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Music swirls around the room, colors flash before your eyes, and the hum of conversation is almost tangible against your skin. You clutch your drink tighter in your hand as couples twirl past on the dance floor, faces obscured by brightly colored masks, all sequins and feathers. You’re at a Masquerade Ball, face covered by a striped Tiger mask, lithe body covered by a dress that shows off your every curve to its fullest advantage, and you’re searching the crowd for me….

You recall the excitement of our arranging to meet, the suggestion of somewhere public, the thrill of finally being together there in the flesh. When you got dressed for the party, your hands were shaking so with excitement and anticipation, you could barely put on your makeup. The taxi ride here had your thighs pressing together in the vain hope to control the ache that has been building between them all night. Even now, the warmth radiating from your pussy is coursing through you, making the room far too warm. Now you’re here and looking for some sign of me, eyes searching the ballroom of the stately house the Masquerade is being hosted at, but you can’t see me. A Harlequin, a Crow, a Phantom, you search the passing masks for a hint or clue, but no one stands out. Beneath your mask, you bite your lip in frustrated desire, and wonder if this has been a waste of time and effort. Then , through the crowd, you feel a gaze so intense that your eyes lift, and meet a pair of blue eyes that are so focused on you, you may as well be the only other person in the room.

The eyes watching you, the heated gaze that seems to see through to the very center of you, is framed by a mask of a Wolf. The image fits the hungry gaze of the hunter that is drinking in the sight of you. You know that it’s me. There is no doubt in your mind. You feel the clench of desire grip you, and you feel the wet rush of arousal as you grow damp, unable to break my gaze. The barest bahis firmaları flick of my eyes indicates a staircase to the second floor, nearby to you, and you nod almost imperceptibly. You work your way through the crowd, reaching it long before I do, as I make my way past the dancers and milling guests. You walk upstairs and turn the corner, knowing that my eyes are watching you, and that I will follow. You walk through the empty corridors, lit only by the moonlight streaming through the windows. I am following you without haste, the muted sounds of my footsteps following you as you walk. You can feel my eyes on your back, and your skin warms beneath my gaze. You find an open door that lead into a bedroom, and step through into a large moonlit room. I follow you in, and close the door softly.

The majority of the room is taken up by a large, canopied, four post bed. The light from the windows is enough to see by, and adds a mysterious glow to the room. You turn to look at me, and by unspoken assent we say nothing, wanting to preserve the mystery, the sensuality of the moonlit moment. Then, with your eyes still taking in the sight of me, you reach behind your back, and slowly draw down the zip of your dress, sliding the straps off your shoulders, so that the material falls to the floor. As my suit starts to follow it, you unclasp your bra, and drop it to the floor, finally sliding your panties down and steeping out of them, leaving only your heels and your mask on your perfectly naked body. You wait till I am standing naked, a wolf masked form of smooth muscle and soft skin, my cock already erect and throbbing, before you turn to the bed, and take hold of one of the posts in both hands. You spread your legs, heels adding to your height, and look over your shoulder to where i am standing with a silent gasp on my lips.

I walk over to where you stand, bent over and eager for me. You feel the first touch of kaçak iddaa my hand on the curve of your ass, and it sends an intense shiver of pleasure through you. You stifle the moan that tried to escape your lips, as you feel yourself grow even wetter with want. I move behind you, and in your heels you are perfectly positioned for me. You feel the warmth of my cock on your lips the moment before it touches you, sliding slowly into your wet pussy, pressing past the resistance, till it pushes through and you feel my cock slip inside you. This time there is no stifling the moan that escapes your kips, and your hands clutch at the bedpost, gripping it tightly as I fill you completely. My hands, warm and strong, take hold of your hips, and I start to thrust into you, a slow rhythm that is as old as time, as natural as breathing. You rock your hips back unconsciously as I thrust forward, and together we start to make love, soft, silent, and yet intensely erotic.

Your pussy is so wet with desire that my cock slides into you effortlessly, despite how deliciously tightly you surround me with your muscles. My fingers mark your skin as they grip you, pulling you back onto each thrust, driving my cock deeper into you than before. In the moonlight, in the silence broken by nothing but the sounds of our bodies meeting, our lovemaking takes on an almost ritual, sacred feel. The masks on our faces add to the illusion, and as Tiger and Wolf come together, our minds react accordingly. A low, almost feral growl from your lips is the first sign, and it resonates through your body to mine, stirring the same emotion in me. My fingers tighten on your hips again, but more roughly this time, and my thrusting cock starts to penetrate you increasingly hard. Feeling me start to take you more roughly encourages you, and the next growl from your throat is a full fledged, primal growl of desire and need. You start to drive your hips back onto my thrusting kaçak bahis cock, hands not leaving the post, feeling the wetness of your arousal on your thighs as I take you. My own growl follows my nails as they claw down the smooth skin of your back, leaving vivid red lines down your moonlit flesh. Your back arches beneath my hand, and i feel the tightening of your warmth around my cock as you start to cum, whimpers of pleasure mixing with your growls of want.

The feeling of you cumming around my hard cock is amazing, and I want to feel it again. I don’t stop thrusting, taking the rush of your first orgasm, and using it to take you further along the path of pleasure. The power of my thrusts is rocking your body now, as I bury my cock deep within you, sliding into your pussy so easily, loving the way you arch and gasp as each hard penetration. I feel you starting to shiver, arch, and a second orgasm rocks your body, your cry of pleasure echoing in the empty room. I love the way you cum, shivering and arching, and I take my pleasure in yours, bringing you to the edge over and over.

This time is different. I feel the orgasm building slowly within you, a gradual tightening of muscles, an increase in your breathing, your very energy itself building towards what promises to be your most intense orgasm yet. I know I will not be able to resist the sensation of this orgasm, and so we couple hard, taking every ounce of pleasure from each other, feelings building, hearts racing and bodies writhing till suddenly you arch, gasp, clutch at the bedpost frantically and scream your climax into the moonlight as you cum in an earth shattering orgasm. You tighten and thrust back onto my cock so hard as you cum that I am helpless to resist, and my hands bruise your skin as they pull your hips to me, and with a final deep thrust I climax and cum inside you, pulsing and throbbing as you feel me shoot my cum deep into you. When we have slowed to small shivers and aftershocks of pleasure, I slowly slide my cock from within you, and we collapse on the bed, touching each other as we lie in the moonlight, Tiger and Wolf, lost in bliss and afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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