Massage Parlor Nymphomaniac Pt. 01

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I like working in the spa. Clients tip well, and I get to make people feel good. If my boss knew what I sometimes did, I’m sure I would get fired. Here’s to hoping he never finds out.

I’ve been a massage therapist for five years. I’ve been a sex addict for fifteen. Sometimes men lay on the table and I can tell that they need a very special kind of relief. We all deserve happy endings sometimes. Today I had one such client. His tension was palpable. I relieved him of it, and he relieved me of pent-up frustration of not getting good dick in days.

When I went to the lobby and called out Daniel’s name, he seemed unassuming enough. He was a good looking man, near 40. There wasn’t anything spectacular in his appearance. His haircut was conservative. His clothes were casual. It was what was under the clothing that was remarkable. What was under the clothing was spectacular. In hindsight I wonder if he knew as he shook my hand what my hand would later be doing to him.

Daniel had received massage previously at the spa, even though I hadn’t been his massage therapist before. Because of that, he knew the routine. I showed him to the room, turned on bahis firmaları music, and left him to undress before returning. He’d requested I use oil instead of lotion, and I chose one with an earthy scent of sandalwood.

When I came back into the room, I dimmed the lights. Daniel had laid on top of the sheet that had been turned down for him to get in between. His cock was not hard, but it was on full display. I was taken aback by the size of it. Even assuming he was a shower, and not a grower…it was something to behold. It was something I wanted to hold.

I was shaken out of the stance staring at him brought me to by his voice saying “Are you going to come to me or should I move the table closer to you?” in a joking manner. I laughed nervously, and walked toward the table. I walked toward my mission. Daniel’s penis made a slight movement, as though to greet me.

Starting on his chest, I rubbed oil down toward his navel, sweeping my fingers back up and around his nipples. I admit I did not do the best job of entirely avoiding his nipples. I also admit that I did not want to entirely avoid them. I did not want to avoid touching any part of kaçak iddaa him. I wanted to touch all parts of him. I wanted his parts to be inside of me, touching me, bringing me to a new state of being. I rubbed the oil down his arms. Coming to the side of the table, I massaged the palm of his hand with both of my thumbs, cradling his wrist gently. From where I stood, I then rubbed oil on his upper thighs with my back facing him. As I rubbed the oil on his thighs, my eyes roamed his body, concentrating on his enormous cock.

I felt his hand on my low back, and stopped moving momentarily. Then I’m backed up toward his hand to show that I wanted his touch. I continue to rub oil onto his upper thigh, letting my hands get closer to his groin. His hand moved down from my lower back to my ass.

His hands continue to move, kneading my ass cheeks, then slipping in between my legs which, I spread for him. I was already wet. I wanted his fingers under the fabric and inside of me. I started to pull my pants down, but Daniel stopped me. He told me to keep massaging him. I walked around to the other side of the table and massaged his upper thigh in the same position. kaçak bahis That time he didn’t touch me, though. I knew he was teasing me. I loved that he was teasing me. I went to the bottom of the table and massages his calves while I sat on a small stool. My eyes had a direct line of sight to his balls. I watched his cock bounce with excitement. I wanted to lick his balls and bounce on his cock. I continued the massage like he’d told me to.

After I finished working the top of his body, I asked him to rollover so I could work his back. He told me that I looked tense. He said that I looked like I could use a massage myself as he stood up from the table, patting it in the middle indicating he wanted me to lay down. I took off my clothes very quickly and got onto the table.

Like I had, he also began the massage on the chest. He pulled me closer to the head of the massage table, with my head slipped off the back some, my chin pointing toward the ceiling. My face was almost entirely upside down, and I could see his cock right in front of me as he rubbed my tits. He was turning out to be a wonderful client. He rubbed the oil in between my breasts, pushing his fingers toward my belly. As he leaned forward and spread the oil onto my stomach, his cock came in contact with my face. I opened my mouth, hoping he would massage the inside of my throat.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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