Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 06

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“Hey cutie pie, what have you been up to?”

Kim blushed as she walked across the room. I knew that even though she’d never admit it, deep down, she loved it when I called her pet names like that. I was sat on her bed, with my back against the headboard, laptop on my lap.

“Oh nothing, just going through some mail,” she replied.

“Any love letters?” I teased.

Kim smiled as she crawled onto the bed. I crouched my legs and raised the laptop allowing Kim to creep onto me. She rested her body on mine and I set the laptop down, placing it on her back. She looked up at me and smiled,

“No. . .no love letters, but we did get a postcard from Summer and Adam.”

We were one week into our summer vacation. Kim and I had barely left her apartment in the past five or six days.

“That’s nice,” I replied.

“So did you find anything good?” Kimberly asked.

“Have a look.”

I raised the laptop and Kim rolled over onto her back. She scooted up a bit and lay down against my chest. I lowered the laptop, resting it on her stomach.

“I found a couple good cruises we could take, doesn’t seem to be that expensive,” I informed as Kim perused the trips I found.

“These look like a lot of fun,” she replied.

Kim continued to look through the web pages,

“What’s this?” she asked, pausing on one particular page.

“Ohh…that’s something Adam suggested. It’s a lake house, about a day and a half’s drive from here. If we wanted something more private, as opposed to being on a ship with a thousand people.”

“Wow, this looks really nice, look how beautiful the place is,” Kim gushed.

“Do you want to do this instead of the cruise?” I whispered, nuzzling my nose softly against Kim’s ear.

“Yeah, I really do.”

“Okay, I’ll call them up and book us for a couple days.”

Kim continued to navigate the lake house’s website. I rested my chin on her shoulder, enjoying the feel of her warm body atop mine.


I sprinted up the stairs and into the apartment,

“Okay babe, the car’s packed, you set to go?” I announced, slightly out of breath.

“Uh huh, just getting us some snacks for the road.”

I waited on Kim a couple minutes then we made our way downstairs. Kim and I hopped in and I drove off.

A couple hours into the drive, Kim leaned forward and switched the playlist on the ipod. I glanced over at her as she leaned back against the seat. Kim’s window was down and her hair whisked around her face. The slightly oversized aviator sunglasses she wore reflected the sunlight and hid her eyes from me. I watched as she reclined her seat just slightly, then kicked off her flip flops and lifted her legs up, resting her feet up on the dashboard. I stared as long as I could at her long slender legs, toned and slightly tanned; they looked amazing.

Kim noticed me staring and looked up at me,

“What?” she asked.

I smiled and directed my eyes back to the road,

“I didn’t know the drive would be so distracting,” I replied.

I heard Kim chuckle and felt her rub my lap.

We had been driving all day, stopping only a handful of times for lunch and restroom breaks. It was around nine pm when we got back on the road after having dinner,

“Do you want to start looking for a place to stay the night? It’s getting pretty late.”

“Okay, why don’t you see what you can find online,” I replied.

Just as Kim got out her cell phone, hard drops of water began to hit the windshield.

By the time we pulled into the motel parking lot there was a heavy downpour of rain.

I pulled up infront of the motel office,

“Wait here a second, I’ll go get us checked in,” I stated before rushing out into the rain.

When I got back I was completely soaked. I drove over to the room and let Kim out so she wouldn’t get wet. After parking the car, I ran through the rain again over to the room. I stepped into the modestly sized room dripping wet.

“Come on, out of those wet clothes and into the shower,” Kim announced as she tugged my drenched white t-shirt over my head. I stood still and watched as Kim unbuckled my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. My navy blue boxer briefs were plastered to my skin, a faint outline of my limp penis barely visible. Kim spun me round and gently swatted me on my ass,

“Off you go baby, I’ll get you some dry clothes.”

I made my way over to the bathroom and stripped out of my boxers and hopped in the shower. After my shower, I re-entered the room, a white towel wrapped around my waist. Kim was laid across the edge of the bed,

“Shower’s free babe,” I informed as I whipped the towel off my waist. I strode over to Kim and slid on the boxers and t-shirt she laid out for me. Kim scurried off the bathroom, clutching her change of clothes. I crawled into bed and under the covers; it felt amazing to finally lie down after and exhausting day of driving.

Kim joined me about ten minutes later; she crawled under the sheets and over to my side. She laid her face down right beside mine and we stared into demetevler escort each other’s eyes.

I inched over to Kim and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

She smiled at me,

“What was that for?” she whispered.

“Just because,” I replied. “I love you,” I added.

Kim snuggled up into my arms and we fell asleep.

The next morning I was up first. I sneaked out of bed, and after using the bathroom, ran across the street to a starbucks. When I returned twenty minutes later, Kim was just exiting the bathroom. She was still dressed in the t-shirt and black panties she had slept in.

“Bagels and coffee for breakfast,” I announced as I set the bag of bagels down on the table. I walked over to Kim with the cardboard tray holding two coffees.

“Mhmmm, I missed you this morning, I was feeling a bit frisky,” Kim whispered.

“Is that so?” I mused.

“Yeah, but the prospect of coffee might be too tempting,” she teased.

I held out the tray with the coffee cups and watched as Kim reached out her hand to grab a cup. Before she could grab a cup I pulled back my hand, and held the tray behind my back. I stepped up to Kim and pressed my hips against her,

“You have to pay the toll first,” I whispered.

Kim giggled and wrapped her hand around my waist, trying to get to the coffee. I kept the tray out of reach and began grinding the curve of my erection against Kim’s abdomen. I leaned in and began nibbling on Kim’s ear.

“Okay, this is more tempting than the coffee,” Kim whispered.

I chuckled and set the coffee down on the table. I returned to Kim and picked her up by her hips and lightly tossed her onto the bed. Kim and I smiled at each other while she removed her t-shirt and I my shorts and boxers. I giddily crawled onto Kim, lowering my face to her breasts, kissing her firm mounds.

“You are so sexy baby,” I whispered between kisses, “You should be kissed every day.”

I worked my way up to Kim’s lips and slid my tongue into her waiting mouth. I could feel Kim’s dainty hands on my cock, gently stroking my manhood. I reached down and tugged on her cotton underwear, pulling it to the side. Kim pressed my cock against her vagina and I slid in. She was so warm and inviting, it felt amazing. As we pressed our hips together, I pulled my face from Kim, watching her expression as I eased out of her then glided back in. We both stared lovingly at each other as I pumped my cock into her slick wetness. I cleared the hair from Kim’s face then leaned in and kissed the side of her neck. She had begun raising her hips to meet my thrusts and I felt her hands on my back, pulling me hard into her.

“Mhmmm baby, you feel so fucking nice,” Kim moaned.

This only urged me on to press into Kim harder and faster.

We were kissing once more. Every few seconds Kim would yelp gently into my mouth, high pitched and very brief.

“Ahhh fuck baby, I right there,” I growled.

Kim held onto the back of my neck, holding my face against hers,

“Cum with me baby, uhhh uhhhh mhmmm, I’m so close,” she cooed.

I only managed a couple more thrusts but thankfully, Kim groaned in delight almost the same time as I did. We both held on to each other tightly as our bodies clenched up and surged with pure euphoria.

My softened penis slipped from Kim’s vagina, and I leaned in and kissed her on her lips. We both panted hot breath into each other’s mouths.

“Wait right here,” I whispered.

I grabbed my boxers and went to the bathroom. I wiped my cock which was coated in sticky juices and then slipped on my underwear. Grabbing a tissue, I headed back out to Kim. I caringly pressed the white square against Kim’s vagina, soaking up the cum that oozed from her. I wiped Kim’s lips up and down to my satisfaction then returned to the bathroom, flushed the tissue and washed my hands. Back in the room, I grabbed a bagel out of the bag and picked up a cup of coffee. I lay down beside Kim and took a bite of the bagel then fed her a bite. I handed her the coffee and bagel then retrieved the other bagel and coffee for me.

“Mmmm. . .sex and breakfast, what a great start to the day,” Kim mused.

We laid there beside each other sipping on our coffee. We finally got around to getting dressed and hit the road once again.

Kim played with my hand which rested on the gear stick as we cruised through the wooded winding roads, music blasting through the speakers.


“This looks like an okay place.”

I looked over to the diner that Kim was pointing to. We were just about a half an hour away from the lake house but decided to stop for lunch before we checked in.

I pulled into the parking lot and Kim and I stepped out of the car and stretched our legs. We placed our order and took a seat. Kim and I were admiring the beautiful scenery outside of the secluded diner when my cell phone began to ring. I picked it up and saw that it was Adam.

“Hey man what’s going on?”

“Hey Matt, is Kim there with you?”

“Yeah she’s right escort demetevler here, we just stopped off for some lunch before the lake house,” I explained.

“Great! Can you put me on speaker phone? I’m here with Summer.”

“Okay. . .”

I hit the speaker phone button on my phone’s screen and set the phone down on the table.

“Okay man, you’re on speaker,” I informed.

“Hey guys! How’s the trip so far?” Summer asked; her voice excited and bubbly.

“Hey Sum!! So far so good, the drive up was really beautiful,” Kim replied, “What’s up with you guys?”

“Well Kim . . .seeing that you asked, we actually have some big news,” Summer began.

Kim and I looked up to each other but remained silent.

Summer’s voice turned slightly more serious as she spoke,

“Last night Adam took me out and at the end of the night he proposed, and I accepted.”

Kim and I stared at each other with stunned faces,

“Oh my god you guys! Congratulations!!” Kim yelled.

“Wow, congrats! That’s awesome,” I added.

“Thanks, that’s part of the reason Adam came home with me this summer, he wanted to talk to my dad before he asked me.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” Kim gushed.

“Yeah, well we’re not planning on getting married till next year after graduation, so we know it’s kind of early to be asking, but Matty, I’d like you to be my best man,” Adam stated.

“And Kimmy, I want you to be my maid of honor. You guys are our best friends and you’re the first we’re sharing the news with, and we’d love it for you to be part of this,” Summer added.

“Wow Sum, we’d love to, it’d be an honor,” Kim replied looking up to me.

“Yeah guys! We’d love to,” I added.

“Thanks man, and thanks Kim,” Adam replied.

“Well we’ll let you guys go enjoy your weekend, we have a couple phone calls to make,” Summer stated.

“Okay Sum, byebye, love you guys,” Kim replied.

I hung up the phone and Kim and I stared at each other. We couldn’t stop smiling; Adam and Summer’s adrenaline rush had somehow transferred itself to Kim and I.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it, this is so exciting,” Kim beamed, “Did you know he was gonna ask her?”

“Well he’s talked to me about it in the past. It’s something he’s been thinking about for a while, more so as were about to enter our last year of college. But I didn’t know he was asking her this summer,” I explained.

Our food arrived a couple minutes later. Kim and I dined, discussing Adam and Summer’s exciting news.

After lunch we piled back into the car and took the short drive to the resort office. I picked up the keys and drove another ten minutes till I spotted the pebbled side road that took us to the lake house.


“Wow Matt, this place is gorgeous,” Kim exalted as we entered the picturesque lakehouse. I set the bags down in the corner of the living room then joined Kim in exploring the house.

“Look at the view,” Kim directed as we stood in the master bedroom staring out through the glass paneled wall out over the sight of the giant serene lake.

“Come on let’s go for a swim,” Kim giddily squeaked.

We rifled through our bags for our bathing suits. I stripped and slipped on my dark green swim trunks.

“I’m gonna find some towels babe, meet you in the living room,” I told Kim as she continued searching through her bag for her swimsuit.

“Okay sweetie, be out in a minute.”

I wandered out into the hallway outside the master bedroom and opened up a hallway closet. I pulled out two light blue fluffy towels and walked out to the living room. I did a quick walkthrough of the kitchen and guest bedroom then made my way back to the living room. Kim came strolling out a few seconds later. The sight of her was stunning, she wore a sky blue bikini, the bottoms fitting snugly against her body. Her cups of her bikini top just hung on her petite breasts, the strings untied hanging down her taut stomach.

“Do you mind?” Kim softly asked, as she held her hair up in a ponytail and turned around.

I reached infront of Kim and took the strings of her bikini top in my fingers. I positioned her bikini properly over her breasts and pulled the strings to the back, tying a knot against her back.

“Okay, all set,” I informed.

Kim and I walked outside and down to the path that led out to the lake.

The air was cool and crisp; our lakehouse was just one of two in the secluded area. Kim and I noted the white SUV parked at the other house as we walked past and onto the jetty.

Standing at the end of the jetty, Kim and I slipped off our flip flops and set down our towels. I placed the keys and my cellphone on my towel and stood back up at Kim’s side.

“So are we jumping in or do you want to use the ladder?” I asked.

We stared down at the clear still water infront of us,

“I dunno, it looks freezing babe,” Kim replied.

“Only one way to find out,” I stated before leaping forward.

I splashed down into the lake, submerging myself into the chilly water. demetevler escort bayan I sprung up and looked over to Kim. I bobbed up and down in the water, trying to get acclimatized.

“Come on, it great!” I urged.

I watched as Kim followed my lead and leapt in.

I laughed with her as she sunk under water and then shot back up,

“Cold cold cold cold!!” she yelled as she swam over to me, hugging my body tightly.

I wrapped my arms around Kim and held her close to me,

“It’s not that bad baby,” I chuckled.

We held onto each other for a couple seconds then Kim finally let go.

“Mmm, it does feel great huh,” Kim agreed as she and I swam about. We remained close to the jetty, lightly playing around with each other.

Kim and I were treading water opposite each other when I noticed a figure on the jetty.

“I think you have an admirer,” I whispered to Kim.

She turned around as saw the little boy I was talking about. He looked about ten years old, had short red hair, had on blue bathing trunks and an orange life vest.

“Hi there,” Kim greeted.

The boy remained silent.

“What’s your name?” Kim continued.

“Michael,” the boy replied, his voice soft and shy.

“Hi Michael, I’m Kimmy and this is Matt, where’s your mom or dad?” Kim questioned.

The boy turned and pointed out a threesome walking our way, two of them toting a canoe.

It was a couple, proabably in their late thirties and a girl, probably thirteen or fourteen.

“Hello there!” the dark haired man greeted.

“Hello,” I replied.

“I guess we’re neighbors.”

“Looks that way,” I agreed.

“I’m Steven, this is my wife Karen and our daughter Lizzy, looks like you’ve already met Michael,” he introduced.

“Nice to meet you all, I’m Matt and this is Kim.”

We all exchanged smiles as the couple set the canoe down into the lake.

“Well you guys enjoy your swim, we’re going on a little adventure,” Karen explained as Steven helped their kids into the canoe.

“Okay, have fun,” Kim chirped.

We watched as the family paddled out into the lake.

“Seems like nice people,” Kim commented.

“Uh huh.”

We swam around a little longer then decided to get out.

Kim and I waded through the water over to the ladder. I was happy to follow Kim up the ladder, delighted for any opportunity to ogle her beautiful behind, especially when it was being tightly held by her wet bikini bottom. We wrapped our towels around our backs and sat on the edge of the jetty, letting our feet hang in the water. Kim and I leaned against each other. She rested her head against my shoulder as we stared out over the lake. The evening snuck up on us but we were all too happy to sit there taking in the beauty of the sunset. I had Kim’s hands clasped in mine as we saw the family of four round the corner and head in our direction. We smiled as they paddled up to us and climbed up to the jetty.

The foursome piled onto the jetty and Steven tied up the canoe. Kim and I watched as they walked off. We could hear the kids scream in delight as their mom told them they were having hotdogs for dinner and could make smores later on.

“You think that’s Adam and Summer in a couple years?” Kim asked.

“I could see it definitely being a possibility.”

“What about me and you? What do you think’s instore for us?” she asked.

I looked over to her and smiled. I wrapped my arm around Kim,

“I think that could be us someday as well,” I replied.

“I’m not trying to scare you, just so you know,” Kim giggled, “I was just thinking out loud.”

“I’m not scared baby, and I think about that stuff too.”

“You do?”

“Of course Kimmy. You’re the love of my life baby, and I couldn’t imagine a life without you,” I explained.

“Aww sweetie, I feel the same about you.”

We sat there for a few minutes more.

“You ready to head in?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” Kim replied.

I stood up and helped Kim to her feet. We walked hand in hand back to the house.

“Gonna take a quick shower”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can come up with for dinner,” I replied.

I opened up the refrigerator and just as advertised; it was fully stocked with the necessities plus a couple items we had requested. I quickly grilled up a couple chicken fillets. Kim joined me a little while later,

“Go get showered, I’ll finish up,” she instructed, taking the plate of vegetables from me that I was about to stir fry.

By the time I was back, Kim had set the table and laid out our meals.

“Looks wonderful babe,” I complimented.

Kim and I began to dine.

“So what do you want to do tonight?” I asked.

Kim returned my smile,

“Oh I don’t know, I’m sure we could think of something.”

I grinned and took a bite of my chicken.

“Why? Did you have something special in mind?” Kim asked.

“I hadn’t planned anything but I noticed the nice fireplace out in the living room.”

“Mmmm, sounds romantic,” Kim cooed as she played with her fork in her mouth.

Kim and I finished up with dinner and quickly cleaned up the dishes together.

She sat on the couch with her laptop while I gathered the wood from outside for the fire.

“Babe, you sure you know what you’re doing?” she giggled.

“How hard could it be? Its fire,” I replied.

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