Meeting a Life

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I had watched you plane land, and was waiting at the jet way, my heart pounding, palms sweaty. Nervous thoughts kept running through my brain, “What if she doesn’t like me; what if she thinks I’m stupid; what if…stop it I tell myself. She will like you, and you have talked for three months. She knows you intimately, “ I argue with myself. At that moment I see you stride out of the gate, and you see me, your eyes light up, and we rush toward each other. I take hold of you as I. look into your eyes, and you search mine. I lean forward, as you lift your face, and our lips meet for the first time. My arms tighten around you, and I feel yours tighten around me, and I hold you, and feel you holding me. We embrace for several moments, and then our bodies move back, each looking at the other, both pleased with what they see. Finally I take your arm and guide you to the exit and out into the parking lot. I stop outside the terminal and hold you again.

And tell you that I am so very glad you came, and kiss your forehead. You take my hand as we walk to the Bronco. I put your bag in the back, walk around and unlock the door, giving you my hand to help you in. As you settle in, I see you looking around, and I lean over and give you a quick kiss, and you pat my thigh, and look at me, and say, “Thank you for the tickets, and thank you for being you.”

As I start the Bronco, I ask about your trip, and you reply that it was ok. We continue to make small talk as we approach our Hotel. We park in the lot near the back, and I help you down, and grab your bag. You touch my hand, look into my eyes, “Steve, don’t be nervous. I want to be here with you, and we will have a great time.”

“Gail, I want to be with you, and not trying to be, just want things to be great for you, “ I reply, “but thank you for coming, for and thank you for being you.”

We join hands, and in that touch, our common nerves leave, replaced by feelings of affection, desire and knowledge of our feelings. We walk through the almost deserted sitting room of the back lobby to the elevator, and as it arrives, step inside. The door closes, and I turn toward you as you turn toward me, and I pull you against me, and our lips meet again, this time passion starts to build. Our kiss deepens, and reluctantly part as the elevator reaches the 12th floor. We join hands and move to our room, the current is almost electric between us. I open then door, stand back and I watch you walk through, the thought strikes me as a thunderbolt, and I am one of the luckiest men on earth. I watch you walk through the entryway, and my eyes sincan escort follow the gentle sway or your body, and arousal comes immediately. I follow you in, setting your bag next to mine, watching you walk around the room, surveying the way I had placed the scented candles, pulled the sun drapes so that the illumination was just muted sunlight, and wee you nod in agreement and appreciation. You look at me, smile and say to me, “you remembered how I like it,” and touch my arm.

I hold you at arms length, looking at you, and then you step forward and our bodies lock together, our mouths locked, tongues starting a slow dance, exploring, tasting caressing. Our bodies linked, swaying as if to slow sensual music. Out lips separate, you lay your head on my shoulder as we continue to move together. Finally you step back, and say, “be right back, honey,” and grabbing your bag, disappear into the bathroom. I look down at myself, and my pants are out like a tent. I take a deep, ragged breath, and expel it slowly. WOW is the only thing that comes to my fogged brain.

You walk into the bathroom, feeling my eyes following you, and shut the door, your legs rubbery and your own breath rasping. “Yes,” you think, this is going to be a great 2 days. You think as you undress, “Steve is actually cuter that I thought he would be, and a great kisser, “ as you begin undressing. You take your blouse and fold it, and then your bra, and cup your own breasts, reveling in the hardness of your nipples. You step out of your pants and panties, noticing that they are already damp from excitement, fold them and put them on top of your blouse, and then find a loose, translucent gown you bought just for us. You turn and examine yourself in the mirror; lips still puffy from my initial assault, nipples large, hard and swollen, and you glance down and notice that your bud is slightly swollen. (“God,” you think to yourself, “I hope he is as good as he kisses.”) Slipping the gown over your wonderful, wanting body, you take a deep breath, and open the door.

I turn at the sound of the door opening, and my mouth drops. “Jesus,” I whisper, unable to form a lucid thought. I walk toward you, conscience of how I have arisen, throbbing, straining against my pants. “My God, Gail, you are fantastic,” I breathed. We crossed divide that separated us, and stood as if rooted, not touching, almost afraid to shatter the moment. I reach out, almost tenitively, and touch your cheek, and you take my fingers, and softly move them to your mouth, gently kissing them. I take my other hand and put sincan escort bayan it around you as we step to embrace, moving together, our bodies locking tightly against each other. I feel your nipples pressed against my chest, as you feel my hardness pressing against your mound. Our mouths open, kisses deepen, tongues probing, we sway, moving with each other. I move my hands or your satin covered back, sliding my mouth around your neck, under you hair to your ears. Kisses over your skin, nibbling on your lobes, sucking, licking and back to your mouth. Our breathing rasping now, as our kisses grow hotter, more passionate, our tongues entertained, our bodies pressing against each other. My hands stray to the front, and gently pinch a swollen nipple, hearing you grasp, and your arms around me tighten, as your mouth crushes mine. We break apart once again, and I take your arm and lead you to the edge of the bed, stopping and embracing once again, unable to get my fill of your loving mouth. I run my mouth over your face; soft kisses from my burning lips. Your forehead, your eyelids, your nose and back to your flaming mouth. Pressed together once more, our hands running over covered flesh. We turn, and climb on the bed, stretching out side by side, pressing against each other. Our hands running over bodies, touching, caressing as our mouths burn into each other. I lift a pillow, and place it under your head, as my mouth ravishes yours.

You feel the pillow slide under your head as you reach up and pull me to you, your mouth doing its own ravishing. You run your hands under my shirt, feeling my stomach muscles tighten, and move to my chest, brushing across my nipples. You feel my hand fumbling with the ties on your gown, and then the air on your breasts as it parts. You thrust your chest up to my hands, as you feel my hot mouth at the base of your throat. Your skin on fire, as my fingertips brush across the turgid nipples, and shock tremors course through your body, your mound starting to move as my tongue finally reaches one nipple. I suck it into my mouth, gently holding it with my teeth as my tongue caress you. You suck your breath audibly and I feel your nipple throb against my tongue. You feel a moan building up, as your mound feels deliciciousely aroused, wanting, needing. You thrust your hands into my hair, and push my head into your breast, that groans escaping from your inner being.

As I continue to bathe your nipples, my hand reaches lower, and glides past your tummy, and reaches your smooth mound, skimming across your satin flesh, escort sincan and grazes your swelling bud. Your hips give a violent thrust to my hand, and another gasp and moan are torn from you. My hands continue down your beautiful mound, just barely touching the lips and slide down your inner thighs, my fingers soaked from just touching your steaming pussy. Your eyes are tightly shut, concentrating on the building fires, as my hands start back toward the center of your fire. You push my head lower, gasping my name. You feel my tongue leave a wet trail down your body. Past your belly button, my body follows as my mouth makes the first contact with your sweet, swollen clit, hard and wanting. I move my body between your legs, as you open them wide, grabbing a pillow and I take it and as you lift your hip, slide it under, your mound open, dripping, steaming, and waiting. I flick my tongue around your lips, tasting your nectar, as your hips start moving on their own. I slide my hand toward your lips, and gently open them, you bud peaking out at me. You shiver as my darts over the exposed pea lick your hidden treasure, and then my tongue slides into you as you spread even wider. I take my tongue back to your bud, and ease a finger into you, moving with my tongue, holding you open, your pussy starting to flow. Your breathing hard pants as your hands press my head deeper into your smooth mound.

I feel your lips on my face, and continuing to slip my finger into your soaking pussy, I take another finger and slowly travel beneath your sopping slit, and ease your cheeks apart. You feel my finger slip past the ring and enter your anus, moving with my finger and tongue. I start moving faster, tongue swirling over the tip of your clit, fingers moving in time with my tongue. You feel it building deep inside you, swelling, yearning to explode, as I go faster. Your bud, your pussy your ass. You thrust your hips and call my name, gasping, panting, your breasts heaving. I hear you hoarsely call.”AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, oh SHIT, oh GOD YYYYYYES,” as the first wave slams into you. You slam your mound into my face, your hands grasping my hair, your pussy and ass trapping the intruding fingers deep inside, as you erupt, covering my face with your juices as you explode, spiraling, spasming, convulsing, I continue my violent tongue action, flailing at your bud, as you continue cumming. I feel your body slump on the mattress, and watch as your lips still quiver with beautiful after shocks. As my fingers slide from your ass, I open your lips widen ad bury my tongue into you, setting off fresh tremors throughout your wonderful body.

I raise my head and see your eyes half open, “Gail, that was so fantastic. I love the way you cum.” You pull me up to you, and I roll you on your side, frantically kissing you. And you taste your juices on my mouth and face.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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