Me and Mindy Ch. 02

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I woke up to the sound of a drilling in the side of my head, and my phone slowly crept across the table, about the only thing fully working at this time of morning. I shook the weight from my eyes and the glaring sun blazed in, gleaming off the mirror in the corner, showing my sorry state the morning after.

Mindy wandered in, dressed in a short, silky white top and stripy red and white PJ bottoms. Playfully slapping me, she tugged the sheets away, leaving me moaning almost like she had the night before. Despite the sunlight it was not too warm in here, or maybe it was just what I was used to. My chest felt heavy and dead and I sat myself up, straining an arm to rub my eyes whilst trying to not make it too obvious they were focused on one thing; The coffee on the side.

Until Mindy came into view of course. Limber and bouncy, with a smile I could just never refuse. Shaking her wavy hair around, she gave me a playful tug:

“Come on you, get up. My sisters coming home soon and I’ll have to change the bed before we go.”

“No early morning cuddling then” I moaned, pretending to look downtrodden.

“Don’t worry I’m not getting rid of you,” she said, coming over to kiss me gently on the forehead, lifting up my chin to meet that cheeky smile. “Besides, you won’t escape me that easily…” she whispered, lips gripping me tightly as her eyes drew me in. Her tongue slid into my mouth and met mine as her hair tumbled over my cheeks as we lay down again.

Her diamond hard nipples poked temptingly through the top as her breasts pressed against my chest until she forced me off, eyes with feigned shock as she tried to resist the temptation.

“Go grab a shower, then I’ve got something for you” she said; words that made me prick up like a small dog about to be fed.

It must have been the shortest shower I ever had. The water was soothing and refreshing after the warm night before, but I knew I could shower any time. When I heard a knock at the door, I almost slipped and fell, and, switching off the water, I stepped out of the shower to grab a towel before opening the door.

Mindy’s fierce hands pulled me towards her, now clad in a black lacy skirt and a tight white shirt. She ripped away my towel and grabbed my rock hard cock underneath, her hot hands restless and erratic. Still almost dripping wet, she grasped me powerfully and her lips darted over my chest, neck, anything in reach…

My hands found the rim of her skirt and tugged it off, down those long smooth legs, to around her ankles. Fixated on the black French panties before me, I regained my strength after the surprise attack and wrapped my arms around the wriggling pale body before me, kissing her shoulders and neck.

“Hmm somebody’s hungry…” she whispered up at me, biting my lip and tugging my towel away, leaving us both exposed in the corridor.

“I can’t help it babe,” I said grinning, “you just have this effect on me or something, must have been the booze from yesterday…”

She gasped and pretended to look offended, giving me a playful slap and then pressing her warm body right up against my shaft.

“I think you owe me another one of those amazing orgasms again,” she said, her hands rubbing quickly up and down the length of my shaft and sending warm tingling up my spine. Her hands were darting and twisting over the throbbing length in ways I never imagined possible, pressing in deeply as her bright red, wet lips smacked against my chest. I felt my orgasm slowly building up all hot and bubbling inside me and I felt my knees weaken, trembling from the pleasure…

“You’d better not cum just yet,” she smirked and suddenly stopped, pulling away and smiling wickedly, teasing me as her hands slid off the shirt and left her standing their exposed, perfectly sculpted by the fragile lining of the dark and delicate material of her underwear.

I strode over to her and she wrapped her legs around me tightly, sliding my entire length inside her in 1 quick push past her panties. She groaned fiercely, hands clawing my back as I rammed her up against the wall, feeling her muscles tighten around my shaft as we plunged backwards and forwards.

“Oh yes…” she growled, hands tugging at my hair as I kissed her fiercely, like I was gasping for air, her heaviness driving me forwards as I put everything into it. Sweat trickled down my forehead as the heat between us raged, sticky limbs fiercely fighting for more and the wetness of her pussy sliding back and forth on top of my shaft as I pushed her harder and harder against the wall.

“Mmmm fuck me! Fuck me I’ve been so naughty, just fuck me please,” she gasped, as my long shaft penetrated her so deep, hot and pulsing inside her. It felt so dirty just standing out there on the corridor, curtains wide open fucking her senseless in a house that didn’t belong to either of us. Knowing that her sister could come home at any moment and walk in on us like this.

Suddenly she just threw back her head and her orgasm exploded, tightening bursa escort her grip, her back arched against the wall and pulling me in as deep as I could go. Her efforts before paid off, and I burst, spraying her hot limber body with wave after wave of sticky come, panting and straining for breath. We then both collapsed on the floor, simply to stunned to do anything for a good few minutes.

She then picked herself up from the floor and, sitting up, grabbed me forcefully by the hair and pulled me into an almost violent kiss, letting me taste the sweat on her lips and the juicy wet tongue that demanded me, invading me, her grip to tight to throw off and her eyes wild and almost frenzied.

Panting again as she pulled away, she sat up against the wall, and brushed her hair away, recovering that stunning beauty that dragged me here in the first place.

“Bet you needed that eh?” I asked, feeling like I’d fallen down the stairs in a heap on the floor

“Definitely,” she smiled, dark eyes blazing still with that overwhelming power she had, knowing she could have whatever she wanted. The confidence was so damn attractive and she had the looks to boast as well.

“So what was it you wanted to give me?” I smirked at her,

“Oh sorry I got distracted,” she grinned, “just gimme a sec,” and she jumped up suddenly, putting her clothes back on before disappearing next door. Emerging shortly, she presented a couple of small slips of paper

“This is what I was actually coming here for before I got, well, distracted…” she said, pretending to look embarrassed. “Concert tickets, my sister got them for me and said she’d leave them here.”

“How come you got 2” I asked, standing up to put my clothes back on again, “did you plan to just go out and find somebody to take with you”. The grin on my face said it all really.

“Oh obviously, and your just the silly sap” she winked, darkened eyes flaring up with interest again and her lips curled into a smile “No I’m only kidding, my brother was going to take me but he’s texted this morning to tell me he can’t, mum needs driving someplace I think.”

“Aw that’s nice of him,” I said,

“Yeah and so you can come with me instead” she beamed, all at once bubbly and happy.

“Oh of course if I’m not busy…” I joked, sitting down next to her against the wall again.

“Nah you won’t be” she said, “its tonight.”

“I might be seeing somebody, how do you know?”

“Who, your girlfriend?” she said teasingly.

“Hey…”I started to protest, but her bright red lips drew me into another kiss, tender and gentle as though she were trying to win me over.

“Well I’m not going to worry about her…” she said, kissing me again.

“Who said it was her; it might be another friend of mine…” I said, following her hand as it slid slowly across the carpet and grasped mine softly, sliding her delicate fingers around mine and she smiled.

“Yeah right…” she smirked, and then leant in closer… “Please baby,”…she whispered, pecking me on the cheeks

“Oh all right” I said, sighing, pretending to give in. “Didn’t have any plans anyway.”

She gave me a playful slap and pulled me up to my feet. “Come on then, you’d best be going, sisters back soon. Gimme your number babe.”

I handed her the phone and smoothed out my hair, then we shared another quick kiss before I closed the door behind me, jumping out into the gentle chill of the street in the soft summer breeze.

Walking a few paces, I looked back but she was gone. I don’t know why, but I felt almost disappointed. Still, with a whole weekend to kill, I figured Id at least meet up with my mate Sam and catch up. Wasn’t often I was in London, at least not for a few months.

A few hours later we were sat down for lunch, just chatting about what we’d been up to, usual stuff. I still hadn’t mentioned Mindy yet, and it was hard not to, even though I was grinning from ear to ear.

“How long you in London for again?” asked Sam,

“Um only a few more days, so cant come over or anything like that, gonna be busy.”

“Ah balls, got f’all planned all week till I go away, still glad your coming over tonight ill be dead bored.”

Sam and me had been best friends for ages, same school when we were younger. Plenty in common though lately been hard to keep in touch, what with moving house and holidays. Still now I was back in London, things would be better.

“Um ye sorry, about that…” I started

“Why…what ya doin?” he asked, taking another sip of coke

“Oh just…. going to a gig…with a girl called Mindy? I dunno” I said shrugging, knowing Id have to make an explanation sooner or later. I guess it was inevitable; Mindy was hardly the kind of person you could possibly hide.

My phone flashed up with a message, one from my girlfriend.

“Hey its me, what you up to? Miss u xxxx”

I sent a reply and went back to eating. Most of the meal was spent talking about the usual things, what we’d bursa escort bayan been up to, the latest album we’d bought, etc.

Another text: “Oh ok glad your having fun. Gonna be in London this weekend, shopping with friends then I thought we could meet up tommorow? Please? Love you xxxx”

Ah. I couldn’t exactly say no; as I did say Id like to meet up. Well before I did anyway, and besides, didn’t sound like I’d have much else to do.

“So what do I do?” I asked

“Jesus Christ” Sam said, suddenly putting all the pieces together and smirking at the same time. “Look I dunno, I’m not so good with these things you know that.”

“I suppose…” I started, digging into a massive dish of noodles and enjoying every minute. Rich tangy flavours and the soft crunch of peppers and tamari sauce…

It wasn’t long before we parted, and I went home. Grabbing a quick shower, watching a film and checking my e-mail, it wasn’t long till I was ready to go out. Decked out in jeans and a t-shirt, sadly not having my leather jacket around or anything more exciting I nevertheless managed to get something together for the gig.

I was tired, and everything was happening fast, I still wasn’t sure if it was all true. Surreal summed it up. Grabbing a cider I downed it and left, leaving a note to say I’d be out for my dad.

Finding the place wasn’t so bad, but it took me a while to find Mindy. Wandering round in the crowds, hot, tired but nonetheless fuelled I spotted her in a corner somewhere. She was sporting a small black skirt, the same one she wore this morning. A light blue top and a denim jacket clung loosely to her shapely figure as she sipped her drink. She was laughing with a couple of guys, and hey, it wasn’t hard to feel a little jealous. Most people would.

She brushed back her hair and was laughing, snatching a drink off one of them and downing it quickly. They were casual but creepy, eyes calm yet dark, glancing over at whatever they thought they’d get away with, sneering and sly. I thought about going for a moment but thought I’d wait it out, see if it was worth the effort. A girl with dark hair walked up to me, asking where I got the drinks, and I showed her the way, pointing vaguely over at the bar while trying to see what was going on with Mindy.

“Won’t you come buy me a drink then?” the girl asked, laughing almost hysterically and clearly one of the hyper, but nonetheless timid types. She smiled and glanced around anxiously, trying not to meet my eyes. Reminding me of my girlfriend in a way, and the tiny pang of guilt was hard to avoid completely.

But before I could answer, Mindy glanced up and spotted me. Her eyes exploded with fire and the confidence surged to the surface, bringing her to life again. She stood up straight and shoved the guys out of the way, making one of them spill his drink, fumbling and confused. The girl was forcefully moved her aside, and Mindy jumped up to hug me. Any initial fears I had were gone, and instead I just enjoyed the soft touch of her skin and her warmth against me again, letting her lips dance over to mine and snatch away any remnant of doubt.

The guys had disappeared when I looked up, and the other girl, dejected and hurt, made an embarrassing getaway. Warm, tender lips forced their way onto me, her eyes locked in fiercely as her hand pulled me into her, sliding over my back and waist.

“Thought you’d got bored of me,” I smiled

“Don’t be silly” she grinned, kissing me again.

Then the music exploded with a fantastic opening riff, taking everybody by surprise. Lights flashed and jumped through the darkness and the familiar sound of In Flames sent the crowd, including us into a frenzy. It wasn’t long till we were hot and dripping with cold water from the sprinklers, waving our arms and jumping around. With Mindy around, the drinks flowed furiously, Beer, coolers, Mindy’s flask, the lot.

I came back from getting drinks to see some guy come up to Mindy and start dancing, He ignored me as he saddled up to her, grinning like some jerk and clearly drunker than we were. I turned away to the stage for a minute until I heard a violent murmur from Mindy, eyes wild and dangerous, telling the guy to back off.

“Hey dickhead get lost” I said, working my way back to Mindy.

“Whatever man…she’s just a worthless slut,” he slurred, tipping slightly and trying to get his hands on her.

“Fuck you!” I snarled, shoving him slightly.

His eyes became erratic and he trembled, regaining balance and working his way back to her.

“Don’t you dare touch me” said Mindy, bursting into action as she forced his hands off her, her voice glazed with anger and almost as violent as the solo bursting into the air.

“Or what?!” he said, ignoring me.

I’d had enough. I walked straight up to him and shoved him forcefully away. But before I could do anything else, Mindy exploded furiously, far quicker than I could have seen. Her arm lashed out, smashing the guy around the face escort bursa with something heavy and dark. I was tired and couldn’t concentrate properly but I certainly saw the guy stumble and fall, his nose smashed in completely. He clutched his nose and people looked around, staring at the blood.

“Come on lets go,” she hissed, dragging me away with one hand whilst the other fumbled around inside her jacket.

We darted in among people, another amazing guitar solo spinning across the air as the lights lit up brightly like a flare, thousands of people jumping up and dancing in union.

We stopped and slid into a small corner space, and Mindy was trembling pulling herself in towards me, burying her head in my chest, panting but otherwise silent.

“You ok babe?” I asked, brushing aside her hair

“Yes I’m fine, don’t worry about it,” she said, but her eyes beamed gratefully as she looked up, all at once friendly and calm. Her blonde hair trickled down her cheeks as I brushed it aside. I kissed her gently again, this time just savouring every tiny taste as her arms slithered around me slowly.

My phone beeped and I pulled away slightly, reaching for it.

“Who is it,” she asked, calmer now.

“My girlfriend” I said, not looking her in the eyes. But I could hardly miss that downcast look.

“I don’t wanna hear about her any more…” she whispered, suddenly her voice very protective as she pulled me towards her, the heavyweight through her jacket the only thing keeping us from merging together completely.

We then just sat, quietly, watching the crowd jump around, hearing the vocals crying despair and the blasting rhythms reverberating around us. I didn’t know why, we’d hardly known each other long but already I was very attached to her. I wiped away a drop of blood from the collar of her jacket and grinned up at her

“He got messed up pretty bad…” I said.

“Who cares. Loser. Let’s go” she smiled devilishly and she tugged me away, the pair of us slipping away just as the crowd roared and cheered, ending the first half. The music was just awesome, echoing and intense. I couldn’t describe it any other way.

I don’t recall too well what happened next. Things were swimming now as Mindy and I finished our drinks and we chatted to a few people by the bar. But we were both tired so we didn’t stay too long. We wandered out with a couple of Mindy’s friends, and I let them catch up for a moment before they went their own ways. Catching a train or 2, Mindy and I talked about things, like what she wanted to do, the people she knew and places she’d been. She told me how she always dreamed of going to the U.S., particularly California and of course I couldn’t help but smile, recalling the time I’d been there.

But eventually, too tired to speak, we sat peacefully in silence, but were both glad to get off the slow rocking motions of the train. Her parents place wasn’t far from the Docklands, a small house in an ordinary neighbourhood; strange place for a very unordinary girl.

Mindy’s room was much as Id expected really. It was small and poky, cream walls, a small bed and a few posters. There was a tiny desk in the corner with a bottle of vodka tucked down the side.

“Not an alcoholic then,” I laughed, and a playful slap followed as she pulled me down onto the bed

“Not at all,” she giggled, kissing my neck and trying to tear off my t-shirt.

“Behave you!” I smirked, pretending to put up a fight

“No” she moaned, and bit her lower lip. “I want something”

“Oh really?” I whispered.

Mindy stood up and dragged me to her feet, and then with her back to me started undressing. She grabbed my hands and guided them to her stomach, and she wriggled and groaned as I teased her gently, kissing her shoulders forcefully as my hands slid down her skirt. Too drunk and tired to even think of my girlfriend any more I felt myself bulge up rock hard against her backside against and I moaned as she wriggled and ground up against me. I cupped her soft breasts in my hands before realising she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

“Surprised?” she asked, her grin full beaming with ideas as she tugged off the rest of her clothes. She leant forward onto the bed, bent over with her firm but nicely rounded ass in the air, the rest of her spread out on the bed, waiting for me to take her again.

“Come on baby, please fuck me again I’ve been ever so good…” she murmured, clutching a cushion underneath her soft limp body, her other hand reaching back to stroke herself with a steady rhythm, wetting her slender fingers.

I stepped forward and slid that rock hard cock out, then thrust inside her dripping wet cunt in a single stroke; Mindy’s gasping and panting only driving me on more.

I fucked her solidly, strong deep strokes, pulling and tugging on her shoulders as she thrust up against me. She bit into the cushion hard, and her hand drew mine towards her hair, sprayed out like liquid gold dripping down her back clinging to her hot sweaty body, perfectly curved bent over before me. I tugged her hair back as I ploughed into her hard, and she squirmed with joy.

“Please baby, you know what I want…” she gasped, “give it to me now!”

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