Meet Virginia

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I wasn’t the only man in our aerobics class that summer, but I was the youngest.

The other two guys were married businessmen, trying to get back in shape after many years of neglecting their bodies. Nice guys I’m sure, just overweight and soft.

As for me, I’m in quite good shape, but in order to sharpen my definition and keep my heart in condition, I decided to sign up again the aerobics.

Our previous teacher, Gretta, was a sturdy woman. Solid and strong; a big lady, whose businesslike, disciplined approach to aerobics reminded me of how a German drill instructor might behave. I’d never met the new instructor, Virginia, but I heard she was younger, very fit and more fun than Gretta. I hardly expected to see what walked through the door, though.

Virginia came to our class after teaching an introductory aerobics class next door. Not even out of breath, her body glistened from a light coating of sweat.

And my God, what a body she had! Just perfect. Tight, muscular and defined, from her shoulders, arm and abs to her calves, yet incredibly feminine. Long shapely legs, perfect tits and a gorgeous face, framed by shoulder length auburn hair. And when she smiled, wow. I nearly melted.

The class she took us through was tough, but fun. The other two men nearly died, sincan escort of course, but I was into it, and just happy to watch Virginia go through her routine in her skimpy outfit. It was all I could do to keep my mind on the workout, and not expose my growing hard on. I managed it, though.

When the class was over, I walked over and complimented Virginia on a great class, then offered to buy her a refreshment at the juice bar. She graciously accepted. As we sat and talked, I learned she had just moved back to the area from out of state, after a serious relationship went bad. She seemed so sweet, so vulnerable. We really had a wonderful conversation, and she invited me to swim in the pool at her parent’s home that weekend, when they would be vacationing.

I couldn’t wait.

On Saturday afternoon, I arrived at the house and was greeted by Virginia in a Bikini.

What a sight it was.

This girl’s body was pure art. just magnificent.

We sat at the edge of the pool, drank a beer and chatted for a while. As she loosened up a bit, she confided in me that she didn’t really miss her boyfriend, but the lack of sex was killing her. Hey, I’m no dope. I immediately leaned in to kiss her and we ended up in a serious clench, our tongues exploring sincan escort bayan and probing, our hands rubbing and caressing.

Alone in the back yard, shielded by trees and steep terrain, our privacy was assured.

Once I started to rub her nipples, the fireworks really started. She removed her top and I went to town on her gorgeous tits, sucking and squeezing them, driving her into a frenzy, as she leaned back and supported herself on her elbows. When she rose up, she released my hard cock from my swim trunks, bent over and sucked it like a pro.

Virginia really knew how to give head. She stuck just the tip of my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, while lightly pumping the rest of my cock with her hand.

Then she licked down the shaft to suck on my balls, while lightly rubbing my asshole. From there, she licked the sensitive “taint” area between my balls and asshole.

After that she started from the top again. The entire time she looked into my eyes. I thought I would explode.

Then it was my turn. I laid her down and, removing her thong bikini bottom, discovered a perfectly shaved pussy. There is no greater a turn on for a guy than a beautifully shaved pussy. I licked and sucked her pussy lips, purposely avoiding escort sincan the clit.

Then, when she was breathing heavily, I stuck not one but two fingers deep inside as my tongue went for her clit like a laser beam. At the same time, she was rubbing her asshole with a wet finger. Within moments, she came, but hard, shaking violently.

I then took her hand and walked her over to one of the pool side chairs. Bending her over, I slowly stuck my cock into her now soaking wet pussy.

As Virginia bent that outrageous body over, I held on to her super firm tits and played with her nipples until then stuck out a full inch. Watching her firm, muscular body with athletic, shapely calves as I pummeled her from behind was an incredible visual treat.

I must say, I was able to sustain for quite a while.

I fucked her hard and long.

Sometimes slow and steady, sometimes hard and fast, I varied the tempo to her absolute delight. Virginia was continually moaning and talking to me.

“Oh baby, you don’t know how good that feels, to have your strong cock inside of me. You’re fucking me so good. Squeeze my ass. Hold on tight. Now fuck me hard, baby, hard. Fuck me, fuck meee . . . .”

Obeying her wishes with pleasure, I slammed into her and delighted in watching her body shake.

Just after she came, moaning and laughing, I pulled out and came all over her ass and lower back. We then jumped into the pool naked to cool off.

Virginia is now my steady honey. I can’t believe how lucky I am and, needless to say, I’ve never been in better shape!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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