressed both fingers down and into the bottom of her vagina swaying them to and fro inside of her.

“Fuck!” She said and brought her head up to look down at her groin. He moved the intruding fingers over to the side wall of her and swayed with them again. She dropped her head back onto the table and closed her eyes.

He moved across to the other side of her walls and swayed there with both fingers pressing as if to get out from the inside against her flesh. She shuddered with orgasm once again. “Oh shit!” She said loudly.

He squeezed her hand again. She released his hand and grabbed for the sheet under her but it was unsatisfactory. Instead she put both of her arms up over her head trying to grab at whatever was there but they simply flailed in the air.

He gathered the sheet at her waist in one hand and tossed it over onto the bed. She was now completely naked and climaxing in his hands. He thought she could never look more beautiful.

He moved his hand so his fingers were up and used them against the top of her inner walls. He easily found her engorged spot and curled his fingers again and again over its surface. She grew more excited and shook again with greater orgasm.

He pressed on her clit with the two fingers of his left hand and moved them back and forth across her nub. She turned a deep shade of pink and held her breath as her next peak came. She let out a yell and sat half up pressing her hands on the table behind her then as quickly flattened down on it again.

Her knees came up almost knocking him over and he calmed her by placing his left hand on her right breast. He caressed it and massaged the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She seemed to enjoy it and didn’t writhe quite as much but continued on the high plateau of orgasm for another few minutes.

After she came again he relaxed his manipulations of her inner spot and used a single finger now just inside at the very top of her vulva. He moved it ever so slightly but it put pressure on the under side of her clitoris and she moved her hips with the same rhythm as he moved his finger.

She enjoyed the break and stopped breathing as hard as she did for the last few minutes. He continued moving subtly inside of her and she stayed close to where she was with orgasmic flashes shooting through her body.

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